The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI,BHRK,TPK,YVR) Episode 4

PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. Which scene is for which show will be mentioned.
Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I am back with Episode 4. In this episode it will be shown how situations bring the 4 couples closer and also a brief on their bond will be shown.
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Here is which scene(s) belongs to which show:
Scene 1: TEI and TPK
Scene 2: BHRK and YVR
Scene 3: All
Scene 4: TEI
Scene 5: BHRK
Scene 6: TPK
Scene 7: YVR

Scene 1: Singh Residence and Kapoor Residence
(TEI and TPK part)
The episode begins with Kunj sitting down in his room and he is lost in thinking. Kunj remembers how he spoke harshly to Twinkle.
Kunj: (in his mind) I think I spoke with Twinkle way too harshly. I said way too much. What to do?
Just then Thapki comes in the room and finds Kunj tensed.
Thapki: What happened Kunj Bhaia you seem to be quite worried these days.
Kunj: No no Thapki.
Thapki comes and sits besides Kunj.
Thapki: I know that you are quite worried Bhaia, I can say that from your face.
Kunj: The thing is
Thapki: Share your problems with me Bhaia.
Kunj: Do you know that Twinkle?
Thapki: Twinkle Twinkle little star.
Kunj: No, the girl I fought with that day.
Thapki: Oh yes, Bihaan’s sister
Kunj: Yes the same one.
Thapki: What about her?
Kunj: Actually what happened was…
Kunj tells Thapki about the modelling contest where Kunj insulted Twinkle whereas she lost the contest purposely to make Tanvi win so that she can help her family.
Thapki: Oh so that’s the case, yes Bhaia you spoke way too harshly to her. You should apologize to her.
Kunj: But how, I don’t even know her number and I don’t even know if she will forgive me.
Thapki: Don’t worry everything will be fine.
Kunj: By any chance, do you have Bihaan’s number?
Thapki: Why will I have that idiot’s number?
Kunj: Yes, you are right. I should thank that Twinkle once I get her she helped a needy person and sacrificed her title.
Thapki remembers how Bihaan encouraged her during the results’ time.
Thapki: (in her mind) Actually I should thank that idiot Bihaan he actually made me feel better that day.
Kunj: I think you should go and sleep now.
Thapki: Okay goodnight, Bhaia.
Thapki leaves and Kunj goes to sleep.

Kapoor’s Residence
Here Twinkle is having dinner along with their family. Bihaan talks with Karthik on the phone and joins his family later.
Bihaan: How did my sister lose this contest?
Karthik: Do you know what she did?
Bihaan: What?
Karthik narrates Bihaan the story and he gets shocked and he keeps the phone and joins his family for dinner.
Leela: Bihaan beta, today I cooked your favourite dish.
Bihaan: Thank you mom.
Bihaan and others are eating, and Bihaan looks at Twinkle. Twinkle is about to eat.
Bihaan: Why did you behave rudely with the judge in the contest?
Twinkle and others are shocked.
Leela: What are you saying?
Bihaan: Yes mom, Twinkle behaved rudely with the judges and she lost the contest purposely.
Twinkle gets nervous and stammers.
Twinkle: Why will I lose the contest purposely?
Bihaan:Exactly. Who would do that? After all who will be so stupid?
Leela: Can anyone exactly tell me what is happening here?
Bihaan: Maa your ladli beti have lost the contest to make sure someone who is more needy wins it.
Leela and Bauji are shocked.
Bauji: What do you mean Bihaan?
Twinkle: Dad this Bihaan is speaking nonsense don’t listen to him.
Bihaan: Well that I don’t know but one thing I sure. I am very happy that you sacrificed so that, the girl can aid her family.
Twinkle looks on.
Bauji: Twinkle beti, today one thing you proved that you are my blood. Well done beti.
Twinkle smiles.
Bihaan: For us, one and only Twinkle Kapoor is the winner.
Twinkle: C’mon Bihaan now you are praising me a little too much.
Leela: Now you all stop talking, continue eating.
They all continue having dinner.

Scene 2: Mathur Residence
(BHRK and YVR part)
Here Karthik’s mom Lata opens the door and is shocked to see Karthik totally drenched.
Lata: Karthik Baba, you are completely drenched.
Karthik: Yes mom, it was raining.
Lata: Quicly come in, you will catch a cold.
Karthik starts sneezing,
Lata: See, you already caught a cold.
Karthik goes in.
Lata: (in her mind) This boy is so strange these days. He used to get annoyed with rain and now. Strange.

Sharma Residence,
Here Tai comes home and she is shocked as she also opens the door and finds Survi drenched.
Tai: Ah Survi, you again got drenched in the rain.
Survi smiles.
Survi: Yes Tai
Tai: Oh god, what do I do about this girl, what if you catch cold?
Survi: Tai, before also I never caught cold even now I am okay.
Tai: Now do you have intentions to make this place wet also. Quickly go and change your clothes.
Survi is about to go, and just then Shaan comes to Survi’s house.
Tai: You and here at this time?
As Shaan was about to answer,
Tai: Oh now I get it, you came to drop Survi right?
Shaan: Yes?
Tai: I knew it!
As Shaan was about to say something,
Survi: Sir, you are here.
Tai: You haven’t change yet.
Shaan: Survi, you just came out from showering is it?
Tai: Wait a minute, if you didn’t drop then who came here?
Survi gets tensed and Shaan sees it.
Shaan: I was just joking Aunty, don’t you understand my joke.
Tai: Aunty? What aunty aunty? Call me Tai.
Shaan: Okay, Tai.
Tai: Now why are you looking at my face? Go and change.
Survi leaves.
And just then Rajni comes in,
Tai: Who is this girl?
Rajni: I am not a girl, I am Rajni.
Shaan looks at Rajni and Tai looks at Rajni surprised.
Tai: And I am
Rajni: T-A-I Tai
Tai gets happy.
Tai: I like this girl.
Shaan: Then it’s good. Looks like she and you will get along.
Tai: I am sure.
Survi comes from downstairs,
Shaan: She will stay here tonight.
Tai: Okay, what?
Survi is also shocked.
Survi: (in his mind) What is going on in Sir’s mind?
Shaan: Actually, Rajni is our friend but sadly her tenant threw her out of the house, as they got some rich people buy their house, and now Rajni doesn’t have anywhere to stay.
Tai gets emotional.
Tai: It’s okay I understand, Rajni beti you can stay here as many days as you want.
Rajni: That, my system will decide.
Tai: System?
Shaan: She is trying to mean that her rules.
Tai: I love this girl. Rajni beti consider this as your own home.
Rajni: How can I consider this as my own house? My house is a lab.
Tai: What?
Shaan: She means by LAB. Ladies Apartment Basement.
Tai: Oh I see. Good. Rajni beti don’t worry.
Rajni: Okay, Tai.
Tai smiles.
Tai: Why are you standing here? Come in.

At Survi’s room,
Shaan brings Rajni to Survi’s room. And Shaan is demonstrating Rajni how she should behave and Survi gives a weird look to Shaan.
Shaan: Now why are you looking at me like this?
Survi: Sir, may I know why is she going to stay here?
Shaan looks around and he closes the door.
Survi: What is going on here?
Shaan: I know this is last minute. But tomorrow or day after tomorrow, a guy is coming to my house, and he always looks at my lab. If he gets to know about Rajni, I will be in big trouble.
Survi: But you can just let it be as it is, just as you made your family believe that Rajni is a normal human, in the same way you can also manage him.
Shaan: He is very cunning like a fox.
Survi: Sir, if by any chance Tai gets to know that Rajni is a robot I will be doomed.
Shaan: That’s why I kept her here. You are the only one who knows about it.
I can’t let that businessman know about Rajni.
Survi: Sir, don’t worry you can keep Rajni here, and once that guy goes away you can take her back.
Shaan is happy that Survi accepted and he leaves but he is surprised how she agreed suddenly. Survi looks at Rajni.
Survi: Now how will I manage her?

Scene 3: Singh Residence
(All part)
Next day morning,
Here the entire Singh family is having breakfast and Thapki is worried.
Shaan: What happened to my cute and chubby sister, why are you worried?
Thapki: Nothing Bhaia,
Kunj: Tell us Thapki.
Thapki: Actually there is a camp for graduated students and I really want to go there.
Shaan: Then go.
Amrish: Yes, go beta, what’s the big deal?
Thapki: It’s a two night camp.
Kunj: So?
Thapki: I want to go to the camp.
And they look at Surili.
Shaan: Now I understand.
Surili: Now why are you looking at me like this?
Thapki: Mom, please let me go to the camp.
Surili is quiet and Amrish gestures her that everything will be fine.
Shaan: Let her go to the camp, it’s only for two nights.
Kunj: Why will mom allow her to go to the camp?
Surili: Did I say anything?
Thapki: No, why?
Surili: Thapki, you can go to the camp. I give you permission for that.
Everyone is happy. Thapki is surprised.
Thapki: I can’t believe this, am I dreaming? Someone pinch me.
Kunj pinches Thapki.
Thapki: Ouch!
Kunj: You were the one who said to pinch you?
Thapki looks at Kunj angrily and they all start laughing.
Thapki: Thank you so much mom! You are the best.
Surili: (in her mind) Beta, I am allowing you for the camp, because I have to test something else. And this would be the best opportunity.
Surili smiles.

Here Tai , Survi and Rajni are together.
Tai: Rajni beta, tell us more about you.
Rajni: Command accepted.
Tai: I have never heard of it. What it is?
Rajni: When someone tells you or orders you to do something its command and when you accept it, so you say command accepted.
Tai: Okay?
Rajni: For robots like me this is very common.
Survi was having water and she chokes.
Tai: Robot?
Survi: Actually she
And just then someone rings the bell,
Tai: Survi, see who came.
Survi opens the door and she gets happy. And a girl is there, Survi and the girl hug each other.
Survi: Finally you are.
Tai sees this and gets happy.
Tai: Shraddha?
The girl is none other than Shraddha,
Shraddha: Mom!
Shraddha hugs Tai.
Survi: Finally you are here,
Shraddha: Yes, finally my semester and also my studies are completed.
Tai: Good, now we have to find a groom for you?
Shraddha: Mom?
Tai: I was joking.
And Shraddha sees Rajni.
Shraddha: Who is this girl?
Tai: Oh she she is Rajni, Survi’s friend.
Tai introduces Rajni to Shraddha, and Shraddha forwards her hand to handshake with Rajni.
Shraddha: Hi Rajni, I am Shraddha nice to meet you.
Rajni: And I am Rajni.
Raji handshakes with Shraddha, and Shraddha looks at Rajni surprised.
Shradda: (in her mind) This Rajni is kind of weird.
Survi gets a call and she leaves.

Now it’s time for the individual Jodi scenes.
Scene 4: Park
Here Kunj comes to the park, and he is talking on the phone. And just then he collides with Twinkle,
Kunj: I am so sorry,
Twinkle: Can’t you just.
Twinkle looks at Kunj, and they both are surprised to meet each other again especially Kunj.
Twinkle: Oh so you even came till here, what’s your problem?
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle: Hello, I am speaking to you.
Kunj: Actually, I am here to
Twinkle: I don’t want to waste my time talking with you.
Twinkle leaves,
Kunj: (in his mind) Even now I have still not said sorry to her.
A guy throws Frisbee and Kunj sees this about to hit Twinkle, he saves her and they both look at each other lovingly. Sajna plays.
Twinkle: Thank you.
And she leaves. Kunj looks on. Twinkle goes to scold the guy.
Twinkle: Excuse me your Frisbee was about to,
Twinkle looks at the guy which is none other than Yuvi.
Twinkle: You?
Yuvi: You?
Kunj looks at them.

Scene 5: At the terrace
(BHRK part)
Here Rajni is walking around the terrance,
Rajni: Terrace. Can be peaceful and dangerous at the same time. Peaceful for time pass and to enjoy nature and dangerous as your life maybe in danger when you fall down from it.
Rajni continues analyzing the place, and just then someone tabs Rajni and Rajni looks and smiles, as it’s Shaan.
Rajni: Shaan!
Shaan cups Rajni’s face.
Shaan: Yes, Sajni I am back.
Rajni: How many times do I have to say its Rajni not Sajni.
Shaan: Okay fine Baba.
Rajni: I am not Baba, I am robot, Rajni robot.
Shaan: Okay fine you are a robot.
Rajni: Only yours.
Shaan: Yes, Rajni you are only mine.
Rajni smiles.
Shaan: Look Rajni I was in hurry yesterday, but I had to do so today just to say that you will be away from the lab for two days. Please don’t do anything that makes Survi’s family doubt that you are a robot.
Rajni: Command accepted.

Scene 6: Campsite
Here Thapki finally reaches the campsite , and she is happy.
Thapki: (In her mind) Finally mom allowed me to come to this camp.
Thapki: I should look for my tent now.
Thapki goes to her spot and she fixes her tent, and she is facing problem, and as her tent was about to fall down, a guy holds the tent and its none other than Bihaan.
Bihaan: Let me fix it for you.
Bihaan fixes the tent for Thapki. Thapki looks on.
Bihaan: Do you want to say something?
Thapki: Thank you.
Bihaan: Why?
Thapki: For helping me out.
Bihaan: This tent not a big problem.
Thapki: No for encouraging me that day during the results.
Bihaan: After so long
Thapki: Now we haven’t met each other for days then how is it possible?
Bihaan: Yes, true. But I have a solution.
Thapki: What solution?
Bihaan forwards his hand to Thapki.
Bihaan: Friends?
Thapki smiles handshaking with Bihaan.
Thapki: Friends.
They smile looking at each other.

Scene 7: Sharma Residence
Here Survi talks with Karthik on the phone.
Karthik: Hello Survi.
Survi: Hi Karthik.
Survi: I am sorry because of me you had to miss your meeting yesterday.
Karthik: No problem, at least you taught me how to enjoy rain.
Survi: Really?
Karthik starts sneezing.
Survi: I could say how much you enjoyed? I am sorry.
Karthik: No, its okay infact thank you. I am fine with it.
Survi: Really?
Karthik: Yes,
Survi: You are very sweet and nice Karthik,
Karthik smiles,
Karthik: Survi can we meet up somewhere tomorrow?
Survi: Where?
Karthik: I will send you the address in my message.
Survi: Sure, but why?
Karthik: It’s a surprise.
Survi: Really. Will be waiting for it. Bye.
Karthik: Bye take care.
Karthik keeps the phone.
Karthik: (in his mind) Tomorrow I will confess my love to Survi and also tell her my businessman truth. I hope she will accept me and my love.
Survi: (in her mind) I wonder why is my heart beating now?
The episode ends.

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj are stuck at some isolated place and some guys tease Twinkle. Twinkle slaps Kunj. Kunj is stunned. Rajni and Shaan enjoy themselves in a party, and Surili sees this and gets happy. Thapki and Bihaan challenge each other and play arm wrestling. Karthik finally proposes to Survi, and as Karthik was about to say something, Survi yells at Karthik and tells him to stop. Karthik is shocked.

The next episode will be published on Sunday, 8th May. And from now my episodes will be shorter than episode 1-3 but longer than episode 4. And don’t miss episode 5, as it will be majority scenes for the couples only as episode 5 is Jodi’s special. Hope you will love it. By any chance, if I can’t publish on Sunday, I will publish on Monday for sure.

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