Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajdeep kidnaps Nandini

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal notices the broken name plate and tries Nandini’s number. He then goes to the watchman and grabs his collar. The watchman tells Kunal that Mauli came to meet Nandini.
Mamma and Dida were cheerful at the door bell and excited to see Mauli and Kunal together after long. Only Mauli stood outside in a devastated condition. Dida was worried about where Mauli had gone? Kunal reached home and asks where had Mauli gone? He comes to Mauli and angrily inquires if she went to Nandini’s house to fight or deter her? When he is her culprit, when he loves Nandini then Mauli must only fight him and blame him. Everyone goes to blame Nandini instead. She went to her house and fought her, resultantly Nandini has left home. Mauli tells Kunal to stop it, if Nandini is so dear that he is disgracing

her. She went to Nandini’s house and would have reacted if Nandini had opened the door. Nandini is her friend and enemy as well, she doesn’t know if she had hugged Nandini for a shoulder after betrayal from her husband, or if she had cursed Nandini. But she feels Nandini herself got some shame. Kunal forbids Mauli to curse Nandini. Why she doesn’t blame him? He is the real culprit then why Nandini bear the brunt of everyone’s blame. He ends his relation to Mauli today. Mamma slaps Kunal and forbids him call a single word to Mauli now. He might ruin his face in any filth, but not speak to Mauli this way. He has no right over her. Dida cries and requests them to stop all this devastation, she attempted everyone including the drama of her illness. Mauli and Kunal were shocked to hear this. Dida joins hands to apologize Mauli. She was mistake to hold hopes from her grandson, and hurt Mauli’s sentiments. Kunal was hurt that Dida lied. Dida accepts that she did this, for them. Kunal seemed tensed and lost. He gets a call from an unknown number and was shocked to hear it.
In the police station, Kunal watched the clip of Nandini’s kidnap. Police inspector says an eyewitness called them. Nandini already got restraining orders, if Kunal thinks they can relate the matter? Kunal holds Rajdeep responsible for all this.
Nandini was tied to a chair, her mouth shut under tight grip of cloth piece. Rajdeep comes with a lighter flame and silently calls Dear Mrs. He gets away from her, and says she is no more pure. He tells Nandini how much he enjoyed in the lockup, the jailer there also had an extramarital affair like Kunal and was pity of him. He says Nandini left him, then punished Mauli for no reason; now he will punish Nandini. He leaves for a few minutes. Nandini resists the grips.
Kunal was restless and asks the inspector to hurry up. Kunal is a wild man and might kill Nandini. The inspector says they found out that Rajdeep’s van was last seen in an industrial area.
Mauli walks to the room. Kunal’s words echo in her mind. She holds a heavy piece and breaks the mirror, crying devastatingly.
Rajdeep walks into the godown with a can filled with kerosene oil. He laughs after smelling the oil and claims it to be real, then pours the whole can over Nandini. He lights a matchstick and brings the flame near Nandini, swaying it in the air. Nandini held her breath tightly.

PRECAP: Dida and Mamma convince Mauli to tell Kunal about his child, only the child can bring Kunal back. There, Rajdeep throw the matchstick. Nandini screams. Kunal turns to see Mauli in his room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i liked reading the update that mamma slapped Kunal and dida apologized to Mauli. Then what is this precap with them again insisting that Mauli should tell Kunal about baby? Can’t they see what worst kind of human Kunal is? Then why do they want Mauli to be stuck with this cheater husband? If instead of Kunal, Mouli had had an affair, then would dida be so hell bent on saving the marriage? I am sure no. Just because it is the son of the house, Dida has no care for Mauli’s happiness and self-respect. Mauli has said it repeatedly that she can take care of her child alone. Stop forcing her you two. Because of you both Mauli’s hopes were rekindled and she got humiliated and shattered again. at least now stop! Mauli shouldnt listen to them anymore. She should tell Kunal that Divorce is the only way for them. That’s it. Move forward Mouli. you will be a wonderful single mother <3 <3

  2. This rajdeep torture is only beginning. Jyoti’s nonsense against Nandini is yet to come. How the hell could Rajdeep be released so easily. Is bail easy to get in domestic violence case? Next kidnapping and attempt to murder should also be slapped on him and he should rot in jail forever. disgusting man. And moreover, always used to garner sympathy for Nandini. Seriously, does Rajdeep have any other thing to do in his life? Now Kunal will again say ‘this is a difficult time for Nandini’ and run to her, wipe her tears, hug her and promise to protect her.
    Dont know why writers are doing this because Kunal is already obsessed with Nandini. He doesnt need other reason to run after her. He will scream at his wife, forget what kind of person Mauli is and even disrespect her because oh no, sweet innocent faultless Nandini got scared from horrible Mauli’s words and ran away. Boohoo! Mauli didnt say anything even in front of judge just to protect his dignity. And cheater Kunal doesnt have minimum decency. And what is the crap about Nandini shouldn’t be blamed. If anyone in the world has the right to blame and question Nandini, it is Mauli. Nandini is alive because Mauli brought her out of that hell hole of marriage and gave her a new life. Faultless Nandini forgot all that and found true pure love with her husband. But oh no! How can even Mauli even think of saying anything to Nandini. Shame shame! delusional Kunal thinks he has any right to end relationship with Mauli. that relationship ended when he slept with another woman. If you have any guts, accept what you did in front of your family. Then let us see who ends which relation

    1. Couldn’t agree more.. This show is itself disgrace to mankind

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally Dida realised that she hurted Mouli feelings by faking her drama…

    2. I know love is blind, deaf and it has no boundation it just happens and no one can control it, but what I don’t understand then why Kunal and Mouli married just after completing their education, they should have given time…atleast mouli would have find someone better than kunal…

    3. Rajdeep is back, I hope he may die in this burn drama… no one deserve such husband…

    4. I think Nandini will be saved and she might tell truth about Mouli pregency or promise to kunal.. And then may be show take leap where Mouli and Kunal with child and nandini in new avtar… But i hope mouli find someone good as compare to kunal

    1. Nharnarh Afia Amankwah

      So Kunal and Nandini will nt get back together

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Its my imagination and thinking only…

  4. Can someone run over that kunal with a truck, Can’t stand that piece of crap anymore.

    1. anjali sharma

      😂😂😂 seriously I want same!

  5. I am just hating it how dida and mamma are manipulating Mauli in this situation they are doing whatever they think is right for that creep kunal one even considering about Mauli’s emotions

  6. Bastard kunal don’t deserve mauli instead he should thrashed…. N that so called innocent cute n bholi bhali nandini ( bholi bhali My foot) kulta kullachchini disgusting n despo nandini should be burnt alive by rajdeep ( serves her right)…. To hell with these kind of ungrateful disgraceful friends…

  7. The only difference between mauli’s mom and dida is mauli’s mom always shouted at her and adviced that women should always be a dog to their husband and dida is indirectly saying the same.but people don’t see the harshness in dida’s selfish advices.because of her low pitched voice and she didn’t shout at all.likewise,the difference between mauli and nandhini is mauli is strong and independent.she is a strong woman who won’t cry and shiver for everything like nandhini.but writers and people see nandhini as victim because of the same the cases of Kunal and rajdeep,rajdeep does everything in front of everyone.he hurted a woman physically and a had relationship with other woman in front of his wife.kunal did the same with his wife and he mentally tortured her and even justified his relationship with other woman as so called pure love made in heaven.but he’s hero and rajdeep is villain.if a man rags and make fun of a girl and her life,he will be the villain and if the same man does this after marrying her,he’s the hero. a man marries a girl for the game,then he suddenly starts loving her then apologies for his behaviour and that man is our so called hero.this is the trend of indian dailysoaps now and till now some indian people haven’t changed.they beleive if a woman shout for justification, if she’s independent,helps for his husband’s dream by her salary she’s the villain.she have to prove herself to everyone that too in a silent manner.if a girl cries and shivers for and if she look after husband’s help for everything ,then she’s a good well mannered girl.the same thing applies to men too but just in the opposite manner.after everything,many girls in india accept a woman as a wife of some handsome husband only if she’s extremely beautiful else they would be like “oh man,she’s not beautiful.just do ema with a beautiful girl,it’s okay”that’s where the so called kunan fans are coming from..😐

  8. I wish they would write a an amazing story about Mauli being a single parent and strong role model for her child. Eventually, a handsome, kind guy will come into her life and she and her kid will have an awesome life. It will make her wonder why she was fight to stay with someone who insulted her sentiments by bluntly telling her he loves her best friend, with no hesitation or shame. I am thinking someone like Karan Grover or Gautam Rode. They are actually good looking and strong men…a perfect match for Mauli.

    1. I will be happy… if Barun sobti come for mauli…then I won’t care about that crap kunal

  9. I have never agreed more. Nandini is a crap and awful friend. Kunal is like Rajdeep …a bastard of a husband. And Dida and Mauli’s SaaS are manipulative. If they truly cared for Mauli, they’d let her go. I don’t want to see a strong female character like Mauli reduced to a simpering winy pathetic character. She should leave that house with her head held up high and the vindictive side nature in me would want her to text Kunal about the baby…coz he doesn’t deserve to be told face to face… and tell him he doesn’t need to be involved. I have never hated characters in a soap as much as Nandini and Kunal. Swear down, if Mail I loses her baby coz of the crap nut job Kunal and his wacko family are putting her through, I’m gonna lose my shit

  10. I will be happy… if Barun sobti come for mauli…then I won’t care about that crap kunal

  11. As much as I hate Nandini
    I would like to put this out there that at least she had the decency to atleast try and get away from her best friends husband. She tried to leave two times. But what about Kunal what did he do ?
    Again not defending Nandini but staying in a marriage as abusive as hers does take a toll on your mental health. Uske baad if you are getting a man you always dreamt of you may fall for him.

    Kunal on the other hand had a perfect married life. So I believe Kunal is more wrong.
    Secondly okay fine I get it you can fall in love with anyone at anytime. But if you are such a nice human with values and all wouldn’t you divorce your wife before bedding her best friend.

    In kunal’s all I can say is he is a clear case of toxic mentality. He couldn’t accept a fact that mauli is an independent individual.
    He infactade sure Nandini never gets independent. And is always dependent on him so like I said he is a weak male who wants an even weeker female. And Nandini was mentaly weak after coming out of an ugly marriage. So yeah she was all he could ask for. And heade sure she remains weak.
    This is not love.
    Love was what mauli had for Nandini.
    Trying to give her a better life.

    Kunal is just trying to satisfy his male ego.

  12. Nandini would get injured in the fire accident and presumed to be dead. She will survive and come up again in a new avtaar post leap.

    Kunal and Mouli would get back together because of the child. The ever forgiving wife,mother and grandmother will happily take him back. Disgusting that the 2 ladies are again asking Mouli to give him a chance. Selfish people

  13. No difference between kunal and rajdeep.botj treat women like crap..only difference is rajdeep does it openly and kunal does it behind close doors….they are the worst kinda of men
    .and trust me once a cheater always a cheater..if he could leave his wife for you he can leave you for another….

  14. this show cant have a proper ending at all , this show is like beyhadh where wrong thing at the end does not get supported , maya though was not mentally sound died , i guess when the show ends , nandini and kunal would die

  15. Proper ending will be
    Rajdeep killing nandini and going jail
    Kunal crying all his life
    Mauli moving on with her child
    Any one agree ???

    1. this would be wonderful , really want , mauli is not being strong when kunal is wrong and can be so strong why not mauli be strong and move on

  16. They would never show this but. Whole fire accident is to show Nandinis transformation. That loser Kunal will get back to Mouli

  17. Crap !

    (No offense to the People who are potraying the characters!)

    1) All in all, Nandini did 1 good thing i.e. to leave Kunal.

    2) Kunal has gone mad. Like seriously. Am I being too harsh when I say, I wish he doesn’t get to stay with any of them!!

    3) Why the hell is Rajdeep back??!!! Please jail him ASAP! And don’t kill Nandini.


    4) Mauli ! I love the way she used to be. I hope she gives birth to her baby and live happily. Maybe move on. She deserves a lot more than Kunal.

    5) I hope Nandini changes to a better woman and a person. Realises her mistakes and leave Kunal.

    I don’t know what to say about Kunal though.

  18. i watched the epi on voot… and one thing that struck me was how shocked Kunal was when he found out dida had lied about the heart attack. He kept saying ‘you shouldnt have lied… you shouldnt have lied…’ and i was so disappointed that no one called him out on the numerous lies he had told. to both his wife and his family. He was so upset at dida’s lie. But what about his own cheating and betrayal? Those late night phone calls, chats, dates, false conferences, hiding the number of Nandini’s college friend, religious functions. The guy hasn’t yet understood the breadth of his own betrayal, but will cry at other’s one tiny maybe wrongdoing (Mauli didnt even do anything!) Mauli only said maybe Nandini has developed sense to drown herself out of shame, and Kunal was so offended that he immediately lost all respect for Mauli. He has zero idea of Mauli’s pain and sadness in all these one month…. and the written update doesnt fully portray how aggressive Kunal got with Mauli. He was glaring at her and grinding his teeth and holding her tight… Man! this Kunal is just two steps away from being Rajdeep. Would he feel even a little remorse if he later realizes that Mauli was pregnant when he was shouting at her? I dont think so. Today i agree, atleast Rajdeep is open about who he is. But Mr. Hypocrite shares the same goody goody cape as does his lady love, while being a deplorable human being inside. He is worse than Rajdeep. I wish Mauli had told him that today she too had lost all respect for him and wishes she never has to see his face pathetic again.

    1. agree he is really the worst husband ever even ragdeep showing his real face all the time .Now I think all he was doing as saving people be nice with poor people etc. etc. was all fake since he doesnt care a little bit for neither his wife pain nor his mum or dida only care about his mistress what a brainless man . if we had a pet for 7 years we care about it more than he did with his loyal wife . Only hope writers dont spoil mouli character and give her justice from two blo*dy cheaters.

  19. Spoilers reveal that kunal would marry nandini when he saves her…

  20. whole serial is full of crap

  21. Pls,stop this show

  22. WTF… kunal cannot marry nandini… this is total crap! poor Mauli in this drama… i dont care what drasti dhami is as an actress but sometimes i feel nandini character just gets dragged on because of her star status.. not because her character is justified.. she has left kunal.. then why marry him? does this solve rajdeep ? NO. and i agree with the rest that kunal is rajdeep.. just a careful version of him… someone who tries to socially be deceptive about it.. Mauli’s character better have justice… i am warning writers who i am sure read these forums and also comment here, you need to show her independent and strong and NOT WEAK… or Negative… she will live her life without concern of kunal or nandini and raise her child strong. and she will find love and that will drive kunal crazy.. if mauli turns negative im done… this is already disgusting enough to watch kunal lust over nandini… who is NOT innocent.. innocent love would have been one where once they had the hint mauli coulld have found out to stop what they were doing.. no one should ever have a friend like nandini… no one… total shit character… yet she is sooooo mahaaan…. garbage

  23. I hv seen in some spoilers that rajdeep will die after this fire accidentally .Kunal will accept mauli for the sake of child and nandini will live alone and her transformation will be seen. And if it is correct then here again CVS has decided nandini to potrait as a heroine and our mauli has nothing to do but to loose her self respect her confidence and forget his husband’ s sins nd accept him as if she is weak like nandini . What nonsense is this yaar?We want to see the transformation of mauli she is the real heroine of this show . She should not be with Kunal . She should be with mumma , dida ND her child . Kunal nandini should be together feeling guilty for what they have done always thinking about the child .what do you guys as a fan of mauli has to say . Agree or not

    1. Totally Agree

    2. I agree, but makers are hell bend in making nandhini likes by us, so they can portrait mauli as weak n doormat,

  24. The makers failed to convince the love of kunan pure and true.Even kunan supporters know that they are wrong. …love for the actors make them support kunan .If there were different casts then kunan would be fanless.But this beautiful casts is not enough to safe it frm backlash …silsila is a complete failure.After this I don’t think I would ever like shakti.He is the worst among all the casts…he doesn’t give his best ….in most of the scene he seems reluctant.

  25. The makers failed to convince the love of kunan pure and true.Even kunan supporters know that they are wrong. …love for the actors make them support kunan .If there were different casts then kunan would be fanless.But this beautiful casts is not enough to safe it frm backlash …silsila is a complete failure.After this I don’t think I would ever like shakti.He is the worst among all the casts…he doesn’t give his best ….in most of the scene he seems reluctant to play such cheap role.

  26. I absolutely hated the movie Silsila…. it was disgusting… not due to the affair with the leads but due to the fact that a man who feels nothing for his wife can impregnate her while running around with his mistress… It just shows how cold and emotionless relationships in India are… As for this show I like how they are starting to blame Kunal as well. This will only end one way, Kunal will find out about his child and go back to Mauli and Rajdeep will be in some life threatening situation which Nandini will save him from, suddenly he will realize what a good wife he had and all will be forgiven and forgotten because Indian production houses think we’re all idiots. As a woman of the new age both Kunal and Rajdeep are worthless.

  27. please stop this stupid serial..the writers are just more than stupid.. i was watchin ds drama only for mauli as i love her character a lot..i never liked drashti now i just hate cheap roles both kunal and nandini.. for the sake of making money playing characterless roles..for the makers nobody is gonna love ur crap serial

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