Should have told truth – Ishqbaaz OmRu (Part 1)

Hi telly friends… hope all are doing good. So, I thought over the current track of Ishqbaaaz. I’m a very intense fan of Ishqbaaaz, every elements of it, be it OBros, Shivika RiKara or RuVya, etc.. I felt this separation of OBros to be little disturbing as the bond of them in pre-redux IB was in such a way that they would survive thunderstorms and were so soothing. So I thought of giving an OS continuation from last two days(including today; don’t know what is yet to come) episodes.


RiKara and RuVya are in their respective rooms having their conversations

Omkara : Gauri, I told you several times not to talk with Annika. How many times should I repeat more? There are a lot of problems surrounding our factory, a lot of tensions at home, besides all these don’t persuade me to loose my patience; Please!

Gauri : Om, I know

Rudra : You know what Bhavya! Everytime I make you alert about this, but its all in vain… Seems like you don’t care about my frustration and difficulties.

Bhavya : Rudy please… Its not like that.

Om & Rudra : As usual, you starts like this and ends by saying you will never repeat. And it goes on cycling. I’m tired of this.

Gauri : Tired of what Om, tired of what.. Telling me all these again and again… What about me who is hearing all silently without any reply? Have I ever shouted on you? Its not because I don’t know to react. Om, its true that I’m your wife, your life partner. But before becoming your wife, I was someone else’s sister, friend, sister-in-law, etc. Shouldn’t I respect all those relations?

Bhavya: You were like enemy for me before, right… It has been only two years since our relation. But I respected Annika bhabhi even from before.

Gauri : For being with you, I should have been alive right. It’s because of the struggle of Di. If I can talk, be responsible, it’s all because of di. Yes, I loved me, made me understand the value and depth of love. But even before that I got love of a mother and sister from a single person. That’s Di. She is my mother, sister, my best friend and my GOD. You know all these, you understand everything, then why are you ignoring these nowadays, because of your brother.

Bhavya : I know he did a mistake. For that how can you all punish Annika Bhabhi. You used to say that this house always respected relations irrespective of blood relations. Differences came, wounds occurred but all were cured. Now what happened? Where did your so called philosophy went? Rudra, I’m a police officer. Its not necessary for me to remain silent on your shoutings even though I’m doing it because I know that your trust is lost, you are wounded in your heart..

Rudra : Enough Bhavya… enough for today. I don’t have time for your useless talkings.

Gauri : No Om, till today I heard you. Now you will hear me. Everyone should get a chance. Why are you doing this to me? Why are you persuading me to stay away from di.. Oh, now I understand. Both of you don’t want your brother to suffer alone, right…

Bhavya : Great thought Rudra. Perfect.

Om : He is not our brother

Rudra : He is a murderer…

Bhavya : Some relations won’t change by mere words because its made by HEART, by God. Repeat it thousand times, lakh, crore times, there will be no change Rudra. Its your bad luck that you are not realizing it.

Om : What are intending to prove? He is not our brother means he is not. He killed our dad. We made him arrest. We will expel him from the Oberoi Empire which he wanted to conquer.

Gauri : Really Om. Are you saying it? You know what Om, You say something but your eyes convey something else. OmRu, Shivaay’s favourite duo, fills anger and hatred in their words but their eyes are filled with a layer of tear… Its weird

Bhavya : Actually your words are not filled with anger and hatred, its just anger just anger.

OmRu : No, I hate him. I hate him the most. And don’t try to prove that he is innocent. We will never leave him.

Gauri : Where did you leave him? You never tried to get him out of your heart, then where?

Rudra : Bhavya, stop it…

Bhavya : Why? Am I lying? A person who had a career of modeling left it and joined business, I understand that situation demanded.

Gauri : But all of a sudden rude, angry, arrogant and heartless business man, it was not necessary. If you hated jiju, you wouldn’t have been affected for such a long period, you would have lead a peaceful life. Yes, you remain usual before everyone and is worried and painstruck during remaining hours.

Bhavya : You think that I don’t know what you are going through. Whenever I try help you, you react by shouting at me so that you can evade these questions from me.

Gauri : Om, you can’t remain silent always. You have to open up that

Om : Ha… I even now, care for Shivaay. That’s why I always demanded distance from Annika. But why should I?

Rudra : When he is not caring, why should I?

Bhavya : He cares about you

Rudra : Really Bhavya, he cares about us… If he had, then he would have told the truth. But, no!!! He is mahaan right. Will sacrifice anything for brothers.

Om : We knew some tension was there from last few days. We asked him several times. He always answered he will take care of. We know that he will take care of, but what is the problem of sharing with us. If he had shared, we would have suffered the last 5 years.

Rudra : You know what Bhavya, we always used to promise each other that we will share every thing, there will be no secret in or lives. He broke that promise.

Om : You were not here that day. I asked him repeatedly to blurt out the truth but he worn the mask of silence for my questions. Just repeated what dad said. We had our trust on Shivaay that he will share but he broke it. He created a wall between him and us.

Rudra : From childhood, he was my hero. I was always a child for him. He was my first priority and for both of them me. But I grew up, right. I can understand things, atleast he should have told Om.

Om : I tired of this anger towards him. But I will not accept defeat. He has to understand what he destroyed. Priyanka, had he thought of her? Her whole world revolved around him. He shattered it. Are we able to handle her now? On our try to make her understand, are we able to answer her questions?

Rudra : I’m sure, he would have thought that that would handle our hatred. Let him handle it.

Gauri : Om, he suffered 5 years for his mistake ….

Om : Didn’t we both suffered, Gauri… If he had told truth that day it would have lessened…

Bhavya : That would have brought differences between may be papa and both of you.

Rudra : We would have tolerated that. We loved and trusted him more than papa. Anyways its no use of this discussion

Omkara : Whatever happening is right in our viewpoint. Rudra and me changed because of him. Its said na, to fight with loved ones, it should be stone-hearted. There is no heart now, even if there is, it is broken

Rudra : He broke it, Bhavya!!!!

(Both OmRu get out of their rooms)

I know it’s a usual conversation. But atleast conversations like these can be shown in the show besides just hatred from OmRu.

Don’t know if you guys like or not. Anyways

Thank you.


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  1. Wow shikha
    Loved it even i thought that this type of conversation will be there but alas nothing is happening like that. Thank you for writing such ff. Full episode was khidkithod.
    If possible please continue it as we would like to see how omru with help of riya will meet shivika.
    Waiting for next update eagerly and i am excited
    Bye keep smiling and take care

  2. Still brothers love each other. Nice plot.

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  4. It’s amazing….
    New view point…
    Love that plot….
    Please continue. Waiting to see how ShivOmRu unites.
    Are u in wattpad?????

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Shikha, this is beautifully written..kudos girl…

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