Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mitali refutes Abhi’s decision

Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab asking Abhi if something happened here? Abhi looks at the ghatbandhan. Purab asks did you marry someone? Abhi says no. Disha asks did we miss anything. Pragya says no and asks if they met Neha and Tarun. Disha says yes, we met. Dasi comes and says she likes Tarun and accepts this alliance. They leave. Dadi asks Servant to enquire if Abhi and Pragya come? Just then Abhi comes and hugs Dadi. Suwarni Dadi asks why didn’t you take me with you. Abhi laughs and says I didn’t take you as so much time is wasted. They all laugh. Suwarni Dadi hugs Neha and forgives her.

Mitali looks at Neha’s pic and asks why did you leave me? She looks at neha’s dress and hugs it. She says I love you very much and cries. She gets emotional and says a mother can’t leave her kids.

Tai ji comes and says Neha is back home. Mitali gets happy and runs downstairs. Tai ji thinks Mitali doesn’t come alone, but brought a storm. Mitali asks neha why did she go and hugs her? Neha apologizes. Mitali asks her not to do this again. She sees Tarun and says she will not leave him. Abhi says please. Mitali says I cried a lot because of him and I heard enough because of him. Pragya says we all understand you and got angry. She says she wanted to take them to Police as she couldn’t understand their feelings. She says now she can understand that they love each other. Mitali says there is no love.

Pragya tells that I know that you will chose best guy for her, but may be nobody can keep her happy like Tarun would do. Mitali says they have eloped from home. She asks Pragya not to interfere. Abhi asks her to understand and says because of you, this wouldn’t have happen. She says you are doing same mistake again and again. Mitali says you think of my decision wrong which I have taken for my daughter’s betterment. Mitali says you have done wrong in your life and asks why he is raising question on her decision. She says she is a kid. Abhi says she is 21 years old. Mitali says no. Pragya tells that she knows Neha’s age. Tanu come and asks Pragya not to interfere.

Abhi asks Tanu not to interfere. Mitali says she is her mum and knows her betterment. Neha says I am 21 years now. Mitali says I will tell you about your age, and is taking her. Abhi tells her that Neha and Tarun love each other a lot. Pragya also takes their side. Tanu asks her not to interfere. Abhi says we shall get them married. Mitali says you have raised doubt on my decision and blames Neha for humiliating her. She asks Neha to leave Tarun’s hand. Tarun says I have promised her that I will be with her. Mitali argues. Abhi tells that even Pragya feels the same. Mitali says can you see anything beyond Pragya and says you want Neha to marry Tarun as Pragya wants. Pragya defends Abhi. Tanu thinks they are taking stand for each other like husband and wife.

Mitali asks Pragya to leave their family and asks her not to interfere. Abhi says she is still part of our family, even today her relatives are here. Mitali asks whom? Dadi says we are her relatives. Dasi says you might have broken relation with her, but not we. Tai ji says yes. Dasi says my relation will never end with her. Purab says Abhi is my brother and Pragya is my di. Tanu asks them not to regard Pragya as a family member. Abhi asks her to go. He tells Mitali that he comes to know about love when it went far from her. Mitali says don’t know why you have made it an issue and asks him not to trouble her life. Abhi says I tried to make you explain, but my decision is final. Pragya tells Mitali that Abhi is right. Mitali scolds Pragya. Abhi asks her not to tell anything against Pragya. Mitali says you all have brainwashed my daughter. She says Neha wanted to marry, so she has to choose between Tarun and me.

Disha tells Purab that they will be tied with the ghatbandhan and will not be separated. Tanu tells Aaliya what she heard. Mitali says we have to stop this marriage from happening, if we don’t want Abhi and Pragya to unite.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So now we are reminded why Mithali always helped the criminals Tuna fish and amazon Aliyah. She, too, only feels like a person if she has control over other people so that she can happily destroy the lives of others and watch them suffer. That is a part of the feudal life that most elites are working towards either creating or strengthening. But who are the real criminals here?
    Wouldn’t that be the Mehra family? The Mehra family has allowed the criminals to stay alive all these years regardless of what these three may do. So this is what the home of rich kid brats, looks like. The rich kid brats are dumb, well-dressed and obsessed with being important, at least in their own little heads. Even though they are not capable adults and without ‘their’ money would have been shelved/jailed as useless humans. We must wonder if Miss Ekta is simply writing/creating about her own family and family life. After all, we create according to the limitations of our life experience. Will the #metoo movement brush against Miss Ekta’s family? So who are the real ‘useless eaters’ in the world? The viewers? Or the power-hungry Mehra family and their creator Miss Ekta/family/friends? I am reminded of those Bihari mothers who after their sons molested a bunch of schoolgirls, instead of punishing the sons these lovely mothers joined their sons to go back and try to hurt the girls again.
    That quality of thinking is what makes KKB, what it is. And Miss Ekta claims she’s modernizing India. Would you want to live in a world designed by a Miss Ekta?


  2. What else do you expect from a shitty serial… Comments have also stopped. Which means that the viewers are not even wasting their time in reading the written updates… KKB has slipped to the 8th spot in ranking by thr BARC, so you can imagine how low the show has slipped in all, including morals..

    1. You are right alka


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