Shivika love part 1

Shivika love part 1

Heyyy everyone this is Sairan​ this side once again hope you all are doing fine so I am here with another short ff on the current track of ishqbaaz

My story starts as follows :

It starts after all romantic moments between Anika and shivay…When Anika thinks to check on Sahil and goes towards the pool area and listens to the convo of omru about shivay not able to accept Anika as his life partner and as a mother of his children..

She feels as if someone has taken her heart out and is on the verge on crying but controls herself and goes to Sahil..

Sahil is sitting there alone crying and Anika goes to him as sits..
She ruffles his hair and he hugs her crying more ND more..

Shivay who came to know that sahil is back goes to meet him but when finds both sister and brother together decides not to disturb and just stands out smiling seeing their bond..

A Sahil what happened..why are you crying so much

S you are fine na Didi..Nothing happened to you right..I was so scared you know na..

A sahil bas bas..See Didi is here, in front you, bilkul fit.

S but had anything happened to you..then what would I’ve done..

A hugs him tightly and says shhh Sahil aise bilkul nahi are my family..agar tu aise bolega to kaise chlega..I will never leave you..We will stay together..understood..

Shivay is pained too see how Sahil got scared and promises himself to protect both of them forever.

S ha Didi..Or omru or Soumya ke Sath bhi rhenge or Billu ki ke bhi..Hmesha or Khoob maaze krenge

A Sahil see, I know you have gotten very close to omru Soumya all, but you know na we will have to go from here after some time..

S but why Didi​.

A Sahil see this is not our house..We are just staying here temporarily..Then we will go back to our house…

Shivay who was standing all alone there could not just imagine Anika leaving him and goes from there..

S but why..SSO had said that we will always stay together..

A when did I say no Sahil..whenever you feel like meeting SSO, come one will stop you.. theek Hai..

S par Didi..

A bas sahil enough. Sleep now

Anika makes him sleep and goes towards the room.

Shivay is there thinks why Anika wants to leave while Anika is pained on thought of leaving shivay..

Both in their own sad reality unaware of each other’s presence sit there thinking…

Precap shivay Anika heart to heart talk

So that’s it for now.. Please let me know what you feel about it.


  1. Arpita

    Sairan you made my dream true I really hope that somone will write about this topic.thnx and don’t make delay post next part ASAP.


    It’s was an awesome ff and nice starting πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.your ff make me very emotional. I’m waiting for shivay and anika s heart to heart conversation. I’m waiting for your next episode .update soon.

    • Sairan



      Thanks a ton dear
      Sorry once again for short update I’m busy these days but could not stop myself from writing..Please understand 😒

  3. jia

    ly enjoyed reading it, there is so much to explore in their relationship , but I’m afraid if the CVs gonna show something like this.
    Glad that somebody put out the idea.
    And one more thing, I find it short.
    I was just going to the depth of the story, and it ended right there.
    I hope you will continue soon.
    And could you
    make it lil long next time ?
    is it too much to ask for! * facepalm*
    Good work Ms writer:)

    • Sairan



      Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy godddd
      I’m so in awwww space after reading such emotional comment..Thanks a lot..Due to tym constraints will be writing short update but will write 2 in a day
      Hope that compensates

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