Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bani seeing some neighboring guys stopping her way. They throw hockey towards her. She plays hockey with them and cheats. One of the guy calls her cheater. Bani says she is not cheater. She wins and tells Munna that she has won. They tell that you have done cheating. Munna says you have…..Bani asks what did I do? Bani acts to be helpless and weak. Munna says you are a bala who can fool any guy. She says Ghajab and asks him to let her go. Munna asks where are you going with your stuff, and says I am your best friend. Bani asks him not to stop her and let her go. Munna asks when you will return. Bani says don’t know and asks him to take care. Munna’s friends ask until he will lose, and asks him to confess love. Munna says he will tell when the right time comes.

Samar is in the car and listens to his show on radio. The girls see him and gets down the car. They ask who are you? The man says I am his driver. Samar drives the car and comes to Pandey Nivas. Everyone wait for him. Vasu asks Tina to cut the cake without Samar. Tina refuses. Samar says I have come. They see him in driver’s clothes. Tina runs to him and hugs him. Samar is uncomfortable though. His mum asks if his fans were after him and that’s why he came in driver’s uniform. He asks Tina to smile and takes Thapki’s blessings. Thapki asks him to touch elders’ blessings first. Samar says whatever he is today is because of her. Thapki tells that Samar is talented. Tina cuts the cake and makes Samar have it.

Thapki tells that their Jodi is beautiful and misses Bihaan and Bani. She wishes best for them. Vasu asks Samar’s mum if she remembers her condition and asks her to sign on the papers. Samar’s mum says we are doing this for children’s happiness.. She signs on the papers. Vasu asks her to keep one copy. Thapki tells Vasu, you are not doing right. Vasu says it might not be right for you, but it is right for me, says she is doing this for Tina’s happiness. Thapki tells that Samar will not agree. Vasu says if Samar loves Tina then he will agree for sure. Thapki thinks this is not right.

Later Thapki visits the temple and pray to Goddess. She asks Pandit ji to keep the Prasad near God’s feet and tells about her mannat. Pandit ji blesses Tina. Thapki asks Goddess to make her meet Bani and says she is away from me since 15 years. She comes out of temple and see a girl walking on the road with her face covered with dupatta. She sees truck coming towards her, and saves her. She moves the cloth from her face and sees her lookalike. She calls her Bani and gets emotional. Bani is surprised to see her as well.

Thapki asks are you fine? Did you remember me? Thapki hugs her. Bani is shocked and emotional. She wipes her tears. The people gather there and says she is your lookalike. Thapki tells that she is her daughter Bani. She recalls their happy moments. Bani recalls what Shraddha had said in Thapki’s mask. Thapki hugs her and says God gave my Bani back. She says she had spent 15 years in hope and asks how can you leave me. She says she searched her everywhere and today made her come infront of her. She asks why did you punish me and says my life was stopped since you and Bihaan left. She talks emotionally. Bani is unaffected though. Thapki says your Papa will also return like you. Bani recalls falling down in the cliff after being shot thrice by Amma Maayi.

Thapki asks Bani to come home and says everyone will be happy seeing you. She hugs her. Bani thinks her tears and emotions are fake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Happy 18th april to all..

  2. Yasmin Kayani

    Credit to the show for being able to recycle the same characters again and again.Really didn’t want to watch Kausi again.

  3. Friends do you miss THAHAAN ??? Missing them a lot.

    1. KUDRAT

      Yes YES…
      V want THAHAAN Thahaan thahaan thahaan nd
      THAHAAN only..

      Anyway how r u..???

  4. Hai KUDRAT…!
    What is the importance of 18th April?

    1. KUDRAT

      Hello suhaa didi,
      Can I call u suha Actually one of my telly update page didi name SUHANA so that’s why I call u only suhaa..

      So didi how r u…???
      or 18th april nothing special but something.di do u know hindi..

      1. I’m fine. I don’t know hindi.
        Thanks for your reply.

      2. Hai.
        I don’t know hindi. And thanks for the reply. What is the meaning of the “didi” ?

      3. Hi suhanya didi or di means elder sister?

      4. Hi suhanya didi or di means elder sister ?

      5. Hai KUDRAT…!
        Thanks for your love.
        How to call younger sister in Hindi?
        And I don’t know your age. So Could you tell me??? please………………………

  5. I hope sw won’t make a tragic story for Thapki like they did to Bihan..
    It was remind me of Icha in Uttaran.., what a horrible story..

    Just make Bani finds out the truth as soon as posible..
    I don’t want to see Bani hates her mother too long… So sad…
    Please…, creat a lovely story.. ? ? ?

  6. We want Manish back!

  7. Fine, kudrat but very sad that we have got a tragic end of our beloved couple. Hope mani will return very soon.

  8. THAHAAN FOREVER. Can’t forgate them. My best ever couple.

  9. I am so disappointed and sad that Manish has left. Thapki Pyaar Ki will never be the same without him!!! The show is going down hill the storyline lines revolve around revenge. There is never a happy ending even for a little while! The storylines are so far fetched and lack orginaity!! It’s such a shame! As I was a big fan of the drama since it started!!!!

  10. I am worried that bani hate thapki because of shraddara also kosi is back oop! I am confused that kosi hate thapki and Bihaan but bani look like thapki. Sad thapki look after bani for 7 years. Bani left mummy then spend time with kosi more 15 years. kosi can kill anyone again. I never forget what kosi make bomb.

  11. This track is similar to uttaran…… Strting icha ws innocent and meethi s mischievous girl….. Here thapki s innocent and bani is mischievous……

  12. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    so long not watch…

  13. Vinolin.d

    hai dear saranya…yes you are right. its like uttaran. hahahaha….they are copying some concepts from previous old series.

  14. Vinolin.d

    samething meethi will take revenge on ichcha in uttaran.

  15. Love thapki bani.. I want to see bani’s life ..i hope manish can be couple again with bani

  16. Just caught up with the show, they’ve channeled a bit of Bihaan into Munna with the whole “What do they say in English”, and they’ve tried to copy Bihaans style I didn’t mind it but there’s only one Bihaan and Manish kills that role so nothing as far as I’m concerned comes close. Munna loves bani but haven’t said anything, looks like Tina is more into Samar then he is into her so hope the writers now don’t create feelings between Samar and Bani and rehash old storylines which weren’t very good the first time round. Like someone above mentioned hope they don’t drag out the bani hating Thapki story and the truth is revealed soon to bani. As much as i love Manish unless he comes back as Bihaan I can’t see him opposite any of his onscreen daughters

  17. Hai Renu……………..!!!
    Thanks for the meaning.

    1. Hi suhanya. Anytime dear ?
      U r welcome to ask any qord or phrase in hindi.
      Would love to tell?
      May i know from which country r u as u dont aeem to be feom INDIA .

      1. Good evening Renu.!???
        I’m a Sri Lankan.
        If we want to chat, the country is not important. ” I think “???

      2. Yes dear country cast n religion is iirrelevant.
        Had generally asked. ?
        Looking forward to hear from u.

  18. Oops so many typos?

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