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Shani 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Door opens. Sanghya notices Shani entering just then holding Yam in his arms. Devi Sanghya’s eyes widen in shock. Everyone else (Devta’s) comes in as well. Devi Sanghya walks up to Yam and caresses his face. She shouts his name in shock. Chhaya hears her and runs in that direction. She cries seeing Yam. Yami and Devi Vishwakarma hold Sanghya. Yami asks her mother why her brother isn’t waking up. What happened to him? Daasi’s take Sanghya inside. Surya Dev enters and notices the quiet around. What happened, Dev Vishwakarma? Everyone moves aside as he walks in. Why are both Asuras and Dev gathered here? Dev Vishwakarma tries to say something but Surya Dev asks him t reply to his question. Everyone keeps quiet. He looks at Shani and gets angry. Gods part aside. Surya Dev notices his son lying lifeless

before him on the floor and is stunned. Tears fall from his eyes as he looks at Yam. Who did this? Who is responsible for my Yam’s death? I want my answer or entire world will have to bear the brunt of my anger. Gods get tensed. Surya Dev again demands to know who killed his son. Indra Dev blames Asuras. Surya Dev wipes his tears. Indra Dev adds that Yam was protecting Manu and Satrupa when Asuras killed our son Yam. Surya Dev announces that he will kill every Asura. No one who is responsible for my death will survive!

Shani says Asuras are not responsible for Yam’s death. Surya Dev asks him who is responsible then. Shani accepts before Surya Dev that he is responsible for Yam’s death. Chhaya is shocked. Shani says it is true that my weapon dint attack Yam but there is a much bigger truth. Yam died as a consequence to my choice. I had an option to save either the creation made by Tridev or Yam. This time my choice turned out to be wrong. I couldn’t protect Yam. I couldn’t fulfil the promise that I gave to my mother. I couldn’t do my duty as a younger brother. Chhaya cries feeling helpless. Shani adds that if he is incapable of saving his brother then he accepts that he is useless. I am at fault. It is a brother’s duty to protect his sister but I don’t know if I will be able to do so or not. I couldn’t save my brother. What will you (Yami) expect from me? Till today, I always lectured you (Indra Dev) to come on the right path but I realised today that I myself don’t know which path is right. How will the one who is not aware of his own path bring others on the right path? I am equally at fault as I couldn’t protect a Dev-putra. I realise today that I have failed everyone including Tridev. Today I have realised that I don’t deserve trust, respect or love. I only deserve to be looked down or punished. If mother and you don’t punish me then I will punish myself. Reduce my burden. Punish me. Burn me! Everyone is shocked. Chhaya cries. Don’t say that son. You tried a lot. You are not at fault. Surya Dev tells Shani he will surely be punished. It is a different thing that you accepted your punishment. Get ready. You will be given death penalty for your mistake. Dev Vishwakarma tells him it isn’t right but Surya Dev says I have decided what’s right and wrong. No one will come in between my decision today. He gets his weapon and creates a ball of fire. Everyone steps back. Chhaya watches him do so in shock. Shani stands rooted to his place.

Chhaya steps in between. She requests Surya Dev not to do so. I have lost a son. I don’t want to lose another. He asks her to step aside. Chhaya asks Shani to go away and pushes him. Shani refuses. I really deserve to be punished. Surya Dev asks Sanghya to move aside. Shani steps in front of his mother but Chhaya comes forward when Surya Dev aims his energies at Shani. She falls unconscious. Shani tries waking her up but in vain. He glares angrily at Surya Dev. I deserved to be punished and was ready to be punished. Why did you hurt my mother then? He looks at him pointedly as he gets up. Shani can bear anything but cannot bear his mother getting hurt. I will take revenge for this. I have done so much wrong and have been termed culprit. One more crime can be done. He stares at Surya Dev pointedly because of which an eclipse happens. The wound on Surya Dev’s neck shines. Surya Dev’s body becomes grey and stone-like again. Indra Dev and other Gods are shocked to see it. Surya Dev screams out in pain.

Precap: Chhaya willingly decides to kill herself for Shani’s sake.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Episode Synopsis

    Episode – 56
    03:00 PM – 03:30 PM, 24 Jan Set Alert
    Shani brings Yam’s corpse to the abode of Surya. Sanghya faints. Surya enters his abode and is shocked to see a congregation of people there. Surya spots Shani with Yam’s corpse.

    Episode – 57
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 24 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shani eclipses Surya. Mahadev intervenes. Shani doesn’t listen to Mahadev and continues the ‘grahan’. Finally, Chhaya stops Shani. Shani is grief-stricken and guilty.

    Episode – 58
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 25 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Mahadev revives Yam. Chhaya doubts whether Shani is just an ordinary person. Sanghya wakes up, thinking that Yam is dead. She decides to commit suicide.

    Episode – 59
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 26 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shukracharya tells Shani that Indra assisted Vyaktagandha in the kidnapping of his mother. Sanghya pretends to accept her mistake in front of Chhaya and exits the abode of Surya.

    Episode – 60
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 27 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    On Vishwakarma’s insistence, Chhaya lies that she was kidnapped. Sooya says that the matter will be taken to court, where he hopes that Indra will be dethroned.

    Episode – 61
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 30 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

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