Beyhadh 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya sees Panditji tensed and asks if there is anything wrong. Pandit smiles and says all 36 gunns are matching. Maya says she told when god wants to unite someone, common people cannot understand, looking at Vandana. Jahnvi gives money to panditji and sends him. Vandana says she will leave. Jahnvi insists to accept shagun. Vandana hesitantly agrees. Arjun says she will drop her till door and walks along.

Saanjh looks at stranger’s e-mail warning about Maya and tries to find out its source. She thihnks she should find out Maya’s past from her school. Aryan gets romantic with Maya. Maya says they should go for lunch. Arjun realizes he had promised Saanjh to have lunch with her and calls Saanjh…Saanjh tries to speak, but Arjun says he and Maya cannot reach on time, so lunch plan should be postponed. He tells her that his and Maya’s 36 gunns matched. He forgets to disconnect ccall and continues his romance with Maya. Maya says Mauritius pandit wrongly predicted her and today’s pandit was right. Arjun says he bribed pandit to lie and remembers how he kept 2000 rs note in kundali. Saanjh hears all their conversation and thinks again to know Maya’s truth. She calls school as credit card executive. Principal says they cannot disclose student’s confidential matter to anyone and disconnects call. She tries to search about Maya’s past on net, but does not find it. She thinks how to find out Maya’s past and saved Arjun, if Maya is really past.

Ashwin prepares lunch and says he prepared especially for Maya. Maya asks him to taste himself first as good cooks taste food first and then serve others. She forces him to eat each dish. Ashwin tells Jahnvi that Maya still does not consider her as father, though he considers her as daughter. Maya shouts that he is not her father, he lost right long ago and says when he is praying her to die, he should not act. Ashwin leaves acting. Jahnvi walks behind him scolding Maya.

Next day in office, Maya’s assistant Riya describes about legal issues to Saanjh, but Saanjh is busy thinking about finding Maya’s truth. Riya says what happened to her, if Maya sees her like this, she will restricate her. Peon comments Maya will not as Saanjh is Arjun’s best friend. He reminds how Maya kicked out receptionist and watchman for simple mistake. Saanjh asks if he takes money for advice and gives it free. Peon leaves.

Maya gets busy making arrangements for marriage. Arjun gets romantic and says these are formalities, they are united already, though he loves less than her as her love is extreme. Maya throws alcohol on floor and burns floor and asks Arjun to marry here righ now and take 7 wows. Saanjh watches from her cabin.

Precap: Maya panics seeing Jahnvi missing and tells Arjun that mom is missing and Ashwin must have done something. Peon says Jahnvi madam is in conference room. Jahnvi tells Saanjh that she had been to lawyer’s office and needs her 49% share in this company. Ashwin smirks from behind.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. NandhanaN

    Uffff !!! Give us a break ..Saanjh n her eavesdropping .. I loved the way how Arjun din say the truth to Saanjh and falsely boasting about the kundli matching and how he din run away as usual ..?
    When people think Maya is abnormal,Arjun sees it as shrewdness and when ppl would say she is obsessed, he thinks it’s extreme love . Anybody would mistake the over night waiting in the terrace to be psychic , where as he sees it as pyaar.It takes a clean heart to love without judgements Duffer yea , perfect duffer ?

    And Maya pls stop distracting me??? all I could see is you .. Arjun and other things just blurred ..our hotness ki devi ❤

    1. Saanjh always comes in between spoiling Arya moments. I wish she turns negative

      1. NandhanaN

        I wish she turns negative n makes plans sitting at home or somewhere else ..just can’t bear her interrupting in all scene ..even via phone in this episode ????

      2. Yes AmCee..saanjh is kebab haddi..every time she is coming between ArYa scenes..she is disturbing our enjoyment.

    2. Ya really nandhana..Arjun is cute perfect duffer…you know I thought Maya taken promises around fire with fear of insecure but its wrong,its turned reverse..actually Arjun want to marry Maya soon so Maya burned floor and taking promise,maya did this for Arjun wish.both are in love beyhadhly.awesome.?

      1. Right ks, Arjun’s love is also beyhadh. He is doing everything for Maya like even bribing the priest. Hope this serial does not go the way of SaaS bahu serials like kundali matching. I want ArYa happy ending.

      2. NandhanaN

        Awww ..actually these were the thoughts in my mind and sum ppl are saying she is paagal to do this ..One wish or one word from Arjun she is into it ..have u seen recent pics ?? Maya n Arjun in blue for Mehandi

      3. NandhanaN

        Why Jahnvi is not aware of anything ??? She doesn’t seem to be worried about Maya’s kundli, not worried about her past,not remembering Ashwin’s torture .. seriously ??? Maya and Ashwin are hating each other so much and Jahnvi doesn’t even think about Maya …Y was she tied up..??? So much questions and no answers

      4. Yes nandhana..i saw sangeet Arjun Maya pics in blue attair.both looks awesome ? ArYa?

    3. Ashwin is to be blamed for Maya condition.. the way he tortured her as a kid and wants to kill her so he can get the property… But beyhad is popular coz of Maya

      1. NandhanaN

        He has tortured Maya all her life and still black mailing .His hatred doesn’t seem to end .But the knot is that it’s just not for property and there is a hidden secret beyond it ☺☺☺ Safna blame both Ashwin n Jahnvi ..When Arjun can help Maya have Ashwin in just weeks time , Jahnvi could have easily helped Maya to come out of her trauma .But all Jahnvi did was to beyhadhly love Ashwin n breaking Maya’s trust

  2. Shalini Senthil

    ???this behyaadh contains many mysteries really very confusing ….who is actually good who is bad ….very confusing but love to see arya jodi and romances so watching this serial

    1. Suspect drama Na..its hard to find bad..&.you know today saanjh had a doubt while thinking is Maya is pagal..?but honestly our Maya every time giving hint to Arjun like today too..Maya said im pagal but Arjun is not realizing what she means..even she accepted before shanti spot mey…any way ArYa haldi& sangeet pics waiting to see this episode’s.

      1. Maya is pagal in only her love for Arjun. Otherwise she is a normal girl with a strong personality. No pagal would set up Fashion & The City. She is passionate not pagal. All this is Ashwin’s doing who tells that she is pagal. She has every reason to doubt him every time. And that dumb Jhanvi is of no use.

      2. NandhanaN

        Ks. .I seriously think dat her emotions are extreme and she is a perfectionista in front of the whole world .. Paagal in pyaar ??

  3. i dont understand how stupid can jhanvi be. interesting epi as usual.

  4. What the hell… this jhanvi has some brain or not….mad women….is she cnt see ashwins truth….now i understood why maya is like this….father is criminal and mother is stupid and dumb….dnt know what will happen in upcoming episodes…but im liking tHe way sanjhs chatecter is shaping up…slowly sanjh is getting better day by day….i hope before ashwin that jhanvi should die..

    1. Esther

      yea agree,,,,,,N Shahabana di…do u remember me ,,,we used to talk before in IB page….my user name was Roz

      1. Helloo Esther….ohhh u are same roz who used to comment on ishqbaaz….oh why u are not commenting in ishqbaaz page now….missing u buddy…and u know ishqbaaz sequel also coming….im damn exited for ishqbaaz…bcz now it will come for one hour

      2. Esther

        yea di….glad u remember me 😀 I heard that….actly I took a break from serials for few months and now started again recently…soon will start commenting there regularly….I think most of the old members of IB are commenting there regularly……

  5. Saaaanj keep rocking, u r so coooool. It is good 2 see that u r very caring 2wards Arjun after his rejection

    1. I agree. But Saanjh should move on.. Arjun doesn’t deserve Saanjh.. How sweet Saanjh she tries to save him. But leaving him alone with that psyche Maya is the right one to do.

  6. Story Is Revealing Its Introduction And Too Many Vilain Are Increasing. Any Way Thanks For Update.

  7. maya is perfect in her character.from the beggining she is handling a criminal and a blind fool & now a updated friendly vilain , jo peche che war karege.

    1. NandhanaN

      Best comment ☺

    2. Agreed.

  8. Superb episode…Arjun very cute loving my Maya more.&oh ashwin we can’t save you are instigating my Maya with ur double mind game with use of pagal jhanvi,because of you both Maya still facing problems.what a parents yaar.father loves money and mother is pagal for evil husband love.&love ArYa&love u Maya ? waiting for next episode

    1. NandhanaN

      Actually Arjun is equally obsessed over our Maya ?? and if at al someone wants to kill Ashwin let them kill Saanjh.. eavesdropping , investigating stupidly card n investigation in school ??? rofl max ..

      1. Ya right yaar..????

      2. Ikr!! Even Arjun is beyhadhly obsessed with Maya baby❤️ Finally someone who deserves her love otherwise our poor Maya had those miserable parents of hers! Waiting for their marriage!!

  9. Saanjh so cute… Nauc is best serial for u..

  10. I want arjun to kill maya that’s the end of the story. Exterme love and exterme death

  11. Maya did a mistake by giving saanjh a job in her office..that idiot is wasting her time by eavesdropping on arya! It makes me wonder how her previous boss tolerated her she’s such a disaster she refuses to work in the office!! Saanjhdeservesarjun this is why I don’t like saanjh cause she’s a two faced liar earlier she said she will leave Arjun and Maya alone and won’t interfere in their love but now she’s doing the exact opposite and all saanjh lovers wonder why we hate her! What part of just friends is too hard for saanjh to understand?! Please remove her from the show..aneri is such a great actress she’s wasting her talent here saanjh ko nikal do iss show se headache ho raha hai

    1. Haha you are absolutely wrong , Maya offered the job to Saanjh so that she can keep an eye on Saanjh and Arjun so they don’t get close , Saanjh acting is superb just happens to be she is there when Maya talks to Arjun something secret ,

      And if Saanjh won’t be there to eavesdrop, then how will the secret be revealed

      This is just a drama ,why so much hate for Saanjh

      1. Esther

        yea….that’s true….N Saanjh has a reason to do all these….Arjun is her friend,why will she sit quiet after getting such an email……ppl shows tooooooooo much hatred for Saanjh’s character and that’s not needed……she is here for a reason,,,

      2. NandhanaN

        Lol .. she is eavesdropping all the time and investing when ArYa are away ..Sitting in Maya’s office calling the School and claiming herself a credit card person to investigate about a person who would ve completed school 7-10 years ago .In this case ..she will investigate all her life .

      3. Angelk1

        I agre woth esther an SA. Saanj isnt trying to get between arya please, if she did she would have intereupted their romance in the office. Which should not even happen because relation at work is strictly forbided especially with a co-worker.

        Besides its a drama show, when had arjun actually done anywork after getting with maya. So people shouldnt point fingers. Anyway, arjun ruin arya scene by calling saanj, because of maya he cancelled their lunch thats why Arjun is not a good friend, he doesnt keep his promise like he claim an because of maya his doing bad things bribing a pandit. Its just the beginning too.

        Second, Arjun forgot to end the call, how is it saanj fault she heard them. It said she was in her cabbin when she saw them romancing thats not getting in between.

        People should stop pointing fingures on everything she does. Arjun on the other hand, is getting himself in serious trouble without knowing who he’s marrying. He only knows the small white lie she tells.

        But he will learn. I will be sitting waiting when he sees her craziness. By then i hope saanj leaves him to his destruction.

      4. SA in episode they did not showed like Maya kept eye on saanjh…but you are saying ur own story.enjoy real episode saanjh every time behind Maya to keep eye on her.but Maya is busy with her marriage celebration and spending time with Arjun.

    2. Saanjh is given too much importance. Beyhadh is Maya’s show all the way. Maya and Arjun are the perfect pair. The makers of the show do take public opinion in view while writing future scripts and so will go for ArYa happy ending.

      1. Shalini Senthil

        ???? u r right amcee

      2. Esther

        story is already fixed

      3. Angelk1

        Just because the show is about maya obsessing, that doesnt mean the other characters are not important. Their just as important because maya affected them all. The show is mainly about maya then follow by arjun an Saanj nothing will change that.

    3. NandhanaN

      Claps ☺

  12. hate saanjh and aneri like hell. yuk dont feel like watching beyhadh because of her.

    1. Lol so don’t watch and don’t comment, why waste your time ?

    2. Shalini Senthil

      U r right loveujenny saanjh should move on she is becoming kabeeb mei haadi as ks said ….need more arya romantic scences

    3. NandhanaN

      Beyhadh needs some extra characters ? and v have no other way dan tolerating the eaves dropping Saanjh and her stupid way of investigation. Watching ArYa is worth bearing Saanjh

    4. Good one sA

    5. this is wrong LOVEUJENNY,i know saanjh is somehow irritating character but it is really not fair to hate aneri and say bad words about her just because of the saanjh character.

  13. Esther

    Ohh God…..Jhanvi really is dumb,,,,,,I think she is the psycho in this story…..Is she mad….stupid woman

  14. Esther

    Can’t understand why all are showing soo much hatred towards Saanjh’s character….I too love Maya-Arjun….well I kept on shifting b/w Arjun-Saanjh and Arya….but afterall those romantic scenes I want Arya….***love Arya ***and I like Saanjh too………actually Jhanvi was the one who acted disgusting today by supporting Ashwin,but all hate cmnts for Saanjh!!!

    1. NandhanaN

      Haha Esther ppl are so much used to scolding Saanjh ..and Jahnvi is not even treated important ..She is unfit to be a mother .What’s there to talk about her or even scold her ..She is abnormal and she is the root cause for Maya’s traumatic past.

      Saanjh gets hate comments cos she is in her dream world imagining dat Arjun would leave Maya when her truth is out or possibly love her ..
      What Saanjh realises about Maya , Arjun hears it too.. but understands in the right sense

      1. Esther

        Actually I was expecting comments against Jhanvi so that I can join them and bash her ? bt all I got to see was comments against Saanjh? so I was really surprised

        N yea…maybe her inner self still wants Arjun as her partner….coz it’s actually tough to move on? and the stranger gave her hope? by sending that mail …bt I think she’ll do the same for him even if he was just her bestie….bt I don’t think that her character deserves sooooooo much hatred ?

        Anyways why u r not changing ur
        DP….and btw hwz mine???

      2. Esther

        Cute naa???

      3. we just irritated to see saanjh interruption between ArYa scenes nothing else..ya saanjh character is using for twist in Arjun maya love life.lets see.and jhanvi is pagal..i love jhanvi and Maya bond.but ashwin vajase she is getting angry on Maya.don’t know what will happen next..i hope cvs will not spoil this mom daughter love’s heart touching whenever jhanvi consoles maya,whenever Maya run to her mom with beyhadh love.

      4. Yes nandhana.. sometimes I too felt she unfit for mother..she turns blind in ashwin love..but she is caring My Maya..maya had only her mother.i don’t want her mother too go away from her.when arjun all knows maya past truth..only jhanvi will give support&love to Maya.

    2. NandhanaN

      Hahaha wanted to keep ArYa ‘s wedding pic as dp. .I have kept one for u .. btw, ur dp is the cutest Esther 🙂 JW has the cutest smile ❤

      Actually from the beginning Jahnvi ‘s character has no clarity .She is trusting Ashwin who once tried to kill her feeding sweets. He pushed her off the bridge ..Who will cover the face of a person who commits suicide ??? I suspect if she has brain or not ..she is not aware of Maya’s kundli ..she had no reactions when Vandhana asked for it , though Maya was terrified and Ashwin had a evil smile..

      When Maya hates Ashwin 100%, shouldn’t Jahnvi hate him atleast 10%.. Not able to understand as of now ..And yes, a few weeks back ,Jahnvi’s legs and hands were tied up ..Still the reason behind it is unknown ..????

      And now the 49% percent share ..Poor Maya ?? wouldn’t be surprised even if Jahnvi kills Ashwin …she is actually insane

      1. NandhanaN

        I would love Saanjh if she is super intellingent in the way she investigates instead of sitting in the office and eaves dropping for ever . Would even love her more ☺☺ it’s tough to move on so soon but can’t she atleast stop interfering in their private moments Esther , either way we get better ArYa scenes or the detective Saanjh

        As of now our Emraan Hashmi Arjun is all about the kiss and won’t even listen to anybody to hear the biggest truth ..?????

      2. Esther

        hhaaa thanxx Nandhana 😀 😀 loved ur dp tooo :hearteyes:

      3. Esther

        LOL duffer tho Emran hashmi bangaya…that’s soo true…bt as Arjun said once….Saanjh hamesha maths test me first aathi thi… brave girl will find out Maya’s truth soon…I just wanna know that truth….eventhough Ashwin knows that,,,he never revealed that…he is of no use…atleast he can discuss about that to his 2nd wife so that we’ll get chance to hear…bt naaa

    3. Angelk1

      Esther theirs no other explanation than. To describe the hate. They think saanj is getting in the way of arya. Even when saanj is five blocks away or in another scene far away from arya they still continue the hate. It wont change. Arya is a couple right now but they wont last , they should enjoy what they have now.

      Saanj should leave arjun an let him act stupid like always. I want her far away from arjun an think about herself for a change instead of worrying to much for him. Shes a good human being she needs to get away from all the negative energy.

      But anyway, saanj didnt ruin any arya scenes today arjun did.

      1. Esther

        hehe that five block thing is true…Saanjh almost forgot that she too have a life to live…

    4. NandhanaN

      Ks. .if Jahnvi was a responsible mother who realised Maya’s beyhadh pyaar ready to sacrifice her life twice ..she would never ever go to Ashwin .Let’s accept dat Jahnvi’s beyhadh pyaar is for Ashwin , y can’t she balance between Maya and Ashwin ..Poor girl .all her life yearning for love ??

      Can’t see ArYa separated ?? hope Arjun stays after knowing her truth ..I want the last episode to be Maya ‘s family with happiness

    5. U are right esther its jhanvi who is irritating….i just hate jhanvi and ashwin….they dnt care about their daughter….for ashwin money is everything and jhanvi such a dumb charecter….and i love sanjh too….she will get better day by day….its not thats easy to get out from her feelings… future we can see how sanjh is fighting in court….sanjh is becoming simple girl to strong one….its not im saying simply about sanjh…its aneri herself said all that….

      1. Esther

        yea….Jhanvi is unbelievable…..what she did today,,,uff,,,,she is mad,,,,,,n yea it will take time for Saanjh to move on,,,,hope she’ll get more stronger day by day

  15. This Saanjh is so disgusting. Skeletal girl..

  16. Esther people dont change so its of no use explain

    1. Esther

      hatred comments for Aneri too !!! like ‘LOVEYOUJENNY’scomment

    1. Shalini Senthil

      Thanks nandhanaN for updating january best jodi of the month ….i voted for maya and arjun ….fan of arya vote maya and arjun to make them best pair of janurary….???and support arya vote soon guys

      1. NandhanaN

        Hahhaaaa ☺ keep updated Shalini ..Enjoy the mehandi off screen masti of Jenny and Kushal on you tube..

        Saanjh fans enjoy the promo .. Detective mode ON
        Promo :

      2. Hey nandhana..did u see sbs sangeet segment..Arjun is the one who killed ashwin..?he said segment mey in flow of talk.(don’t know why he revealed twist).jhanvi stopping shhh !not reveal twists..arjun stopped..

    2. I felt it’s fake..ishita and Raman every time won best pair awards..they have only few votes.and They showed sayyam krishna more votes than raghav and naina..jabki suhani serial zyada log dekhte hi nehi.

      1. NandhanaN

        They can fake the votes but the YouTube Views says it all ..Million views for every episode and trending in you tube dear ..
        But still the TRP rate is low as ppl watch online …Sad ????

      2. Yes dear all are watching beyhadh serial in online.beyhadh serial always in top 10 serial in online.

      3. Esther

        KS we can do multiple voting….we can vote more than once for a couple and eventhough SSEL is showing stupid story line ,Krishna-Sayyam have fans

      4. Esther

        and dnt worry Nandhana,,,….I think Sony TV is a channel which is least bothered about trp’s….

    3. Voted for ArYa

  17. worst parents award goes to “ashwin and jhanvi”like seriously ese maa baap hon to phir maya cannot be blamed for the way she is.

  18. Are you guys saw new promo…Saanjh came to say arjun about maya truth but maya came there and take that paper of raaz….and saanjh will find a tablet in mayas bag ,she went to doctor asked about tablet…doctor said this level patient tries to kill theirselve when they gets angry….and jhanvi thrown ashwin out of the house…and will call high security….and arjun will again beat ashwin before mehandi.

    1. Oh wrong type..”Maya using that tablet for to control her anger”.and I saw one pic ashwin holds gun to kill someone….superb twists im excited to see upcoming track..

    2. NandhanaN

      Hey Ks. .read the updates .. this is soo much interesting . As per the interviews,Saanjh is not in the celebs Arjun didn’t believe her .. Ashwin pointing the Gun. .???? someone pls kill me ..

      1. NandhanaN

        Lol**** some one kill him..

    3. Esther

      wow !!! Jhanvi got her senses back,,,,thank God….and Arjun killed Ashwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. NandhanaN

        How do u say Arjun killed Ashwin ? ?

      2. Yes Esther..jhanvi got her sense back…im happy for this..but arjun killed ashwin is not true maybe..he said maybe fun way..i just asked nandhana about this is it true or not what Arjun said.not to fix about Arjun until air on episode.chill

      3. Esther

        KS said so…in her above comment

      4. Esther

        Isn’t that what she meant!!?

      5. Esther

        Ohhhh okkieee 😀 …I was shocked

  19. saanjh has got such an irritating face,

  20. Angelk1

    I read that the murder case will remind maya of the murder case in her childhood. An maya is suffering from depression thats why she cut herself. But the question is why is she suffering from depression? Who was murdered in her past, did she kill someone an they covered it up with money. Or jhanvi killed someone an maya hide the evidence.

    Someone was killed an its probably affecting maya thats why shes still taking pills for depression. What if it was arjun mother or father that was connected to it.

    I also read saanj an arjun will get in a fight an arjun out of anger will tell her not to attend his haldi. If this is true, i hope saanj doesnt attend.

    1. Definitely not mother as she was suffering from cancer as told in one episode.
      It can also be Jhanvi’s father or someone else .
      It could also be some of the affairs of Ashwin but someone is there and moreover in upcoming episodes Ashwin will show his true colours and Maya will be shot , So what to watch for is the past and future both of Maya .
      And about past it is also possible that Maya would have told that to Arjun in her own way so that he does not understand Saanjh and by giving property he will be compelled to accept Maya as else people will say Arjun went only for money.

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