Ghulaam 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivani as a bride is seen in wrestling ground/dangal and Berahampur people are seen shouting and cheering with bullets wrestlers fighting in another ground. She wakes up afraid and reminisces shhe and Rangeela being attacked by dacoits and Rangeela warning dacoit not t touch Shivani as she is his god’s gift. She runs and villagers with gun run behind her excitedly. She falls down. Bhisma comes in front of her and asks not too worry and get up. He shows dacoits who attacked her and Rangeela being tied to a pople and says they tried to touch his family woman and will be punished now. He gives her matchbox and asks burn them. She pleads to take her to Veer ji (actually Rangeela). Bhism smiles and shows a sehra clad man/real veer as Veer. She runs and hugs him and asks where he had been, then realizes he is someone else and asks who is he. Veeer removes sehra and sings my heart is beating, keeps on repeating… Bhisma asks why is she standing away, she can hug Veer. Shivani says he is not her Veer. Bhisma says he is her Veer now. Veer burns crackers on dacoits.

Bhisma calls Rangeela and he comes holding horse. Shivani tries to run towards him, but Veer stops her and says Rangeela is his ghulam/servant and she should not even look at him. Rangeela kneels down. Veer climbs on horse stepping on Rangeela’s back and asks Shivani to climb. Shivani says she married Rangeela and cannot step on him. Veer says she married him and signals Rangeela to show papers. Rangeela shows and kneels back. Veer warns to step on horse, else he will tie her to horse and drag her till haveli. Bhisma warns to not create drama climb horse. She runs. Veer stops Rangeela and says let her run. Dog forces Shivani to run back to Veer. She cries looking at Rangeela. Rangeela brings chair and Veer forces Shivani to sit onn it. Rangeela and other servants lift chair and dance to shehnai music and reach haveli.

Servant who is fixing bride and groom’s wedding board asks Rangeela whether to fix Sibani or Shivani on board. Rangeela asks Shivani. Bhisma warns Rangeela not to request woman, they should be ordered, Shivani should be burst with crackers now. Shivani says it is Shivani. Veer warns her to mend her ways, else he will print her name in news papers tomorrow as Veer Singh’s late wife.

Veer’s mother calls Rashmi to come out. Her husband holds her hair and warns not to go out. Mother with bhabi enters and scolds Rashmi if she heard her or not. Husband warns to not get up, else he will punch her. Bhabhi asks husband if he wants his ganja/marijuana or wife, he can get wife again but not marijuana. Husband lets her go. Bhism introduces his wife, Rashmi, and bhabhi and asks to greet then and then turn. She greets and Veers turns her around. She looks at Rangeela crying.

Precap: Veer orders Rangeela to write his name on Shivani’s wrist. Rangeela writes it and sees Shivani’s tears falling on her wrist.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh my god,how can rangeela do like that? Poor shivani how can she live in hell with these monsters ?? But story seems different.Hmmm like it…..

  2. nice episode .d show iis best.

  3. Omg!!…poor girl…felt really bad for her..?..
    Looking forward for next episode…thanks for fast updates…

    1. Esther

      Hallo Saku πŸ˜€ …U used to comment before in IB page as Saku,rite…..coz I’ve seen ur name there…I used to comment there with user name ROZ…..well that was looooong back ago (When Mukta was active) and
      I remember RICHU,DHRUVV,KUSHAGRA and all commenting in IB page……bt maybe u ppl forgot me,,,,coz I stopped commenting looong back ago and started again recently with this new username

      anyways,,hallo Ghulaam family… πŸ˜€

  4. hi friends … rangeela felt shivanifeeling through tears….. some thing is happened in rangeela watch hiseyes good thingswill happened,,,,,a dot thx to MA FOR THE FAST UPDATING

  5. Interesting episode…but if this was reality it would be extremely depressing…loved rangeela’s expressions in the precap

  6. Antara

    shivani is trapped so sad will rangeela help her ? in precap rangeela notices her tears i think kuch kuch hota hai anyways waiting 4 nxt

  7. God bless shivani…..I love this show
    And very NYC episode

  8. rangeela ye tumne kya kiya..!!!!
    aesa mat karo..?? she is ur wife..
    interesting story both r my favourite.. niti param they will make a best pair..
    anxiously waiting for the time jb rangeela ko shivani se muhabbat hogi.. how will he bear it.. how will he see her suffering.. and living with someone else..
    i always love such type of stories..

  9. SidMin

    Param rocked the episode I felt he feels bad for Shivani’s condition hope things get better soon this Veer is just too much . …
    Niti was the star of the episode her emotions were just perfect …..

  10. Violence against women is always a recurring theme in theses serials! Why can’t they show positive themes. The show of power through cruelty against a defenceless girl is much wickedness on display

  11. Esther

    Oh God….Shivani is totallyy trapped….poor girl……

    1. So u r ROZ di…sorry I could not recognise u cz ur username is different……dats y…nd I think on IB page also no one knows that u r same Roz.. .u hadn’t informed us..dats y this confusion…and we remember u!!!..but by the name Roz so sorry once again di..
      But the question is…should I call u Roz
      di..or esther di???

      1. Esther

        ohhh U still remember,,,,, πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ….yea I never said that in IB page,,,,coz there are so many new member in IB page and I thought what if u ppl don’t recognize me…coz I was not commenting for 3/4 mnths and got my old account deleted and became active thru this accnt recentlt,,,,,,U know… real name is Rithu…bt U call me anything as per ur wish πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ not a prblm

  12. Sheena

    Hey guys!! I’m sheena..i’m new here..n sorry bt i haven’t watched this show yet so i hv no clue about the current track..
    I just came to know that param is a part of this show so i thought that maybe i’d come across some of my sh frndz… Nishu, karu, dhruv bro, mukti, ritz, richu, shivani, mayuri, aastha, raj, kushagra n all sh r u? N where r u all? I thought i’d find u all here..i hope that u all will soon come here..!
    N hello to all ghulam fans!! We don’t know each other yet bt hope to know u guys soon!! πŸ™‚
    Bbye..gud day everyone..!

    1. Karina

      Sheenu i m so glad to see u πŸ™‚ im here…welcome back πŸ™‚

  13. Karina

    The epi was a really intense one…with a lot of emotions…i felt it was a bit rushed with the wedding and all, but nontheless it was a good epi…

    Hello guys…hope you re having a hood day…stay safe…

  14. hi maha ishq ka rang safed … u have written comment i think so


    With each epi story is becoming more and more interesting .and param singh is just rocking in each episode

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m liking this show a lot for now
    Really felt bad for Shivani, this veer :/
    This is the first ever serial where the bride recognised the groom is wrong even before the shehra was being lifted out lol ?

    1. Esther

      haha….that’s so true….in all other serials that Sehra is enough for misunderstandings and groom swapping drama

  17. Jaya

    Hey guys! Can i join you ? Actually…i do comment on ib. I use to watch ib only.I like neeti taylor so much that’s why i have started watching gulaam also πŸ™‚ .Couldn’t stop myself commenting here. Oh god! What a show…so much torture…so much conservative and narrow minded human,not human they seem to be demΓΆn. I must say…actors are justifying each characters. Really interested for further episodes. πŸ™‚ .

  18. Jaya

    Oh…toh…rangilaa’s real name is param singh! I didn’t knew that. That’s why i didn’t included him πŸ˜€ .I saw him on channel V show’sadda haq’. I like him also.

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