Sasural Simar Ka 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAttu says where is that girl gone. Sujata says who is this? Sid says I am going to look out. simar says its sattu. He saw a woman. she ran behind the house. They hears sattu screaming. uma says he is in trouble please go and look. All the men go to look out. Aman says calendar mausi ji accepted her crime and I thought everything is okay, what is this new drama? Calendar says it might be some ghost. Aman says we have to invest again, unpack your stuff. Everyone looks for sattu but cant find him. Rajhinder says why cant he hear us? Aman says calls his phone. The follow the ringtone of sattu’s phone. Prem hears it from near, he says sattu is near. He collides with sattu who os on floor. Prem says shouts. Everyone comes there. Sattu is lying down straight.

Uma says mata

ji I am really worried. Shalu says I am going as well. Prem and all others come in holding sattu up. uma says what happened to him? sujata says why isn’t he saying anything? rajhinder says calm down he will be fine. he asks jhavi to call doctor.

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Doctor checks satty. Mata ji says what happened to him? Doctor says he is breathing but his body is not working, I think his mind is numb. We have to do some tests. Everyone is sacred. sujata says will he be fine? Doctor says I will try my best. uma is crying. Anjali comes to simar. prem says how are you up? Anjali says sanju is crying. Simar says okay let me check. Simar goes to sanju and sees her crying. simar hugs her and says what happened? She says please tell me. prem comes in as well. Prem says sanju don’t be scared. tell papa what happened. sanju is looking at the window again and again. aman comes in as well. Aman says did you see someone in window? jhanvi says what happened sanju? Sanju is sacred. aman says I am right, sanju saw what happened to sattu that is why she is scared. prem says what are you saying? Aman says she is scared and cant tell anything. roli comes in and says don’t be scared sanju. SAnju hugs simar tight when roli touches her. roli says didi handle her. she needs to be fine. Sanju sees a shadow and is scared. Simar says why are you scared? I am with you. jhanvi says you are a strong girl sanju. roli and jahvi leave.

SCene 2
Next morning everyone is worried. Mata ji says last night was too long, first sattu and then sanju. sujata says you are right. sid, roli and uma took him to hospital. I hope he is fine soon. I am too scared for him. Simar comes downstairs and says sanju is still ill she has high temperature. Prem says okay I am calling doctor don’t worry. Mata ji goes to temple and says please God make it easy for us. I still cant believe what choti said and did to us last night. Please help us. door knocks. simar says let me see. SHe is shocked when she opens the door. Its old roli. She says I am shruti varma. Everyone is dazed to see her. She says can I come in? Simar nods. She says thanks you. She says have you heard of mamta NGO? I am their member. We help poor kids, we are collecting blankets for poor and orphan kids. I am not here for money. We ask for work in every house. We use the earned money to help the kids. Why are you all watching me this way? I am not any fraud. I came here to earn. mata ji says roli? she says what? simar says nothing. tell us what can you do? She says I can do all the households. Roli says I will do what you ask me to. I vow and I never vow false. simar recalls roli saying the same.

Precap-simar says its breakfast tiem so make something for everyone. She goes to kitchen. everyone is still shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow! Avika is bk and story going interesting. Thinks Sara khan is behind all this

  2. How can we believe this first roli next jhumki and now shruthi it is very ridiculus

  3. super super love u story will be super hit….

  4. hmmm gud point zee

  5. i thnk its sara khan behind all this n sanju was afrad…ystrdy she was not present in d hall when sattu was chasing the girl..may be she had bite him(icchadhari nagin)and also she became invisible frm jail

  6. wah!!!! avika is back……

  7. she is roli only

  8. may be she have lost her memory after accident

  9. Hollly craaaaap this drama is getting awessoooomee <3 <3

  10. kajal patnaik

    all of u see when sara enter the room sanju see her and very afraid so onlu sara is behind all this

  11. kajal patnaik

    shruti verma is our roli

  12. Saurabh Sanghavi

    Vry nce turn in serial. .im loving it ..keep it SSK..

  13. Saurabh Sanghavi

    Awasom….Vry nce turn in serial. .im loving it ..keep it SSK..

  14. i think rolis had a memory loss after the acident and doesnt remenmber anyone

  15. anyways this sara khan is boring by face.. Just its watchable because of returning of roli.. Whatever may be the story. Roli is Roli nobody can replace her. Really there is a rounak in the bharadwaj house and in the serial. Because of our old roli. Missed you so much. Don’t leave again please. Roli

  16. anybody concentrated? Shruti didn’t ask whereabouts of kitchen. She just left.. So that she is the member of that house

    1. Ure right akashi………..I think roli is hypnotised to behave like sruthi just like how simar and pari were hypnotised.

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