Shastri Sisters 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sareen talking to Shastri ji about Rajat going to Dehradun. Rajat and Anu see each other and are shocked. They see the farewell cake. He says Neil got it as I m leaving. She says yees, Neil told me about your promotion. He wishes she stops him once. She wishes she tells her he loves her and stays back for her. They say something in their hearts by their wishes and say the opposite to each other, saying they both are happy with the promotion. Rajat says if we both are happy, we should celebrate, please sit. Neil and Devyaani look on. Peeya tells Shastri ji that Neil and Devyaani has taken Anu to meet Rajat. Rajat cuts the cake and asks Anu to have. She says thanks, congrats. Saajna…………..plays………….. She cries and starts leaving feeling a burst of emotions in her heart. Rajat looks at her. She says I think its your habit to leave me and go, congrats to you too, I m very hurt when you leave me. He pays the bill and leaves.

Devyaani asks Neil to go and ask Rajat. Neil says yes, I will go. He asks Rajat did Anu come. Rajat says she comes infront of me when I m getting stable, she makes me restless and leaves. Alka tells Rohan that she will not leave that man, come. Rohan says stop, where are you going. She says its this room, come. He says wait here, I will go. She says no, take this with you. She gives the red chilli powder. He smiles. He goes inside. She calls for him, and goes inside. She sees its dark and he switches on the lights. She turns and Rohan smiles. He says welcome Alka. She says see this man is so shameful, he has called me here and decorated room like suhaagraat, I will call police. He says first see this well, call police later. She says its beautiful but….

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He locks the door and messages her. She reads he did this for her. She says Rohan…. He shows the phone and says I m your well wisher, who knows your husband’s all secrets. She asks did you do all this and looks on smiling. Rohan and Alka get closer. He kisses her. Tu bichdan…………….plays…………………She hugs him. Rajat gets sad and lies on the bed. Anu stays cries in her room. Anu feels Rajat called her and goes on terrace to see. She looks for him, and does not see him. She cries and sees his name in her mobile. Rajat sees the mangalsutra and sees his transfer letter. Rohan and Alka consummate their marriage.

Rajat jogs in wee hours and comes home, and looks at the balcony. Its morning. Anu is sad. Devyaani comes to her. Devyaani asks her to stop Rajat, as he has bear a lot till now. They see Rajat leaving. Devyaani says its still time, please stop him. Rajat hugs Neil. Rajat asks him to take care. He talks to Sareen and Minty. They cry and ask him to stop. Rajat says let me go, all problem will end. Rajat starts leaving, and Anu looks on. He looks at her, and Saajna……………plays……………. Devyaani asks Anu if she can’t stop Rajat today, then you don’t have any right to stop me. Rajat sits in the car and leaves. Anu cries.

Rajat stops seeing Anu hit by his car. He says I did not wish to hurt you, please don’t leave me, I m sorry. Saajna………..plays………………….

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  1. I eagerly waiting for tmrw epi.

  2. I have got good news I saw behind the scene rajat and anu will be together

  3. EXCELLENT episode just love anuraj

  4. I think finally sorry to anu

  5. Good.iwill love this move more than meri aachiqui tum seh


    1. really… do u know that it wasn’t anu and the whole scene is a imagination

    2. Because it was on youtube behind scenes how they kept inaging each other..

  7. Can someone please explaine me what exactly happened in the promo????

  8. AW WWW some precap…I. M waiting for this episode:):):):):)

  9. If its his imagination then I hate this promo…fazool

  10. the precap was a imagination please tell me

    1. oh god i love this thing itna acha news kya ho sakta hai????????????????????

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