Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi helping Raman in changing the tyre. Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla see this and smile. Bala offers help. Adi says its fine, we have managed it. Simmi says they look so good. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Adi has become our child now. Simmi says yes, he is ours, he will always be with us. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, come, we will have hot pakodas. Simmi gets teary eyed. Ishita talks to Vandu. Mihika and her friends are at same place. They see Suraj there arguing with the watchman, asking him to park the car, when he says he can’t. He holds Suraj. Suraj says how dare you touch me, and goes to slap. Mihika holds his hand and scolds him. he says I m not your husband to bear this. Ishita comes and says you can’t talk to Mihika like this.

Suraj says so you are also here, I feel bad for you as your Sautan is with you, she might be sharing bedroom too. Ishita says how dare you…. Mihika sides with Suraj and says he is saying right. Mihika also passes taunts and asks did she not think before scolding Suraj, he is my Devar, my husband’s brother, its out matter, you always interfere. Ishita scolds Mihika and says he has interest on our house matters, which you and Ashok did, you ruined Shagun’s life, and I m minding your business, and cleaning your life. Mihika asks Suraj to leave for his meeting, as Ishita talks lots and has no work like him. Suraj smiles and leaves. Ishita says lets go Akka, and leaves.

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Mihika cries and Vandu asks why is she crying. Mihika says I have no choice, I had to do this. She says I don’t want Ishu talks to Suraj and Ashok, she should not do anything for me, I want her to hate me. Vandu thinks don’t know when will this misunderstanding get cleared. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi what happened to you. Simmi wipes her tears. Mrs. Bhalla says I m your mum, and can sense your loneliness, what will happen of you. Simmi says once I get divorce, everything will be fine. Mrs. Bhalla says what. She says I can’t be on hope, Parmeet can’t change. Raman hears them and says yes, Parmeet ruined her life, we will start divorce process, he has ruined everything, like Shagun did mine, its better that this divorce happens.

Adi acts sweet to Ishita and offers help. Raman and everyone are happy. Ishita brings gifts for everyone and Adi. Raman is glad seeing Adi bond well. Adi sees clothes, and recalls Shagun’s words to play games with Ishita. He asks whats this. He asks how do you know this is my fav color, thanks. They all smile. Raman talks on phone and says Rinki is coming, she went to study in Australia, not fought any war. They all discuss about welcoming her. Adi asks them to say any story. Ishita signs Raman. Raman says I will. Adi says no, Ruhi said Ishita tells good stories and asks her. Ishita says yes, why not, lets go upstairs. She gets happy and goes with Adi.

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Raman talks to Ishita and says I feel the blank papers of my life are filling up, Adi who did not talk to you, bonds well with you, I feel I will get my son back. She says he is your son, and can’t be away from you. He says father and son relation was very old, but I used to die to hear Papa from him, but since you came, he is becoming my son and I think the day is not far when he will call me Papa. She says yes, try dealing with him well, he will call you Papa. He says yes, but you will make him say, thanks. She says before he sleeps, I will tell him a good story and come. She leaves. He says my life story which you are writing, nothing can be better than this, thanks.

Ishita talks to Adi and asks about books, which story he would like to hear. Adi chooses a book from Ruhi’s collection. She reads one story about a little girl having a step mum. He says not this and changes. He gives her some books, and she changes more. Its all has step mums. Adi says concept is same, just characters are different, I will tell you a story. She asks did he write. He says yes, and says about him, Shagun and Raman, who were happy, and then they got separated, and a stepmum came and showed love and concern for kids, but she did not love them, the king and queen did not understand her, but the prince was clever, and acted sweet to her, and knew the wicked lady is after her mum’s tears and he has decided to kick out that stepmum, and everyone knows happily ever after story does not have any wicked witch. He asks how does she like it. She cries. Adi asks her to go, and take books too. She switches off the lights, and leaves. She thinks about Adi’s behavior and his words. She sits and cries.

Raman asks Ishita what happened, did Adi tell you anything. She says no. He says why are you crying, if you went to say a story to him. She says no, stories have vamps, stepmums and every stepmum is bad. Whatever I do, I will always be stepmum.

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