Santoshi Maa 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rinku praising Santoshi infront of Amar. He tells Santoshi that she is very nice, she saved him even when he did bad to her. He talks good english and I just don’t show my english skills to Papa, as he always makes me recite infront of guests, I will come tomorrow and teach you english. She thanks and hugs him. She takes him home. Devi Paulmi says I was thinking to have fun, but how did boy change soon. Santoshi Maa says kids are Lord’s avatar, the boy understood Santoshi’s heart, she has won again. Gaumata wishes there are no hurdles in Santoshi’s way. Devi Paulmi says this is small win, many hurdles will come. She laughs.

Ankur says I did not like Santoshi’s insult, I wanted to see more. He asks her to say what Dhairya dislikes, I will make them fight,

we will have fun. Madhu says I know it well. They laugh. Santoshi thanks Santoshi Maa and says Rinku will help me now. Dhairya comes and asks will Rinku tell this to Amar. She thinks of Rinku’s words and says no. He says its good he did not know, you be careful, he should not know this. He goes. Santoshi thinks to learn english and tell truth to Dhairya.

Sharmili tells Daksha that Sweety will never leave Guddi, I m thinking to use it. Daksha gets glad. Sharmili says I made papers ready, don’t tell this to Seshnath and Madhuri, else they will ask their share. Daksha says yes, but will you involve me. Sharmili says yes, sign on papers and become witness, else I will not give you share. Daksha signs on it. Sharmili smiles.

Its morning, Dhairya comes to have food. Kaki says Santoshi did not come for breakfast. Dhaurya says she is making my bad ready. Ankur serves the food to Dhairya. Dhairya gets angry and asks who made this. Ankur says I made it, Santoshi asked me to add extra ghee, as you are working hard. Dhairya shouts Santoshi. Santoshi gets his bag. He asks whats this. She says so much ghee. Dhairya asks why did you ask them to add ghee. She says I did not say, don’t get angry, I will make food, Ankur made it by his own. He asks can’t you tell him. He leaves. Kaki asks Santoshi about ghee parathas. Kaka asks why are you asking Santoshi on Ankur’s saying. He tells Santoshi that something is fishy.

Gaumata says Madhu and Ankur are plotting against Santoshi, anything bad can happen. Santoshi Maa says its imp for this cheat to come out. Santoshi asks Ankur why did he lie to Ankur. Ankur says I was scared of Dhairya and lied. She asks him to say truth to Dhairya, else she will make him leave house. Ankur says fine and smiles. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa can Santoshi prove her innocence. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi is learning to fight, and has no revenge motive like Sharmili.

The men throw Daksha’s bags out of house. Daksha asks who told you to do this. Daksha says this is my home. The man says you sold house to Sharmili, she did complaint. Daksha gets shocked seeing papers. She apologizes to Sharmili. Sharmili takes complaint back. Daksha asks Sharmili to keep papers.

Santoshi makes Dhairya’s fav food. Dhairya and Ujwal come home. Dhairya smiles seeing the food. Santoshi asks Dhairya to listen to Ankur first and not get angry. He says fine, promise. She asks Ankur to say about ghee matter. Ankur says actually, I have put extra ghee by mistake and got scared of your anger, so I took Santoshi’s name, I m sorry. Dhairya shouts how dare you lie Santoshi stops him and says if you behave like this, Ankur will never say truth. Dhaurya says I will not leave him. Kaki asks Kaki to not stop Dhairya. Ankur thinks Dhairya and Santoshi will fight now. Santoshi tells Dhairya to stop this, one lie gives birth to 100 lies, the result is not good, punish him that he can bear, don’t make him leave from home. Dhairya says I will kick him out. Kaki says decide later, Santoshi’s health will get bad and baby can get affected. Dhairya leaves Ankur and goes. Ankur signs Madhu. Santoshi worries.

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