kuch kuch hota hai

Hi guys!!! I am happy with your response on 1st episode.
I wqnna confess on thing .this ideas of ff is a combination of nainna and me.
I am happy that you guys are loving our combo of ideas .keep supporting us.
Let’s get started with 2nd episode

In the oberoi mansion
Shi omru and shakti convo

Rudy-bhaiyya plzz I will also come plzzzz

Shivaay-no rudra I know why r u coming for naina right!!!!!

Rudy – no bhaiyya for anika didi plzzz she is my sister I shouldnot come there to see plzzzz!! (By acting emotional)

Shakti-ok ok shivaay take rudra with u

Rudra-thanks papa thank you so much

Shi-ok when I should go to the station!!!!

Shakti- now go fast I should also go for a meeting byeee

Om -yes I should also go to the art gallery byee shivaay and Rudy

Shivaay- ok byeeee

(Shivaay sees rudra face and says lets go )
They get started from there to the station
In railway station(anika & shakti’s convo)

Anika is trying to connect call to shakti’s phone.
All her attempts are at vain atlast the call connects

Anika-hello uncle!!!

Shakti-haa beta

Anika-uncle r u coming to pick us

Shakti-no beta…… actually I was struck in my bussiness meeting .I couldn’t come……but don’t worry my sons shivaay and his brother r on the way to pick you up….

Anika-but uncle!!!! I didn’t remember them how can I recognize them!!

Shakti-don’t worry I will send shivaay pics to u

Anika-ok uncle ….bye

Shakti-bye beta!!
Anika and naina’s convo

Naina-what happened didi ? Uncle is coming naa!!!

Anika-no shona!!! He will be sending his son

Naina-do you know him didi?

Anika-I don’t kno2 his gace . But his name is shivaay
(As soon as she utlered his name.she felt some thing weird, some thing really very strong and pure feelings)

She is lost in thoughts. Naina puts her hand on anika’s shoulder and moved

Naina-what happened didi? Are you okay

Anika-nothing I am alright

Naina- but I am not alright……

Anika-what happened to u

Naina-I am really very hungry. I just feel like I will faint here before shivaay bhaiyya arrival(she acts like fainting)

Anika-drame baaz!!!! I think mom kept your favorite khaju katli in your sling.

Naina-WOW!!!!! Khaju katli…….
(She starts checking her sling. She finds the box and takes it out.she holds a kaju katli and starts munching it)

Naina-(she forwards the box) take if yoi want…..

Anika-no….I don’t want it

(Anika phone beeps .she checks itand looks at the pic send by shakti, she keeps on looking at the pic and lost in shivaay’s kanjo eyes)

Naina-what happened didi? What is the message.

Anika didn’t respond.naina snatches the phone from anika

Anika-what r u doing naina!

Naina-WOW!!!! His kanji eyes, hair style……ufff his face is perfect like monalisa painting

Anika-just stop it okay!!! May be he is photo faced.

(Anika turns her face away and tries to get the glimpse of shivaay’s face.
Naina looks at the mobile screen

Shivaay comes towards them (he don’t know them either)
Shivaayheart beat increases when he is getting close to anika. Anika also feels the same.
Shivaay comes and stand infront of Naina and searching for them

Naina-shivaay bhaiyya!!!??

Anika turns and looks at him.she also looks at her (oh jaana BG)
Naina forwards her hand for shake hand and then rudra forwards his hand before shivaay and introduced about him and his brother

Naina-hi shivaay bhaiyya
Shivaay- hello naina!!!!
Naina-rudra and shivaay bhaiyya meet my sister anika

Rudra- oh!!! Hai anika didi!!! Forwards his hand for shake hand
They both shake theor hands

Shivaay didn’t respond because he was lost in her deep black eyes

Naina and rudra looks at them and acts like clearing her throat

Naina-I think we should leave now

Shivaay- yes lets go
Rudra acts smart and intelligent with naina to impress her so they both went to the parking plot first and they sat in car

Shivaay and Anika came with luaggage and keeping them in the car dickie
Anika is keeping the luaggage and shivaay came their to help her.in the mean time shivaay unintentionally places his hand on anika’s hand they both share an eye lock (oh jaana BG)

Naina and rudra thinks what they r doing for this much time and thinks to check them.they get’s down of the car .they both shocked seeing shivika like that
Naina-what’s happening

Rudra-kuch kuch hota hai naina tum nahi samjhogi

Shivika came to senses

Shivaay- shut up rudra

Naina-guys!! If you want privacy tell to me I will arrange your stay here in this parking plot
(Naina and rudra laughs)

Anika-stop it okay … we should come lets go…

Shivaay -yes ….

They both went
Naina and rudra laughs seeing each other

Naina and rudra also went and sat in thier places
Om goes to give his poryrait in ary gallery for orphan event while coming out a girl rushes towards the entrance.she strikes with om .om hold her (oo sathiya BG)
They share a eye lock (she is our ishaana)
Om is totally dumbstruck after seeing such cute and immocent face. Om ssupports her to stand straight.ishaana looks at om witha killercute puppy face. Om is already meltimg afterseeing such a beauty and after her puppy face act . He is flowing like ganga river

Precap -no precap guya!!!??

Thanks guys for reading this ff
Plzz make your doubts and views in the gorm of comment
Love you guys!!??

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