Chandra Nandni 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina with Chandra,chandra being medicated,Vaidya says this not get is very important for him,if he doesn’t respond by tonight it would be very bad,chandra opens his eyes and sees durdhara and helina and closes his eyes back, helina and durdhara get scared,Vaidya says he is just collapsing just pray for him and hope he gets out of it,Chanakya,helina and durdhara are with Chandra. Mora feels like Chandra is calling her,she feels his pain and prays to Lord to save her son and protect him from all evils.

Next morning Chandra opens his eyes and asks for water,durdhara and helina help him sit and have water,Chanakya says Chandra how are you feeling, I hope all good because today is our day of victory,Chandra says yes and release of my mother. The war begins,padmanand and maliketu see Chandra back in war and still giving tough fight. Padmanand to Amartya says my army is weaker now and so is maliketus army and asks his 9 sons to go and attack Chandra together,Chandra gives them tough fight,padmanand to his sons don’t runaway fight that Chandra fight him kill him,Chandra says you back attackers don’t leave them attack them all.

Amartya to his army don’t step back go fight them,all run away,padmanand says maliketu fight him,kill him,maliketu says we have to run,we have no army,Amartya says he is right , padmanand says ok I will go hide at our secret place get Nandini there and all run away. Chandra follows padmanand and attacks maliketu too. Maliketu falls of his horse,helina present there too.maliketu tries to fight with Chandra but is injured,Chandra hits him and says you attacked me against the rules , you insulted our school principles and also I’ll treated helina. Chandra calls helina and says here is maliketu in your feet and do whatever you wish to and pushes him in her feet.

Helina points sword at maliektus neck and says so how you feel to be in my feet,maliketu says I still love you,I was just distracted because of padmanand forgive me, I will marry you, you will be my only queen,helina says Chandra fulfill your wife’s wish kill this man,Maliektu says if you kill me you won’t find padmanand,I will help you,maliketu says he is behind the mountains near the river,now let me go helina says Chandra I changed my mind,you go kill padmanand I will kill maliketu by my own hands,Chandra leaves.Maliektu throws dust in helinas eyes and runs away.

Padmanand at his secret location,angry and says where is Amartya he should have got my daughter by now. Chandra reaches the location,padmanand thinks it must be Nandini and opens the doors and finds Nandini.chandar says see NAND your death is standing in front of you and pushes if out if his tent,Chandar starts attacking and injuring him,padmanand falls down,Chandra says who will come to save you,your son and army who left you and ran away or Maliektu who told me about your location,no one will come,I will kill you NAND,Nandini comes and stops Chandra,Nandini says his strength his daughter is still alive to fight for his glory,Chandar says I have always warned you to stay away from me,I don’t attack women,Nandini says I won’t step back at all,padmanand says Nandini go away,Nandini says no I won’t,Chandra pushes Nandini and distracts her by Removing her dupatta and says padmanand your end his here.

Chanakya comes and says stop Chandra, padmanand and Chanakya remember the incident,Chanakya says my untied hair reminds me of my insult and with your death my revenge will be complete,this for the whole Bharat land whose children you have been insulting till date but this won’t end so easy get his sons,padmanand says leave them you have issues with me,Chanakya says kill them Chandra,chandra says as you say and says look NAND I had told you I will repay every pain of my mother and my fathers death,Nandini says no stop,Chandra says see NAND loo by your own eyes,Chandra beheads all 9 sons of padmanand.Nandini rushes to them.

Chandra walks to padmanand and says now you the last one,padmanand says please don’t kill me in front of my daughter.

Pre cap: Nandini walks in castle,Avantika asks Nandini where is everyone why are you in this state,Nandini says he spared no one Chandra killed our whole family ma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Absolutely rubbish updater…Tanaya…
    Some names have been capitalised but some not. There should be a space after commas. She writes Moora as Mora and Helena as Helina and Malayketu as Maliketu. Some sentences doesn’t make sense.
    Please Miss Amena you should do the updates.

    1. Proof Reading needs to be done before posting the update for everyone.

  2. Be thankful for the updates stop complaining.

  3. i like i it is useful

  4. Awesome epi.feeling happy on nand’s family state……lovely chandra…..

  5. Hey, Tanaya.. Ignore these people who are giving negative comments.. keep it up

  6. Chandra should marry nandini as fast as it can be……………….by thw way love this show tooooo mch. I agree to naina nand ke saath jo bhi hua vo achcha hua bcz vo bhi sab ke saath bura karta h n apne biwi or nandini ke saamne achcha banana ki koshish karta h

  7. n tanaya don’t look to these stupid replies like of vidya n all

  8. Rajat tokas good in historical roles

  9. Rajat tokas good in historical roles

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