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Samragni epi 52

Ragini looks at Laksh. He holds her shoulders.
Laksh: what are you thinking Ragini..? take me to our daughter..!!

Ragini gently pushes his hands. she turns other way.

Ragini: how strange..? I have given up myself to a man who has helped my enemy…
Laksh comes in front of her.

Laksh: what are you talking Ragini..? I’m your man..!! and, I was forced to help Chirag.

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: he has taken promise from me. After I promised he has asked me to help him. Being a kshatriya, how can I break my promise. I was then crushed in between my promise and love then..!

Ragini keeps hand on his shoulder. Laksh turns back and hugs her. she rubs his head.

Laksh: I never wanted to harm you Ragini. Why, your heart slave will be your enemy..??
Ragini nods head and breaks the hug. She cups his face.

Ragini: I’m understanding how your heart has struggled.
He nods his head. She places her hand gently on his chest.

Ragini: did it pain there..??
He nods head again.
Ragini comes near him and kiss him on his bare chest and keeps her head there. He hugs her.

Ragini: that Chirag has become the only enemy in our family..!

Laksh: what else did he do..?

Ragini: he is the reason for hiding our daughter..!!
She says everything to Laksh.

(guys, if you want to know why refer epi no. 49.
Link is here: Click here

Laksh amazes:: but, why is he doing like this..?

Ragini: even, I don’t know the reason. That’s why, I wanted to do a war and clear the all obstacles for princess. I wanted to kill that Chirag in that war. But, you came in between..!!

Laksh: I can’t believe chirag can do this. bcz, is a little coward.

Ragini raises her head from his chest and goes near window. Laksh holds her hand.

Laksh: whatever over is over Ragini. Now, show my daughter to me.
Ragini looks on…

Raglak returns to Gadodiya palace.


Mean while,

Sanskar and Dp goes to Chirag’s palace. A soldier informs chirag that they have come. They meets Chirag.

Chirag: welcome, gadodiya empire’s mahamatri durga Prasad and sena pathi Sanskar..! One is mama sri for empress and one is a best friend..!

Dp: and we are her trustful people.

Chirag: I know, why you have come here..?

Sanskar: come and meet Samragni now, in her court.

Chirag acts anger( because he is coward)
“what non scene..! why should I meet her..?? if she has work, she should only come..!!”

Sanskar: the person who has done mistake has to come to sabha. And, you are an emperor. We have come to take you with us with much respect. Not as a culprit.

Chirag: what the hell..? What mistake did I do..??

Dp: a mistake of black mailing other emperor. That too emotionally. You have black mailed a lady, who is a mother who has just given birth to a life..!! what can be a sin more than this who tries to make a mother cry..!!

Chirag: no..!! I didn’t do anything…!! I won’t come in presence of Samragni. An emperor can’t stand as a culprit.

Sanskar: we aren’t taking you as culprit. We are taking you as our Guest. We are welcoming to our empire.

Chirag: tell your empress, that this emperor is not coming.

Dp: samrat chirag, where is your son the prince of this north empire. Please, give us his darshan.

Chirag looks at a maid to bring prince.

Sanskar: he is not in your palace..!!

Chirag shocks looking at them.

Sanskar: he is playing with prince and princess of gadodiya empire in their palace.

Chirag points his sword towards Sanskar.

Chirag: where is my son…??

Dp removes his sword from Sanskar.

Dp: he just said know samraat ji, prince is our main guest now. he is in our palace. Do visit gadodiya empire for your son.

As, there is no choice, Chirag goes with them to Gadodiya empire. He still wondered how they kidnapped prince from his fort.


In princess secret palace,
Laksh is playing with his daughter. Ragini is holding her son. Chotu is also playing with prince and princess. There is other kid among these three kids, he is the prince of north empire.. Chirag’s son.

He is equal to Chotu’s age. Four kids are playing together.

Swara just comes with her one year old son over there. And she also places her son among them. He cries.

Ragini: arey, don’t cry beta. Play with all your friends..!!

Swara: this palace has become suddenly, a kids play house.

Ragini: yes. Even mamasri used to say this when me and Sanskar were kids it seems.

Laksh: yes, you both together used to mess up whole palace it seems..!

Swara: that craziness was increased, when I came and uttara also born.

Ragini: so, we were four then. We were grown up together. As, best friends.

Laksh: I understood Ragini, now you want our son, daughter, chotu and swasan’s son also should be friendly like that forever.

Ragini nods her head.

Suddenly, chotu beats accidentally on princess’s cheek. The baby princess cries. But then only, chirag’s son prince kisses her on cheek. She laughs.

Ragini and Laksh amazes.

Laksh takes that prince into hands.
Laksh: hey, how dare you little prince..! to kiss the little princess..! that too before her parents..!!

Ragini laughs: come on Laksh, he is just a kid.

Laksh winks his eye at her.
“even I kissed you when we were kids Ragini. But, we never thought we will become wife and husband..!!”

Ragini: what you mean, this prince will marry my daughter..?? never..!! I would like to give her even to a beggar but not to this chirag’s son. He wanted to kill my daughter. Because, of him.. I have hidden her all these days..!!
She says with bit anger.

All kids cry with her anger accept that Prince. He laughs looking at her. Ragini amazes.

Laksh: cool dear, I was just joking. Don’t be like that before kids..!!

Just then Kavitha comes.
Kavi: Samragni devi, senapathi and mahamantri has come with samraat Chirag. They are waiting for you in hall.

Ragini stands and takes princess into her hands. Laksh holds prince. Chirag’s son and chotu are walking side by side. (they are 3 years old now. they can walk)

Everyone comes into hall, Chirag runs to his son and holds him.

Chirag: what kind of emperor you are..! are you doing politics with kids..?

Ragini: actually, I have to say those words I think samraat ji.

Chirag bends his head.

Ragini: you can say later, why you have done all this. but, now you have been invited to the celebration of declaration.

Chirag looks at her.

Ragini: the declaration of princess birth..!

Chirag looks at the cutely smiling baby in Ragini’s hand. He smiles looking at her.

Ragini proceeds to sabha, where all province kings, princes are waiting and also some people and important ministers of court. Everyone looks at the baby in Ragini’s hands amazingly.

Everyone takes their places and even Chirag is given a respected seat.

Ragini announces: for the safety of royal throne and empire, some things are kept as secret sometimes..! and, one of such secret is this princess..!

The sounds of baby princess fill in that court due to pin drop silence of everyone.

Ragini continues: I’m today announcing, me, the Samragni of this entire Gadodiya empire, has given birth to this baby in my hands along with the prince. They are twins.

All courtiers smile.

Ragini: the small princess is waiting for all your warm blessings..!

All the courtiers cheer, ‘Rajkumari chiranjeeva..! jayee bhaya..!’
They keep cheering until Ragini gestures to stop.

Ragini smiling happily:: today, I’m not only feeling completed of being mother but also the Empress..! I have got all love from people. This is what an emperor needs. Not only the kids I have given birth, my people in my country are also my children..!

Then a man stands,
“That’s why Samragni, we all think by our hearts…
“Devi maa has come as Samragni..!!”
You are the one who not only came to rule us… but also to protect us..!!
Samragni Ragini devi ki…”
He says,

Rest all cheers, “Jai ho..!”

He again, ‘Samragni Ragini devi ki”
“Jai ho..!” “Jai ho..!”

Chirag looks on with peoples love towards her. All celebrates with new princess arrival.

Later, Ragini, Laksh, Sanskar, Swara, Dp and Chirag assemble in a hall. All kids are sitting on a mat and they are playing.

Ragini: not even knowing who is born, you have sent a warning letter samraat chirag..! why..??

Dp: the un born baby has threatened you..??

Chirag: I believe in astrology. In my son’s kundali it was mentioned, that he would marry Raglak’s daughter.

Everyone gets amazed.

Chirag: I was happy at first, but it was also mentioned, as soon as he is married.. his wife becomes the Empress of my throne..!!

Ragini and Laksh shocks. they remembers their dream. They look at each other.

Chirag continues: I was afraid that really she would be the next heir of my throne. But, I didn’t wanted to kill princess. I just wanted to warn you, so that you wouldn’t bring her out.

Laksh stands in anger:: for your foolish belief, you have suffered my family..!!

Chirag stands: I’m sorry maharaj Laksh and Samragni devi. I want only one promise from your side now..!!

Ragini: what is it..??

Chirag: Your daughter should never be my bahu..!!

Raglak looks on..

Laksh: how this can be possible..? it depends on future..!!

Chirag: samrat and Samragni accept my promise and take friendly hand of north empire too.

Laksh looks at Ragini. Ragini nods her head.

Laksh gives shake hand to Chirag. As soon as they joined hands, princess in Ragini’s hand cries. Ragini amazes.

Chirag: from today, Samragni devi is my sister. My, only sister..!

Ragini stands and smiles.

Ragini: that’s great. I’m happy to have a brother.

Chirag too smiles. He goes away back to his empire with his son.

His son will be shouting at chirag, ‘papa, let’s take that princess also..!! Let’s take that princess papa. I like her..!!’

Ragini looks on. That small prince’s words reflect in her mind.


Ragini was making her kids sleep. Chotu was already sleeping. Laksh comes. He takes a peacock feather and sensuously slides it on her feet bottom. Ragini gets tingling sensation and takes her legs near her.

‘Laksh..!!’ she amazes… and he comes and hugs her. he was kissing her cheeks and neck.

Ragini: laksh, kids are here.

Laksh: they are sleeping right..!

Ragini pushes him slightly.

Ragini: let me put them in cradle.

Ragini places two of her kids in different cradles. Then Laksh hugs her from back. Ragini rubs his head and looks out from window. She looks at their kingdom flag.

Ragini: laksh, do you think all the enemies are finished..? I can take my breath happily now know.

Laksh turns her towards him. ‘always think about empire and enemies..! forget about this poor soul..! we are spending our night after one year..! don’t talk other things now..!!’
He carries her in his arms and places her on bed.

‘Laksh…’ she is about to say something… he keeps finger on her lips and says, ‘shh..!’ and he bends towards her.

To be continued….

/*Guys, I’m continuing Samragni with RagLak only. No 2nd generation. Let’s see about 2nd gen later. For now, story continues with this Raglak only. */

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