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Samragni epi 51

Ragini rushes to Laksh with the sword. Laksh takes out his sword and keeps a defense against her. As she was furious till then, she was panting heavily.

Laksh: love you my goddess..!!

He says and Ragini frowns and pushes his sword… he falls back on wall, she pins him to wall..!
‘Is she beautiful than me..??’ she asks.

Laksh smirks. ‘What will you do if I say yes..?’

Ragini tights her teeth and raises sword on him again, Laksh moves aside and her sword bangs to wall.

She glares at Laksh.
‘My angry goddess..!!’ he says.

Now she attacks Laksh with sword and he keeps on putting defense against to her. laksh was smiling because after a long time he is looking his wife close to him and he is fighting again with her. she was just fighting with him, but he knows very well the love hidden in her eyes.

Laksh beats on her sword, she turns around and he holds her tummy and pulls her back into him. Ragini closes her eyes leaning to him. She holds the sword tightly as he slowly moves his fingers over her waist. His breath touches her ear and he brings his lips near her ear to say something.

She frees his hand and keeps the sword again. He stops the sword. They both are moving around looking into each other’s eyes. He drags her near with help of the sword and grabs her even more near with his other hand on her waist.

They are looking intensely into each other’s eyes.

Ragini: is she beautiful than me..??

Laksh: ye…
Without he completing the sentence completely Ragini kicks him in tummy again. He holds his tummy and falls in chair.

Laksh, ‘ahh…!! Something is happening to me…!! My stomach hurts..!!’
He falls on ground unconscious.

‘Laksh..!!’ Ragini shouts and runs near him. She takes his head into her lap and tries to wake him up.

‘Laksh…I’m sorry..!! wake up.! Please…!!!’

But he doesn’t open his eyes. ‘Laksh wake up…!!’ her tears fall on his face.

Laksh opens his eyes. She looks at him. He laughs, ‘hahaha… I was just joking Ragini..!!’

Ragini just stares at him.


Then Ragini hugs him tightly.
Ragini: don’t do these jokes again Laksh..!! it hurts a lot.

Laksh in tears: I’m sorry Ragini. I’m just trying to make my angry goddess cool.

Ragini breaks hug and starts beating him with her hands. Laksh holds her hands. Both share intense eye lock.

Laksh lifts her up in his arms. She was just looking at him. He takes her out. Sanskar, swara and Ram looks at them.

Ram: our plan has worked out..!!

Swara: at last, Raglak are together.

Sanskar: let’s go back to the palace. Chotu is alone with pitasri.
Swara nods her head. They both take leave from Ram.

Ram and Chandra smile and go into their rooms with little prince.

Laksh carries Ragini into his room and he places her gently over the bed. Ragini bends her head. He whispers in her ears… ‘when the lady who is empress to all is feeling shy to her man, is making him more proud. It’s making him more strong..!!’

Ragini’s cheeks turn red in blush.

He moves slowly far from her… he goes to close door. She was just staring at him.
As he looks, she keeps her eyes down.
‘This is the place where we made our first love..!!’ he says which makes her even more shy.
He then keeps closing other windows which is making room dark and making Ragini nervous. She bends her head and clutches her thighs.

Laksh keeps blowing away all lights. And, just one light remains near Ragini on beside table.

He goes near her. Ragini raises her head and looks at him. He removes all his jewelry, he moves nearer to her. ragini slowly places her hand on his shoulder and gently slides his cloth from the shoulder. Laksh kisses her cheek and pecks her lips. She kisses his neck and arm. He takes Ragini into him completely and she lays his head on his bare chest.

‘Is she beautiful than me..??’ she asks again closing her eyes.

‘my mad queen..! who is beautiful than you..??’ Ragini smiles victoriously. Laksh blows away the only light also.


Next morning,

Ragini was happily sleeping upon Laksh. She has a smile on her face and Laksh has wrapped his hands around her.

Ragini starts getting disturbed with some dream.

A girl and boy are getting married. After the marriage, they both ascend the steps to reach the throne. They both turn to people. But, that girl suddenly pushes the boy down and points sword to him. That boy is shocked. She sits on the throne.
She announces,
‘I’m the Samragni up to the lands which touch the oceans..!!’

Ragini opens her eyes with the dream. She is not shocked. But, she is surprised. But, her thoughts are disturbed by hands which are moving on her back.

‘umm..ragini..!! I love you so much..!!’ Laksh was dreaming.
Ragini smiles and kisses his forehead. He too wakes opening his eyes.

Ragini sits and sets her saree on shoulder in red cheeks. Laksh too sits and hugs her tightly again. He was kissing her neck.
Ragini holds his head.
‘Laksh….stop it now..! I have to go back. Princess and chotu might be crying for me.’

Then Laksh, ‘Ragini, I got a strange dream. Our daughter has grown up. And she was married. But surprisingly, she has pushed away her husband and occupied the throne..!!’

Ragini has shocked as Laksh got the same dream which she got.
Laksh keeps hand on her cheek.
‘Hey..! don’t think much. It’s just a dream..!!’

Ragini: I hope, it should be a dream.

Ragini gets off from bed and sets herself.

Laksh stands in front of her.

Laksh: when are you showing my daughter Ragini..??

Ragini looks at him silently.

Precap: not yet decided.

/* guys, I want a suggestion from you all.

I want to start 2nd generation in this ff. is it ok for all..??
In 2nd generation you might not find Raglak. But, instead of them there will be temish.
Can we use temish in fan fictions?
Plz give me suggestion.
And, if you feel 2nd generation is just like dragging story.. Samragni will end in next two episodes.
Plz tell me whatever is your opinion. I’m okay with anything.

If you guys are not interested in 2nd generation… then I will try to extend this story only. But, can’t promise it.
My other doubt is, ragini and laksh are fictional characters so we can write fanfictions on them. But, taking real names namish and teju is ok..?? can we write like that..??
Plz clear my doubts and suggest me. And forget not to comment on today’s episode.

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  1. Aasthu

    loved it Astruuuuuuu………raglak,,,too hot…..dream was good….but I felt like laughing watching the girl push the boy down…..sorry if I offended u….bt it was fun to see the boy fall down….ya u cn write ff’s on TeMish…I think so….but it would be dragging the story….u can give this as epilogue…..this is my opinion….

    1. Astra

      hahaha..thank you dear. hehe u felt as prblm.. hmm.. i will think to stop or continue yar.. max i will give epilogue in two more epis.

  2. Sindhura

    Continue with this

    1. Astra

      hmm.. ok yar.

  3. Nami, teju names are perfect for next generation , awesome part

    1. Astra

      thank you lovely..

    1. Astra

      thank you

    1. Astra

      thank you

  4. Nuramy1997

    Pls dont make them die pls

    1. Astra

      hai yar..!! no..i won’t kill anyone. as u wished i gave romance in this part..

  5. Malika

    astraaaaaaaaaa!!! my sisterrrrrrrrrrrr !!! i had missss you alotsssssss!! … plus the story also!! * innocent face* hahhahhhhh wahhhh kyaa battt haii raglak scene was tooooooooo hot yr!!! hahhahhh i really really love it from core!! well continue with it like sindhura said as i agreed with her !! i am always there for you!! as usual your story are always perfect , brilliant , awesome , outstanding, superbb, mervellous, fantastic, and fabulous one…. !!!! teju and namish are perfect for next generation !! update soonnnnnnnn !! sisterrrr after a long time i am reading this storyyyy!!! i really miss your writing skill !! sachii maiii ! as i had already said i am a fan of your story and writing skill so continue writing and i will wait for next ep of your story !! keep smiling and stay bless!! love you sister!!

    1. Astra

      hai my sissyy…. I’m glad ur back and u love my fff this much…!! *jumping in happiness*
      love u so much dear….. and a million tons of bigggggg thank you……

  6. Finally raglak sorted out things loved this epi.. So romantic
    U should continue this ff for 2 generations

    1. Astra

      thank you aadhya. I will take your point..

  7. drag the story with raglak itself…. don’t use temish….. n no 2nd generation…..

    1. Astra

      ok kitkat.. i will try. i love ur name. i love kitkat chocolate a lot…

  8. IQRA222

    Awesome you should start 2nd generation

    1. Astra

      thank you dear… thanks for suggestion.

  9. A.xx

    Amazing and start 2 nd gen cc

    1. Astra

      thank you… and thanks for suggestion..

  10. Fats

    Nice update Astra. RagLak’s reunion was a treat to read. It was so beautiful and full of love. Can’t wait to read the next part ?.
    P.S: A new generation sounds cool. And I think it’s okay to write with Nami and Teju ?

    1. Astra

      thank you so much fats. I’m glad u enjoyed this part..

  11. Darshini

    Amazing Astra…RagLak reunion is so cool…
    Continue with the next gen dear…
    Keep going da…

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot darshu..

  12. Mindblowing dear as usual

    1. Astra

      thank you gayu..

  13. Rasha

    today episode was awesome & 2nd generation go ahead it’s to be going excellent only..

    1. Astra

      thank you rasha..

  14. Asra

    fabulous astu dear…raglak reunion…superbbb dear….omg what a dream yar….wife pushed her husband funny dear….i love that….samragni when you are going to show ur princess to laksh….waiting for tht…continue with this dear…tkcr dear….

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear…

  15. Jazzy

    amazjngggg and plzzz continue

    1. Astra

      thank you sure..

  16. Dharani


    1. Astra

      thank you

  17. Interesting episode and Raglak scenes are beautiful. Loved it. Want 2nd generation

    1. Astra

      thank you ammu…will try..

  18. Ragz_teju


    1. Astra

      thank you…

  19. Plzz yaar kep it raglak only plzzz dont take take second generation plzz

    1. Astra

      nikky….missed u alot… ok, yar… i will do as per ur wish..

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