Samaina FF : Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Part 1


Naina and Preeti waits for their 12th standard results desperately.

Bela : you didn’t get ready, come on hurry up today are your results

Naina : I am ready from past one hour but Preeti is praying in temple continuously

“Bappa please help me, if today I don’t get good marks papa will not let me go to college please please save me Preeti starts singing

Naina : how much will you pray come on hurry up (drags her out)

Preeti ; you stop it, I know you are topper and you don’t need god’s blessing

Naina : if you had worked hard then you won’t be dealing with god ji

Preeti : shut up

Bela feeds curd to both girls before leaving and blesses them

On way, Preeti and Naina meets Swati, Kamya and Hema who are their neighbors and school best friends.

Swati ; girls my heart is pumping so fast, final results

Kamya : I know even I am sweating badly right now thinking

Naina : relax guys we will be fine

Swati : you are fine but here our nerves are high our parents will put ban on going out of house this time

The girls reaches school Pragati Vidhya ka Mandir to get results for their 12th std. Everybody sits in class busy in prayer. The teacher starts calling name and hands them the envelopes

“So the first ranker in class again is Naina Agarawal Teacher announces the names of the toppers

Everybody claps

“And second topper is, Swati teacher announces most expected and surprising thing ever happened

“Swati you cheater, you said I dont’ know anything, from today I won’t ever sit on your back Preeti scolds her

Naina ; why are you all blaming her?

Swati is still in shock about her results

Naina : you have done fabulous so proud of you (hugs her)

Preeti, Kamya and Hema ends up passing with average.

Kamya : finally its celebration time, lets go to law garden we will have blast

The girls go to celebrate final year and goes to gol gappa vendor

It starts raining

Hema : guys see who came to double our happiness

Naina : Jeb mein humrai do hi rupaiya

Preeti Duniya ko rakhe thenge pe bhaiya

Swati (dances with Naina) : Sukh dukh ko khuti pe tange

Kamya : Aur paap punya chooti se baandhe
Nache hai hum ta ta thaiya

The girls dances together in middle of road

Are hum to aise hai bhaiya
Are hum to aise hai bhaiya
Yeh apna fashion ha bhaiya
Are hum to aise hai bhaiya

Ek gali mein bum bum bhole
Duji gali mein allah miya
Ek gali mein gunje azaane
Duji gali mein bansi bajiya

Hema : Sab ki labo mein lahu
Bahe hai lahu bahe hai

Preeti : Apni rago mein ganga maiya
Suraj aur chanda bhi dhalta

Kamya : Apne ishaao pe chalta
Duniya ka gol gol pahiya

Are hum to aise hai bhaiya
Are hum to aise hai bhaiya
Yeh apna fashion ha bhaiya
Are hum to aise hai bhaiya

Agarwal house

“Chachi chachi Naina comes shouting

Bela : yes my daughter came first again, what about you? (asks Preeti)

Preeti : just consider I passed

Bela : this girl won’t mend, today I will distribute sweets in whole colony

Preeti : don’t forget my fave barfi

“Really? which big task you achieved Bela twists her ears

Naina : chachi, I need some money, Rakshabandhan is coming

Bela : oh yes, but dear when your chacha comes in evening you take from him

Naina : okay

Bela : you both are so wet go change first I will cook your both favorite food today

Later in evening Anand gets very proud of his daughter for passing their 12th grade with distinction.

Arjun : wow champ you did it again

Naina : thank you Arjun bhaiya

Arjun : don’t fly so high, Rakshabandhan is coming save some battering for that time

Precap : Rakshabandhan. Everybody starts college process. Sameer entry

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