Sadda Haq 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says his bleeding is not stopping, his lever and lung might collapse. randhir says please do something. He says we have to do a final surgery, met him last time before that.

Sanyu waits for parth to end his conversation, he collides with her. sanyu says i was waiting for you. he says you wanted to ask about randhir? sanyu says lets talk in peace, what happened in last days is not anyone’s mistake. We all re opened FITE, we shouldn’t fight. He says sorry i was a little mad. he says btw i don’t know where randhir is, he has not been to hospital. Sahil says come to PKC’s class, its gonna be a special lecture.

Randhr is with karan. He says do you remember the shopkeeper we used to tease in childhood and our plans about this age. you can’t cheat

me, you can’t ruin our plans, you have to stay alive. Nurse comes and says we have to take him fo surgery. randhir says please say something karan. he stands up to go out, karan opens eyes and breathes. randhir says you were doing this drama. go and get done with this surgery, we have a lot of plans. Karan says i feel bizarre, i feel like i am dying. There are lights everywhere and i my flying. randhir says don’t be filmy. Randhir says be a man. Karan says don’t men die, you know i wont live. randhir says nothing will happen to you. Kaaran says you have tears in your eyes for me. randhir i am sorry this happened becuase of me. karan says shut up, you knew nothing. Randhir is crying, karan says please take care of Raghini. Doctor and staff take karan to OT. Karan keeps looking at randhir.
Randhir recalls his times with Karan.

PKC says guys, this is mansa, a village in punjab. Its one of major rice producing lands in india. 15 years ago, they had no farmers. A company came and offered them tractors, that helped this village to go. That company has closed but the tractors are still working just the way there. The engineer who made them, made sure that they don’t have to spend on maintenance of tractors. You have to make a report on these tractors. sanyu says what was the name of that engineer? PKC says no one knows, we don;t know where he went before 15 years. sanyu says but we should mention him. PKC says if you mention his name in report you will get bonus point for that. Ranawat comes in and throws the projector away. ranawat says what are you talking about? no one knows about that company and engineer. you want to teach engineering or spy? SAnyu says he was right, that tractors.. ranawat says shut up. if you talk again no one will see you again like that engineer.

Doctor comes and says randhir i tried my best but i am sorry. randhir is taken aback. randhir grasps the doctor and says you killed my pal. He goes running to OT, Karan is dead there. randhir is completely shocked. He sits there in shock, he says i killed my pal? Karan please. I am sorry. Doctor says his gf needs you, call someone from her family. randhir recalls karan telling him that his family might kill her. randhir says there is no one in her family.

sanyu comes to library and looks for tractor tech books, the shelf is empty. Librarian tells her ranawat issued all this books. sanyu comes to ranawat’s cabin and sees him burning books. Sanyu says why are you burning them. they have such important details. ranawat learn, books have nothing. He didn’t make the tractor by reading few books. he leaves.

sanyu comes out and contemplates over ranawat’s behavior, she sees randhir coming in. He is in shock and distress. sanyu asks where were you? what happened to yu and this blood on your shirt? what happened to you? come to medical room. randir says leave me alone. He leaves.

Randhir gets a call from doctor, he tells her that his gf is asking about karan. randhr says i am coming.

Precap-vid asks sanyu don’t you know where is randhir sanyu? he has been missing for two days. sanyu says to randhir i know something is troubling you, i am always with you. are you stuck in something. randhir says will you shut up?

Update Credit to: Atiba


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