Shastri Sisters 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal lying to Leela about her pregnancy. Leela asks her not to lie to her, as she taught her to lie. She asks is she bearing the marriage with Neil. Kajal says she is here in this house because of her. Leela says she is in world because of her. They argue and Leela asks her to manage Shastri sisters, she is with her, if she leaves her, she will be alone. She asks her did she see how Neil run after hearing about Devyaani, talk to me with manners, else you will be alone and fail.

Everyone meet Devyaani in the hospital. Rajat asks them to come and have food, and takes them. Anu stays with Devyaani. Neil comes and looks at them. He recalls Devyaani and their happy times. Anu says the glucose is ending and goes to call the nurse. Neil comes inside the ward and sees Devyaani. He says we have may hatred and fights between us, but I can’t see you like this. He tries to hold her. Anu comes and stops him.

She takes him out and asks him why did he do this, why did he warn her and attack Devyaani. He asks does she feel he did this. She says yes. He says please trust me, I did not do this attack, trust me, I know we are not friends, but I can’t do this, my parents did not give me such bad values that I fall so low. She says I don’t know to trust you or not, I just know she is injured and till she gets fine, I don’t know you to come here and hurt her feelings. She says she will also hurt him if he hurts Devyaani and warns him. Neil leaves.

Neil walks to home thinking about Anu’s warning. He says I can’t do this with anyone, please trust me. He sees police van there and gets worried. Minty asks inspector is he mad, what is he saying, Neil can’t do this. The inspector says we have complaint and we are doing enquiry. Kajal says no, Neil can’t do this. Neil looks on. The inspector says there is FIR against him for attacking Devyaani and arrests Neil. Minty asks Sareen to stop them. Sareen is stunned.

Peeya cries seeing the blood on cotton, and worries. The doctor says he did dressing, nothing to worry, but I told before, wound is deep and scar will be left forever. Anu asks did he say this to Devyaani. He says no, she is sleeping, you tell her. Shastri ji thanks Lord that Devyaani is alive. Peeya says this is not fair, Devyaani used to say she is so beautiful. Alka says Devyaani is strong, we will tell her that she is most beautiful.

Rajat gets a call from home. He is shocked and looks at Anu. Anu goes to him. Rajat says fine and ends the call. Anu asks why is he worried. He says police came to take Neil. She asks how, I did not report anything, lets go home. He stops her and she asks what happened. He says he called the police. He says Neil might have done this after troubling her a lot. They argue. He says Neil is wrong, Devyaani is also my family and I have duties towards her, I will do justice with her. She says she will save Neil till his crime is proven, this is my duty.

Minty scolds Anu and Anu says she did not file FIR. Minty raises hand on her to slap and Rajat holds her hand. He says he has done the complaint against Neil. Minty is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow,update so fast and they changed the picture

  2. Amena plz update fast..

  3. plzz update fast

  4. Nice precap

  5. Its so good see neels cocern for devyani… hope gains her love and trusy again

    1. pradishma,i think u did’nt like anuraj.You like deveel.always commenting about deveel

      1. Ya love deveel So.

      2. What’s ur problem

      3. I have no problem. i just asked u

  6. oh no! soon tat bobby ll get punished for tis. n minty, when ll she change?disgusting

  7. I have found this from a poll:
    Deveel fans:20%
    Anuraj fans:80%

  8. I knew that Neil still hd feelings fof devyaani….precap is super

  9. guys I too love Neil and devyaani since kajal is pregnant soon any will reveal the truth and devneel will again join hands

  10. Its moving fast… Good.. Writer please don’t lose track

  11. We can’t say,if kajal is bearing neel’s baby

    1. Hey how did u updated ur profile pic

  12. Pradishma,if u create an account in gravatar.You can update ur pic.(gravatar login)

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