Service Wali Bahu 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev and Payal going on a bike. Dev thinks everything will be fine. Payal thinks to tell everything and says she wants to talk to him. Dev says he wants to talk to her too. Dev’s friends call him. Dev stops to talk to them. His friend taunts him for having service wali wife. They say they have to work and go to attend class. Payal asks Dev, not to feel bad about their words. She tries to build confidence in him and asks him not to be sad. Dev gets impressed with her words and says his time will come. Payal tries to tell about Vikas’s offer. Dev asks her to come. She sits on his bike and leaves. Vikas Jha calls at Payal’s office number. Satish gives the call to Payal and says he is saying that you knows him. Payal signs him that she is busy. Satish tells Vikas that Payal is busy and disconnects the call. Jogeshwar and Santoshi come to Payal’s cabin. Payal gets shocked. Jogeshwar tells that they took her car and went. They leave. Payal gets thinking.

Jogeshwar scolds Santoshi for talking unnecessarily. Payal gives money to Satish and asks him to fill petrol in office car as her family used the car. Santoshi and Jogeshwar peep in her room and hear it. They think Bhuvaneshwar gave her bad values. Jogeshwar gets his phone and leaves.

Dev talks to Rajesh. Rajesh asks him to take cheap things first. Dev says it is about education. If students didn’t get good environment then how will they study. He says we will see other place. Vikas calls Dev and asks what is going on? Dev says he is searching for a place for his coaching centre. Vikas says his godown is vacant. Payal thinks Vikas is very clever and she has to tell Dev about him. She calls dev, but his number is busy. Dev thanks Vikas for solving his big problems.Vikas asks him not to worry. Payal messages on Dev’s number about Vikas troubling her. She asks him to call her whenever he gets free.

Vikas says we will make godown and 5 lakhs papers together. He says I will come to your house in the evening. Dev agrees. Vikas thinks he has thrown the grains and it is need to be grab. He asks his assistant to get the papers ready. Dev gets Payal’s message, but his phone gets switched off. Payal wonders why he didn’t call and calls him, but his phone is swicthed off. She asks Satish to go.

Dev comes home and tells Rajesh that he will charge his phone. Vikas comes with his assistant. Jogeshwar greets him. Vikas greets Ayodhya. Ayodhya asks why did you come here? Dev says I called him here. Dev goes to charge his phone. Vikas tells Jogeshwar that his business is clean as it works on trust. Ayodhya asks him not to try to trap him in his words. Vikas says I have decided to give loan to Dev, looking at his honesty. Ayodhya says I can see where your interest lies. Surely there must be something going in your mind and asks him to get out silently. Vikas gets up and says did I think anything bad for you and family. Ayodhya threatens him not to take Dev advantage or hurt him. Dev asks Guddi to charge his phone. Payal is in her car and thinks she will tell Dev not to take money from Vikas. She calls him, but he is not in his room. Payal gets worried.

Vikas asks Dev to sign on the papers. Payal gets worried. Dev says you are giving me money without any guarantee and signs on the papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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