Sadda Haq 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes and hugs anju. she says how you feel now? anju says i am good, doctor called so i have to go again. Sanyu says he is so rude. Anju says when did you meet him? sanyu says i went to his clinic to ask about him. He is rude he didn’t even talk to me. Anju says he must be busy, i am fine now. sanyu says i don’t like him. I will take you to a better doctor, you don’t need to mess with these stupid boys. anju says he is so caring that he sends car himself. sanyu says okay then we will both go to him, when i come from college. She leaves for college.

Randhir gets a call from karan. randhir says you were coming here? karan says she left her home, i couldn’t come. randhir says you love her don’t give up. karan says if her brothers see me they will kill

me. randhir says come here you will be safe here. he says i will see near FITE at 12.
Randhir turns back and sees sanyu, he recalls last night’s fight. They both walk past each other.

Sahil says why has ranawt called us now? New task to be insulted. Vidushi says at least we dont have to stay in store room and didn’t have to face these stupid people. They all come to lab. Vidushi taunts at sanyu and says i wished i had excused on my mom and ranawt let me go. sanyu says go lie who stopped you. randhir says stay quite. we are already messed up. parth says you need to stay quite too randhir. randhir says what did you say? sanyu says you only need to fight. Parth says stay quite. vidushi says parth is fighting all the time. Parth says you keep out of it. ranawat comes and says its not everyone’s cup of tea. He laughs and says for a second i thought i was strict but i was right. you trash team can’t do anything. The fight scene gave me a new idea, you are all filled with aggression. Randhir says will you take us to fight club? Ranawt says no you and parth will go and break girl’s room. Go spit out your aggression there. And girls will ruin boys’ room. sahil says you want us to fight among? Ranawat says sahil and yoyo will break each other’s room. sahil says we can’t do this. randhir says we have a discipline level. Ranwat says i thought you would accept your last challenge. After that you wont have to sleep in store room and stay hungry. Sanui and vidushi leave after them all the boys as well.

Randhir and parth enter sanyu and vidushi’s room. sanyu and vid enter theirs. They all start breaking the stuff and taking stuff out of closets. Parth sees a diary in vid’s closet, it has written so many time i love you parth. Sanyu finds radhir’s picture with his mom. Vidushi sees parth’s favorite shirt. she says to sanyu i can’t do this. they are our teammates. Ssanyu says yes lets go to ranawt and tell him that we wont do this. parth says to randhir what ranawat wants us to do? Randhir says i can’t do this as well. lets go. they both go out. Peon comes in and locks vidushi and sanyu’s room. He breaks all the stuff. tears vidushi’s diary. Another one comes and ruins randhir and parth’s room.

Sanyu and vidushi come to ranawat. sanyu says sorry sir but we can’t do this. Vidushi says we fight but we can’t do this, sanyu says you don’t know about our bond. vidushi says we can’t treat them this way. Ranwat says bonding? sanyu says yes that has made us stay together. Ranawt says its just a puff, its time to show reality of your bonding. He shows them video how randhir and parth and spoiled their room. sanyu’s family photograph is broken as well. sanyu calls randhir, vidushi we will call him later, lets go and decorate his room first. sanyu says yes lets go. Randhir and parth come in. randhir says we can’t do this. parth says we better live in store room. ranawt says let me show you reality, she shows them video of how sanyu and vid have destroyed their room.

Sanyu and vid totally ruin parth and randhir’s room. and so do the boys. They all come out sanyu says to ranhdhir i thought maybe you wont do this, but i was wrong. He says you would do such cheap thing, and i wont seek revenge. you started it. sanyu says you started it and now you are lying. you are same as on the first day of college. he says you are so selfish. Parth says i hate your face. Vidushi says i dont even wanna see your face, parth says so dont i. yoyo and sahil are fighting as well. ranwat comes and say very well done, now go from here.

PKC says they are not ordinary students, they are the best. stop treating them this way raanwat. ranwat says they are trash team, i wanted to motivate them. They will go there and trash everything. Team spirit and coordination is needed. they don’t trust each other, they can easily be manipulated. PKC says so you will let them fight? ranawat says they are not going to some intercollege challenge, they are going to international team. they are so stupid they can’t trust each other. What will they do there? ranawt says if they don’t change their way they will lose before going. I wont go with such a team. i wont go to lose. PKC says they are hardworking they will learn soon. Ranawt sees some grease on his hand and his freaks out.

PRecap-randhir sits in cab and go to meet karan. His cab his a bike, when he sees the guy its karan and his gf.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Y r u guys thinking k sh is losing its cham vagaira vagaira I think d track is getting more n more interesting day by day n kisine precap nahi pada kya it sounds interesting I m just in luv with d shw.

  2. shenaz

    N internqtional DT compition is going to start very soon just wait n watch. Sh fir se apni charm vapis pake rahe ga n I have no dought about it

  3. shenaz

    Happy I m happy n full confident in my shw n luv it madly anyways tk u for saying me to b happy n bye dr

  4. shenaz

    Now tho I m double happy bcoz my friend my sis my sweetie my sweet heart came n she was happy n I was also having a feeling dat happy is some1 close to me n see it was u liya luv u dr ummmah.

  5. shenaz

    I will always b happy dr n wishing u d same dr n hw can I not b happy in my lyf when I have such beautiful friends like u sana n Sara n ……

  6. Liya

    So ur phone get [email protected]

  7. shenaz

    Liya u r chatining at 2places na n u will get disturbed in chating at 2 places so bye liya n anyways my 10 min r over n no1 came so bye liya gud n8 sweet dreams dr tata c u soon dr

  8. Liya

    Thanx a lot sad shenu.v r meeting after 2 mails and no chatting.really sad dr.luv u and miss u.bye.

  9. shenaz

    Priya Kumar she is d best girl positive thoughts tho common hai anyways hi……. dr

  10. shenaz

    R u both going to stay here for sometime den I will also stay otherwise bye dr’s

  11. shenaz

    No1 here tho chalo bye gn to both of u sleep well n sweet dreams guys tat
    tata c u both very soon

  12. shenaz

    No no liya dr u go n chat with ur friends dad is calling me so have to go bye dr luv u ummah

  13. priya kumar

    thank you so much shenaz iam really happy for my new friends liye and shenaz.RAB NE BANADI FRIENDS

  14. Liya

    No i dont know to talk in tamil perfectly but i can understand tamil.iam a malayali and me too liked u.

  15. priya kumar

    iam watch ipkknd,saathiya,yeh hai mobbatein,nauc,sadda haq,dabh,yrkklh,tere sheher mein,tu meraa hero,jamai raja,meri ashiqui tumse hi,saaural simar ka,and tamil serials also

  16. Liya

    Ipkknd,yhm,nauc,veera,sns,manmarziyam,jodha akbar,qubool hai,kkb,ss,dak,swaragini and dreamgirl.

  17. priya kumar

    iam think i got new friend but now iam think i got new younger cute sister like you

  18. Liya

    Dont runaway dr sis.i have many sis,akka,di,frnds like u hr and many frnds younger than me also.

  19. priya kumar

    ok liya take care,good night, i will catch you tomorrow,keep always your positive thoughts.

  20. shenaz

    Mon : rd n his friend meet with a serious accident .
    Tues : rd’s friend dies aft d accident leaving his gf behind.
    Wed : sanyu confronts rd about his constant absence from lectures n collage projects
    Thus : sanyu is close to find out dat ranawat is a genius n he has created d tractor which helps d poor.
    Fri : sanyu breaks in rd’s room to figure out d reason behind his constant absents

  21. shenaz

    So can I now hope dat u guys will enjoy d shw now bcoz lot of sandhir scenes r going to cum according to d spoilers enjoy guys n plz read spoliers OK .

  22. shenaz

    So sry dr bcoz I went to see if some stories of sandhir ff came or not thinking no1 is here bcoz I n Sara r only d night birds here so I thought no1 will b here really sry dr

  23. shenaz

    No no I just help her sometimes in some problems so she thinks me as a teacher n sweet bcoz she is really sweet so she thinks of me like dat too

  24. priya kumar

    No problem my mom and dad trust me a lot and iam not break my parents trust.

  25. shenaz

    Nish chk d spolires dr I think d shw is going to b interesting now
    Hi sara how r u my ph is creating a problem for me dr so replying late

  26. shenaz

    My net is not slow priyu my ph falled na so half display is gone dr n meet my friend Sara
    I tk Allah dat u both r here

  27. shenaz

    Gud Sara
    Priyu wt is full form of BBA n hw was ur exams
    Nish don’t need to say tk u its OK so will u like to join us dr

  28. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    oh kk priya my full name is iffath sara I m frm bangalore cmpltd my 7th & promoted to 8th nw tel abt u dr

  29. shenaz

    Oh grt so I think u can suggest me some option too priyu I have completed my 12th still waiting for results n now I m interested in business field so u would suggest me something related to business world plz dr

  30. priya kumar

    my child times also iam interested business oriented so i take 11std in commerce and iam score good marks in 12std 990/1100

  31. shenaz

    Nish tell us something about u dr
    My intro I m shenaz shaikh from Mumbai finished 12th but still waiting for results n my age is 18 yrs n i luv sh a lot

  32. priya kumar

    so iam take college in BBA COURSE that’s very very easiest course and iam next take MBA MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

  33. shenaz

    Wt is TN nisha n tk u dr but grt to know u r also a Muslim like me n Sara n v all r having girls n8 out over here

  34. shenaz

    Priyu u give me options dr I don’t know anything so I have to choose something from ur options

  35. shenaz

    I don’t know but till dis week it must come priyu as I got dis information about results from my friends n dey r also not sure about it priyu
    OK Sara I got it dr

  36. priya kumar

    iam pray god you will definitely get high marks and god give you right course for higher studies so don’t worry keep be happy

  37. shenaz

    Its OK nisha n wt is
    Priyu first give me some option or tell me d place from where I can know wt courses n avalible
    Sara now u disappeared dr

  38. shenaz

    Tk u priyu but 1 thing I want to clear with u guys I was not well for my 3 papers during d exam times but I did my best guys hope I will get gud marks all is on how I performed now

  39. shenaz

    OK to u priyu I stay in Mumbai
    Yes Sara let’s do it
    Nisha so u r science student ha grt I heard science students ki studies hard hoti hai so all d best dr for it

  40. priya kumar

    ok my friends, iam feeling sleepy,take care and don’t worry for exam results.

  41. don’t worry. In Shaa Allah u ll get gud marks. n I don’t thnk now there will be strict valuation. so juz pray n don’t loose hope

  42. shenaz

    Tks a lot guys now I m also thinking I will get gud marks but when d results will cum I will say hw much I got to u guys

  43. priya kumar

    shenaz,sara,nish thank god you give such a beautiful friends and sisters,bye,good night abd sweet dreams. umaaaaaaaa

  44. shenaz

    Gud n8 priyu sweet dreams n I m not at all worried for my results wt I have done dat only I will get back n sleep well dr tata c u soon luv u dr ummmah tc dr bye

  45. shenaz

    Yes priyu I also had a grt day 2day bcoz I made 2 new friends
    Nisha I have hope left in me bcoz I never let it die I have faith in Allah n he will definitely help me dr

  46. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    sry fr dissappearing guys & shenaz u told u vl make watsapp acnt naa wen r u gng to mke?

  47. shenaz

    Me 2 doing part time job dr same pinch I m working as a sales girl in a chemist near my house
    Sara 200 nahi bana kya???

  48. shenaz

    Execuse me Sara u agn forgot d rule n ha I will make it as soon as my ph gets repaired dr don’t worry I will give u my number on mails

  49. shenaz

    Wt part time job r u doing dr
    U know wt sara n nisha just now my sis was numberingi in sleep sleep I luv u to jiju I recoreded her voice now see I will tho tease her more just let her get up in morning den see

  50. me? many jobs lyk house cleaning, plates washing n yeah sometimes cooking! so many jobs bt I don’t get salary!

  51. shenaz

    Oh OK dr nisha me too d same sometimes but mostly for family
    N Sara hw can I not b naughty ha its my favourite hobby especially with my sis n friends just luv u all kabhi kabhi to mom k shaath bhi karti hu

  52. shenaz

    Nisha I think u must once more try to convince ur parents about job option bcoz not working aft studies proves r studies were useless

  53. shenaz

    Nothing just on 27of dis month she got married to my best friend n now it is upto her wt she wants to do jiju tho gave her permission to choose anything as she likes but first she was doing banking

  54. shenaz

    Try try till u succeed it dr I believe in dat n sometimes tho I get stubborn also but its OK dr dey will listen I just pray for it n hope too

  55. shenaz

    Tk u dr
    Sara tumne koi comment nahi choda hai late aane ka n she secondly my 3 min has finshex long back

  56. yeah bt they r parents, if they didn’t allow me thn there should be a reason behind tat. so I didn’t force them.

  57. shenaz

    4 more
    Nisha jab bhi target pe hum pahucne wale hote hai na Sara always disappear at dat time especially with me she do dis

  58. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    oops I came bt I had to go urgent dats y I went & b4 I ws hungry so went to hav food bcz I dint had dinr so I took frm fridge

  59. shenaz

    My granny yaar she was agn making some scary sounds in her sleep so I went to see who is it

  60. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    she is fyn bt frm 2 days she is nt available at watsapp mails or tu she blockd me ammy & othrs in watsapp dunno y bt I think her sus tld to her aunt dat she tlks to unknown ppl may b dats d reason

  61. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    dunno dr wen I get sleep I vl go yo sleep no tym if I get sleep nw den I vl go to sleep nw so no prfct tym

  62. shenaz

    Sweet heart when will ur school start from I think u said to me but I don’t remember

  63. shenaz

    No no I will sleep chating with u only if my comments don’t cum for long time of 10 min aft d last 1 den u must think I sleapt for dat thing gn tc n sweet dreams in advance for u

  64. shenaz

    Oh OK dr n Laura’s granny she tho says theif theif in her sleep n laura would go searching around for it best part of her granny’s sleep

  65. shenaz

    Did u like 2days episode dr bcoz here some ppl r saying d shw is losing its charm

  66. shenaz

    I know he is but doing it for DT’s benefit only but way of doing things is really different
    Anyways hw r my rest of friends sana nuts fairy niks max n rv bhai jaan

  67. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    evry1 r fyn dr & nutz she is bsy so she vl nt cm til 26 june it seems & max bro he is nt cmng to tu frm sm days & I think alone bt happy ws rv bro

  68. shenaz

    I was confused with June n July so I thought better to ask u but now it is pakka sweetie

  69. shenaz

    No no I don’t think so he was alone but happy bcoz he always calls us sis r8 n v both were present on tu but he was talking to u d most n I don’t think rv bhai jaan would do dis n when I asked do I know u no reply from his side to me I know rv bhai jaan is also Dramebaaz but still I don’t think dat alone n happy was rv bhai jaan

  70. shenaz

    May b u r r8 dr once he cums to tu or mails ask him dought clear ho jayega but no more discussion on dis topic

  71. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    sry shenaz fr dissappearing actually I dozed off dat tym nw got up so came hr if u r reading dis den plz mail me

  72. shenaz

    Akhil I hope ur yesterdays exam went grt now I m bc so catch u guys at 4:00 n all d best for ur rest exams akhil

  73. Happy

    Oh!i so ur comments at matsh.u got many tamil frnds.look m a luck 4 u.thats y after me u scored lot of frnds.

  74. this episode of sadda haq is really gud…….what this ranawat said is really true……i mean the whole dream team are together with each other for whole 4 years……and still they dont trust each other……i mean how stupid is this……all ways they know i s 2 fight with each other……atleast ab toh aek ho jao randhir and sanyukta…..getting bored by seeing ur fighting….

  75. shenaz

    But I think i said to all of u I will cum at 4:00 I know I m late but itna bhi late nahi hua hai

  76. shenaz

    Me to gud dr see I m trying to choose something as my future but not getting anything.

  77. shenaz

    I dont know dr I have many confusions in my lyf aacha chalo leave dis I will find something for me d best 1 in which my heart will agree

  78. shenaz

    Yes dr I will follow my heart will not listen to any1 as I m not used to in my studies n job

  79. shenaz

    Grt but I think I have a old friend named naaz but u can call me naz but remember never use naaz as it is my old friends name on tu

  80. shenaz

    U r really sweetie suggesting names for me over here i said na naz is OK with me but henu is also gud u can take any1 from dese 2

  81. .k done. I ll cal u naz. actually its my habit to cal my frnds wit different name. so… plz don’t mind.

  82. shenaz

    Yes dr I will not mind u can call me naz n ha sry for late reply but my ambition from childhood was to bcom a police officer but now tho I have chasma so it is of no use to me dr

  83. voh actually for past 2 yrchannel v yeha nahi hai. I saw it in the beginning. I lyk the pair sanyukta randir. so after tat I could c updates. really I lyk it very much.

  84. shenaz

    I also used to watch D3 n kaise hair yeh lyf I don’t remember I tbink i saw it only 2wise

  85. priya kumar

    someone misuse my name shenaz you go and see ipkknd ebp page iam really hurt but liya susi lot of friends support me

  86. shenaz

    Oh its common over here babes don’t wry it happened with me also many times in tu n it was my friends who supported me just try to forget all dis bcoz it is not ur lyf n its just a small part of lyf dr some1 tho called me indirectly a call girl so don’t get upset on all dese things dr

  87. shenaz


    Acc I was going to warn u about all dis on ur first day but I stoped bcoz i didnt want to spoil ur day priyu
    Hw r u liya

  88. shenaz

    Tum logo ko essha nahi lagta ki tum dono meri tarif bahut zaada karti ho u guys r responsible for my dis behaviour all my friends family who support me so a big tk u to u guys for being present in my lyf n for supporting me luv u all ummmmah guys

  89. shenaz

    OK liya c u soon dr n I won’t mind at all
    Priyu its OK chill dr give me ur mail id if u can

  90. priya kumar

    my email id. will publish this site so all are watching shenaz what can i do,so sorry dear

  91. don’t feel priya. zindagi mein bohot kuch dekh na hai. so insab ko hame himmat se face karna padega. so be strong

  92. shenaz

    Priyu don’t feel bad dr I know u r strong enough to handle dis I think it was stupid john he only does all dis stupidgiri’s

  93. shenaz

    OK I will say liya to give her id if she gives den u both mail on her id she will give me OK

  94. priya kumar

    ok dr shenaz and nish bye my mom calling me.i love you dear.good night and sweet dreams.umaaaaaaaaaaa

  95. Happy(liya)

    Is there network [email protected]

  96. Happy(liya)

    Hr shenaz!! U know athu asked my id even i didnt gave hr.i have many enemies hr.atlast she gave me her id in malayalam.wait i ll find out a way.

  97. shenaz

    OK I will say sara den its ok liya don’t wry dr she will tho definitely give now bye guys gn n sweet dreams to all luv u all ummmah bye cu all very soon agn dad calling so have to go

  98. Happy(liya)

    No problem.u r doing many things 4 me na.first time u r asking sth.i ll give it.

  99. shenaz

    No no no need of giving ur mail id dr u r not comfortable with it but Sara will b I think so so no need to wry dr about it n I have to go now so bye dr tc

  100. shenaz

    No kiya hw can v forget u u r our friend dr anyways hiiiiiiiiiii shinning star gud to see u back dr

  101. shenaz

    Koi hai kya guys Sara liya nisha priyu shinning star gugu alia akhil sana any1 will do but plz cum

  102. shenaz

    But I will wait for 10 min as I said n still if no1 cums den tata bye bye c u guys ok

  103. shenaz

    OK guys coming straight to d point mera ph 2weeks ago neche gir gaya tha n I have still not relaired it bcoz when I asked him to repair my ph he just said a big no to me bcoz yeh ph pehile mere haat se girl gaya tha tho iska half display gaya tha I kept on convincing dad tho aab jake vo finally maan gaye hai ph thik karane k liye but he is not getting time for it so he said aft somedays he will go to d shop n give it for repairing aab mere display pe much nahi dikh raha tha aft 4:00 maine ph around 3 hrs k liye off kiya tho I can see something something on it so leaving dis mgs for all my friends k I can’t cum for 1-2months on tu I think so but if possible I will try to cum with some1’s ph till den bye luv u all guys n will miss u a lot ummmah bye guys c u all very very soon tata guys n plz pray k jaldi se mera ph thik ho jaye so dat I can chat with u all guys agn till den miss me a lot guys aur ha I m warning u all don’t u guys dare to forget me luv u all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much tata guys

  104. shinning star

    Shenaz will miss u b me bhi online nahi aaie thi vcz mere entrance exams the n 2 abhi rehte h hope u understand miss u alot

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