Sadda Haq 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Eklaviya asks vivek to come. He comes in. Eklaviya says come have a seat. Vivek can’t walk properly. Trustee says I need to talk to rest of board members it will take time. EKlavoya says we need a mentor for dream team. Trustee says I know. Eklaviya asks vivek to leave. Trustee says he is drunk? this can’t happen. Eklaviya says he is a genius and he will do it amazingly. vivek is the only person who can replace vardhan. trustee says i hope he wont let us down. dream team took years to come here.

Path sees some in projector room, when he looks in arpita is giving the man money. parth says he is the same person who played video of vardhan in hall. why is she giving him money. Arpita says to her camera, i know this is weird but i am trying to reunite the dream team. I need

them to get out of the shock. parth comes in.

sanyu says vardhan solved FITE’s problem while leaving. We are so lucky he gave us these tasks. randhir says i don’t get it these letters and videos are like a script. sahil says but who wrote it? parth comes in with arpita and says i will you. He says you wanna know who was sending those letters. He shows them the video, sanyu says do you know what vardhan meant to us. randhir says you can leave or.. sanyu says why you did this? arpita says i will answer you all. i manipulated you all for vardhan. vidushi says don’t bring him in all this. she says vardhan asked me to reunite. I wanted to bond you all with those questions. vardhan asked me to do this. I couldn’t know do this especially randhir and sanyu. all of you were leaving dream team and this would have hurt vardhan most. I was just following vardhan’s orders. vardhan gave me a software with which i could print his signatures. I just wanted to follow him. randhir says we will continue his legacy. parth says we will make dream team again. sahil says we can do this. They all vow for vardhan sir.

Dream team comes back to college. They go to eklaviya. parth says we have realized our mistake. sahil says we will prove that we are stronger. randhir says we will go to internation competition. sanyu says and win it. Eklaviya says for that you have to talk to your new mentor, vivek comes in and says hello everyone. vivek says car will finish when you have a team, there is no dream team anymore. randhir says who are you to say? Eklaviya says you took it all for granted. sahil says what will FITE do without dream team. Eklaviya says there will be a new dream team, even Phd students will take part in competition. Eklaviya says compete and win, you will get further updates from notice board. they all leave in anger.

sanyu says how can they dissolve dream team. yoyo says no one can take vardhans place. Vidushi says and that drunk. Azan comes and says fresh competition is good for everyone. he leaves.

randhir is hitting punching bag and says we will beat him in the competition. Parth says there will be phd students as well. we don’t have to be over confident. randhir says don’t talk like azan. Team will be ours.

randhir sees azan working on the car, radhir says how dare you to touch the car. this is ours. aazan says there is no dream team now and i have permission of eklaviya. randhir punches him and says you can’t take place of any of us.sanyu come in and stops randhir. azan leaves. Sanyu says what were you doing? randhir says he was touching our car. sanyu says we need to beat them with our performance we wont fight.

Parth and vidushi are in library, parth says these two students will also take part in competition. the two boys come and sit with them. they says you are talking about us. one says he is anmol and he is adeet. we have read these books many times, competing with you will be like learning abc after literature. parth says you don’t look like dream team students, vardhan could figure out students from their minds, parth says competition is on field. anmol says see you on field and don’t try to cheat vidushi.

Eklaviya calls vivek and says this is the last chance you have, i hope you wont get me insulted in front of everyone.

Precap-vivek says i will short list 50% f students from test. Anmol comes and taunts at the team, randhir says both of them shouldn’t be in team. sanyu says dream team is ours.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. afra

    hojaata hai yaar, dont cry πŸ˜‰
    u guys r new n lemme tell u, yahaan 1st position ke liye sab ke sab lage rehte the
    lekin ab pata nahi kya hua πŸ™ πŸ™

  2. wow what a challenge n dat too with Phd. students
    its gonna be fun n nail-biting experience for all fans of SH πŸ™‚

  3. I told u guys dat this was d plan of arpita n vd my guess was right yeyyyyy!!!
    hey Queen how u get that crown on ur username?? {if u dont want to tell den ignore it}

  4. akhil

    I’m of 17 and queen what and where r u studying. Dont feel bad, its just I want to know abt oldies ,so I’m asking intro questions

  5. akhil

    Oh can we all become frnds like u,me,afra,max,naz and others. Just asking not demanding. Hope u guys dont feel bad

  6. ?

    vaishu safe with out you ,don’t try to be a hero once a villain always [email protected]

  7. okay den d credit goes to u both guys n ofcourse all of us too for overcoming everything which we did as d fans of this show πŸ™‚
    ughhhhh again abusive words on dis page

  8. yahaan sabke boards chalre lekin is page ko observe karo its totally opposite, even mere bhi exams chalre
    Hi R!!!
    u r most welcome πŸ™‚

  9. ye kya??? sab jaare???
    mujhe bhi padhayi karna hai πŸ™ πŸ™
    bas kuch din aur, fir aazaad but result will be haunting

  10. afra

    am der akhil
    no mood to study πŸ™
    i have a questn for u all
    how u guys becam d fans of SH n share ur experiences about dis show

  11. afra

    ok mine is somewhat typical
    as usual during lunch in clg mere frnds{not me coz i hate saas-bahu drame baazi, waise hamare yahaan TV bhi nahi hai} TV shows ke baare me discuss kar rahe the, one of my frnds introduced us about Sadda Haq on ‘V'{actually hume is channel ke baare me pata bhi nahi tha πŸ™ } n its cast especially Param aka RD. From here started my journey as SH fan that too only on TU n mai unhe action me kabhi dekhi nahi sirf padhi hun yahaan. πŸ™ πŸ™

  12. afra

    am also interested in engg. but in dis city sab clgs bekaar hai n no1 will let me do engg. in other city{situatn somewhat like sanyu but she won her dream}
    waise mere koi plans nahi the Mpc ke but forced coz of situstn n ended up messing everything πŸ™ πŸ™

  13. ?

    you are in the stage of denial @ max truth hurts dude,but you love her beautiful heart na so it’s fine bro!keep loving

  14. shenaz

    So sorry sweet I know I called in morning n dn I only didnt replyed accutually I went to the hospital for my grandma.

  15. shenaz

    Wise aaj ka epi bahut accha tha I just loved it. Aur arpita bicchari ko kya kuch karna pada DTko reunite Karen k lia. Hats off to arpita bcoz of here DT is back in action.

  16. shenaz

    I m shenaz from Mumbai n I m 18 I know I lied on my first intro but that was just bcoz of an unknown person named %%% I told my age 34.

  17. bhoot bhagaing baba

    Bache yaha koi kyy ka ayeing to usko boling ki baba tuje dhunding wo alg alg tu me jake ashanti phelaying especially “?” Ko boling inko bottle mai bandh kring nd samundr me phek ke aying

    bache %%% ye balak acha h
    iska naam kudo hoying

  18. afra

    bhoot bhagaying baba very nice name hahahahaha……lolzzz
    acha kaam kar rahe ho aap TU par…
    baba is page par aapki saqt zarurat hai πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  19. afra

    hey some1 was asking about Phd, right???
    kabhi aapne kisi person ke name ke aage dr. dekha hai{he is not d one who did mbbs or MD n not running a hospital but has Dr. in his name}
    aksar ye log hamaare principals rehte
    Phd is a like a course{or even research} which will be completed in 3yrs or upto 10 yrs too{depending upon research n candidate}. aur ye post-graduatn ke baad kiya jaata hai{lets say M.Tech, acc to dis show}
    n later dey r awarded Phd{aur ye log padhayi ke kide hote hai n aadhe ganje(bald) bhi hote hai
    hope u got d answer πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  20. afra

    thats why sab fans ko jhatka laga coz of these Phd students πŸ™
    n this is a tough comptn for our old dream team πŸ™ πŸ™

  21. shenaz

    Afra if u read this message then come to TU at 4 I have one more ? n want to chat if u if u r free then only.

  22. afra

    uhh cant stop myself to come here πŸ™
    sorry, i dont know about PWD
    rahi baat SH dekhne ki, mai kabhi nahi dekhi{TV nahi hai} πŸ™
    sirf padhi hun n unke pics dekhi

  23. shenaz

    Type Sadda haq serial on Google it will show some pages of it on web there is a file named Sandhir – Randhir & Sayukta Sadda Haq V 1 Facebook wait till the page is loaded n dn u can see viedos of sadda haq from 4th mar till 13th mar n that also without signing in.

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  27. shenaz

    Aaj sadda haq nahi hai toh iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki koi bhi TU pe nahi aayega. I m getting boared .

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    Toh koi nahi aaya I think tum San apne exams me busy ho toh bye n ha best of luck for your exams guys my best wishes r with all of u guys n I will pray for u all to get good mark. Last but not d least study hard n score good marks n all d best guys. By eee…

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    Gn guys I know I kuch zaada der ho gaya bone me but this just happened bcoz of TU technical problem they were uploading the whole systeam again so it took more than 45 minutes for them to do it.So finally g8 guys n sweet dreams.

  30. shenaz

    Akhil tumhe Daar nahi lagta kya mei tumhe yaha ?’s pouch rahi hu wo bhi ek behad strong field ka.

  31. akhil

    Well mujhe sabse hard task laga welding mai jahan hum logon ko 2cm moti steel bar ko haath se kaatna hai(using saw) aur phir wwlding bhi dhyanse karna hai kyunki galat jagah welding kar dige tho usko todna mushkil hai aur voh karte samay ek mask pehen te hai eyes pe jiss se kuch bhi nahi dikhta sivaay welding spark chod ke

  32. shinning star

    Koie nahi h kya??
    Mere maths ke 19 chapters h mebe 18 kar liye h bas ekk rehta h planes me vo kar leti hu abhi ti koie online h hi nahi I wish iss bar me 100 on 100 score kar lugi plz guys wish me luck bcZ bahut preparation kari h pure saal bass is baar to full marks lane hi h

  33. shenaz

    Koi nahi hai kya tho tik hair mei apne aap se baate karti hu tab tak jab tak koi aa na jaay aa phir jab tak mei bore nahi ho jaati but let me tell u guys mera patiens aur tolerance level dono bahut kam hai so agar kisi ne bhi ye message dekha tho plzzz come to TU, request hai damki nahi.

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  35. shenaz

    I think vivek d new mentor can take vardhans place n he also has A very bad which still keeps on haunting him n I think dats y he keeps on drinking he thinks drinking will keep his haunting thoughts away from his mind but I don’t think it will work at all till he fights with his past n win over its past.

  36. shenaz

    I came to know d new mentors name is mihir Ali I like his entry n intro with d DT on 13th mar. It looks quite interesting how d old DT n new mentor bounding with each other.

  37. shenaz

    4Hi naz many many happy returns of d day many u live more hundreds of years long.once again happy birthday in advance.sorry for replying late as I told earlier sever problem is going on from morning.

  38. shenaz

    What do u say naz should he fight with his past n live in his present n think for better future or not.

  39. shenaz

    What does aarum ille means naz n give me ur intro also. N I thank u for comming to TU n giving me company as I was really getting boared to talk to my own self.

  40. shenaz

    Comming back to d show again I loved d way how sanyu handled Rd n makes him clam down n vidharth protest against PhD students I loved these scenes too.

  41. shenaz

    U guys know y is r serial on no. 4,7or8 from last few months its just bcoz of us I saw no. 1 n 2’s shows fans online till 2:30 am n morning also they were der first chit chatting on it again its only bcoz of us dat we r leading back I am trying my best to keep d serial on top but I can’t do it all alone I need ur support guys comment as many as u all can do guys on this it will increase r serial rate on chaska meter not only chatting can increase its rate but also watching videos likeing dem can increase r shows rate.

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  45. shenaz

    Naz I think u went so all d best for ur exams n once again a very…happy birthday in advance

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  52. shenaz

    So finally fida u turned 17 congratulations n happy birthday once again many many happy returns of d day.

  53. shenaz

    Guys spoliers r out but only of to days Monday n Thursday
    Mon : sandhir, vidart, sahil, yoyo needs to defeat the PhD students to ratain back their place in dream team.
    Thus : FITE loses in front of accredation team which an obstacle for them.

  54. shenaz

    Guys an jo bhi gm bone kai lia kolega TU plzz go though all d comments I have left something very important for u guys n then plzz give a comment if u r with us. If u r not with us then don’t leave a comment.

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  57. sana

    I m watching sadda haq frm strtng
    n i m a big dan of shq
    bt i used to enjoy pehle wala shq whn dey bth used to fight n compete woth each other ab to vardhan bhi gaya abhi lag rha tha story line will chng bt fir vardhan ko maar diya

  58. shenaz

    Tum sab ko kya kal ki meri speech itne motivating lag I ki sab keep sab TUchod kai bhag gaye.

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