Sadda Haq 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Eklaviya asks vivek to come. He comes in. Eklaviya says come have a seat. Vivek can’t walk properly. Trustee says I need to talk to rest of board members it will take time. EKlavoya says we need a mentor for dream team. Trustee says I know. Eklaviya asks vivek to leave. Trustee says he is drunk? this can’t happen. Eklaviya says he is a genius and he will do it amazingly. vivek is the only person who can replace vardhan. trustee says i hope he wont let us down. dream team took years to come here.

Path sees some in projector room, when he looks in arpita is giving the man money. parth says he is the same person who played video of vardhan in hall. why is she giving him money. Arpita says to her camera, i know this is weird but i am trying to reunite the dream team. I need them to get out of the shock. parth comes in.

sanyu says vardhan solved FITE’s problem while leaving. We are so lucky he gave us these tasks. randhir says i don’t get it these letters and videos are like a script. sahil says but who wrote it? parth comes in with arpita and says i will you. He says you wanna know who was sending those letters. He shows them the video, sanyu says do you know what vardhan meant to us. randhir says you can leave or.. sanyu says why you did this? arpita says i will answer you all. i manipulated you all for vardhan. vidushi says don’t bring him in all this. she says vardhan asked me to reunite. I wanted to bond you all with those questions. vardhan asked me to do this. I couldn’t know do this especially randhir and sanyu. all of you were leaving dream team and this would have hurt vardhan most. I was just following vardhan’s orders. vardhan gave me a software with which i could print his signatures. I just wanted to follow him. randhir says we will continue his legacy. parth says we will make dream team again. sahil says we can do this. They all vow for vardhan sir.

Dream team comes back to college. They go to eklaviya. parth says we have realized our mistake. sahil says we will prove that we are stronger. randhir says we will go to internation competition. sanyu says and win it. Eklaviya says for that you have to talk to your new mentor, vivek comes in and says hello everyone. vivek says car will finish when you have a team, there is no dream team anymore. randhir says who are you to say? Eklaviya says you took it all for granted. sahil says what will FITE do without dream team. Eklaviya says there will be a new dream team, even Phd students will take part in competition. Eklaviya says compete and win, you will get further updates from notice board. they all leave in anger.

sanyu says how can they dissolve dream team. yoyo says no one can take vardhans place. Vidushi says and that drunk. Azan comes and says fresh competition is good for everyone. he leaves.

randhir is hitting punching bag and says we will beat him in the competition. Parth says there will be phd students as well. we don’t have to be over confident. randhir says don’t talk like azan. Team will be ours.

randhir sees azan working on the car, radhir says how dare you to touch the car. this is ours. aazan says there is no dream team now and i have permission of eklaviya. randhir punches him and says you can’t take place of any of us.sanyu come in and stops randhir. azan leaves. Sanyu says what were you doing? randhir says he was touching our car. sanyu says we need to beat them with our performance we wont fight.

Parth and vidushi are in library, parth says these two students will also take part in competition. the two boys come and sit with them. they says you are talking about us. one says he is anmol and he is adeet. we have read these books many times, competing with you will be like learning abc after literature. parth says you don’t look like dream team students, vardhan could figure out students from their minds, parth says competition is on field. anmol says see you on field and don’t try to cheat vidushi.

Eklaviya calls vivek and says this is the last chance you have, i hope you wont get me insulted in front of everyone.

Precap-vivek says i will short list 50% f students from test. Anmol comes and taunts at the team, randhir says both of them shouldn’t be in team. sanyu says dream team is ours.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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