Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima talking to Suhani. Suhani tells about Yuvraaj who did a lot for her smile, and they did not come home till she smiled. Pratima says smile went as soon as you came home. Sharad asks her to say the truth what she is hiding about Soumya. Suhani says Soumya said Dadi told her to do this. Dadi wants Yuvraaj and my relation breaks. Pratima worries and asks what benefit Dadi has in this. Suhani says everyone knows Dadi does not like me, she feels Yuvraaj will be happy with Soumya, more than me. She says Dadi feels Soumya is better. Sharad asks Soumya is liar. Suhani says Dadi scolded Soumya. Pratima asks does Dadi know about your and Soumya’s fight. Suhani says I heard them talking and tells them everything. She says Soumya lied to me, but I did not understand, my mind says Soumya is saying the truth, but my heart is not ready to accept this, Dadi loves Yuvraaj a lot, and she can’t do this. She says I don’t know the truth. She comes in her room and Yuvraaj confronts her for wasting his hardwork, he got her smile after much hardwork and now its again gone. She smiles. Sharad tells Pratima that he does not know whats Soumya and Dadi’s plan. Pratima says why don’t Dadi accept Yuvraaj and Suhani’s marriage, why is she playing games. Suhani says till you are with me, I can’t be upset. She says no one understands me well then you, and no one supports me. Yuvraaj says I don’t force anyone for anything, whenever you want to share problems with me, you can. She hugs him and says thanks for coming in my life. Saawre…………….plays………………

Its morning, Soumya tells Suhani that Dadi is not talking to her after knowing this, why is she rude to her. Suhani says I kept my friendship and you tried to break my marriage. Soumya says I did not do this. Dadi made me do this. Suhani says I would have not broken your home even if Lord told me. Soumya says I lost your friendship, I will not lose, the day I will show Dadi has done this, I will leave this home. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to talk later, and help him in party decorations.

He tells someone about Dadi’s 70th birthday and 70types of dishes. Sharad asks Suhani why is she upset, did Soumya do anything. Suhani says no, I m thinking about Dadi. Sharad asks what. Suhani says Dadi said she loves Yuvraaj a lot and she can go to any extent for his happiness, will she plan to break this relation. Sharad asks her not to think about it. Soumya offers help to Yuvraaj and he says yes, help me in decorating the flowers. Rags says Yuvraaj, Dadi will not like it if guests work, you tell us, Menka and I will help. Menka tells Soumya not to come in party, else Dadi will be angry. Suhani says whats going on, why are they behaving with Soumya like this.

Yuvraaj orders a strawberry cake, sugar free and talks on phone. Menka stands to hear him. Sharad scares her saying whats happening and she falls down. They all laugh on her. Suhani helps Menka and asks is she hurt. Menka says everyone tease me, I will not talk to anyone. Rags asks what happened and Menka is annoyed. Rags asks is work done. Menka says yes. Rags smiles.

Dadi says you all have done good arrangements, I will wish to Lord to get grandsons like you all in every birth. Saurabh says your bahus have also done work, but mostly Suhani has done the decorations. He says they have to order cake. Dadi says you order it, else Suhani will order Suji Ka Halwa and saying its benefits. She asks Suhani to dress well as her imp guests are coming, and reminds her time she has made entry in mudded clothes. Soumya asks can I help. Dadi asks her to be away.

Yuvraaj asks Dadi shall I drop you to spa. She says yes and leaves with him. Suhani goes to get ready. Sharad says is this any new storm in making, as Dadi is in some new plan now. The birthday party starts and Yuvraaj wishes her, along with the surprise. Dadi is glad seeing her friends. He says you missed them last time, so we called them from Canada and USA specially for you. She says thanks, I did not know you can go to this extent for my happiness. He says even you think about my happiness. Dadi’s friends greet her and wish her birthday. Dadi thanks them for coming. The lady says Saurabh and Anuj have sent tickets too, so we could not say no. Dadi asks would you say no if they did not send tickets. The lady laughs and says joking, you are lucky to have such grandsons. Dadi says even her bahus are good. They say they did come in Yuvraaj’s marriage, as she was not there. Dadi asks them to meet her now. They ask where is she. Dadi points to Suhani. The lady says she is so pretty. Suhani smiles. The lady greets Suhani and goes to Soumya.

Everyone get shocked seeing this misunderstanding. Yuvraaj says she is not my wife, its her, that’s my wife Suhani. The lady looks at both of them, and asks Chandrakala, as she has sent her Soumya’s pic.

Dadi tells Suhani that this relation is alive as she is Yuvraaj’s helplessness, and he is bearing her against his will. Suhani cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. truth be out please…!!
    i mean …the full truth…!!

  2. Stupid Soumya i never saw a dirty character like u still u r trying 2 snatch her husband by joining hands with that 3 monkey’s by fooling her…………shame on u…..!!!!!

    1. soumya has a good future- she should be killed by……………… ;>

  3. Idiot dadi,whn yuvraj cnfs his love to suhani anyhow i like d 1st part love u yuvani 🙂

  4. nice precap.. now suhani must know the truth and yuvraj must accept his love for suhani!

  5. No yaar…precape bilkul achha nahi tha..itene jaldi suhani ko sab kuch nahi pata chalna chahiye yaar…avi tak toh yuvraj ko v realise nahi hua hai ki woh suhani ko pyar karta hain.. 🙁
    ab suhani ko sab pata chalte hi woh pakka yujraj aur birla house ko chhod k chali jaengi… 🙁 🙁

  6. it ws a nce epi………waitng fr tmrws epi…………..hi suchi…….

  7. dadi is the worst grandma in tis world.soumya,do u know whats frdship?

  8. soumya, r u not ashamed of living even now in front of suhani? i think soumya is not a human.

  9. yuvraj is now suhani’s husband & he love suhani.soumya is behind yuvraj after Krishna.she will go behind any other rich guy if she lose yuvraj.

  10. nt getting 1 thing .is this dadi angry with soumya really?this intolerable woman can’t be trusted at all. .

    1. dadi cannot get angry on soumya. as soumya is the ugly pet of that ugly woman.

      1. i think u r right suhani.

  11. This comment has been deleted.

    Reason: Inappropriate language.

  12. what nonsense r u typing?can’t u know many r reading tis? stupid

  13. zhaira you are right.. this is just a place to discus abt suhanis epsds and nothing stupid..

  14. todays eps was awesome cant wait for tmrws to see suhanis reaction on what that old evil is telling..

  15. i don’t know how to describe dadi- idiot, stupid, or fool???

  16. Dadi is sO annoying . I don’t like both soumya and dadi ..

  17. suhani & soumya %= can’t say & dadi chandra( ;( )

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