Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera informs Ahem over phone that Mansi has locked herself inside room. He informs Kokila and Vidya about it and calls Mansi, but she does not pick his call. He recalls again and asks what is wrong with her. She says he knows her problem and says she spent 10 years with him, but he did not marry her at all and now Meera and Vidya are going away from her and she cannot tolerate that. He says he cares about her and will set the things right soon. He respects her like before and asks to open door as everyone are worried about her. She says he is worried about everyone more than her and cuts call. Gopi sees Ahem’s hand injury and worriedly asks how did it happen. He angrily looks at her.

Ahem reaches Modi bhavan and shouts Mansi’s name. Meera says Mansi that dad has come

and she should come out now. Ahem does not enter house and asks Pari where is Mansi. She says in Kinjal’s room.

Vidya gets worried for Mansi and tells Gopi that Mansi is not picking phone, so she will go there. Kokila asks her to get her tomato soup. Once she goes to kitchen, Urmila says it is good if she hangs herself. Gopi asks what if she really harms herself. Kokila says Mansi will never do that as she thinks from brain and not heart. She is just using this trick to get Ahem’s attention.

Ahem goes to backdoor and shouts Mansi to open window. she opens it. He asks her to open door and come down. She opens door and comes down with everyone. Ahem asks Meera to bring Mansi’s bag and tells Mansi she will stay with him from hereon. Everyone are shocked, but Meera gets happy and goes in to bring bag. Mansi apologizes Ahem. He says she does not have to and takes her with him.

Jigar calls Kokila and informs that Ahem took Mansi. Vidya tells papa is also not picking call now. She sees Ahem coming with Mansi. Ahem says Kokila that Mansi will stay with them from hereon and asks Vidya to get some water for her. He gives her water and takes her to her room. Vidya gets butter milk for her and goes out. Gopi tries to enter, but Vidya stops and asks her not to trouble papa as he is feeling relaxed after many days. She says she is going to give balm to Mansi as she is having headache. Vidya asks why is she acting good. Gopi says she is not and tries to touch her face, but she pushes her hand, goes and sits on chawl stairs.

Vidya reminisces Gopi’s interference in Ahem’s life and thinks why things are getting worse. Rashi comes and asks her to clam down. Vidya asks her to go from here.

Ahem tells Mansi if she needs something, she can call Vidya or him. She hugs him. He hesitantly reciprocates. Gopi feels dejected seeing that.

Vidya shouts at Rashi that she does not know how she lived without mother for 10 years. Rashi say she knows as she was also without mom for 10 years. Vidya feels surprised.

Precap: Vidya asks Kokila why did Rashi that she was without mom for 10 years.

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  1. Rink

    Does anyone know y Rashi was away from her mom for ten yrs? Mind sharing if so ? I recently only started watching this serial.. Just curious if there was a fb or its a suspense to come..

    • Shahreen

      Pari is rashi’s real mom, but since gopi went to jail, pari refused to accept her and Rashi considers gopi as her mom. Gopi was in jail for 10 years.

    • Radha (Gopi’s sister) was Rashi’s mum and since Rashi is Jigars child Pari was meant to become her mum but he wouldn’t accept her. Gopi killed Radha because she tried to kill Rashi and Gopi got jailed for 10 years. Rashi thinks Gopi and Ahem are her mum an dad but she doesn’t know that Radha and Jigar are her mum and dad biologically. But legally it’s Pari and Jigar. That’s why Rashi thinks she hadn’t been with her mum for 10 years as Gopi was in jail for 10 years, even though her mums always been there. (Pari)

  2. Rashis mum is dead who was killed by gopi and she thinks that gopi is her mum and for the pasted10years gopi was in jail it was kokila that brought her up . rashi is jigars daughter with radha gopis sister.

  3. khushboo

    Because Hopi was in jail after killing her sister. There is a big story behind and rash I is her sister’s daughter

  4. jiya

    Boring looking to ahem.i dnt like ahem character.i love cute baby eashi.cuteeeeeeee i love u.kokila character is super.i m watching this serial nowadays only for rashi cute.

  5. Vinu

    guys sorry to tell u all I will not come to tu for a while as I has xams of first semester so xam starts on 11-24 holidays r there between but I will not come so plz xcuse me tell my gud luck to all my frnds
    from ur own monjanss

  6. Sheuli

    I think, Gopi is selfrespectless carachter person here. Gopi should leave Ahem and start a new life with the blessing of Kokila…

  7. BHAA

    Gopi leave that arrogant ahem he is just useless good for nothing .kick him hard in his back passage his “aqal ” is only there ?

  8. colinha

    Finally some things are changing the way I like it☺?????lets celebrate

    Ahem and gopi please unite the show getting you describe how this endless worthless show is going I say its a wastes of electricity.??i should read the paper??or write?or paint?or play games??take pics???? Only if the people or prop ain’t ugly

    LOL but this time its funny !!!!!!!

    I can’t stop doing it its an gift I tell you a gift

    That can’t be cracked except polena and meheng there so clever there will work it out they go to the strict primary school the same on as me I am in grade 2 its a oil in a drop of mustered I still can’t stop I really can’t stop the jokes

  9. aishwarya rai bachhan

    i also watch this serial but it is dragging too much to watch abhi’s movie

  10. Yipika

    Ahem has typical Muslim character. Muslims marry to many wife’s . His character is same and disgusting behavior. I hate him

    • Hira

      Yipkia every muslim guy dnt hv many wifes ok its not about muslim guy only do this any guy can have many wife’s so dnt say that its about guy mentally not about muslim

    • A nice guy

      And what about your Drupati?how many husbands did she had? Think about it when speaking about Muslim boys . You idiot yipika

  11. noor

    plz stop this disgusting show… yeah gopi and uski koki maa… dono bakwass hey… apne aap ko bhagwan bante rehte hey yeah dono always… band krdo is ghatiya show ko…

  12. noor

    muje toh yeah ni samaj aata ki hamesha yeh gopi hi kyun sahi hoti hey har tpoic pe… vo koi mahatma nahi hey… pagal aurat hey nd uski kokila saas vo usse bhi badi pagal… jis mansi ne 10 years uske bacho ko sambhala usko hi bura kehti hey nd apne aap ko sahi… badtameez hey yeah dono muje toh chudailyee lgti hey dono…

  13. Liya

    Hey,r u [email protected]

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