Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lata and Pankaj coming home from movie, and praising Yuvraaj. Suhani smiles seeing them happy. They are shocked seeing Suhani and her bag, and ask her is everything fine. Yuvraaj jogs on the road and stops at a kulfi stall. He recalls Suhani and gets sad. Sharad comes to him and holds him. Lata says but Soumya refused to marry Yuvraaj, why did you leave home. Suhani says he did not marry me by his wish, I can’t tie him. Lata says we know Yuvraaj loves his Dadi, but he always supported Suhani. Suhani says he does not love me and this marriage does not any meaning, he is my best friend, as I have stayed there for many months.

Yuvraaj says I was shocked, and did not know whats happening, she left and gave me a shock. Sharad says now you have seen the reality, go and get her, why are you staring, just go. He says what will I answer her. Sharad asks about what. Yuvraaj says you know our relation, now we were getting friendly and she went, I know she did not go far, she will be my friend, but.. Sharad says you care for her, worry for her, how can you say you don’t love her. Yuvraaj says he can’t decide in hurry, he loved Soumya and now those feelings are gone, if I married her, I would have been ruined, I know Suhani saved my life, but I need some time.

Sharad says if I help you in knowing your feelings.. Yuvraaj asks can you help? Sharad looks on. Soumya apologizes to Krishna and says she is angry to think how she came in Dadi’s words and feeling good to separate Suhani and Yuvraaj. Krishna asks her to forget it and pray for Suhani’s new life to be full of happiness. He makes her smile. Rags and Menka thank Dadi for the facials. Dadui says even I needed facials after so much tension.

Rags says its good Yuvraaj did not marry Soumya. Dadi gives her card and the lady says her card is not working, its rejected. Dadi is stunned and everyone look at her. Rags says its ok, take my card. Menka jokes. The lady says Rags does not have sufficient balance. Rags says what, how can this happen. Dadi pays cash. Soumya comes to apologize to Lata. She cries and hugs her. She says if Suhani was not there, don’t know what would I do. Lata says its big thing that you realized your mistake. Suhani comes and Soumya asks how is she here.

Lata says she left her home and came here. Soumya is shocked. Saurabh and Anuj tell Yuvraaj that their accounts are locked. Rags comes and says the same problem happened in parlor. Menka says did Suhani take everything and run. A man comes and tells them that its court notice against birla company, they have sent first notice at office, they did not get any reply, so came here. They all are shocked.

Suhani talks to Soumya and says its not because of her, Yuvraaj does not love me, so I came here. Soumya thanks her for being a good friend. Suhani says our friendship is very valuable, I lost you once, and don’t want to lose again. Soumya says she will not do this foolishness again and hugs her. She asks why did she come here. Suhani says there is nothing left for me. Soumya says she has seen he likes her. Pratima comes and says she agrees with her for the first time. Pratima says even I feel he likes Suhani. Suhani says its nothing like that.

Pratima says he went against Dadi. Soumya says he helped you and trusted you. Suhani says he did this to show Soumya is doing wrong, as she loves Krishna. Pratima says he does not love Soumya. Suhani says yes, but he does not love me, I asked him, he did not answer. Lata says everyone does not express love. Pratima says she needs her, and asks her to come back home. Soumya also says the same. Suhani says he always disliked my color and face, I can’t stay there. Pratima says its old thing, he is changing because of me, he is not like before to see beauty and talk. Suhani says she is glad that she changed someone’s thinking.

Pankaj comes and says he has to tell something to Pratima. Saurabh says Saxena is not taking call. Yuvraaj talks to lawyer and asks which is this consignment which rejected on quality basis. Dadi says I don’t know. Saurabh says Saxena manages everything. Dadi says we have money, don’t worry. Yuvraaj says its legal notice. Dadi says she knows to manage this situation, find Saxena. Suhani says what. Pankaj says yes, our senior said he will not find the company whose consignment is rejected. Pratima says I don’t know anything, we don’t know about business. Pankaj asks about Dadi, Saurabh… She says just Saxena knows. Suhani recalls him taking sign on papers.

She says Saxena did this, he knows no one will ask anything, I will not leave him, he can’t ruin our family name. Pratima smiles as she still calls them family. Suhani says I mean you people have to punish him,a nd don’t be scared if he says he will leave job. Soumya says no one can catch him except Suhani. Pratima says yes, but she left home and does not care for us, why will she help us.

Saurabh asks what to do now. Yuvraaj says we will find solution. Dadi asks where is Pratima. Menka says she went to meet Suhani. Saurabh says she went to bring her back, as Suhani can find solution. Saxena comes home and Saurabh scolds him. Dadi asks him not to shout on him. Saxena lies to them. Saurabh says don’t lie, I m calling you since one hour. Saxena says if you don’t trust me, I will resign. Dadi asks him to stop, and asks what happened. He asks her to give him time, he will make things fine. Menka asks shall I take spa appointment. He says if its important, take it. Dadi gives him time and asks him to inform her. Saxena leaves.

Dadi scolds Pratima. Pratima says she found the solution and brings Suhani back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow..very nice episode.. 🙂
    ab Maza aaega..ab yuvraj ko realise woh Suhani se pyar karta hai.. 😉
    aur purani soumya ko v dekh k bohat achha Lagaa.. 🙂 🙂
    ♡ u yuvani. . 🙂 😉

  2. Wow nyc epi sharad apditha yuvraj ku ne tha puriya vaikanum that he loves her nu ,waiting 4 gud epi lov u yuvani 🙂 😉 😉

  3. wow….nice epi….. yvi just realize that u r in love…..ab vo dhadhi kyakaroogaa…..kalakky….

  4. Malayali?

    1. i frm kerala

  5. Hey suchi I’m also a tamilian hello!!!and very nice ? episode I loved it and suhani and yuvraj sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g ? says no suhani says yes yuvraj says yes and i-love-u and that’s yuvani..????

  6. nic episode. ..lov u yuvani

  7. nic episode. ..lov u yuvani

  8. What’s this crap!??? He still doesn’t understand that he loves suhani!! Just watch her come back to birla house and then after all the problem is solved then suhani will leave the house and yuvraj will still not realize that he loves suhani until she’s like kidnapped by someone or something bad happened to her and she’s in the hospital fighting between life and death and maybe that’s when yuvraj will understand that he doesn’t like suhani as a friend but it’s more than friendship

  9. Rmbr that time when ankit suhani’s college friend came and yuvraj slapped him and ankit said “tum dekhna yuvraj mein phir se aaoga or badla saroor loga” I think if suhani does get kidnapped it’ll be ankit who will kidnap her he is gonna come back to BH to get his badla by kidnapping suhani after all the problems r fixed the writers will have nothing to write so they’ll just make suhani kidnapped and then lengthen the show until yuvraj realizes how much he loves suhani and suhani realizes that yuvraj loves him more than a friend!! OPEN YOUR EYES SUHANI HE LOVES YOU A LOT BUT DOESNT EXPRESS IT!!

  10. Hiiiiiiiiii suchi and aparna! I’m also thimilachi!

    1. me too tamilian…

  11. waiting 4 2mrw'”s epi…

  12. Hai aparna n priya epd irukinga

  13. Guys read tat vch i was gvn abov

  14. u people belong to which area??

  15. do u know hindi???

  16. Im 4m nellai dist priya n wbu

  17. Yeah priya.j i knw hindi bt knjm puriyathu

  18. me tiruppur nd wat r u dng??

  19. I completed hindi exams so I can understand it better….

  20. suchi ka cum 2 fb

  21. suchi ka enga ponnenga

  22. wher u went suchi???

  23. yuvraaj is now annoying y cnt he tell all n sundry he loves suhani???hz soooo thick man!they jst want to prolong the episode n i thnk dadi shud die o somethin so tht suhani cn live in peace at bhouse…!

  24. Really nice episode

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