Do you like current track of MATSH?

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Ishaani and RV hate each other so much that she tells him that she dramatized her love with him to spoil his life. The show will witness multiple twists and turns where Girish (Kunal Bhatia) and RV will clear out their differences. Shikhar will propose Ishaani for marriage much to the knowledge of RV. Ranveer will then take it upon him to prove Ishaani characterless and thereby try to change Shikhar’s perception about her. Ishani is stunned knowing RV can fall so low and she agrees to marry Shikhar. RV tells Ritika that he will marry her again, on the same day when Ishaani marries Shikhar.

Baa shares her thoughts with Kanchan by signaling at the prospect of getting them married. Kanchan agrees with Baa and gives her nod of approval to the match. RV gets jealous seeing Ishaani with Shikhar and sacrifices his love again. RV talks about Ishaani in bad way infront of Shikhar. Ishaani lashes out at Baa when she talks to her about marrying Shikhar. Shikhar overhears Ishaani shouting at Baa and feels uncomfortable. Ishaani kisses RV and Ritika sees them, but Shikhar does not. As Ritika runs away from RV, he follows her. Ritika accuses RV of being with her only because of the child. The Parekhs and Mehras announce the date of Devarsh and Krisha’s marriage as well. RV decides to save Shikhar from ruining his life by being with a girl who is good for none. Do you like current track of MATSH? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. When will they reveil Ritika’s truth? eagerly waiting for that.

  2. I want ishani n shikhar that is the only punshmnt fr he never tried to find truth behind chirag’s murder n nw falguni’s murder too..i wish that ishkr get togethr n aftr that rv to knw abt reality n then he has to repent..

  3. please dont strech the tragedy between ranbeer and it is height of drama..please make sum happy moments in the serial so the the charm of aashiqui will remain..we want ranbeer and ishani together.

  4. I want ishveer to be together plz show us some aashiqui BTW them rv shd come forward to know the truth behind ishani’s action & fulguni ma death & all past mysteries shd be solved.shekar shd b the reason for ishveer reunite shekar shd remain positive. Amba shd start trusting ishani & she shd care for ishani .Ishani shd get all happiness in her life

    1. I am not watching d WORST show anymore

  5. Hi…. I daily watch mere assique… I love r.v and ishani pair… Pls don’t separate dem.. Ishani scarefices her life for ranvi… So my opinion is to make r.v and ishani together… I hope d serial rating vl be at top….. If u make d marriage of shikar and ishani den am sure it vl b floop show…

  6. Pls pls pls unite d most romantic couple r.v and ishani together…. V all want them together again…

  7. please rv aur ishani ko milao na yaar

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