Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells family that it is good if Gopi dies instead of living an insulting life. Hetal asks why is she telling that. Kokila says she is telling right and says Gopi’s daughters are ashamed to call her mom, what she must be feeling. She prays god that she is the big culprit of Gopi that she pushed her into despair. She continues that she is ashamed to give birth to a son who is a curse for her instead of Shravan kumar. He asks her not to tell that.

She says he always insulted Gopi and troubled he. If Gopi dies, he should not see her deadbody or perform her last rights. Ahem feels devastated hearing that. She continues if Gopi gets alive due to her good deeds and if she dies instead, he will not touch her body and perform last rights and Gopi should perform last rights instead. Hetal asks her to stop cursing and asks to pray god that everything should be fine.

Jigar tries to console Ahem and asks to control himself. Ahem says how can he when mom is cursing him. Hetal says our bahu will be alright and they should trust god. Kokila says she cannot see Gopi dying each day and it is better for her to die at once.

Meera comes to hospital and Kokila asks her why did she come here and to get out. Meera tells she did not do it purposefully. Kokila says she does not want to see her face. Meera says she wants to stay here. Kokila pushes her and Ahem does not listen to Meera.

Tolu/molu serve milk to Parag and other family members including Mansi.

Kokila enters Gopi’s room, reminisces she telling that she wants to finish this all at once and thinks gopi wants to go forever now. She tells Gopi she always was with her like a friend, daughter, sister, mother guiding her…

Doc checks Gopi and gives her injection while family members pray for her outside. He says injections are not working at all and she is not responding to treatment.

Precap: Kokila says even if we try our best, Gopi will not stay and will go (die).

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  1. Shera

    Ohho meera came 2 hospital!!she didnt push gopi purposefully but i think she came there purposefully 2 séé gopi’s death.

  2. meera

    hey john i think u mistakenly came here….i mean we r not aliens nd cant understand ur language….u better watch john carter of mars…lolzzzz…
    stupid alienz

  3. omi

    Hello vidhya, 🙂

    Ahem has realized his feelings for Gopi and can do anything to save Gopi. He goes to a temple after seeing Gopi fighting with death. He asks pandit to do Vrath Savitri puja for Gopi and regrets a lot for being angry on Gopi. He repents to not understand her before and does the puja’s tough rituals himself. Mansi and Meera are shocked seeing him, and support Ahem in the puja. Mansi does this by heart and turns good to Ahem. She tells Ahem to unite with Gopi and she will be going away from him for once and all.

    No vidhya she’ll not die but mansi will go away.

  4. Shera

    I dont have any problem with u jaanu ki pyaar.use this role when broak cums.i want 2 talk with my ll be difficult 4 u to use 2 roles.

  5. kajol

    Nthng lyk tht m der wid u… aftrall u r my pj lol… btw nyc name
    am fyn pj… wht abt u??

  6. Shera

    Rammu,i told u na m kutty but once i talked with u as shera frm karnataka.native place kerala nd all.

  7. kajol

    Dilbar dilse pyare
    dil ki sunta ja re
    sari duniya hari humpe
    hum tujhpe dil hare
    dilbar dilse pyare…
    Zeehri zeehri naino wale
    Lehri leri naino wale
    aree aa aa ek ek din ginti
    rahu sada
    Jabse me tujhpe hui fida
    sunta h re babua
    tuhi mera nagwa
    nhi jag me kya nhi hota re
    dilbar dilse pyare dilbar

  8. kajol

    Humko mili h aaj ye
    ghaddiya naseeb se
    jer bhar k dekhlijiye
    humko kareeb se
    fir aapke naseeb me
    ye baat ho na ho
    shayad fir is janam me
    mulakat ho na ho
    lag ja gale k phir ye
    haseen raat ho na ho…

  9. kajol

    Oye dildara oye oye dildara
    ne banjara oye me banjara
    Oh tere vaste me sara jag
    chod k dikhau
    kismatbki kalaiya
    marod k dikhau
    yara soneya dildara soneya
    ho teri choti choti bato
    pe me gor kiya jau
    teri sari fariyado pe
    me mar mita jau
    uara soneya diladara soneya

  10. kajol

    Mujhe h qabool rabba
    jo bhi tu saza de
    sab kuch lele rabba
    yaar se mila de
    oh tu jo kehdu
    to nate sare tod k dikhau
    pathar se bhi ashk nchod k dikhau
    yaaa soneya dildara soneya

  11. hawaa ke saath saath
    ghata ke sang sang
    o saathi chal….
    o mujhe leke saath chal tu
    yuhin din raat chal tu
    sambhal mere saath chal tu
    o saathi chal……
    old song 4 u Kajo lee

  12. sharmin ahmed

    I love this show saath nibhana shathiya nd i miss her my fav rashi

    Plz came back rashi…….

  13. DHAWAL


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