Mohe Piya Milenge 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suresh says what are you doing here? She says i have to submit my project i was going to college. He says you have your college here? why are you not saying anything? she says i had to sumbit the project. He says you would do submissions and projects but wont marry? your mom did all this. what did she get in return? he grasps her hand and takes her with him.

Suresh says to madhvi what project did she go for? Bell rings meena comes in. She says why are you scolding at her? Meghna says i went to submit my project, baba saw me on the way? Meena says so what? Meghna says he got mad. Suresh says you wont go out. Suresh says check her bag. Madhvi says but.. Suresh says do it. madhvi opens her bag a saari is in there. suresh says see the result now. this is her project. i am calling them and asking to fix the wedding. He calls baba and says tell me a good date for meghna wedding, he says you will get married in december. I will book the call. call desais and tell them to finalize everthing and she wont go out of the house. Meghna says baba please. He says stop it.
Meghna calls aadi desai, he says i can’t believe you called me. she is quite, he says i like you this way the way you answer things without saying anything. he says your dad has asked to get the wedding fate ready.

Aadi and his family come to suresh’s place. He says we should go for the wedding real soon. We will celebrate it with all we have. We have saved it all for our daughter. Madhvi says yes. Desai says not accepetd, everyone is dazed. he giggles and says I meant the overflow of money on the wedding, we will make her our daughter. sanjivni says yes. Suresh says you are right but we have only one daughter, we wanted her wedding to be grand. Amit says we will celebrate but we wont waste the money. they have to start a new phase of life. Desai says okay then we will decide the date. Suresh takes out the date and says it should be this wedding we have to find the hall. Desai says we dont need worry about the hall. Aadi says i have no issues with that, do you meghna? she says no. Sanivni says i know you are nervous this happens at the time of wedding. Sanjivni gives her saari, archana says welcome to desai family meghna. Sanjivni makes her eat the sweets. She asks meghan to wear the saari. Madhvi goes with meghna.
Meghna comes in the room, Madhvi says wear this sari meghna, she hugs madhvi and cries her heart out. She says i dont want to marry him. madhvi says please dnt say that now. you are wise enough, wear this saari. He will keep you really happy.
madhvi hugs her back.

Meghna comes out wearing the saari, everyone praise her. sanvni says you look upset. Madhvi says its because she has to get married. Sanjivni says i know your feelings. This happens, every girl has to leave her house. You can come to your parent’s place any time. No one will ever stop you. Desai says that is your new house we know you will take time to adjust.amit says they should be given some time alone. Everyone goes out, aadi comes to meghna and says you look beautiful in this saari. He says you are worried. i think i need to take classes to understand you.

Deasis comes home. The neighbors are all curious, sanjivni says we have decided the date of wedding. The woman says where is adi? with the girl? amit says yes they should spend time together. aadi comes on bike with meghna. The woman says wont you introduce her? Aadi says she is meghna, and meghna he is raani kaka and his wife. meghna touches their feet. Raani kaka says aadi will be really happy with you. The couple is so perfect, she is so beautiful.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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