Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Mansi that everyone does their own work in this house and even Rashi does, so she is not an exception and should work and clean it. She further says she has to clean whole house and wash Ahem’s clothes. Mansi says this is not Ahem’s house. Kokila says son’s house is where ever mother stays, so she has to work. Mansi gets irked.

Molu jokes with Pari and lifts her. Pari asks her not do mischiefs again. Tolu asks him to pick Hetal. Hetal says if she falls down at this age, her bones will break and cannot be joined, so they should spare her. Meera and Vidya enjoy their drama and leave with tolu/molu. Pari and Hetal pray god to keep the siblings united like this.

Tolu/molu and Vidya/Meera get into Pari/Jigar’s room. Vidya asks tolu/molu

to get Gopi’s passport from cupboard. They hesitate. Meera checks outside and says they can open cupboard as nobody is around. The hesitantly open cupboard and take out all family member’s passport. They find Gopi’s passport separately and are shocked to see Gopi’s passport expired 8 years ago and she has not traveled anywhere at all. Meera says that means Gopi has not moved out of India at all. Tolu says why whole family is hiding the truth from us. Meera says they are big liers. Molu says they trust whole family and especially badi maa/gopi. Meera starts fighting with them. Vidya stops them and says we know what we came for and there must be a big reason behind it. If mom left us for Radha aunt, then where is Radha aunty.

They walk thinking how to find out the truth. Kinjal comes and asks them to get a file from store room as she is allergic to dust. They agree. Meera says she will not come to store room. They joke and irk her. They then walk towards store room.

Mansi while mopping floor thinks Gopi cannot win so easily. Urmila comes wearing shoes and starts walking. Mansi asks her to stop. Urmila asks her to clean again and leaves. Mansi gets irked.

Tolu/molu and Meera/vidya reach store room and drop an important file from box by mistake. They read Radha’s child custody papers. Meera says how can our family take Radha’s child’s custody. They then read a news paper ad by modi family that Radha is fit to take care of her child. They further realize that Rashi is Jigar and Radha’s child. Meera starts yelling why Ahem and Gopi are called Rashi’s parents instead of Pari and Jigar. Tolu says Pari does not like hearing about Radha, so they should not question and upset her. Kinjal stands outside store room smirking and reminisces calling Mansi and planning keeping the file so that kids can find it. She calls back Mansi and tells their plan is working and kids are reading file in store room. Mansi says she knows what to do next.

Precap: Vidya and Meera get Gopi’s jail release papers and are shocked to read Gopi was in jail for 10 years.

Update Credit to: MA


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