Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj looking at Suhani. Saware………..plays………….. He makes her sit and gives the papers. He asks her not to take tension, her dad helped them, and he will not let anything happen to him, trust me. They smile. Its morning, Suhani asks Pratima why did anyone not come till now. Rags asks where is she going. Suhani says office. He asks Ramesh about Yuvraaj. Suhani says she is late, how did they go without saying. Rags says Saurabh is sleeping. Suhani asks how can he forget. Menka comes and asks Ramesh to send protein shake for Anuj, he can’t work out without it.

Suhani asks is he working out now. Yuvraaj and Sharad come from jogging. Suhani says we were going to office today. Yuvraaj says we hired a new manager and checked his background. He says how can we trust him. He says relax, whats the need to do go there, everyone praised the man, he can’t take risk. She says Saxena was also best earlier. He says we will make legal papers so that he does not cheat us. Dadi says no need to go office, and asks Suhani not to worry.

Yuvraaj says Suhani relax and leaves. Suhani says this is not right, whats the guarantee that new manager will not be cheat like Saxena, I think we all should see business, and even Rags can help. Menka asks why did she not take her name. Dadi says the guys will not work. Menka says now Suhani will challenge you to make them work. Dadi says she will lose. Suhani asks what if I win. Dadi says then I will send Rags and Menka with you to office as your secretaries. Menka says what and fills Rags’ ears. Rags gets angry. Dadi smiles and leaves.

Suhani gets Pankaj’s call and says I m busy in work, I will call later. Pratima says sorry, I would have told you yesterday, but I wanted to show how everyone reacts when it comes to work. Suhani says I felt they will go office, as I used to see them outside, now I understand, they did not go office, but this can’t happen now, we have to make business well in 15 days and return money, if we don’t care, why will the manager care.

Lalita talks to Radhe’s mum and they fix the marriage. Radhe’s mum asks them to take care of the marriage expenses and they will give money to them later by their junk business. Radhe holds Rakhi’s hand and smiles. Soumya comes and Radhe greets her, saying he is Rakhi’s fiancé. He asks does she remember him. Krishna comes and says she is my wife Soumya. Soumya asks him to take snacks and he takes the tray. She says you are our guest, you sit, I will manage. Radhe sits and eats the samosas putting it in one go into his mouth.

Yuvraaj plays and Ramesh brings breakfast. Yuvraaj asks him to call AC mechanic. He says Sharad, its good we got new manager, I was tensed, I don’t want Pankaj to face problems because of us. Pratima and Suhani look on. Pratima says Dadi has taught them that rich people don’t work and make others work, and they should just show off money.

Suhani asks what will we do now. Dadi asks Rags and Menka to go for watching films and let Saurabh and Anuj take rest. Pratima says I don’t know, I got weak when Dadi has spoiled my sons, I did not do anything, I regret a lot, but I want to rectify this mistake and only you can help me.

Lalita scolds Rakhi. Rakhi asks them to promise that she will give TV, fridge and car in dowry. Lalita asks what is she saying. Rakhi says you were asking dowry in Krishna’s second marriage. Krishna asks Rakhi to control her tongue. Lalita says your inlaws are not asking, why do you want. Rakhi says she wants to rule there. Soumya says Radhe and his family are simple, they love you, you should be happy. Rakhi says don’t give me lecture, if I don’t get this, I will run from mandap.

Krishna asks her to learn living in lower middle class family. Rakhi asks him to teach Soumya. He gets angry and Soumya stops him. She says I have learnt it, and asks him to give time to Rakhi. She says to learn few things, we have to lose many things.

Pankaj comes to Birla house and asks Suhani why did she not go office. Dadi says no one goes office from our house, why did you get there. He says bank changed rules, as so much expenses got spent, and they feel the money will be gone, you have to pay some amount in 3 days and then later. She asks how can they do this when he gave guarantee. He says the amount is big and they don’t trust us now. Suhani thinks.

Lalita tells Krishna that she cooks alone in kitchen in this age, no one helps. Krishna says you told Soumya not to help. Rakhi throws the food and does Devi Maa acting. Soumya tells Krishna that she is acting. Krishna says no, she is not acting, sometimes Devi comes in any one and gives messages. Rakhi scares them and says she will curse them. They all apologize and ask her not to curse. Rakhi smiles.

Soumya meets Suhani in café. She says Dadi has this problem. Suhani says yes, they are not lazy, they are educated and intelligent, but Dadi told them not to work and make others work, Dadi did not say that dad and grandpa have arranged all this, someone will come and take away everything, they will be sleeping, this time I will not let this happen. Soumya says yes. Suhani says we came here after long time, old memories got revived. Soumya says all because of you, thanks. She asks her not to worry, they will know her value. Suhani thanks her and holds her hand.

Soumya says Rakhi does drama and laughs. Suhani says there is nothing such, show them that its no use to trust superstitions. Soumya thinks. Everyone contribute their savings towards the loan. Pratima says I think when this work goes well, they will get some manager who prints cash, they just want money, no matter who gets it. Rags says why should I give, if Menka is not giving. Anuj asks Menka to give her savings. Suhani says we should stop expenses. Menka says how will I be alive without money.

Rags asks Saurabh whats this. Saurabh says they appointed new manager, its matter of just 15 days, please cooperate. Suhani says its our first try, I hope they will realize importance of money, and also understand they have to run home and business.

Dadi says her safe is stolen and asks Suhani where was she at night. Suhani says I was in garden. Dadi asks her not to lie, as she has seen her running towards Pratima’s room. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suhani wouldn’t steal something from the safe that’s just bs also yuvraj plz trust suhani this time and don’t let her feel lonely if u leave her side she’ll never trust u okay so always be with her and trust her this time

  2. Soumya-Krishna <3 (Kriya)

  3. sandra s thannickal

    Angel is this show i hate dadi only.vo hamesha suhani ko ladki bularahi hai.vo acha nahi hai.ek din vo suhani ko bedi bulavungi


  5. Dadi need a tight SLAP

  6. Its yv’s turn to supprt suhani as a good hsbnd..

  7. What nonsense is this
    Why will suhani steal any thing frm that old witch what she have so n yuvraj why r u lookin at suhani for u know better that she can never do anything like that if suhani been want to thief she could do that long time n run away come on yuvraj it high time now for u to accept suhani cuz i think the two of u r not divocre for real so what the hell u waiting for christmas so pull ur socks up n get ur act together n stand up for suhani so don’t broke her trust this time again

  8. Y would Suhani steal from them wen she also help them 2 wat nonsense

  9. krishna soumya scene ws nice.

  10. I hate dadi

  11. Gd to see back original soumya and surely dadi gets a tight slap by d way suhani deals the problem….luv u suhani…

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