Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem is about to walk on burning coal when Kokila runs and puts her hand under his feet. Her hand burns, but she pulls out Ahem. Gopi and whole family get worried for her. Kokila then confesses that she is not ill and is perfectly alright. Kinjal smirks thinking her trick worked. Ahem gets irked and shouts at Kokila that she lied to him. Kokila says she lied for him. He shouts that he confronted Kinjal that his mother cannot lie, but she lied for Gopi, now he will not stay here even for 1 min.

Ahem continues shouting and says Mansi to pack their bags as they will go back to Mumbai via first available flight. Kokila pleads him not to go. Ahem shouts at Gopi that she must have provoked Kokila to tell lie. Kokila says it was he plan and not Gopi’s. He shouts that they

both are in hands in glove, from today he will not see their faces. Ahem angrily walks to his room and starts packing bags. Jigar goes and asks him to not go. He shouts that Mrs. Modi lied to him and he will not stay here. Vidya tries to calm him, but Meera provokes Ahem. He asks Jigar to get out of his room and asks Mansi to close the door.

Gopi asked Kokila why did she lie. Kokila says she did to stop Ahem from getting reengaged and reminisces how she requested doc to tell lie and help her. She says if she had not done this, Ahem would have engaged to Mansi and left Gopi. Behind this lie, there is a truth hidden, she wants Ahem and Gopi to unite before she dies. Hetal says she did do anything wrong, even she would have done this. Kokila says if Ahem goem is es back this time, she will die. Rashi asks her not to cry and asks Meera not to go. She pushes Rashi. Gopi holds her and asks Meera to behave. Meera says she will misbehave with her and says because of her, her daadi lied and hurt dad’s emotions. Kokila says her mother Gopi is not involved in this and takes god’s promise. Meera says Gopi is not her mother.

Kokila panics thinking Ahem will go away from her and family forever, she cannot tolerate this. Gopi asks her not to panic. Kokila says she is her culprit and because of her lie, Ahem is going away forever. Gopi tries to control her.

Meera at Modi bhavan packs her bags and tells Mansi that she is happy they are going back home. Mansi says Kokila did this to stop her son, but used a wrong way, which she would not use at all. Meera says she knows and hugs her. Hetal and whole family comes home rushing and asks Meera to forgive Kokila and not go. Baa pleads her not to leave them again. Pari says Mansi that she wants to tell her something important and takes her in. Meera says Baa she will not stay here. Tolu/molu tape her mouth and tie her hands. Pari takes Mansi and tells brothers and sister are talking and they should let them. Tolu/molu tell Meera she should never yell at Gopi and Kokila and even convince Ahem to stay back, else they will not leave her.

Kokila goes to Ahem’s room. Ahem asks Vidya to tell Kokila that he does not want to talk to her and will not stay here even for a second. Kokila feels more sad. Gopi takes her from there. Meera tells Gopi is the main culprit.

Precap: Kokila does sit ups and asks Ahem not to go. He says her tears and drama will not deter his decision. She touches his feet. He says she proud how dramatic she is.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think mansi is really bad and i want someone to reveal her true colors

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  25. Gopi n ahem shud hav s*x by mistake

  26. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    Kokila’s heart attack shakes up Ahem and Gopi in SaathiyaAhem is lost in his ego and does not listen to Kokila. Kokila apologizes to Ahem holding herears and does situps, and even bends infront of him. She repents for lying to him about her health. Ahem leaves from her sight. Kokila really gets heart attack and she wishes to see Ahem with her. Ahem thinks she is acting again, and does not believe her. He says he is leaving forever. Gopi asks him to stop as Kokila is really getting unwell. She stops Ahem asking him to help Kokila. He says Kokila is acting again. The slapping saga does not end in this show.This time, Ahem gets lucky to get slapped by Gopi, at the temple. Gopi scolds him being worried for Kokila’s health. She says if anything happens to Kokila, she will break allrelations with him and not leave her. Gopi loves Kokila a lot and got helpless to slap Ahem. Ahem gets some sense from the slap and rushes to Kokila, to take her to hospital. They together take Kokila and try to save her life. Will Kokila survive this time by the real heart attack?

  27. Janu he’s not even meet his son he can’t be this show is a show not reality

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