Bandhan 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav comes to ganesh and hugs him. Raghav says you sister suffered because of me. i know you can’t even pardon me but the one we think was darpan, was her doppelganger. how could i not recognize? i killed darpan myself. She left this world in front of me. ganesh shoves him, raghav says i know you are mad at me. hit me i am the murderer of your sister, vishwas rao is alive and i killed your sister. sanyu comes and takes Raghav’s hand, he says have you gone mad? Raghav says i killed darpan, i am her culprit. sanju says how will we handle everything if you sit here like this, its darpan’s funeral time come with me.

Raghav and rest of the family does the funeral of darpan. Raghav asks ganesh to fire her body. Raghav recalls when she was dying. Meethi says to pinky no one can control life or death pinky. Raghav says to ganesh if you fire her body only then she will find peace, i cant do this. I am responsible for all this. Pinky says what happened to ganesh. Raghav says ganesh what happened to you? Vishwas rao says he is shocked, we can’t keep the corpse here for long. Raghav burns darpan’s body himself. Raghav says i have finally gotten rid of darpan.

Bhao comes to his warehouse at night, Bhao tells his man that he went to doctor and asked them to give a girl face of darpan with plastic surgery. Doctor agreed. bhao gave him a dead body and darpan’s picture. bhao says she kept crying i am darpan.. i am darpan but no one trusted her. Ganesh comes in. Bhao says you worked so hard, but this duplicate ganiya has helped me as well. doctor says what you mean? Bhao says yes he is not the real ganiya, i made him look like ganiya. Bhao says he made my plan successful. Bhao recalls how his man gave tranquilizer to ganesh and made him faint. bhao says to his man you are so amazing that you made him face ganesh. Because of him Raghav thought the dead one is real darpan. i don’t understand where she came from, i killed her. she was trying to win my game in my house. but i played my trick in the end and no one trusted her. Darpan is in jail, she is crying.
Bhao says ganesh doesn’t even know what i have done to him, he is still faint. Bhao says she tried to mess with me, she had to face this.

constable says to darpan someone is here to meet you. darpan goes to meeting area, a woman comes there. Darpan says what are you doing here? She says i couldn’t leave you alone in trouble. another woman comes and says we came here to help you. darpan says you can’t risk your life for me. One says no one knows we are here in your plan. darpan recalls when ganiya woke her up.

Precap-bhao abducts raghav and sanju. He says until you don’t listen to me, stay here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. writers writers where is this serial heading it is utter nonsense now why don’t you end it you are just going around in circles we the viewers are not enjoying it anymore all this simidimi now all of a sudden bhao get a doctor to change a dead persons face to look like darpan come on what next this serial is total shit we beg of you writers to end it it is not making sense imagine up to now darpans step parents does not know that she is dead and to add insult to injury bhao is still getting away with murders frustrated viewer

  2. Totally disgusting……..

  3. OMG! writers please be realistic how can a doctor perform plastic surgery on a dead body?! That’s new to me not even leaving a scar?!! smh

  4. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    dis writers r crazy dey think.viewers r stpd

  5. Writers r gn crzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyy6yyyyy

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