Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets determined to stop Ranvir and Ishika’s marriage

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir asking Shamsher if he shall call Ishika and her family there to talk about alliance if he permits. Roop says you have pasted posters on her house so that she gets pressurized and agree for marriage. He says you had called the media there. Ranvir says I am your brother and says don’t know who has done that. He says I am sacrificing for you and you are blaming me. Bua scolds Roop for blaming Ranvir. Roop says I know you are behind Ishika since long, says you saw us in jungle and covered us with jacket. Ranvir says you will not agree like this and tries to hit him. Roop holds his hand. Ranvir hits on his stomach. Roop hits at him. They start fighting and fall out of house. Kamla asks Roop to leave Ranvir. Kinjal says not today. Shamsher looks on silently.

Bua looks on. Roop beats Ranvir thinking about Ishika’s words and Ranvir’s conspiracy. He holds his collar and asks him to say. Ranvir says Ishika agreed for marriage and asks him to accept her as bhabhi soon to maintain peace in house. Roop is shocked and walks out of house. Palak and Hardik run behind him. Shamsher asks Ranvir to refuse for marriage, and says her respect is ruined, she can’t become bahu of our house. Ranvir is shocked. Kinjal says Ishika doesn’t know that she said yes to a cunning man. Kamla takes her inside. Ranvir thinks Mota Kaka is spoiling his plan.

Bua takes Ranvir’s side and asks him not to wash Roop’s sin and asks him to forget Ishika. Ranvir says I like her and she loves me. He asks Bua to do something to convince Shamsher. Bua thinks how to convince Shamsher. Roop thinks of Ranvir’s words that Ishika agreed to marry Ranvir. Palak says how can ishika agree to marry Ranvir. Hardik says she doesn’t know his reality. He says let’s go and give Roop’s letter to Ishika. Roop takes the letter and tears it. He comes home and tells Kamla that because of Ranvir’s conspiracy, Ishika hates me and agreed to marry Ranvir. Shamsher asks him why he can’t bear the truth that Ishika has chosen Ranvir. Roop asks him to believe him and says Ranvir has done wrong to make Ishika hate me. He asks him to stop Ranvir’s marriage. Shamsher says I will stop the marriage, but will Ishika marry you. He says she will not. If you had become Inspector then she would have marry you. Roop tells Kamla that Papa doesn’t believe him and says we shall leave house. Kamla says we will not go from here, if Ishika is in your destiny then nobody can snatch her from you. She asks him to make his own destiny. She tells him that until now I asked you not to fight with anyone, but today I am asking you to face the consequences and not to run away. She says your mum and Ambe Maa are with you. Roop says you don’t know that.

Kamla says I know and asks him to leave everything on God. She asks her to face the consequences by swearing on her head. Roop swears that he will stay in the house and face every situation. Bua asks Shamsher to agree and says if you refuse for marriage then Ranvir will think that we are doing injustice with him. Shamsher says Ranvir is like my son, but I have problem with that girl. Bua says once Ranvir marries her, then I will handle her. Shamsher says Roop likes her also. Bua says Roop will realize that she is not good for him. She convinces Shamsher. Shamsher says ok and asks her to call Ishika’s parents. Bua informs Ranvir that Shamsher agreed. Ranvir gets happy and goes. Roop prays to God and says good have to win from evil. He says if my love is truth then I will win, he keeps his hand on the lamp and prays.

Mota kaka informs Mota Kaki and his bahu. They get happy. Dhawal says once Ishika goes from here, then nobody can stop our plan. Kanchal gets Ishika ready to go to Shamsher’s house. Ishika thinks to talk to Ranvir and clear to him that she will support her parents in every means, and if he cares for them then she will be happy. Bua asks Kinjal to help. Kinjal refuses. Ranvir comes to Roop and asks if he is feeling bad. Roop says today it is the auspicious moment, why will I feel bad? Ranvir says my inlaws are coming with my would be wife. They see Ishika and her family. Roop looks at Ishika. Both families greet each other. Kanchal blesses Ranvir. Ishika and Roop come infront of each other. Ranvir sees them looking at each other and interfere between them. He stops Roop and says he wanted to say something.

Shamsher and his family are going to Navratri function. Kamla says let Roop come. Ranvir says it will be better if he don’t come. Roop comes and says he will also come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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