Papa By Chance 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan falls for Genie

Papa By Chance 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan liking Genie. Amrit gets sad. The kids meet inspector and ask are you Chiku or not, we got to know who killed our parents. He thinks they got to know that Yuvaan did their accident. Yuvaan and Genie smile seeing each other. Tu meri rani….plays….. Genie says I was waiting for a prince charming like you. They hold hands and dance. He kisses her hand. She smiles. He sees Chotu Singh and gets away. Genie stops them from fighting. She calls Yuvaan on stage and praises him.

She gives him 10000rs cash reward and a fully automatic machine. Yuvaan says I left Chotu as he didn’t go to Bangkok. Yuvaan likes her. Ullu says you also didn’t know about him. Inspector says I tried a lot, but Shehnai people have much money, they got bail, leave the revenge, focus

on studies. He goes. Ullu says inspector knows the culprit. Yuvaan says let me go to Genie. Amrit says don’t waste time. He tries to show off style.

She says its not easy to get me. He says I like challenges. He throws flowers at her. He compliments her. The man asks Yuvaan to pay money for flowers. Yuvaan pays him. Genie says you will lose money on paying people, your try was nice. He says I want to go on a date with you. Genie says I don’t have much time, I m just give you 3 mins. He says none can snatch this 3 mins from me, come. They go. Kids see Harman and think to take revenge. Harman goes to his car. Dhoni waits for Ullu. Kids get inside the car. Harman sits and drives. Yuvaan flirts with Genie. They have an eyelock. Amrit gets jealous. Yuvaan tries to impress her.

He orders paratha. He talks in French. She asks what are you doing here. He says its a long story, I don’t want to waste 3mins. She says forget it, what’s your story. He thinks she won’t be impressed if I tell her my story. He says I was bored of rich lifestyle, I wanted to know how poor people live, so I m staying here in my summer house here. Yuvaan is about to hold her hand. Amrit disturbs them. Yuvaan says Amrit has bad eyesight, she is caretaker of summer house. Genie says we shall leave now. Yuvaan says I will come along. He takes her. Kids follow Harman to his house. Amrit scolds the men. She gets an idea. She asks the guys to show their power and impress Yuvaan. The kids see Harman. Yuvaan sees the guys coming. He asks Genie not to worry, he will see the guys. The men lift Yuvaan and chant his name. They take Yuvaan. Genie waves bye. Amrit gets glad and thinks this girl isn’t right for Yuvaan, I have to bring her truth out.

Yuvaan says if notes aren’t completed, principal will get angry, where are the kids. The kids trouble Harman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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