Revenge or Love? (Introduction)

Introduction/Promo for Ishqbaaz, Swaragini and Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

This story is going to revolve around young generation uniting their families, it will have lots of Drama, comedy and romance.

Let’s start of with the Oberoi’s:

Shivaay Singh Oberoi – He is an arrogant business tycoon, he is the eldest out of his brothers, he doesn’t like middle or low class people, he even does enmity with high standard people, he believes Power and Respect is everything you need and doesn’t believe in Love, he cares about his status and behaves Tej and like an Oberoi, he is a short tempered guy and loves his brothers and his Daadi lot. He thinks Tia is a perfect life partner to him.

Omkara/ Om Singh Oberoi – He is very calm, humble and honest person, he loves his brothers, Daadi and Mum, Jhanvi alot, he doesn’t care about money or status, he doesn’t like to do the family business, only happiness matters to him. He’s not in good terms with his Dad, Tej. He is an artist by profession. He wants Shivaay to fall in love.

Rudra Singh Oberoi – He is a chilled, carefree and laid back guy, he loves to party and is a flirt, he is the youngest out of his brothers and is loved and pampered by them, he loves his brothers a lot, he is a dramabaaz, he believes his brothers always have his back and he respects and trusts them a lot. He is Jhanvi and Tej’s son but doesn’t like Tej much and absolutely dislikes Tia.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi – She is the youngest Oberoi, she loves her family a lot, she is Tej and Jhanvi’s daughter and respects her brothers a lot, she doesn’t speak much and is afraid to speak in front of everyone, she is close to Uttra.

Atharv Singh Oberoi/ Atharv Singh – He is an Oberoi but no one knows except from his family, he got fed up of the family Drama and left to live his own life, he doesn’t like money, power or status, he just wants peace, he lives far away from the Oberoi family under the name Atharv Singh, he doesn’t want to become the heir or doesn’t want to associate with the family business so he left. He is the son of Shakti and Pinky and is Shivaay’s younger brother, he is older than Omkara. He lives with Pinky’s sister-in-law, Sujata. (Not from Swaragini.)

Tej Singh Oberoi – He is a business man by profession, he only cares about money and power, his family doesn’t matter much to him, he is Jhanvi’s husband but has an affair with Shwetlana, his secretary. He is Rudra, Omkara and Priyanka’s Father. He doesn’t want to stay in a relationship with Jhanvi anymore and is the eldest son of the Oberi family. He wants Omkara to be the heir of Oberoi family. He is the brother of Shakti.

Shakti Singh Oberoi – He is Shivaay and Atharv’s father, he is a calm person and wants peace in his family, he let Atharv leave as he understands, he wants Shivaay to become the heir, he is Tej’s younger brother and Pinky’s husband.

Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi – She is Rudra, Priyanka and Omkara’s mother, she is depressed and worries a lot, she loves her children a lot and only wants happiness and peace among her family. Her and Pinky don’t get along, she doesn’t like it when Shwetlana gets close to her husband Tej. She respects her mother-in-law.

Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi – She is very loud person, she wants Shivaay to become the heir so that she could live a lavish live, she wants Shivaay to get married to Tia so that the deal doesn’t get cancelled. She only cares about power and status, she hates her sister-in-law, Jhanvi. She doesn’t want Omkara to become the heir. She is selfish, she doesn’t care about her other son Atharv, she doesn’t mind him leaving unless he becomes the heir.

Daadi – She is the mother of Tej, Shakti and Annapurna, she is also the grandmother of Shivaay, Atharv, Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka, she is a Naani of Adarsh,
Laksh, Sanskaar and Uttra, she wants her grandsons to keep the bond strong, she doesn’t want them to separate but Atharv left and she is upset, she tries to convince him to come back but he doesn’t listen, she doesn’t want her family to break apart.

Now the Gadodia’s:

Shekhar Gadodia – He is a nice and calm man but when he gets angry, he blurbs out too much and sometimes regrets, he is a business man but had suffered from a loss and now lives in a house with his mother, Parvati and father Deendayal, who had died 2 years ago. He has two daughter, Swara and Ragini. He is the older brother of Ravi.

Sharmishta/Sumi Shekhar Gadodia – She is the mother of Swara and Ragini, she is caring, lovely and worries about Swara and Ragini. She is the wife of Shekhar Gadodia.

Parvati Gadodia – She is Shekhar and Ravi’s mother and Sumi’s Mother-in-law, she is a strict Marwari lady, she believes giving too much freedom isn’t good. She is the Grandmother of Swara, Ragini, Anika and Vividha.

Deendayal Gadodia – He had died 2 years ago but was a humble and nice man. He never used to be dishonest and established the Gadodia business with his hardwork. He is the grandfather of Swara, Ragini, Anika and Vividha and a father of Shekhar and Ravi.

Ravi Gadodia – He was a honest man, he never used to like the property, he left the Gadodia mansion because Shekhar had accused him and his wife, he has two daughters, Anika and Vividha. He died in an accident and so did his wife. He is the son of Deendayal and Parvati Gadodia and the brother of Shekhar.

Reema Ravi Gadodia – The mother of Anika and Vividha, she was a good woman, she died in an accident with her husband Ravi, leaving her two daughter homeless.

Swara Gadodia – Swara is a bold and carefree girl, she does whatever is right and loves her sister Ragini a lot. She can do anything for her family. She is a middle class girl.

Ragini Gadodia – She is a confident and shy girl. She doesn’t like the starlight, she loves her family and her sister Swara a lot. She is a honest and hardworking girl. She follows the footsteps of her Chacha (Ravi) as he always used to tell her that always listen to your heart and do what is right. She is a middle class girl.

Now the Maheshwari’s:

DurgaPrasad Maheshwari – He is a business tycoon, he is the father of Laksh, Sanskaar, Adarsh and Uttra. He is Annapurna’s husband. He is strict and only wants success, he is a Marwari, he makes everyone do what he wants.

AnnaPurna DurgaPrasad Maheshwari – She is DP’s wife and is the sister of Tej and Shakti, also a mother of Laksh, Sanskaar, Adarsh and Uttra. She is a calm and sensible person, she loves her family a lot.

Adarsh Maheshwari – A business tycoon. He is the eldest son, he is less arrogant but does show attitude, he is a Maheshwari but loves his family and brothers a lot, he is the son of DP and AP, he is also Shivaay, Atharv, Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka’s cousin.

Sanskaar Maheshwari – A business tycoon, he is a little soft hearted than Shivaay, he is the son of RP and Sujata but they left him and his sister Uttra when he was 17 years old, DP and AP accepted them as their own children and nourished them. Sanskaar loves his family a lot and can do anything for them, for Sanskaar, business is his first priority. He is a little strict when it comes to work. He is the cousin of Shivaay, Atharv, Omakara, Rudra and Priyanka.

Laksh Maheshwari – He is a carefree, laid back and tension free guy. He does Dramas but not much. He is a flirt and loves his family a lot, he doesn’t like DP much and isn’t in good terms with him. He loves to party and is close with his cousin Rudra and has recently moved to Mumbai. Related to the Oberoi’s.

Uttra Maheshwari – She is the daughter of Sujata and RP, she was 14 years old when her parents left her, AP and DP accepted her as their daughter. She loves her brothers a lot and is close with Priyanka. She is related to the Oberoi’s. She is also a little shy.


Anika Gadodia/ Anika – She was 15 years old when her parents left her. She is a bold and fearless girl, she loves her sister Vividha and her brother Sahil a lot. She doesn’t want anything do do with and remember her past, she doesn’t want the Gadodia name attached to her name as she believes Shekhar killed her Mum and Dad and forced her and Vividha to go homeless and orphan. Anika’s self-respect is everything for her but her Brother Sahil and Sister Vividha are everything for her.

Vividha Gadodia/ Vividha – She was 13 years old when her parents left her and her sister Anika. She is a confident and shy girl, she always follows her heart and what she thinks is right, she does justice and follows the truth. Vividha loves her sister Anika and her brother Sahil a lot. She doesn’t want the Gadodia name attached with her name as she also believes that because of Shekhar, her parents died.

Sahil – He is Anika and Vividha’s step brother but they treat him like their real brother, he even loves them more than his Bua. He is a funny and cute child. He is handicapped.

Bua – She is Sahil’s Bua and hates Anika and Vividha, she lives off Anika’s money and now wants Vividha to work too. She doesn’t treat Anika and Vividha as her nieces as she says her brother made a mistake by adopting them.

Parineeta – She is Tia’s sister. She is sweet, fun and loving, she believes power and wealth isn’t everything you need.

Tia – She is Shivaay’s would to be fiancé, she believes in Karma, Shivaay thinks she is the perfect partner for him as she understands him. She is a fashionista and loves her Sister, Parineeta.

This was the Intro of the characters.

Let’s tell you a little bit about the families.

So AP, Tej and Shakti are siblings, AP got married to DP. Tej never cared about his family so he gave least Interest, Shivaay and Sanskaar were best friends when they were younger, but due to some problem, they are not that close, all they think about is business.

Atharv left the house because it didn’t have the peace he was looking for. The Maheshwaris have recently shifted to Mumbai and Rudra and Laksh are close, Daadi wishes all of them are this close and no one could break their bond.
Atharv doesn’t keep in contact with the Maheshwari’s or the Oberoi’s.

Omakara loves his brothers and attempts with Rudra and Laksh to unite Sanskaar, Shivaay and Atharv. Omkara and Atharv used to be close when they were younger.
In fact everyone used to until the property ruined it for AP, Tej and Shakti but not for the younger ones.

Tej and DP never liked each other because DP was too much. DP and AP fell in love and got married.

All the brothers are a little far from each other except from Rudra, Shivaay, Laksh and Omkara. They are close with each other.

Overall Daadi wants the family to unite.

Now, the Gadodia family, Shekhar and Ravi were brothers, some misunderstandings separated them two which forced Ravi to leave the house with his wife and two little daughters, Anika, who was 15 and Vividha, who was 13.

Anika and Vividha got adopted by Sahil’s parents, they think Shekhar doesn’t even care about them and don’t want the Gadodia name attached to their name.

Swara and Ragini were also small when Vividha and Anika left. Swara was 15 and Ragini was 14. They used to be close but got separated.

But Ragini and Swara are searching for Anika and Vividha while Anika and Vividha are living with Sahil’s mean Bua.

Over all the whole Drama will revolve around the young generations uniting their family’s by erasing the misunderstandings. There will also be romance between the pairs.

Big cars are shown coming from both sides. They stop and two men come out. The faces reveal them to be Shivaay and Sanskaar. Both look at each other and then walk in the same direction and look away. Shivaay styles his hair while Sanskaar fixes his collar.

What will this story bring for the viewers?

To find out, do read Revenge or Love?

Hey guys, it’s Halina and Hasina here, we are bringing another story for you all. Halima had motivated us to do this and if it’s rubbish then blame her.

Looking forward for you guys to read it, we really hope you enjoy it.

Drop down your comments for us to know your opinion. Xx.

Oh Yh, the pairs.
It’s gunna be our fave, RagLak and SwaSan. Parineeta and Adarsh (Parish) AniShiv (Anika and Shivaay) VivAth (Vividha and Atharv)


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