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Its night and a big mansion is shown shown..

Inside the living room .

A women is show waiting for someone restlessly.

A girl came runnig down the staircase .

Jeevika sat next to her

Jeevika : Mom.. you look tensed .. kya hua.??

Anjana : Tumhari behen.. she is the reason.. patha hai kaha gayi hai..

Jeevika : Tension mat le.. bacha nahi hai .. she will be here soon..

Anjana : Ha.. bacha nahi hai. That’s why i am so worried..

Jeevika : Now that’s not fair. when we were kids you were scared to leave us alone because we are kids. And now that we have grown up still you are scared

Just then Ashwin enters..

Ashwin : Why are you all in the hall..

Anjana : Your daughter has dissappered..

Ashwin : What??

Jeevika : Meera is not yet here yet..

Ashwin : Bacha. todi na hai..

Anjana : Excatly.. bacha nahi hai na..

Just then Jeevika’s phone rings and she goes..

Ashwin : Don’t you think humare beti ko aaj kal zayada calls aarahi hai..

Anjana : Umm.. i also thought so..

Ashwin : Koi love-affair toh nahi hai

Anjana : No.. agar hoga toh.. i am sure she will tell us..

Meera enters inside her house humming a english song..

Anjana : Where were you??

Meer looks at her mom impossibly

Meera : I had a lot of work in office and after that Dost ke ghar pe party bhi thi

Ashwin : Which friend??

Meera : Dad!!! Are you interogating me..

Ashwin : No.. i am not.. why would i do that l just asked you just like that..

Anjana ; Accha.. now come and have food

Meera : I have eaten with my friends

She goes upstairs.. to her  bed room..


She lays on to her bed and was sleepy.

Jeevika enters her room and lays next to her.. hugging

Jeevika : Are you asleep..

Meera(sleepy) : Nahi toh..

Jeevika : Ek.. important bath bathana hai

Meera : Nahi di.. ab nahi.

jeevika : Please.. hear me once..

Meera : I am so tired .. we will talk tomarrow pls..

Jeevika goes to her room seeing that her sister is tired

Jeevika sits in her bed..

Jeevika : I hope that meera will understand me

She sleeps..



Its day in India and a big mansion is also shown


living room
prayer room

A girl in her salwaar is shown giving Aarti .. Just then someone from her back calls her

Sakshi : Mahi..

Mahi : Ha.. maa..

Sakshi : Did you see.. Shaurya somewhere..

Mahi :Maa.. he is sleeping…woh abhi abhi party se lauta hai..

Sakshi : Subha tak party.. i am sure we should have to control him

Mahi : Aap kahi jarahi ho kya???

Sakshi : Yeah.. aaj society ki meeting hai.. tumhari Baba nahi jasakthi toh.. i am going

Mahi : Tik hai maa.. bye..

Mahi goes to her room

and laysdown to the bed. After afew minutes a knock on her door

Mahi looks..

Shaurya : Can i come in di

Mahi : Why are you looking here and there

Shaurya : Typical girls room.. Its till same as it was before two years..

Mahi : that because. .. you were away from us for two years for your studies….. i was still her

They both smiles looking at eachother


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  1. Jasminerahul

    Anjana is worried about Meera’s life style i guess.Both Ashwin n Anjana r insecure about Jeevika too.its quite natural.wonder what does jeevika want to share with Meera.Mahi’s intro was nice.nice scene of Mahi shaurya.perfect pics

  2. ImRagela

    Nice one ..I loved the story ..Mahi and Meera ..One modern and one traditional. interesting yaar ..Perfect pics..Post soon ..Waiting for the next ??❤❤

  3. Niyati

    Wow ….Awesome ….Meera & Mahi ….Modern & traditional …Interestimg concept …Update soon

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Interesting concept dear…..will be looking forward to it..

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