Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun refuses to meet Pihu

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya coming to meet Shagun. Maid says Shagun is resting, she doesn’t want anyone to disturb. Aaliya asks maid to make black coffee. She goes to Shagun and asks her to wake up, its Pihu’’s release today. Shagun says just let me sleep. Aaliya says get up please. Shagun says I just recall how Adi was shot, I was standing right there and couldn’t do anything, its keep I take pills and sleep. Aaliya says even I have moved on, I also have equal sorrow, I go office and work, you should also go to NGO. Shagun says I don’t feel like, Mihika is managing it. Aaliya says get ready and come with me to Bhalla house, Pihu needs you.

Shagun says Pihu is Ishita’s daughter, I don’t care for her, did Ishita think before killing my son, Pihu is also a murderer like her mum, I gave her birth, it was just a favor. Aaliya says its not Pihu’s mistake. Shagun says Aaliya, Ishita has killed your husband, don’t you get angry. Aaliya says I get angry, but not because Ishita killed Adi, she was helpless as he was out of control, what Ishita did with me after that, I will never forgive her, I hate her for that.

Mrs. Bhalla does Pihu’s aarti and welcomes her. Everyone says we missed you a lot. Romi feeds Pihu. Pihu stays sad. Ruhi says halwa puri is Pihu’s fav. parmeet says so the culprit is home. Pihu asks what’s Parmeet doing here. Raman says don’t get scared, this is your home. She says I won’t stay without Ishita. Raman says don’t take her name. Ruhi takes Pihu with her. Raman scolds Parmeet and goes. Parmeet thanks Mr. Bhalla for saving his life. Mrs. Bhalla says it means Pihu got to know about Adi. Pihu asks where does Ishita live. Ruhi says she stays here, I will take you to her, everything will get fine. She hugs her. Ishita comes home and sees Pihu’s pic. She says you have come home, you deserve this. She sees Adi’s pic and recalls Raman’s word.

She asks will you be able to forgive me ever, I m sorry, I was helpless, its hard to live without you, everyone is annoyed with me, its obvious, they all love you, I love you, Pihu has come back, its good news right. She gets Roshni’s call and says I came back home, I was going to have food. She doesn’t see anything made and lies to Roshni that she prepared many things. Roshni understands and says you are not good at lying, you didn’t prepare anything.

Ishita says Pihu went to her house, I m sure everyone is pampering her. Roshni says I didn’t want to come to Bangalore for work, I have to attend a meeting. Ishita asks Roshni to concentrate her work. Raman is at the bar. He drinks wine. He sees someone and goes saying Adi… my son. The guy says I m Pankaj. Raman says sorry. Na chitti….plays…. Raman recalls Adi. Ishita also cries at home. Raman cries thinking of Adi. Raman comes to Ishita’s building and throws stones at her window. Ishita sees him and comes downstairs. Raman says she killed my son, she shot him, she will kill everyone.

Ishita says just go from here, I will manage here. Raman asks why did you not give a second chance to Adi, if he was wrong, I would have explained him. Ishita says I m also in pain, he was my son. He says you are doing a drama here, throw this woman out of here, who is the secretary, throw her out, this place is meant for decent people, what is this murderer doing here. The man asks him to go home. Romi and Mihika come and ask Raman to come with them. Ishita thanks Mihika for answering her call and coming. They go. The lady taunts Ishita for being a bad mum. The man says just go, you don’t know the entire matter. Ishita thanks the man. The man says I can’t help you now, broker told me about your husband creating a scene in last building.

Pihu cries for Ishita. Ishita hugs her. Raman comes and gets angry, asking her to leave. He says I asked you to stay away, leave from here. She refuses. He drags her out and pushes her. Ishita falls down the stairs. Pihu shouts Ishimaa….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have a question y shagun or Aliya didn’t stop ishita when she was threatening that she would shoot Adi at that time shagun didn’t realise that the person whom she was targeting was her son her blood??

    1. Good question, when it comes to act all watch mouth open like a magic trick is happening…then blame ishita. Sometime she deserves it but all the time it is annoying like they never did anything, if i remember shagun kidnapped ppl, blackmailed raman’s lawyer to the extend he commit sucide… that doesn’t make her a criminal but pihu and ishita are criminal when they did so by accident or to save someone.

      1. True, how come raman didn’t put much effort in saving pihu like collecting cctv footage or something guess v need to ditch logic while watching this

  2. this serial is really insult the women, ishita who always help raman n his family in every situation but get only hater n punishment.
    raman doesn’t want to forgive ishita for their mistakes but want simmi to forgive everyone n forget everything.
    aliya hate ishita because roshini was with her when ishita was alone but aliya remained silent when everybody blamed her aliya never support ishita where ishita support her every time in every situation.
    whatever ishita done with adi was wrong but how can shagun blamed her for everything if she wanted to save adi then why she couldn’t stealed the gun from ishita hand n stop her instead of stand n watched the drama.
    shagun call ishita bad mother what about shagun who never cared about ruhi , adi when they was kid , she busy in her party n never cared about what they are doing in their life. she said ishita bad mother but how can good n responsible mother stay away from their chhildren n handed over other to raise them n made him gud person. shagun never cared about ruhi when she was kid n became irresponsible mother of adi n always teach adi bad lesson , it was ishita who raised him as gud son n now shagun again run away from her taking responsibilty of pihu by calling her ishita’s daughter.
    ishita mother hate ishita n only remembered adi smiling face n gud behaviour what about the adi rude behaviour when he raised his hand on raman , aliya and also done illegal business to destroy raman business , why mrs. iyer and whole family forgot adi misdeeds.
    ishita must give court permission order to raman to meet pihu, n other family member who want to meet ishita so that raman can never stop her from meeting anybody. ishita also complaint police against raman for creating scene outside her apartment. whatever ishita was done wrong but bhalla n iyer family throw her out so why she should tolerate all this.
    raman want to ishita to let adi kill n throw acid on roshini but doesn’t want his to anything happened to his son who always done wrong with everyone. if ishita prove innocent in future, hope she never return to bhalla n iyer both family n in raman life n start her new life.
    director must make ishita a strong women instead of crying n weak women.

  3. raman never want to forgive ishita for killing his son , he n whole family was against ishita but he wanted simmi to forgave pihu n forget everything , now simmi is stand against her own n family, simmi never saved pihu in court want justice for her daugter then raman n whole family hate simmi for this. now raman feel right of what he’s doing with ishita, why he doesn’t want forgive ishita as he want from same to simmi n forget everything

  4. pls anyone know the sri lankan telecast time. earlier 7.30 now?? pls

    1. Try 10:30 pm.. it is new time for Indian telecast…

    2. It is 10.30 Sri Lankan time on Starplus. It is not available to Hotstar as it prevented us Sri Lankan from seeing the episodes.

      1. Which time it is being aired???? It is what exact indian time please??

    3. Its at 10.30pm

  5. Y they treating her like dat she always do everything for them n adi deserves wat that I think ishitha should go away with Pihu from all of them

  6. All serials are coming but only yeh hai mohabein is not shown

  7. whats this precap? anyone knows whats gonna happen to ishita ?

  8. I agree with Sona pal. This serial is an insult to women. It makes all the women in the show appear weak, unable to think about their past experiences including with Adi.
    Directors your show is typical male oriented.

  9. This is very poor quality sereyal

  10. It is a Worst and illogical serial, I have ever watched… I just wants to say one thing please end this crap now….

  11. Please……. Please….

    End this idiotic serial.

    No story….. nothing. Just dragging ….

    Always blaming Ishitha….

  12. BohotBakwass story hai , ishita ko toh James’s mata devi bana hai , she is so irritating always crying for family , begging to meet her family and that family hates her . And she deserves this treatment hamesha mahan bana hota hai . To stop a crime she did a crime what a logic still she is great to kill her own child . Worst character dumb ishita and what to say about raman bhallu , itna chillata hai . Rude, egoestic , angry, hero hai ya villain , par bechara hai woh isshita uske emotions ke saath kelti phir ye bhallu use rulata sahi hai . You cannot kill your own son so ruthlessly , she could have sorted out things smartly but nahi mahan bana hai . She could have shoot him on leg or hand or why to use gun . Words are more powerful , not words . She could have kept him busy till help comes or emotionally blackmailed him ,many things she could have done to stop him . What message is this crap show giving really . If your son does something wrong you kill him . Pathetic . End this show , endyhm aur bardasht nahi hoti ishita ki shit , nonsense behaviour . Ishita raman mein koi chemistry nahi hai ab budhe ho gaye dono aur guarana dhakalna hi aata ha I dono ko . No love only hate , yeh hai naffratein

  13. Rule should be rule for everyone , raman should have throw that param simmi out of the house, by telling the court what crimes simmi did, she made ruhi life miserable joining hand with that nikhil, simmi made pihu kidnapped, then made ishita presumed dead, simmi try to made mihika marry raman, simmi shot ishita , because of which ishita lost her eyesight, even if doing all the crime, simmi can live in the house, then ishita can too live in the bhalla house.

  14. Palavi,easy for you to spout rubbish.Think a little logically too.At that moment of desperation,as if you would have had the patience or presence of mind to come up with something to emotionally blackmail the guy.She had to act fast or he would have surely thrown acid on Roshni because he was that brainwashed and disturbed mentally.I agree about you saying that she needs to stand up for herself too though,cause they are giving out the message that people should keep quiet and wait patiently for their family members to understand why they did what they did,even allowing them to abuse them in their misunderstandings,instead of standing up for themselves and their rights.Ishita allows her family,especially her husband to disgrace her everytime and then forgives him without him even giving her a meaningful apology,He keeps repeating his mistakes.And the language that he uses to abuse her,doesn’t even belong in this century.They should put a warning underneath condemning the use of such language for anybody,because this soap is being showcased worldwide.They can use it to help better the society.

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