Reporters 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya is walking down and is trying to exit KKN.
She collides with Rajveer who is entering KKN, he greets Ananya who ignores him and walks out.
Rajveer meets Ronni who tells him that he wants to meet Kabir.
Ronnie offers to call Kabir from the green room. Ronnie informs Kabir about Rajveer’s presence.
Kabir takes Rajveer to his cabin. He asks Kabir if all is ok with Ananya since she ignored him.
Kabir asks Rajveer why is he here. Rajveer has brought their dad’ watch as a gift. ( Did I not guess correctly)
Kabir informs Rajveer that his engagement is broken.
Rajveer is shocked. He asks him what has happened and Kabir tells him that she has learnt how SK died and how he being an eye-witness could do nothing.
Kabir tells him that their dad

had gifted to him because he used to fight for truth. When he could not do it, he does not deserve this watch.
He is completely broken and Rajveer is shocked.

Khalid and Manav are having their talk. Khalid advises Manav that siding with Shreya will do him no good in his quest for the chair. He tells him that the entire KKN is with KaYa and he is all alone.
Manav tells him not to advise him since everyone knows what steps Kabir used to reach this post.
Khalid tells him that it was his majboori but Manav does not have any such need and he hopes he will never leave it.
Manav does not agree and starts walking out and asks Khalid if he wants to come over to their side and if he wants he can speak to Shreya.

Ananya reaches home and sees Anita searching through SK’s belongings. Ananya ask her what is she looking for. She tells her what happened at RG Pharma
Anita recounts the day this all happened – how SK reached home and turned the news on to hear about the death of 50 kids and how he had panicked and tried justifying himself. But before that, the police was in and they arrested him and they also found cash in his house.
Anita recollects SK telling them that he was being framed but he also had told her that no matter what he will make some arrangements to prove his innocence.
She feels the proofs are somewhere at home since SK never trusted anyone.

RG calls Shreya and tells her that Kabir was at his office to beg for Ananya’s life.
Shreya tells him their engagement is broken.
RG is least interested in that news and tells her that she is upto something and though there is nothing, he does not trust journalists including Shreya & Kabir.
Basically some more warnings and then they end the call.

Anita and Ananya are still searching for some proof to take this case forward.
Ananya comes across an old photograph of her dad with some kid (probably Armaan or Ananya).
She recollects Kabir’s confession and is sad.
Anita comes to her and consoles her.
Rajveer arrives at Kabir’s house and says he wants to make amends for the sacrifice that Kabir did (compromising with his principles) for his family.
He hands over SK’s letter to Kabir which he had posted.
He says his bhabhi wanted to destroy that letter but he had kept it and it now came to some good use.
He says he has freed him from that obligation of keeping quiet and he should now take it up.
Kabir is overwhelmed. He thanks Rajveer and vows to fight for justice for Ananya and the 50 kids.

Its night and Kabir and Rajveer come to the Kashyap house.
Anita is at her obnoxious best and insults Kabir left, right and centre.
Ananya asks them to come in and asks for forgiveness from bhaiyaa.
They come in and Rajveer recounts the entire story – how Monu was kidnapped and what all happened.
He then tells Ananya that she has to take a decision.


Update Credit to: reachanupama

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  1. Lmfaoo I love the way you write!! Reading this update was actually quite entertaining no matter how stupid storyline is currently… Thanks! Good work and keep it up! 😀

  2. Rashmi Kishore

    Hope the storyline changes from Monday and we see ananya softening and understanding Kabirs situation. And we really need lots of patience to watch her mother s stupidity and immaturity

  3. Is the scenario turning into a better phase? Or they are giving false impression? Anyway, I want Ananya to be more sensible and discreet. Open challenge to Shreya, then Shreya’s decision to show her true color to the employees, RJ. It’s all so complicated and stupid. Did Ananya submit her resignation paper? Confusing. It’ll all end up in a hurried patched up way. I have a feeling we are not going to see romance anymore.

  4. tru reading update s better than seeing this stupid end to a sensibly started serial.why could not thy thnk of a better end than proving that kabeer has done all wrong things in his life.

  5. Who is this monu?
    I don’t understand why they don’t give the full details. ……………TV is off and I am only dependant on the updates.. … …… please don’t be late

  6. In the i initial days of th serial, jt was shown that some 7 to 8 children died; now they are saying 50 chkldren died. How could couldchildren of an accused ( even if wrongly accused) survive and became succesful reporter? Does tbe reporter have any idea what happens yo the kins and family in this country?
    Ridiculous storyline. Also getting bored with Ananya’ s threat to resign. 3 times in 130 episodes of serial. And now she has got to know that Shreya is crooked–from RG! She did jkt have the ability to understand herself, nor she believed Kabeer.
    Stupidest storyline, unfortunately.

  7. Rashmi Kishore

    I agree. Both ananya and her mother are being shown as ridiculously senseless. They believe and trust Shreya when they want to and till they want. And then their loyalty moves to Kabir as per their convenience . This last leg of storyline has been really disappointing. I really hope the lead pair patch up early next week and the show ends on a pleasant note.

  8. I have lost all interest in this series and don’t look forward to it anymore as I used to . It’s turned too filmy and the dialogues are even worse . But still catching up bcos of the lead pair . And God and no one has anything to do in the office apart from discussing about kaya and sk’s truth. Hope things turn for better in the coming week

  9. It’s ending on 20th October as its being replaced by an ekta kapoor serial pyaar ko ho Jane do

  10. Yeah it’s true and it ends on 19 October

  11. I am not happy because reporters serial will finished next month,this is the only serial i like most.It is a big crisis for me.

  12. Same here. ……………..but I only want to see kaya together at the end of this show and I would be the most happiest

  13. I started hating ananya how can she and even her mother be so childish.. they can’t see kabir is innocent and even if they are angree becouse kabir hide things from them there must be strong reason. I am fedup of this story line i want to see some romance between kaya before the last episode the countdown of the show has strted and they are just streaching the situation….. issse bakaas situation reportrrs mai kabhi nahi aai thi….

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