Doli Armaanon Ki 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
As diya comes out of the bathroom taking a head bath, she accidentally collides into shaurya, and predictably falls in his arms. a passionate and romantic embrace follows as they engage in a mesmerising eyelock. Then he teases her by setting her back on her feet, and his eyes boring into her, while she shys away. She begins to go, but he holds her back yet again and brings hjer close to himself, with her back against his chest. she smiles. he asks if she remembers how he had said he likes short haired girls and adds that he had lied, and says that he just likes her, and everything about her, her attitude, and only her. she smiles and asks why did he lie that day then. he says that he was angry, love type anger. He then caresses her hair away, as she lies tucked in his arms. he caresses and kisses the nape of her neck, as she tingles with a shivering sensation, that runs down the back of her spine, as they both bask in the glory of their new found love. she turns around and hugs him. he too hugs her back.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
While the police van passes by, damini hides in a pile of bamboo stikcs kept at a distance. damini thinks that she shall create such disturbance for urmi and now even her family too. she adds that she has lost everything and doesnt have anything more to lose. She swears revenge and then thinks that she is coming back yet again, and shall see whether now urmi shall be able to save her family or not.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Later, downstairs, the prayers and the puja begins. urmi gets a call, but doesnt receive it seeing that its unknown, it rings yet again, and finds that its a message from the inspector, saying that its urgent. she gets tensed and decides to talk to him. She gets up to go. Anirudh asks where is she going in the middle of the puja. she says that she would just come. she goes aside. The police calls and tells urmi that damini sinha has escaped and with the service revolver of one of their officers. urmi is apalled and aghast, as he asks her to be careful. hje says that they doubt she shall come there, and in the meanwhile she is sending police security there. She asks them to hurry up. Afgter cancelling the call, she decides to tell this to anirudh. as she comes out, she finds damini at their doorstep. she starts exclaiming that they are living peacefully after her departure. She contineus to taunt them, while the priest asks her not to interefere with the puja. She says that she has already intereferd and that noone can save the house, and the family shall be finished today. urmi asks if she has escaped from the jail, and asks her not to play with the law. the priest asks her not to interefer. He complies. urmi asks her not to disrupt the puja. Damini says that she shall perform the puja, and give all of them as sacrifice to the lord, right here, and now whatever is to be fired, she shall do it. She takes out her pistol hidden till now, behind her. they are aghast. Anirudh asks if she is in her senses, or has becme mad. She says that she has indeed turned mad and had every reason to become like this. She tells that urmi snatched everything from her, her family, her house and her people, starting with her son. she collapses on the floor, teary eyed, as she eyes oshaan’s pic, and aims the pistol at urmi. They are scared. She then says that urmi even bewitched anirudh, who wants to dirvoce her due to urmi, and even alok, and hence she has a legitimate reason and all possible excuses to go mad, and then finally ishaani, who she loved terribly all her life, and only loved her, she too got the police for her. she asks they all concocted this all along, and now wodner why she has gone mad. Shaurya comes in front of diya to save her. Anirudh asks her to throw the pistol away, as its dangerous and not a playtoy. she says that she knows its a toy, and shallplay with it, to her heart’s content, as one by one, she would lay out all dead bodies, and till that doesnt happen, she would continue playing. she says that she shall start with urmi. she says that now they shall start the puja. Anirudh tries to make her understand that she has lost everything due to herself, and she is just being punished for all the wrong deeds that she did, and that urmi isnt at fault, for anything that happened to her. Shaurya says that they love her terribly. Damini asks him not to speak of love, as he is samrat’s dirty blood. he is aghast. ishaani pleads her not to do anything to her brother. She tells her that he isnt her brother, but is linked to her by her step-status. She says that all love each other, but she isnt loved by anyone, just due to urmi. She comes to ishaani and asks if she knows why she ran away from there, as she had to be killed here by her own hands. Anirudh asks whats this nonsense, and rushes towards him, but she fires a bullet in his leg, causing him to collapse wincing in pain. others are traumatised and shocked. they rush to him, and make him sit on a chair. urmi asks what is she doing. urmi says that she has a problem with her, and she should take her life, but spare the family. Alok reminds her that they are her own, and she tied rakhi on this hand. She then asks them all to tie up the brother and sister, or else the next bullet shall be through anirudh’s chest. Shaurya hurriedly asks alok to do exactly what she says. ishaani and shaurya sit, while alok ties them up. urmi turns to her feet and begs damini not to do this, as she cant kill her, but spare everyone else. damini jerks herself away, taunting them that she is satisfied that urmi is in her legs, but her brain is still hot. she asks alok not to come in her way. alok steps aside. She then comes to ishaani and shaurya tied, and then teases who should she kill first, the son or the daughter. urmi is apalled, and asks her not to do this out of revenge, and spare her children. damini asks urmi if she remembers how she burnt her son in fire, and she shall do the same to her children. She picks up the oil. and sprays it around shaurya and ishaani. Anirudh meanwhile signals urmi something, while damini spills oil around the brother and sister. she then picks up a wooden stick, and lights it into flames. urmi signals diya to rush to damini to distract her. she complies, and begs to damini holding her feet, to let them all go. As damini gets irritated and asks diya to let go, and she doesnt, she then says that now she has no option but to kill her first. Shaurya and others are shocked. shaurya desperately asks her to move away from there. Urmi stealthily leaves from there, while damini doesnt notice. she searches for something in the cabinet. finally a shot is fired, shocking and stunning them all. it turns out to be urmi, who fired a shot into damini’s brain, ending her finally. they are all shocked. the screen freezes on urmi’s determined face.

Epilogue: Urmi then tells everyone that her life started as a married girl, with ambitions, dreams and hope, and some of them got fulfilled, and some got lost. She says that in this incomplete life, she has achieved a lot, and tried to set an example out of her living. She says that she tried to send a positive message to the society. she says that evoked a new hope for the coming generation, that they should treat the bahu of the house, with utmost love and affection, as she is the one who shall handle everything and keep the entiure family bonded together. Anirudh and ishaani, and shaurya come. urmi joins her family. she says that this house taught her to stand on her feet, and today she has made a standing for herself along with the support and blessings of her family. she says that she always has and shall always continue to stand in front of her family, to face any and every trouble. Diya comes and takes her blessings, and urmi says that she has passed on the torch of the family, to her now, and she is sure that she shall handle it well. she says that generations have changed but the relations and their importance never will. She says that she cant say for sure that she changed the society, but promises that her teaching shall stay behind, as she did her bit. The entire family smiles for one last time.

Initiation of LAJWANTI: Urmi then promotes the new serial Lajwanti, the love story of a girl, in the morbid background of the separation, and hopes the audience loves her the same manner that they expressed their affection for urmi, herself.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. lovable princess

    ow i am not happy wid this serial ending.. i love shaurya n diya.. they should show some romance sequence of diya n shaurya… not at al happy

  2. so i guess this is the last show for doli armaanon—will miss this show

  3. Dak will miss you.. ?

  4. I cried so much.. ?? Urmi , Shaurya , Diya did went through alot. I am so glad the family united again and is happy once again. Many great life lessons taught in this show.. to never give up but to be strong , face and fight it all whatever it takes to get JUSTICE.. I will badly miss this show … ? Diya and Shaurya were a great couple.. they should have got Ishanni married.. but its still a great ending.??.. the good wins . Evil loses.. ?good luck to the crew. I wish them all the best of luck in their career.. ?hope to see them again in future shows ☺ Doli Armanoo Ki.. Forever embeded in my heart ???? will miss you. ?

  5. O”, my Allah DAK is ended and we didn’t see shaudiya ‘ s romance yet ?????????????????

  6. Sad to see urmi n shaurya go. Thank you zee TV for a real life serial where a woman’s struggle for a decent married life, which gave her so much pain, peservered thru much trials n tribulations n has emerged victorious. Urmi’s journey, are similar to many women in this world who dream of a good life after marriage. When a woman marries into a home n if only new family members consider her a daughter not daughter in law, would we find equality n love which would translate to a happy n healthy home. Thank you zee tv.

  7. Wat about to finish wat will happen to damini

  8. It was a good show…will miss it…

  9. it’s a really happy ending seeing from the begining how urmi sufered till now shows us how perseverance is a good thing in life. miss doli armaanoki

  10. leila think damini is death because when reading it says dat urmi fired a gun in her brain so she is death

  11. Aww…i will miss shaurya and diya…would have loved to see more of their romance….hope to see them again soon

  12. I will miss sadddddd.I liked all of them,except damini.I’m very glad she is deadddd

  13. adamu alhaji adamu

    Finally it seems this is the end of Doli Armano ki. I thought the family of Diya will realised their mistakes for rejecting their own daughter and also apologise to here etc however, the kudos to the producers of this show.

  14. I am glad to see that urmi killed her mother in law that evil damini…..but not satisfied with the ending???…as the story was incompleted in many ways like what will happen to urmi after killing damini??..akash n ishani’s relationship??…anyways we will miss doli armano ki???????

  15. Why end this show? I am so disappointed. There was so much potential. Shaurya, Diya. Ishani & the new Urmi were doing a really good job. Zee should have given this show a better time slot and ended Satrangi Sasural instead.

  16. Luv u kunal.u r a fab actor.i miss u.

  17. I am disappointed as there were no romance between shaurya and diya as per our that much necessary to bring damini in the last epi. It would have been so nice if the whole family happily enjoying in last epi

  18. o no….Dak finished….this was my mom’s fev.serial …she is also sad…really superrbbb show ..we all miss

  19. Ive watched dak since it started all of it is sooooo true I miss the old urmi and it was better when samrat was there as there was more drama its soo sad to see the only ‘GOOD’ zee drama end. Im sure all of u agree with me im sooooo upset

  20. I agree with u so much asha ur right

  21. I was waiting for someone else to say it….didn’t want to get reprimanded for it, I felt it was so much better when drama king samraat was there….he was d best. He made me laugh,really laugh, when he was dialoguing with his mother!!! No one cud have done it better than mohit malik!!!! How I wish the original crew was there to d end….not saying kunal n crew didnt do a good job, but………. Rest I’m peace DAK, you were a superb piece of DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I myself was thinking the same thing.. it would have been really awesome if the old urmi and old cast members had came and celebrate togother with the new cast members. Heck . They should have even leap it a few months later and threw a grand happy party to end it

  22. i’m a hard core fan of kunal, i started watching dak only after his entry, plz kunal come up again vth a nw show

  23. Season 3 of this show ended very fast?

  24. Gonna miss the show??

  25. i don’t like the fact that Doli Armaanon ki is finishing. it was such an amazing serial. very disappointed that it is ending.

  26. Awww shame I’m gonna miss this serial, always kept me intrigued, very interesting, 🙁

  27. Watched this serial from day 1 – love it all the way , but I hated SAMRAT, but loved URMI, Will miss my daily dose

  28. Awesome show

  29. Luv U kunal as Shauriya and also as Mohan Bhatnagar nd wish U to rock again in another ROMANTIC DRAMA❤??

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