Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dabbu is video chatting with Dylan and he is very upset. Dabbu asks what’s wrong and Dylan tells her that he had gone to meet his father, and that he is upset and doesn’t want to talk about it. Dabbu tells about Raj and Chandi to Dylan and even he is confused if this is fine or not. Dabbu silently prays for their happiness.

Chandi and Raj are at a cafe where Kajal comes to meet them. Before Chandi can say anything, Kajal says she is ready for divorce as she herself was responsible for their relationship’s downfall and she can’t force anyone to love her, so she won’t come in between them and would send the signed divorce papers next day. Raj is confused thinking what she is upto. Chandi asks what’s bothering him now, and Raj says he is not ready to believe that Kajal accepted it so easily as she is the kind of person who can stoop to any extent to get their wish. But Chandi says maybe she has changed. Raj however keeps thinking something is wrong somewhere.

Mr. Shekhawat goes to meet Dylan in his office and when Dylan asks him to leave, he reminds him that he is his father. He sits down and hands over a 10lakh cheque saying since he won’t come to the wedding, he is giving this 10 lakh present as father also have some duties. Dylan says that he doesnt think him to be his father and had come to invite only on mom’s insistence. He hands back the cheque and asks him to leave. Mr. Shekhawat takes the cheque and starts leaving but then reads out loud the name plate hung on his cabin and says your identity says that you are my son and leaves.

Binny is out with her lawyer and kids in a park wherein he tells her how hard he is trying to be both a father and mother, but sometimes he feels that there are things that only a mother can do, but Binny assures him that he is doing a very good job of a father.

Dabbu goes to meet Juliet and as she is talking about Dylan’s upset mood, Dylan comes home in an inebriated state. They both somehow manage to place him on his bed so that he can sleep but as they are leaving, they hear Dylan murmuring how much he hates his father and that he won’t allow him in his wedding.

Raj and Chandi are discussing her parent’s reaction on learning about his past when someone called Priya calls Raj informing him that Kajal has attempted suicide.

Dabbu assures Juliet that everything will be alright between Dylan and his dad, but Juliet is not ready to have hopes. Dabbu says no he would come to their wedding certainly and promises her the same. But Juliet to would have to make a promise that she won’t tell this to Dylan. Dabbu thinks to herself that she would bridge the gap between Dylan and his dad.

As Binny is narrating a story about a princess kidnapped by demon who was rescued by a price, sonu comments, just like Malik uncle. Malik is trying to drape a saree on Sarah, but she inssists to call Binny auntie as she would drape a nice saree.

As LN sees Dabbu’s room’s light on, he comes to talk to her, and she thanks him for being such a nice father and doing so much for them. Dabbu says Dylan’s father does not love him at all, but LN says that ego is the reason for their differences and to bridge the gap, one of them would have to make the first move.

Precap: Dabbu goes to meet Mr. Shekhawat and both are shocked as they had just fought on the streets over his rash driving.

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