Does she really love me? episode 11

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Sanskar’s POV.

When Swara got discharged we left to our home. I got relief she was alright. I was too much worried for her. She is my life. We did breakfast.

“Finally, back to home. I hate that hell, and their tasteless food, Yuk?.”

“Swara, Y u hate Hospital too much?” I asked. She hugged me.

“Sanku, I’m afraid of injections, and hate those medicines.”

“But, u have to take ur medicine on time.”

“No, it’s taste is yuk, bitter.” She made faces. But I knew how to manage my Angel.

“Swara, don’t be stubborn.”

“Ok, I’ll take them but at one condition.”

“What?” I didn’t find her intension right. She sat on my lap.

“One medicine, one kiss.” She whispered. She ate medicine then looked towards me. “I’m waiting.”

I smooched on her cheek. “Now happy.” She got up from my lap. I just smiled seeing her cute expression. She took her mobile.

“I’m going to office.” I hold her hand.

“My angry bird.” She jerked my hand.

“Don’t touch me, I’m busy Mr Maheshwari.” I pulled her and kisses her. Initially she protested by later she surrendered herself.

“Swara, come fast. I’ll wait for u.”

“As u say my hubby.” She kissed on my cheek and left.

After that I met Kavita.

“Sanky Y u called me here?”

“Kavita, I want to buy a saree for Swara. We r married and I haven’t gave her anything.”

“What? U r married but when Sanky? U didn’t tell me.”

“It’s a long story. First u help me, to buy stuff for her.”

“Ok, boss.” We did lots of shopping.

“Kavita, thank you…”

“No need to thanks Sanky…” Just then she got a call… Her lover. But Kavita didn’t tell me his name.

“Kavita, yrr who is he? Tell me.”

“Sanky, u will get to know about it soon.”

“So u r hiding things from ur friend.”

“Look who is talking about hiding… U married to Swara and even didn’t informed me.”

“Woh, all happened in sudden.”

“Excuses… Ok Sanky now I have to go he is calling me.” She left. I also came back to home.

I was waiting for Swara. It was 11:30pm still she didn’t came. I was calling her again and again. But she wasn’t picking up my calls. After a long wait she came. I immediately hugged her.

“Swara, r u OK? I was very much worried, Y u weren’t picking my calls?”

“I’m feeling hungry Sanskar.” She was sounding low. I thought to ask ther but then I dropped the idea thinking may be she was stressed due to any case. First time in dinner table she was quite. She was staring me but not saying anything.

“What happened Swara?”

“Nothing, I’m going to bedroom.” She left.

She was standing at the window. I hugged her from back.

“My love is tense. What happened to u?” Then I felt her tears fell in my hands. I turned her, she was weeping. I wiped her tears. “Swara… Y r u crying?”

She immediately hugged me. “I love u Sanskar, and I trust u. No matter what other says. I know all r liars.”

“I know Swara, did any one said anything?”

“Sanskar, love me.”


“No, Sanskar. This full night I want u. Please don’t stop yourself. I want to be urs completely.”

I cupped her face. “U r mine. If u don’t want to tell me then I won’t force u. But u please don’t cry.”

That night I saw her different face. She didn’t allowed me to stop. As if there was no tomorrow. I could sense that there is something that was bothering her.

“Sanskar, little faster.”

“Swara, u must be tired. I think I should stop.”

“Please don’t.” She hugged me. “Please make me forget everything that they said. I know they lied.”

“Swara look a me.” She broke the hug. “I love u, and I know u also. Don’t bothers about others. This is the last one and it would be slow. Ok.”

She nodded yes. It was almost morning when she slept. I looked towards her cheeks. She cried a lot. I was thinking might be Shekhar uncle said something to her. But I was happy she was with me. One thing that she ranted whole night was “I trust u Sanskar.” I switched off her mobile so that no one could disturb her sleep.

“Sleep well my Shona.”
I smiled and left for kitchen I prepared breakfast. Then someone knocked at the door. He was lucky.

“Where is Swara? Y her mobile is switched off.”

“Lucky she is sleeping.”

“I want to meet her.” I tried to stop him. “U stay away blo*dy womanizer.”

“Lucky…” I shouted. “Stay in ur limits… And Swara is sleeping.”

“I said… I want to meet her.” He was about to open the door. But I pulled him back.

“Don’t u dare.” He slided my shirt from shoulder. And touched her nail marks. “U slept with her.”

“What do u mean?”

He grabbed my collar. “How dare u?”

“Enough, she is my wife And u better to stay away from her.”

“She knows everything but not believing. But Sanskar she will leave u soon. Then she will come to me.” He left.

That was enough. First Sahil, now this Lucky. Just the badi ma called me.

“Sanskar, meet me. It’s urgent I’m waiting for u, at xyz place.”

“But badi ma…”

“It’s related to ur parents. Come fast.” I disconnected the call.

I didn’t knew what she wanted to say. I went inside the room. Swara was still sleeping. I kept my gift on side table. And kissed on her forehead.

“I’ll come soon, Swara. Love u.” I pecked on her lips. I left.

Badi ma was very much tense.

“What happened badi ma? Y u called me?”

“Sanskar today I’m going to tell u the truth. Actually Sanskar I… I love ur dad.”

“What!!!!” I was shocked. That was not expected from her.

“Sanskar, ur father died in an car accident. That was a planned murder. And ur bade papa did this but there was another man with him.”

“What r u talking badi ma? Y bade papa?”

“Ur bade papa, never loved me. He only used my body. Then Ram came in my life to heal my wounds I started falling for him. One night ur father came drunk. That night, I went to in his arms to surrended my self. But then I heard ur mother name from his mouth. I was heart broken. But ur bade papa saw me like this. He beat me, after Ram’s marriage I couldn’t able to forget him. That’s why ur bade papa planned this murder. I know I’m responsible for ur parents death.”

I was boiled in anger. “I’ll not leave that bastared. I hate bade papa also. Tell me badi ma who is that guy.”

“I don’t know much. But he was ur father’s college friends. A very close friend. He had a sister also some Maya.”

“But Y r u telling this me now. I mean u could tell me before.”

“Sanskar, this is my report. I’m suffering from blood cancer. Before dying I want to say this truth to u. I never told u this because I thought u will hate me for loving ur father.” She started crying.

I hugged her. “Loving someone is not a sin badi ma.”

“Sanskar, these r my operation paper please sign in it…”

“Ok, badi ma…” I signed on paper.

“Promise me Sanskar u will not leave them.”

“I promise.”

“And please don’t tell about it to anyone. Not even Swara.”

“No badi ma, I can’t hide anything from her.”

“Sanskar u don’t know about them. They will harm her.”

I was about to call her then someone collided with me and my phone fell down. “Give ur mobile to me. If Swara will call I’ll tell her everything.” Though badi ma convinced me but I want to tell Swara myself.

I left to hoogly. I went to dad’s college from where I got information of student who studied with dad. This work was not that simple. It took many days for getting this information. On the other hand I was worried for Swara also. I didn’t tell her anything. She would be angry on me.

“Hello, badi ma.”

“Sanskar did u find anything.”

“Ya badi ma. I met dad’s few friends. I even got a clue.”

“That’s great.”

“Badi ma, where is Swara. How’s she? Is she angry.”

“No, beta she is with me. I know u want to talk to her.” She gave phone to Swara.


“Shona, I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK Sanskar I can understand.”

“Please, take care of yourself. Swara do like my gift.”

“Which gift?”

“Swara, u didn’t saw my gift. I left it on table for u.”

“Oh, I forget. Ok Sanskar I have to go bye.”

“Love u…” But she disconnected the call without replying. She never did that, I found something weird in her behavior. Or I was thinking too much.

I meet dad’s few friends, then I came to know about his best friend. Shekhar Gadodia, Swara’s dad. I went to meet him, in hoogly.

“Y u came here?”

“Uncle I came here for my dad.”

He became afraid. “U please go, I have to some important work.”

“But uncle.”

“Go, else I’ll call security.”

I knew he won’t help me. So, in the night I went in his house. Shekhar uncle was talking to someone in phone.

“U stupid… I told u to destroy all proves but u. Don’t know how Sanskar came to know about it. Now my daughter will leave me forever.”

When he slept. I silently took his mobile and took the no. I called him.

“Hello… Who is this?”

“I know what secret ur and Mr Gadodia is hiding.”

“Who r u and… How do u?”

“If u want answer, then tomorrow meet me in xyz place.” I disconnected the call.

Next day I was ready. Ready to know the truth, how Shekhar Gadodia was related to this case. I was waiting for the man. And when he came I was shocked to see him.

“Mohan uncle u.” Mr Mohan Roy, Nikhil’s father.

“Sanskar u… Called me.”

“Ya, uncle I know u know the truth… Tell me what Shekhar uncle is hiding… Tell me.”

“Sanskar, it’s nothing like that I think u should leave.”

“For just a call u came from Kolkata, uncle tell me the truth else I’ll tell everything to Nikhil.”

“No, don’t say anything to him…”

“Then say it… Why Shekhar uncle was worried?”

“Because it was him who killed ur father.”

“What r talking? R u in ur sense Y he would?”

“His sister Maya loved ur father. But Ram chose Sujata. And Maya killed herself, that’s why he took revenge from ur parents.”

“I don’t believe u.”

He called Shekhar uncle. And kept phone in speaker. “Hey Shekhar I didn’t find any proof.”

“Find them. I know a proof is left. That’s why he came to meet me. If Sanskar gets to know about it. He will not leave me. No I can’t take risk, he would kill me if he gets proof that I killed his father. Then Swara will leave me. No this can’t happen.”

I was shocked to hear this. The thing was that I couldn’t hurt my love. I was in dilemma one side my parents and one side my love. I returned back to tell her the truth. I called badi ma.

“Badi ma, I got the proof. He is Shekhar Gadodia Swara’s dad.”

“What??? Sanskar… Did u told this to Swara?”

“No, but I thought not to tell her. She will break…”

“Sanskar, it’s not about Swara. Ram is ur father. Swara is here with me. U come here…”

I directly went to meet Swara. As soon as I entered in the house. It was dark all around. Then I Saw Swara came holding a candle. She placed it on table.

“Swara…” I hugged her. “I’m sorry love to stay away from u. I missed a lot.”

“Sanskar, leave me…”

I broke the hug. And cupped her face. “What happened to my Angel. I said sorry to hurt u.” She was crying. I knew she missed me a lot. I kissed her. Her dry lips were not responding.

“Swara… R u OK? What happened to u? R u angry…”

“No… I’m… I’m fine…” She stammered.

“Swara, I want to tell u something. I know it will hurt u… Actually ur father killed my dad, because ur Maya aunty loved my dad but he married to mom. Swara I know u won’t trust me. But…”

“U r right Mr Maheshwari I don’t trust u…”

“Swara, but it’s true… I have proof.”

“Sanskar can I ask u something. Please don’t lie this time.”

“Yes, Swara… What do u want to know?”

“With how many girls u slept…”

“Swara what r u talking about?”

“18, 19, 20, 24…”

“Enough Swara. U was, u r and u will be only girl my life. I love you.”

She slapped me. Suddenly lights switched on. The whole Hall was filled with people. Lucky, Sahil, Nikhil, badi ma, Ragini, Kavita, few girls were also there.

“What u love about me? My body… Sanskar did u enjoyed night with me.”

“Swara, u r not in ur sense… What is this happening here.” I cupped her face. “Swara, ur Sanskar loves a lot.”

She jerked my hand. “Don’t touch me u blo*dy rapist… I know u r the Sanskar Maheshwari… The beast who rapped the innocent girls.”

I tried to pacify her. “Swara, u know me… It’s all lie.” She pushed me.

“I said Stay away. I hate myself to love u… U made me dirty Sanskar with ur touch…”

“Swara I…” Just the Kavita slapped me. She grabbed my collar.

“Y u did this to me Sanskar? Y… I just slapped ur Swara and u rapped me. How could u… U destroyed everything.”

“Kavita, what r u talking… I never saw u like that… U know I love Swara.”

“U love Swara that’s doesn’t mean u will rapped every girl who hurted ur Swara.” Ragini also joined them. “Not only Kavita, u rapped me also.”

“What??” I moved towards Swara. “Shona listen to me… I was in hoogly to find the murderer of my dad. Wait let me ask Mr Mohan. He met me hoogly in the morning”

“Don’t lie… Sanskar I don’t want to listen ur more lies.”

“Swara.” Nikhil came. “See I know Sanskar, atleast give him a chance. Dad went somewhere in the morning, may be he is right. Sanskar let me call my dad.”

After sometime Mr Mohan came with Shekhar Gadodia.

“Uncle tell them the truth of Mr Shekhar Gadodia. Y he killed my parents.”

“Which truth Sanskar? See today I went to meet Mr Shekhar Gadodia.”

I looked towards Swara. “Shona he is lying…”

“Ya, Mr Maheshwari we all r liars only u r truthful.”

“Swara, u said u will trust me. No matters what others say’s.”

“I trusted u but u broke me, u destroyed my love.” She moved towards Shekhar. “I’m sorry baba to hurt u. U was right.”

“Swara, when no one trusted u it was me who was with u.”

“I know Sanskar, that was the biggest mistake of my life. To trust u. It was u who made those photographs and then proved me innocent. So that u will get my body.”

“No, Swara that was not me…”

“Now say it was me.” Lucky said. “U cheap rapist.”

“Swara, lucky was the person. Please trust me.” Then I Saw badi ma standing at the corner. I got a hope. “Badi ma, u know the truth u tell Shona, I went to hoogly for finding the murderer of my parents. U send me. U told me that u r suffering from cancer.”

“What r talking Sanskar beta? What murder. Ur father died in a car accident. I’m fine Y r u saying that I’m suffering from cancer.”

“Badi ma u said. U will tell everything to Swara.” I came towards Swara. “Shona, I also talked to u in phone. Even I asked u about my gift.”

“Enough… Mr Sanskar Maheshwari… I never talked to u in phone. After that night I’m meeting u today. U r pathetic u proved me worng also. Clap fro Mr Maheshwari… I’m lair, lucky, Kavita, Ragini, badi ma, Mohan uncle, papa we all r liars.”

I fell down on my knees and hold her hand. “Trust me, Swara. I’m innocent. I only love u. They trapped me.” She sat down on her knees. I cupped her face. “Look into my eyes. Shona, u know how much I love u. Do u really think I did this? U r the only girl to whom I touched. I don’t know what is happening?”

“Sanskar, do know it was your eyes who made me fall for u. I never loved anyone as much as I love u. These eyes always fooled me. But not now Mr Maheshwari. Nikhil please take him.” She get up and turned her face. “He is nothing to me.”

“Swara, please don’t be so cruel. I trust Sanky he can’t do this. U don’t know what u matters for him.” Nikhil was the only one who trusted me.

“Nikhil please take him. I can’t handle this anymore.”

“Swara, please trust me.” Nikhil took me… “Swara…”

“Stop…” Swara said. She came towards me.

“I know my Shona will only trust me.”

“Girls please come here. I know court will give him punishment but I’m giving u the permission do whatever u want to do…”

They came one my one, abused me. Slapped me, spitted on my face. But Swara didn’t said a word. She became stone. Tanya was right. One day I’ll ask myself “Does She really love me?”

“Mr Maheshwari, if Swara is mad enough to love u. Then she is strong enough to punish u. Today my love for u is dead.”

Her eyes were filled with hate. She returned my gifts. “Take this also with u… Now I’m not ur wife. Soon you will get divorce paper.”

I broke from inside… Nikhil took me in the jail. I was remembering all the incidents…

“Mom, papa if u would here u will definitely save ur child. Swara didn’t trust me. I know I don’t have any proof for my innocence but I’ll win my love back.”

Just then someone came to meet me.

“Badi ma, U…”

“Ya it’s me.”

“Y u did this badi ma… Y u lied? U know everything.”

“Aww my cute Sanskar… U know u r fool… Haha ? stupid also. Let me tell u truth as u r going to die soon. So first hear the truth then die…”

“What truth.”

“Ya, it was true I loved Ram, that night we were going to become one but Sujata spoiled everything.”


On that day, it was raining outside. Durgaparsad was out of station. Ram came late home Drunked.

“Ram, u r drunk.”

“Sorry bhabhi. My friends forced me.” He was not even able to walk properly.

I took him inside the room. And placed him on the bed. He was all wet. I removed his shirt. I was staring his body. I roamed my hand over his naked body. I couldn’t able to control my desires. I removed my blouse. And hugged him. He too hugged me.

“I wants to be ur completely. Please love me. I’m carving. I love u Ram.”

We were about to kiss then someone knocked at the door. I wore Ram’s shirt and open the door.

“Who r u ? What u want?”

“I’m sujata, actually Ram forgot his purse.” Then she noticed me in Ram’s shirt. “What r u doing in his shirt?”

“Who the hell are u to ask me?”

She pushed me and directly went inside the room. Ram was not in his sense.

“Ram…” She covered his body with sheet. He hold her hand.

“Sujata, don’t go. I love u. Please marry me.” She kissed on his forehead.

“I’m here only. U sleep well.” She turned towards me. “U don’t have shame. He is ur devar and u… I’m warning u. Stay away from my Ram…”

After that night… Sujata told everything to Ram… He started neglecting me. After marriage Ram and Sujata shifted to different house. I became alone again. Then Mohan came in my life… Ya Mohan… Nikhil’s dad. We are still in relationship…

It was ur birthday day. When RAM and Sujata went to buy bicycle for u. At that time me and Mohan were together. That was Mohan’s friend’s ship. We thought it was night time no one would came but Ram and Sujata saw us.

“Ram, u r thinking worng.” I tired to convince him.

“Shame on U bhabhi… Chii… I’m going to tell this to Bhai.”

“Ram, don’t waste ur time…” They left…

“Mohan, please do something… Else ur wife and my husband came to know about it.”

We both chased RAM and Sujata. We fired gun also. At that time Shekhar was also coming in his car. Ram turned his bike to save him and his bike collided with Shekhar’s car.

Flashback ends.

“So, Shekhar uncle wasn’t the murderer.”

“He is, actually ur mom died on the spot but ur dad could be saved but Shekhar did saved him. Just for revenge… Or he might be afraid of police. At that time Mohan came there and Ram begged him to save him. As Mohan was a police man. He closed the case by proving it an accident.”

“This much happened. Then Y u did this to me.”

“Poor Sanky, property… After knowing my reality Durgaparsad gave all his property to u… So I have to accept u. I never loved u, u r the son of Sujata who stole my first love. Remember u signed on my cancer treatment papers… And what a mother can do if her child loves Swara that much. Oh I forgot one thing. Swara send this divorce papers for u.”

“I’ll not sign on it…”

“Offo, Sanskar beta… What u think Swara will spend her wife with a rapist.”

“Don’t call me that, I’m not that person.”

“I know who is he? Beta come inside…” A man with covering his face came inside. “He is that rapist the Great Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“Hello Sanskar.” I was amazed to hear his voice. Completely resembles with me. As if I was talking to myself.

“Shocked Sanskar beta… Wait I’ll give u another shocked… Did u remember that day when u talked with Swara.” She looked towards that man. “Swara ji please speak…”

“Hello Sanku…” That was totally Swara. Now I understood.

“Ya, Sanskar u r right… He rapped every girl. Using ur name. He loves Swara. If anyone harmed her he won’t left that girl. This voice made Swara believed that u r the same person. U know all victim girl recognized ur voice… U r trapped.”

“U touched my Swara. For that u r bearing this punishment… Her hatred… It will hurt u most… Sanskar. Swara is my life now I’ll marry her.”

“Who r u?” I asked… “Sahil, Lucky… I know…” I moved towards him to remove his mask but he immediately eloped. I tried to chase him but cop hold me. Badi ma left…

“I’ll not leave u… U all r liars…” They again threw me inside the jail.

After sometime Nikhil came.

“Sanky… Why were u shouting?”

“Nikhil, it was my badi ma… Who did this and that rapist was also came with her…”

“What? But she came alone…”

“She and ur dad killed my father. They had an affair…”

“What? R u serious…”

“Ya, trust me…”

“I trust u… I saw my mom crying… She always used to say that my dad is cheating her. That’s why she suicide…”

“Nikhil… I’ll not leave them…”


“What happened?”

“Swara, is marrying Sahil…”

“What?… Please bring me there I’ll tell her truth. I know she will trust me…”

“Wait… Sanky after one hour… Court gave us order to shift u another prison… U have only few minutes… I’m taking this risk for u…”

I hugged him. “Thank bro…”

We left… In the way nikhil ordered his officers to take something to eat. And I got a chance to elope.

As I entered inside the Maheshwari mansion. Swara was in mandap in bridal dress.

“Swara,…” She looked towards me.

“Sanskar… How dare u to come here.”

“Please don’t do this…” She came towards me.

“Don’t interfere in my life…”

“U can’t marry him Mrs Maheshwari. U r still my wife…”

“Our relation doesn’t matters for me… Sanskar go else I’ll call the cop.”

“Swara, listen me last time. It was my badi…” She slapped me.

“One word more Mr Maheshwari… I’ll kill u or myself…” She called the cop. Nikhil came…

“Trust me, I really love u…”

“Oh if u love me… Then signed in these divorce paper and prove ur love for me…”

I don’t have any options… I did it. “Swara, how could u forget our love…”

She went inside the room and took the red dress that I gave her. She threw it in fire. She came towards me. And removed the ring that I gave her from her hand and placed it on my hand. She spitted on my face.

“This is my answer. Now get lost… I HATE U MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…” She shouted a loud.

Nikhil took me… But the only words that were echoing in my ears… “I HATE U MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…”

“Officers, u go back to police station. I’ll take him…”

“But sir…”

“It’s my order…” They left…

We left. He stopped the car in the middle of forest.

“Nikhil, what happened?”

“Sanskar please go away from here… No one trust u… She made ur love a joke… How could she? Everyone… Everyone…” He cried. “I can’t give an innocent any punishment.”

“Y u trust me Nikhil, when all r against me?”

“Some questions have no answers… I know u Sanskar. U r my best friend. Please go away from this city. Start a new life.”

“But ur job.”

“I’ll manage… U please go before anyone came here. Take this Jeep…”

I hugged him. “Thank u Bhai… Thanks a lot…”

I left from there… Just then a saw girl she was going to jump in water. I immediately went towards her. Before I could hold her she jumped. I also followed her. And saved her. She was Kavita…

“Leave me… U rapist Y u saved me.” What I would say her that I’m not that rapist but if my love didn’t trust me then why would she?

“Kavi, for me ur killing yourself.”

“U shut up… I’m pregnant…”

“What… I mean…” She started crying… “Sorry…”

“It’s Sahil’s child.”

“So tell him…”

“Because u rapped me. He said he is not the father of my child it’s an illegitimate child… Sanskar I’m 3 weeks pregnant… What would I do now… Because of u my life destroyed… Let me die…”

“Kavita, listen to me…”

“Y would I… Did u listen me that night when I cried for my virtue… And what r u doing here… U must be in jail…”

“Kavita, please don’t kill this innocent child…”

“Oh, then when he/she will grow up. What people called him a dirt. It’s better for him to die… No one would accept me and my child…”

“I’ll…” I said…

“What u said…”

“Kavita, I know I didn’t worng… I need a punishment but think about ur child. We will go new city… Spend a new life there. I promise I won’t touch u… And if I’ll then U can… Call the police…”

“I don’t trust u.”

I gave her ring. “I gave this to Swara, I love her a lot… U take it… I don’t have anything to prove my loyalty… But Kavita, think about ur baby… See I did lots of bad thing but atlast Swara is married to Sahil. So I don’t have any benefit to leave u…”

“Ok, but for my baby. My aunty lives in USA but she has a home in Delhi… We will live there, but still I won’t forgive U Sanky…”

“Ok thanks Kavita…”

“For what…?”

“For giving me a reason to live… I promise I’ll try to become best dad.”

“And if she will be a girl, then U have to go away from my life…”


“If u rapped my little girl… I’ll divorce so that I could say society my husband left me… She is not illegitimate child…”

Her words didn’t hurt me because, they were sweeter than Swara’s words. Kavita was right in her place… Kavita sold her earrings.

“Kavita, Y u didn’t sold this ring…”

“Sanskar we need money… And I know u r bad guy but still this ring is symbol of ur love… Not yours but Swara’s. And I’m not like u…”

We took a bus… I covered my face with black color and clothes… So that no could identify me. We left Kolkata forever…

I promised myself, not to return back… This city always gave me pain. It took my everything my parents, my love, and my soul.

How’s the chappy friends… I know I’m late… But next time I’ll try to come soon. Ur friend nilu?.

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    waaahh waahhh waahhh.. but hmmmm… why sanskar kinda accepted crime in front of kavita.. uughhh maybe for saving the baby.. wish someday Kavita will know the truth….love it Nilu

  10. United swasan

  11. Awesome epi love it.Feeling very bad for sanskar.

  12. Awesome……but who is behind the sanskar maheswari mask???

  13. NDSG

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    Awesome… Swara should atleast listen him….so sad for sanskar

  15. Simi

    Is nikhil really innocent…


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    Poor sanskaar. Feeling sad for him.
    But who is behind all this? Why this nikhil is so goody good with sanskaar? ?
    By the way awesome part dear.
    Continue soon.

  18. Nilu

    Sorry guys I’m busy so can’t able to reply all… Hope you will understand

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