Sanyukt 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tanu/Shree prays god that she cannot believe she is in Rahul’s house and his family has accepted her. She continues that Sameer has promised her that he will convince Hetal, soon Hetal will also be in this house after marrying Sameer. Gayatri comes holding washed bedsheets to dry. Shree asks if they don’t have maids. Gayatri says she and Ila do work themselves and bapuji does not like maids when family women are present. Cooker whitles. Gayatri says had kept daal and sabji to cook. Tanu asks her to go to kitchen, she will hang bedsheets to dry. Gayatri says she has not done work earlier. Shree says she will as she herself told she has right to rag her devranis. Gayatri prays god for giving her such good devranis, she does not know about Tanu, but she likes Shree a lot.

Shree tries to hang bedsheets to dry and thinks how to do it, she will disappoint Rahul’s family. Rahul enters and hears her conversation. He hugs her from behind and says she is trying ot impress his family. She says yes, but unable to. He says he will help her, but she has to reward him. She agrees. He helps her hang bedsheets to dry and gets romantic. She gets shy. A romantic song plays in the background.

Uday is busy studying when he gets Prachi’s call and thinks Hetal pesters his Prachi and she pesters him. He picks call and asks her don’t get irritated with Hetal’s troubles, he has planned something in the evening to cheer her mood. Hetal asks what is he telling, she is confused. She called to tell something else. Hetal comes and asks Prachi if Sam had come to his studio. Prachi says no and asks why she is worried about Sam. Hetal says she is not and acts normal.

Rahul continues his romance with Shree. A romantic song plays in the background. They both run around hugging each other. Rahul gets more intimate and tries to kiss. She closes eyes. Rahul get severe stomach again and moves aside. Tanu opens eyes and asks Rahul not to play more. Rahul starts coughing blood and runs away. Blood falls on wall. Tanu gets shocked seeing blood on wall.

Precap: Hetal returns Sam’s studio deposit money and says he has to vacate studio right now.

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