Rang Rasiya 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Part 1

Rudra holds Shantanu’s hand. Shantanu starts giving excuses about his wound. Rudra doesn’t trust him at all. Shantanu says his eyes are too observing. Rudra stares at him. Paro calls him for tea. Shantanu realizes that Rudra is too smart. Paro gives him tea and asks he is angry. Rudra tells about Shantanu. Paro giggles. Rudra says why are you laughing. Paro says I wanna say something. But will not say…he will get angry. Rudra says won’t get angry. Paro says no you would. Rudra says tell me. Paro says whenever he comes, there’s a little chirpiness in this house. Till last week, the house was so dull…everyone revolved around Rudra only. Rudra stares. Paro says jealous. Rudra says why’d be I jealous. Rudra walks away. Paro back-hugs him. Rudra moves

away. Paro again slips her hand around him. Rudra caresses them.
Shantanu is unpacking his luggage. He talks to his bro’s photo, and says soon he will seek his revenge from the family. Sunehri comes. Shantanu asks why are you here? Hiding something? Sunehri takes out a band…and says saw in films…whenever a girl ties this to a guy, they become friends! Shantanu says so, tie it around my wrist. Sunehri notices a wound and asks about it. Shantanu says a girl betrayed him, and in anger…he cut his wrist! He will seek his revenge from her someday. Sunehri becomes afraid. Shantanu says just joking. Sunehri says u scared me.

Maithili calls Mohini for food. Mohini fakes an apology for bringing a new girl. Maithili says why saying sorry. I cannot give you an heir, but I promise to serve this family till my last breath. Mohini says I know that.

At the dinner table, Shantanu proposes that ladies would sit down first today, and the men will serve them. Everyone seems impressed. Dilsher serves Mala. Shantanu reaches to serve Rudra, who shots an angry glare at him. So he turns to Paro. Rudra holds his hand and takes the serving spoon from him.

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Part 2

Rudra serves Paro. Paro and Shantanu share a naughty glare. Rudra glares at her. After dinner, Rudra gets up. Shantanu asks what do you need sir. Rudra says sleep? Now will you come with me…and make me sleep with a lullaby. Rudra leaves. Dilsher says Rudra dev can create tantrum. To make him smile is a total impossible task. Rudra calls Aman and says I don’t trust him…find out about his history.

Shantanu gives sweets to all. Everyone praise him. Once finished, he and Paro go to his room to get more. Rudra is searching Shantanu’s room. He sees a bronze pot with a red cloth…suspecting it to be someone’s last remains. Paro and Shantanu see him. Rudra says what is this. Paro asks why is he searching his room. Shantanu says because he doesn’t trust me. Rudra says right! And I have reasons, you have no qualities of an army officers…officers don’t dance, make food…drink and do mischief. Shantanu says you’re right.

Part 3

Shantanu says this is my brother. A few months back, I suddenly lost him. I couldn’t understand what all happened, and I couldn’t understand how to handle my own self. Lost everything. But had to live, thats why decided to stay happy, smile and try to hide my grief. When I came here, saw such a big family…saw a senior I respect so much…got relief after months! Hoped this will mend what was broken. Paro says Major Sahab loves his family, had no intention of hurting him. Rudra goes away. Paro apologizes.

Danveer caresses Shantanu for being so brave. He blesses him. He keeps the pot and the photo falls on the ground. Sunehri picks it up and asks is this ur bro.

Paro says brother, he was trying to share his grief…and he ruined it. Don’t u still trust him?

Shantanu chides Sunehri away saying this is personal.

Precap- Sunehri says Bhaisa seems rude, but he’s too good. He is sad since Taisa came back. Shantanu asks what about her? Sunehri tells him that Taisa came back after 15 years, she had eloped with Tejawat. Shantanu is shocked.

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