Should Raghav give a chance to Pakhi and his marriage?

Kamla has been always concerned about both her daughters, and did not divide her love. Her daughters too love her a lot and believe in walking the path Kamla is showing them. The earlier track in the show showed Raghav putting sindoor in Kalpi’s Maang and thus getting married that way. Kamla does not accept this and wants Kalpi to move on in life by forgetting Raghav, as the truth is he is Pakhi’s husband. It does not matter why Raghav married her, for revenge and blah blah, but now he has ruined his love and Kalpi’s life by his own hands, he could have taken revenge by any other decent way too, why did he marry Pakhi to make her stuck with him for one year. Then he is also asking Kalpi for wait for one year, to get his love and right on him. If Raghav realizes his mistake for hurting Pakhi, he should go ahead to give her a chance, and if it’s not possible by his heart, then he should free her for her good future with someone else.

Raghav was at fault before, and now Kamla, as she is after Kalpi asking her to end all love ties with Raghav. Kamla wants Kalpi to start her hotel business and make her good career. She wants Pakhi to be happy in her marriage. Everyone is taking poor Kalpi’s life for granted, and mending her as they wish to. Even Kamla is not able to understands her daughter’s emotions for Raghav, she can just forecast her future, which she senses that it won’t be good with Raghav. She wants Kalpi to understand that it’s of no use to wait for Raghav. Maybe Kamla does not have any believe on love, as she values the relation of marriage more.

Now, Kalpi is working hard to fulfill her parents’ dreams. While Raghav offered to join him in his office, confessing his feelings to her, Kalpi has decided to go ahead with the hotel idea. Kamla wants Raghav to settle down with Pakhi, and wants him to forget Kalpi. She wants to do something to bring them closer. She invites the couple for dinner. Pakhi and Raghav come for dinner at home, and we get to see Raghav and Kalpi’s moments instead, as the fate will always favor the true lovers. Kamla has to understand that Pakhi can never take Kalpi’s place in Raghav’s heart. Pakhi has told Raghav that she is ready to give him divorce, but he stopped her asking her to stay being his friend. Pakhi is glad and thinks this friendship can turn into love too, if she works on her marriage, and maybe one day Raghav can love her back.

Even Pakhi is true on her side, she can’t be blamed or taken revenge for her dad’s doings. Why is Raghav being so unfair to her? If he is not happy with her, he can just give her divorce and move on with Kalpi, but he wants to tie Pakhi for one year just for his mum Gauri’s satisfaction. Gauri still has hatred for Pakhi and she does nto want to see Pakhi coming closer to Raghav, and going out with him. Raghav needs to make his decisions clear now, as he has already spoiled three lives. We wish to see this sort out soon, let’s see what can Kamla do for Pakhi, can she make Raghav fall in love with Pakhi? Is Kamla doing right by bringing them closer? Should Raghav give a chance to Pakhi and his marriage? Is Kamla justified for her own daughter Kalpi? What do you think? Give us your opinion and comment your reasoning.


  1. girijashiva

    As if you are all respecting viewers ,feed back. anyway who cares about ZEE TV and EMA any more we already cancelled ZEE TV Package.we are paying for you to watch.because of us ZEE TV and other channel not because of YOU we are sustaining.Mind it

    • girijashiva

      who is going to bell the cat ?EMA writers and production house- want to separate loved ones? are they doing it in real life or they suffered the way kalpi suffering?what the hell all 3 mother character? in real life this kind of mothers exsisting?which mother can see the daughter drowning and save her bhakwas daughter .disgusting. instead u can poll worst mother or best mothers – select from other serial ask them to vote .EMA is worst thing happened in TV serial.END – EMA

      • girijashiva


      • girijashiva

        hello! somebady.i am not\replying to my comment but by adding to my comment. why ur name is somebody? you put ur comments here , u dont have say fool . it shows who is fool?


    have u people gone mad hw cud to oppsite poles can one RAGNA IS SOUL MATES MAKKHI IS ODD ONE OUT DNT DARE TO ASK CHEAP QUES ONLY RAGNA ONLY RAGNA

  3. Siri

    Raghav and Kapli are made for each other and deserve each other, True love should always win – paaki is one desperate women – she love is not true -Kill Paaki bas – its only RagNa RagNa and only RagNa

  4. leelu

    If u find kamlas psychotic actions of being happy seeing her daughter in pain is rght there is nothing more left to say
    for us ragna is ema so if channel n cvs cant gve us this we as vwrs reject ema n zee, end ek mutthi aasmaan

  5. Bhanu

    This show began on a good note until the Mahasnagram twist came in where Raghav had to marry Pakhi for his revenge leaving Kalpi at the altar.Kalpi has always been deprived of her mothers love bcoz of Pakhi n nw she is craving for Raghav’s love bcoz Pakhi eyed on him as well.If u wan a genuine opinion of the viewers then I wud say either end Pakhi’s relation wid Raghav or end EMA itself.Coz it played with our emotions and v cant continue watch this crap.I have unsubscribed Z n not even watching d shown online.If Ragav is givin chance to his marriage wid Paki will his fathers atma get shanthi?He will be a failure in front of the Kapoors n ur question does not have any logic.Best is end this show it has been ruined beyond any redemption.END EK MUTHI AASMAN ASAP pls!Spare the viewers from this crap,illogical,nonsense and meaningless show.Raghav is only Kalpana’s love that is the viewers verdict period!Now the show can be watched by the cast n crew of EMA alone coz it lost its die hard fans.Ragna d best No Ragana No EMA End EMA!

  6. chinu

    Pls throw that khi from Raghavs life. Only kalpi is his soulmate. If no Ragna then no EMA for us

  7. neetu

    Kamla z doing unjustice wid both of her daughters as she knw vry well dat raghav klpi luvs each other so much she misleading Pakhi as well as kalpi making their lufe hell n raghav shud nt give ny chance to pakhi coz its jst a deal for him …

  8. shali

    Is this even a question . I have doubts if they r really married. What about Raghav marriage with Kalpi then ?? The show is encouraging polygamy .Marry one on paper and one in temple .Wow!! is this the message show was started to give. Better end EMA rather then giving po po torture.

    Give back Raghav Kalpi relationship with dignity Or End EMA

  9. Ashwini

    It has to be only Raghna ….you cannot fall in love always …first love is life long and Raghna are soul mates ….so only Raghav and Kalpi ….pls get Pakhi out asap …..or most of the viewers will unsubscribe ZeeTV

  10. Kavitha

    Since pakhi has always snatched all the happiness from kalpi, we want kalpi to get her love raghav back in her life. We cant see kalpi suffering anymore. Pakhi deserves this punishment, if u say why pakhi has to pay for her parents deeds then same question v would like to ask u guys what was raghav mistake why was his parents snatched from him. What was his mistake.

    We want pakhi to be out of Raghav’s life she can marry a person who will love her. We cant see raghav with pakhi since in childhood it was been clearly shown to us that they are siblings so v cant see them as husband and wife. Kamala herself told pakhi to call raghav as raghav bhaiya now how can she ask pakhi to force herself on raghav. No its a wrong message giving to society we dont agree with this relation. Plz pair raghav with kalpi if not plz end the show. We dont want to watch such crap show. If zee is not pairing raghav with kalpi and if they are not going to end the show of EMA then we all will be forced to UNSUBSCRIBE ZEE CHANNEL itself.

  11. Ichcha

    No paakhi is innocent that does not mean she can take kalpi’s rights… Raghav belongs to kalpi and if paakhi is right she should help raghav in fulfilling his mother’s wish and get his love back!!!

  12. cool

    f**k this show!!!!! f**k raghav….f**k all characters………wat a ridiculous show~!!!!
    dnt watch it people!!! its so lame……..!!!!aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrgggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. arya

    Why the hell r u asking sich stupid question specially when cvs of ema and the channel, zee tv itself dont care about viewers choice. Zee tv is the most irresponsive chhnel I ve eva cn which does not care abt its viewers. As 4 most of the viewers, iys only ragna. They r d soulmate and the third person ( dont want 2 even take her name) is thrown on viewers by stupid cvs of ema.

  14. Ichcha

    Alwayzzz pakhi’s dreams are fulfilled not kalpi ..but raghav gives a chance to paakhi this will clearly give a message that poor girls have no right to dream as their dreams are just ruined by others !!!

  15. saru

    Raghav is like ram and kalpi is like sita..they are born for eachother..pakhi is the one who steals all kalpi things since childhood just because she has money..knowingly or unknowingly..she took away kalpi mother..her job..her rank..and now her love..pakhi deserves to get punished..she doesnt deserve raghav..what ever she has for ragahv is not love…if raghav gives pakhi a chance..what message this show will give rich fair girls will get everything..dark chawl girls move on..u r unlucky..

    kalpi should get raghav..ragna forever..
    and they can pair sammy or someone else for pakhi defly not raghav.

    ragna forever..

  16. pooja

    The story is on pathetic track..assassination of strong character like raghav makes he hating it..assault wid girl..mockery of gods..foolish

  17. AP

    No way. Paakhi is just delusional and she just lust raghav. Raghav and Kalpi has found their anchor for life in each other and they should be together. RAGNA is meant to be !! Pakhi should just open her eyes.. see the truth and try bringing Raghav and Kalpi together .. That will atleast redeem some respect for her charcter.. she is coming across as a dirt at the moment.
    Kamala is an insult to all mothers.. mothers don’t get partial.. which she is !! illogical and stupid!

  18. Siri

    For me the officially ended with Raghav and Kapli engagement – and I assume they lived happily ever after – I don’t bother rPaaki the despo women – she never existed in EMA n I’m least bother about her( Kill Paaki and believe me no one really bothers) in fact people will celebrate. finally Zee never cares for vwrs – so UNSUBSCRIBE ZEE and no more ZEE for me they lost the trust and Zee is a looser

  19. pooja

    How can a show portray a poor gal in bad lights everytime..y dey r shown sufferers all d time..grow up cvs

  20. Arti

    No I don’t think Pakhi should be given a chance. Raghav has promised Kalpi to wait for one year and she has agreed. No more heart ache for Kalpi. For a change let Pakhi suffer. She is trying her best to woo him but Raghav will not even look at her. I know the story is moving towards what you are saying but no ways in hell will viewers accept Pakhi as Raghav’s wife. Kalpi is Raghav’s wife and she should be given her rightful place with dignity. If Raghav and Pakhi happens they better shut the show as we are not interested in watching this crap. As far as Kamla is concerned, you are wrong she divided her love. Kalpi is not her daughter and I wish for once Kalpi takes a stand against her mom. We viewers will clap and cheer believe me. And I so wish Vitthal slaps her.

  21. AP

    One more thing is Raghav is not a free bird for Pakhi to seek his love.. he already belongs to Kalpi.. there is no question of seeking coming here. It was a mistake from Raghav to have agreed to his mom’s revenge plan!!! He realizes that too.. POOKI .. JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF RAGHAV’S and KALPI’s life!!

  22. arya

    Best is if they cant give wht viewers want, channel better end this show. This show has played with emotions pf fans and channel foes not care.

  23. dimple

    kamla is doing wrong with both of her daughters….a relationship cant survive without love…Raghav n Kalpanas love is true…Raghav accepted Kalpana as her wife by putting sindhoor infront of God….now is he accepts pakhi it will b insult to God…Pakhi is not loving Raghav but its just a obssession..she only wants physical pleasures…if EMA cvs show Raghav ending up with pakhi it means that they r giving mssg tht RICH PEOPLE R EGLIBLE FOR ALL HAPPINESS N POOR PEOPLE R BORN NLY TO EARN MONEY FOR THEIR PARENTS….hope cvs dont insult poorpeople…..Kamla is wrong..TRUE LOVE SHULD WIN n hence RAGHAV-KALPANA shuld b d jodi

    • girijashiva

      her DAUGHTERS? how come pakhi become her daughter when her own mother still standing next to her.PD is mad woman.more than her DJ creative unit and producers- Diya and Tony singh more mad then creative team wasting their money in this serial

  24. arya

    Plz change ur 1st statment. Kamla has never treated kalpi and pakhi eqially. Pakhi has always come 1st 4 her. C even changed god when bappa chose ragna. Kamla is a hypocrite wof fouble standard

  25. Geetha

    Fans can never accept Raghav + Paakhi as a jodi… fans r crazy about Raghav + Kalpana and they are the best onscreen jodi n won polls also.. v pay for this channels and they r irritating us by showing Raghav + Paakhi now..

    SHAADI HO GAYA PYAR BI HOJAYEGA concept bahut hi boring hai.. i want to C only RAGNA (RAGHAV + KALPANA)

    why kalpi should never get anything.. bachpan mai maa ka pyar nahi mila and paakhi enjoyed it.. and should she sacrifice the man she is luving also.. what a stupid concept.. paisa aur success kushi nahi laa sakthi.. i want to C HAPPY KALPI only..

    Fans have temporarily stopped watching this shows if raakhi track continues then we will have to permanently stop.. the TRP r showing how much fans hate the currnet trak

  26. megha

    One request …….plz shut this show as earliest as possible .There is nothing except garbage & don’t want this to pollute our society. Plz help us to save our society. We don’t want 2 die so soon.

  27. Sreevani

    No no no. A big no for Raghav and Pakhi. We love raghav and kalpana. If you want to unite ragahav and pakhi, you better close your show.

  28. sumayya

    We want raghav and kalpi together bas kil pakhi I hate pakhi good for nothing

  29. Angie

    No…. Noooo…. NOOOOOOOOOO…..
    But does anyone care about the opinions of fans.. If yes we have been shouting ourselves hoarse to end this Paakhi and Raghav track. Is there any point in this poll.. Still voting cos I love Raghav and Kalpana together.. They share such amazing chemistry not seen very often how can anyone with brains kill it?? Raghav and Paakhi are cold together

  30. indu1

    A big no for Raghav and Pakhi. We love raghav and kalpana. If you want to unite ragahav and pakhi, you better close your show.

  31. saira

    Kitni bar chillayain ……………………….no never ever RA…KHI !!! Chiii chiii what a cheap show.

  32. Dee

    Kamala is the worst mother ever & has NEVER treated both her daughters equally, she has always favoured Pakhi. She only wants Kalpi to succeed in business to suit her selfish dreams & to keep her away from Raghav for Pakhi’s happiness.
    Pakhi is delusional, self centered & manipulative & should be thrown out of Raghav’s life.
    EMA has become so terrible, it portrays mothers as manipulative selfish evil women, disrespects God & shows Kamala switching Gods to suit her purpose & also shows men as weak & spineless

  33. siri

    What kind of message EMA giving to viewers. ? Poor can not achieve anything and rich ppl will get everything. .and where is revenge. ? All stupidity there. .how can a mother be like kamla. ? And y disobeying bappa ..All crap. .either unite Raghav Kalpi. .or end the show. .RIP #EMA

  34. peach

    Raghav ang Kalpi r soul mates…it is painful to see khi snatching everything..the dialogues hv no basis…the character of khi is being built overnight to fit her as the main lead.. the cvs sound desperate… the track is illogical..abrupt..kamla’s logic is dumb..

  35. rani

    Pls throw that pakhi from Raghavs life. Only kalpi is his soulmate, kill kamala and pakhi both..

  36. Autumm

    NO way….!!! plz let kalpi and raghav be togther..thy meant to be tgther… least ture love exist in a serial if its not in reality.pakhi is so selfish..if in a serial the vamp will get everythg then who will believe in true love?

  37. Deepika

    Oh plz.. Pakhi never loved Raghav.. She is just infatuated wid him.. I knw true love.. Dnt give us the nonsense tht Pakhi loves Raghav.. Raghav and Kalpi love each other and tht is true.. Kick Pakhi out of Raghav’s life.. He doesen’t want he and neither do we..

  38. upasana

    plz have some idea about turn and twist. You have shown the pure relationship between raghav and kalpana, before that logic was there Kalpana was not accepting Raghav, than she accepts him. After that at the time of marriage ZEE Creative tm of EMA , u shown the twist by giving the marriage with pakhi AND Raghav. I mean whts your plan ?? Now u r thinking to pakhi will be the mAIn line person of RAghav and Kalpana will be there as his love. lols… think About the story line. NOthing is going Right, atleast you run the story line properly dont make a useless pointless baseless aimless meaningless serial where as you peopl have Ashish and Shilpa and Racha also doing justice with her role.. all other actors too..TRy to show a worthy Serial nowadays we are highly used to on net, so TV will have some charm.. Do justice, and make a RAghav and kalpana Comeback grand entry.. in a proper manner.. show your capacity of story wirting… :D.. dont make us disappoint..

  39. laxmi

    pakhi is very selfish girl..everytime she got everyting what she wants by hook or crook..we hate pakhi…she know kalpi and raghv loves each other, and still she is trying to attract raghv at any cost with help of that idiot kamala..

  40. RAshika

    Pakhi is a delusional woman who is good at flaunting her body..Raghav nd Kalpi love each other nd r soulmates. They share a sizzling onscreen chemistry..what the hell did cvs show us Raghav marrying Kalpi so that she is a doormat for everyone to just discard. The essence of this show to viewers is that the poor have to just shut up nd accept everything. nd give up on their dreams nd have a mother from hell who loves her foster daughter more than her own. Sick of this disgusting track. What kind of social message is EMA showing to the world. We viewers on only want RAGNA back but if cvs want Raghav nd Pakhi as a couple they can go to hell nd end EMA asap.

  41. kanchan

    i had already unsubscribed zee so that i get hold on my heart to not watch this crap & crying for kalpi it’s better we save our money rather than buying this crappiest serial & zee in which each show lead actor have two wife or lead actress have two husbands zee has nothing to entertain it’s viewer , i like jodha akbar which i watch online LOL one more plz plz don’t show rubbish thing in EMA, youth getting wrong message

  42. s

    that stupid poo-key needs to be thrown out of raghav’s life. I find her to be themost annoying character ever next to that unbelievable kamla. We want raghav and Kalpi back together. Give us back our lovely couple raghav and kalpi and get that stupid poo-key out of his life forever.

  43. Shivani

    No pakhi n raghav can never be together. What paakhi has towards raghav is simply infatuation. Besides what are u trying to show that fair n rich girls can snatch away everything from the dark n poor girls from mother to love. Kalpi has the right to her share of happiness n that happiness can only be found with raghav. RAGHAV AND KALPI ARE SOULMATES AND THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER AND THEY ALSO HAVE BAPPA BLESSING.

  44. Deepika

    Seriously, Porky is a delusional girl who just wants everything to go er way.. She is a fool who does nt think.. SHe throws herself at Raghav given the chance eventhough he hates her to the core.. We dnt want Porky.. Dnt force the Porky In Wonderland on us… V dnt want her..

  45. Nandini David

    Sorry to say Is the writer high on drugs while scripting the article like CV’s of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan?? When did Kamala has concern for both the daughters?? All I saw is Kamala leaving Kalpana to death in the lake for saving Pakhi or slapping as Raghav instead of loving Kaamwali Bai’s illegal love child proposed Kalpi !! Kamala was, is and will always be concerned for her illegal love child!! Btw, how the hell Pakhi is her daughter?? Did Kaamwali Bai adopt her or Pakhi a blo*dy orphan??

    Kamala is disgusting mother figure for any one not just for Kalpi !! If she really cares & loves both the girls equally she would never give false hopes to Pakhi hiding the “Sindoor Crap” or force Kalpi to fulfil her dreams, when the poor soul is heart broken. For Kamala, Kalpana is a ticket to her ambitions, a robot that can die as zombie but only after making Kaamwali Bai proud owner of Memsaab Slave (Kalpi).

    If Raghav Singhania is not trust worthy for Kalpana how he is good as husband for Pakhi……he is equally wrong for both the girls!! Kaamwali Bai has no qualms in forcing Pakhi into Raghav’s bedroom as it will give her ample time to make Kalpana into Zombie

    I don’t have ounce of sympathy for Pakhi…..she always lived in delusions categorically turning blind eye to reality. She is too good to be true & pathetically insensitive! From very young age Pakhi has snatched everything that was originally belonged to Kalpi and stooped as low as betting for Kamala. For her both Kaamwali Bai & Raghav are just obsessions.

    No girl with self respect will take the crap but all she needs is reason to cling to Raghav Singhania & she just jumped on the offer when the jerk said we are friends. He hasn’t tied her hands & she can easily walk out of sham by giving Divorce BUT no, Pakhi wants everything which is Kalpana’s !! She didn’t thought a second before going to Kalpana’s house for dinner even though she is well aware of RagNa relationship……she is naive & innocent, really?? Even now she is faking sprain to attain Raghav’s attention and still we should believe she is a innocent soul!!

    Pakhi is obsessed selfish girl with zero self respect and she rightfully deserves the cheating!! Who will marry a man just in 2 hours without informing any one?? She is not from Stone Age or idealistic girl to believe in marriage crap as she never cared (leave alone respect) her parents despite shamelessly living on their riches…..why can’t she walk out the façade with head high????

    I don’t want any Pakhi in Raghav’s life better kill Raghav Singhania or END the crap EMA is serving under disguise of social message

  46. sharanya

    No pakhi with ragav… pakhi is a delusional character never it will be get attached to us… we dont want her..

  47. sumayya

    Raghav wid pakhi no way nd never raghav and kalpi are soul mates they r made for each others pakhi we hate u to the core u go to hell

  48. bhavya

    pakhi is very selfish girl and no acting skills ,no expresions and kamala is the worst mother ever and raghav and kalpi are made for each other only raghav and kalpi is solumate we want to raghav and kalpana together on ragna ,no ema better close your show

  49. First of all get ur facts rights . Kamla has always favoured Paakhi and been unfair to Kalpi . Kamla is the most illogical hypocritical and delusional character ever . No mother can ever be like Kamla . Same thing with Paakhi . Even as a child she was manipulative self centred and shallow and continues to be . Marriage is not something that happens by accident and one has to suffer through it for their entire life . In today’s modern real world marriage is all about love, caring , respect , same values , goals and understanding. Paakhi and Raghav have nothing in common and never had . Above all Raghav and Kalpana have loved each othe and committed o each other and yet Paakhi is shown bring desperate to get close to Raghav . No self respecting girl from today’s world will ever throw herself on a guy who has clearly stated he married he for revenge. What kind of message are u trying to give young girls today? End this ridiculous show or set it on thd right track

  50. Nirmala

    if raghav had moved on of kalpi …this giving chance could have been considered. My personal feeling I would like raghav to lead life alone rather than giving chance to pakhi!!!!!!! Pakhi is just forcing herself on raghav as gudied by a idiot mother kamala..kalpi and raghav are made for each other so pakhi is nothing in raghav s life …so either unite kalpi and raghav or axe the show!!!!!!!

  51. indu2

    pakhiiiiiiiiii yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssss she looks like godzilla…we dont like her, plzzzz kill pakhi, we want raghav kalpi together for ever and ever.

  52. Deepika

    My third comment becoz I seriously hate Porky to the core.. She has noly taken away everything frm Kalpi until now.. Kalpi has never got anything tht she deserves.. Raghav and Kalpi are made for each other… Dnt bring Porky inbetween them.. No one needs her here.. Plz kick her out r throw her out of RagNa’s life

    • Shamini

      I agree. I mean Kalpi never got Kamala’s love and affection compared to Phaki. Kamala always sided Phaki more to Kalpi. Now she’s trying to change it, but u can still see that she loves Phaki more compared to Kalpi.

      That hurt in Kalpi’s eyes when she sees Kamala being so happy and joyous for Phaki than her, its like OMG !!! WHAT KIND OF A MOTHER ARE YOU !!!!!!!

  53. Oh puhlease! Stop showing Raghav and pakhi! We have pakhi and she doesn’t deserve raghav! raghav is only kalpi’s and kalpi is only raghav’s. So, Stop showing rakhi orelse that day won’t be far when no one will watch your damaged show!

  54. masoom

    NO no way ,from the beginning it’s only paki who get everything what she wanted but it’s time for Raghav and kalpi to get what they want , paki should be out from Raghav’s life now.

  55. ROSY


  56. sandhya

    WE WANT ONLY RAGHAV AND KALPANA….. pakhi …..chiii…kill her or throw her….who cares……its irritating to see her name in a poll

  57. viji

    That line which says should pakhi be given a chance will never cross our minds not even in our wildest dreams !!! So much we begged cv’s and zee tv .. if they had even little courtesy thy wld hv replied !! I still cant believe Wats happening in dat serial !! Our request is end EMA Or unite kalpi n raghav !! It’s pathetic to watch pakhi !! Serials affect viewers so much !! Was addicted to ragna madly dat separation has brought depression !! I really hope such kind of thing never happens to anyone for any other serial !! Pakhi is just an unnecessary experiment in d serial !!
    -yours true ragna fan

  58. indu rose

    Ragav and kalpana only, we cant accept anything other than this. kamla doing injusitice to kalpi, kamla wants to c paki happy and wants to be happy by using kalpi.

  59. diksha

    … its the only RagNa who make the trp of this …… writers n cv’s … d o not take us ..n our opinions seriously …. pakhi is the dumbo n foolish. stupid character of ema n zeetv …. n that kamla .. who is promoting day dreaming of pakhi.. makhi ..

    if Raghav start liking n falling for pakhi then this show will be a bullshit … n I am surprised .. cv’s team has wasted an actor like ashish who is becoming so popular day by day n.. now drowning his popularity with this current track ..
    .. n they also wasted .. ishaan singh nanhas ..aka sammy ..

    n karan malviya aka prem. whose character can spice up the show …
    I feel like crying ..seriously want to shed tears ……… plz listen to us team EMA’s.

    • skf

      yes agree with you… they are wasting talents like Prem,Sammy, Pakya . These guys can spice up the show.

      Instead they keep on showing Kamla ,Kamla Kamla Kamla! Pakhi, Pakhi Pakhi.. Dont the producers know they are killing the serial by emphasizing these two.

  60. ishita

    if it was decided rakhi before then y they give ragna?1)to show rich pple can use poor pple like tissues,easy to play wid poor pple emotions.2)to show kamala-vittal romance 3)to show wat extent MOTHERS in EMA can go to prove thier selfishness4)to show kamala bai s more faithful than dogs 5)to show gals like paakhi (dumb) will get watever she wants bcoz guruji has predicted tat in childhood.(my personal prediction unnecessary promotion)6)poor pple cant stand up on their own 7)last but not least which they r proving slowly tat the lead (raghav) can also be a womanizer.
    As a viewer i believe in true love and soulmate concept and yup for me ragna forever,and i cant wait till purity of love is i huv moved onlz .BTW story has been runied and better they end it on a positive note.PLz set u r facts rite before u make poll,as i see kamala bai nothing but a biased mother im not sure she can be calld as a mother

  61. viji

    And This poll shouldn’t hv even existed !!
    Bcoz it’s very clear dat raghav kalpi are d soulmates !! 100% … But that 4% that I can see who voted yes are definitely (no words)

  62. sandhya

    WE WANT ONLY RAGNA….even if u guys asked me 1000 times and conduct 100 polls….our answer ll be RAGNA ….”we love Ragna”…….pakhi is happy in her dreamland …let her live like that …the whole life ….who cares…. total unrealistic character ……..

  63. Autumm

    its not our fault by the way..u make pakhi so cheap n yukkk….i cant even feel sorry 4 her…..she is like tht always snatch everythg from kalpi….u show tht right from the very beginning ..n wht did u said pakhi is a positive character….helo..??? from which angel did u notice this..plz enlighted us…DUN EVEN DARE TO MAKE RAGHAV AND PAKHI….BE TOGTHER….COZ ULL CRUSH OUR HEART…:(

  64. why they r asking thisquestion again and again…..can’t they understand …..we r requesting them for only ragna…fm soooo long….IIf they want us to change our mood ..then I’m sorry…hum kalpi ke saath galat hote nahi dekh sakte…..paki always got what she wanted…If once she will not get what she wants then woh innocent ho gayi? and u want us ki hum uski side le ……kalpi ke saath to hamesha galat hua to uska kya?hum ek nahi lakh baar kalpi ka saath dege

  65. farhanapriyabu

    if they don’t give us ragna back then end EMA…don’t want raghav paakhi crap.

  66. irene

    EMA writers you created this love between Raghav and Kalpi,we viewers saw how an arrogant and shrewd man,changed from a lion to become a lame.Yes, Raghav Singhania and who changed him,it was our dear Kalpi.So much so he has began to love and forgotten how to take revenge.Now only his mother is intrested in revenge,why just charge Neetu ,Shail Kapoor in court,there are 2 witness, Gauri and Mummyji.One time Neetu and Shail were so desperate to kill Gauri.What happened now?As for Kamala,she is a very conservative person,she doesn’t understand true love.Kamala saw the love Kalpi has for Raghav(when she mistook it was Sammy)when she was smiling to herself,dreaming and quite lately when she applied the sindoor on her forhead clearly shows her love.Raghav too noticed it and I’m sure he was happy.Kalpi learnt how to love people from her parents,they were her role models and no matter how much people irriate her,she always keeps cool.Kamala should accept Kalpi and Raghav love.She should remember what Raghav told her at the temple before God.As for Pakhi she don’t deserve Raghav because she is a liar(just like her mother)and good pretender,remember the squash game and now the hand sprain.Raghav can only be a friend and never can be a good husband to her.Pakhi’s love will always be one-sided love.Love grows between two people through time it is not that happens overnight and it is not easy to give up true love.In the last eposide I could see the pain Raghav and Kalpi were going through.Please EMA writers get them together for the sake of we viewers.

  67. Dhaani

    What a stupid question… Raghav and pakhi doesnot make any sense…. huhhh
    It is only kalpana and Raghav..always.. bring them together,.. fast!!
    And throw pakhi out of raghav’s life.. just now.!!

  68. Sandy

    Hate pakhi to the core coz of her acting, i only love raghav with kalpi not with any other, if CV’s r plnng for raghav and pakhi then we will stop watching the show, and i wish Raghav to die or pakhi to die.. not worth watching the show if raghav with pakhi/pooki.. A STRAIGHT NOOOO TO RAGHAV AND PAKHI.. END D SHOW OR RAGHAV/PAKHI SHOULD DIE.. Thats it no more ifs and buts.

  69. falak

    U can’t do that love is more imp.than mrg pakhi ka fault nahi he par vo jo kalpi ke sath kar rahi he wo bi galat he usne bachpan se kalpi se uska sab kuch china he ab raghav nahi raghav sirf kalpi ka he we want ragna we haaaate pakhi raghav kalpu se shadi kar chuka he aur vo revenge vali shadi se badi he…only ragna ragna ragna ragna

  70. Ambika

    I think so Raghav should stand up for his decision becoz he cannot spoil three lives just like that. where as pakhi started believing that one fine day raghav would accept him which is not going to happen since he already commited mistake by putting sindoor kalpana and gave promise to her that he will come back for her .Kamla as mother she has right to advice her daughter for choosing b/w right and wrong but as woman she cannot ask her to sacrifice her sindoor’s rights for anyone.I make humble request to cvs dont make character as spineless characters since long i am not finding any character strong in shows.plz bring some twist where we can find our lead character justify their roles in the show.


  72. Thilakavathy Janardhan

    kamala never loved her two dtr equaally. Bcs oxf Neetu’s class character and her beauty conscious and negligence made kamla to work there aslo kamala needed money to bring her own blood born dtr klpana. When a lady recceives a pyt for her motherhood (she gets pyt from her mailikin Neetu )she becms a hired mother and no mother will receive pyt 2 show her love towards her children. Kamala was forced to be partial with paki as her employee had the ulterior motive that her dtr (paki) shd be taken care at the cost of kalmwali bais child deprived of its genuine pleasures and love. like any employed lady kamla had to sacrifice her time with klpi as they needed money for their day to day livelihood vital was out of job , these situatiions forced her to take up the job in neetus house .During the ealier episodes f ema it s shown tht kmal is upset of neetus behaviour not allowing the mother to spend time with her own child. Initially it was ok but as she grew up kamla developed too much of love for her malikins dtr ( may be to establish to her malikin tht she takes care of paki well) which at times had been a source of rift between the employer and the employee. And every where kamla willingly proves to the viewers that she is more attached to paki than klpi. Thank god klpi is brought up by her father tht is y she is endowed with good qualities and a noble heart to sacrifice her genuine pleasures and had to dance to the tunes of kmala a worst mother in all sensesThe CVS want to boost the character kmal a kalmwalli bai a noble mother & wanted to portray her as mother teresa but for that they shd have developed the plot in such a way tht her notions are justified. However the cvs tried instead of loving kamala the audience started hating her to the core as they could never co relate the noble qualities of motherhood in kmala . Infact the negatively portrayed Neetu is loved by all she is shown as a lady of all vices pomp and show addicted and a possessive mother too. Kmala and klpana have been scapgoats for Neetu and paki respectively . kmala had to obliege for want of money and klpna fr her mothers addiction to paki. Paki though a brt up of kmla has cunning qualities a true dtr of an opportunist mother neetu. When a qstn of lve came paki threw the articles in her room only to draw the attention of her parents & also rgv .tht she can not tolerate a bad reputation with rgv .Wn kamla had come to know abt pakis love for rgv why did she hide that from klpana but if klpi shares anything personal with kmala why kamla appoints paki as spy to find out abt klpi isshe not ashamed to let her dtr down before a third person. If she is neutral mother like she keeps the secrets of pki confidential shd ought to have kept klpis matters confidential . eg wn klpi fell in love with rgv kmla asks paki to spy her dtr and inform her wt a bad behaviour is this does it not show tht she is pucca kapoors ka kandani khoon. Paki is venamous and she uses kmla as a trumpcard to get her pleasures fulfilled be it genuine or not.
    Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman.
    Marriage is both a natural institution and a sacred union because it is rooted in the divine plan of creation This bond is lifelong and exclusive. The marriage bond has been established by God . All these are applicable for a marriage which has Consensus ad idem ( which means Identity of minds)In this case pakis marriage is no marriage at all as it s done for a purpose of revenge the ulterior motive itself is narrated to the spouse only after the marriage . Pakis marriage to rgv cannot be considered as marriage at all and shd be declared null and void as rgv has cheated pki for his personal benefit added to it he loves only klpi. Now rgv shd instead of acceptng her as frnd which she may use it for her selfish favour shd end up allties with her once for all, RGV can go aboard for a business tour and stay away from paki for one year then he can come and divorce paki. if he remains there kmla a wicked mother will go to any extent to bring rgv and paki closer which wil not justify the title EMA/ If he poor gets her dreams fullfilled both her aspirations and herlove and pki a cunning dtr to pay the price for her parents evil deeds. pki is no good she was wealthier in her moms house and is more wealtheir in rgvs house but klpi suffered and now becs uf her true love with rgv still suffers. They shd end EMA here or make kmla realise tht she has deprived klpi her plesures and ask paki to leave rgv then she will know the true colours of paki. There was nvr any logic in the srl so they shd end rgv pakis marraige and klpi shd bethe legal wife of rgv. kamla now givng lecture npverty shd have rose to the occassion whn her dtrs lappy was stolen wn her results were manipulated instead of love more than paki kamala is hated by all . Even if it is for a srl nomother wil do like this and no dtr will tolerate such idotic partialmother rather they will step down form their house and get their aspiratins fulfilled. Only if rgv and klpi are united the economic ineqalites of the rich and poor haves and have nots will be wiped off if not the usual richer becmng richer paki bcmg more wealthier and poorer bcmg more poorer (klpi quit her good job in rgvs office). The CVs wre boasting in an interview tht EMA s to eradicate the differences between haves and hve nots so if that is true rgv and klpi shd be together and not paki. in the whole poll not even a single viewer has favoured an idea of pakis maraige be given a chance that clearly depicts that it is hight time for the cvs to biring nec

  73. Anamika

    He married twice which marriage u r talking about? the sindoor one or court one. Marriage is built on love trust n understanding not on revenge.This Raghav Pakhi track is highly irritating.
    Revenge??? I don’t understand Raghav is taking revenge on Kalpi for loving him and Kamala is taking revenge on Kalpi for blindly following her.Kalpi has always been lonely right from childhood.She needs a best friend in her life.This show has become a biggest crap more than old ekta soaps.How is marriage with Pakhi possible ,if he loves Kalpi? Marriage is just physical relationship,it is eternal n it can never happen with Kalpi.CVs are showing utter scrap.Scrap the serial , nothing is left.Kamala is a worst mother.Kalpi to Kamala- mash tum mere ma name hoti-go to zee zindagi!!!!!!!

  74. Kajal Joshi

    No puki is cheap girl she doesn’t love rags by heart she is only & only physically attracted to rags & want to have physical relationship only no matters raghav loves her or not..she only wants rags by hook or crook (kamla)…as they 1st shown ad brother & sister as kamla herself told now kamla with cheapest thought wants puki to sleep with so called naam ka husband… Denying that rags married heartily to kalpi..she also knows that rags promised kalpi in front of nappa ki agar won kisi air ko dekhega to won tabhi mar jaaye …….yeah writers nehi likha that na rags me like & CVS me approval bhi diya that tabhi dikhaya… they go to hellll if no ragna no EMA.

  75. Thilakavathy Janardhan

    kamala never loved her two dtr equaally. Bcs oxf Neetu’s class character and her beauty conscious and negligence made kamla to work there aslo kamala needed money to bring her own blood born dtr klpana. When a lady recceives a pyt for her motherhood (she gets pyt from her mailikin Neetu )she becms a hired mother and no mother will receive pyt 2 show her love towards her children. Kamala was forced to be partial with paki as her employee had the ulterior motive that her dtr (paki) shd be taken care at the cost of kalmwali bais child deprived of its genuine pleasures and love. like any employed lady kamla had to sacrifice her time with klpi as they needed money for their day to day livelihood vital was out of job , these situatiions forced her to take up the job in neetus house .During the ealier episodes f ema it s shown tht kmal is upset of neetus behaviour not allowing the mother to spend time with her own child. Initially it was ok but as she grew up kamla developed too much of love for her malikins dtr ( may be to establish to her malikin tht she takes care of paki well) which at times had been a source of rift between the employer and the employee. And every where kamla willingly proves to the viewers that she is more attached to paki than klpi. Thank god klpi is brought up by her father tht is y she is endowed with good qualities and a noble heart to sacrifice her genuine pleasures and had to dance to the tunes of kmala a worst mother in all sensesThe CVS want to boost the character kmal a kalmwalli bai a noble mother & wanted to portray her as mother teresa but for that they shd have developed the plot in such a way tht her notions are justified. However the cvs tried instead of loving kamala the audience started hating her to the core as they could never co relate the noble qualities of motherhood in kmala . Infact the negatively portrayed Neetu is loved by all she is shown as a lady of all vices pomp and show addicted and a possessive mother too. Kmala and klpana have been scapgoats for Neetu and paki respectively . kmala had to obliege for want of money and klpna fr her mothers addiction to paki. Paki though a brt up of kmla has cunning qualities a true dtr of an opportunist mother neetu. When a qstn of lve came paki threw the articles in her room only to draw the attention of her parents & also rgv .tht she can not tolerate a bad reputation with rgv .Wn kamla had come to know abt pakis love for rgv why did she hide that from klpana but if klpi shares anything personal with kmala why kamla appoints paki as spy to find out abt klpi isshe not ashamed to let her dtr down before a third person. If she is neutral mother like she keeps the secrets of pki confidential shd ought to have kept klpis matters confidential . eg wn klpi fell in love with rgv kmla asks paki to spy her dtr and inform her wt a bad behaviour is this does it not show tht she is pucca kapoors ka kandani khoon. Paki is venamous and she uses kmla as a trumpcard to get her pleasures fulfilled be it genuine or not.
    Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman.
    Marriage is both a natural institution and a sacred union because it is rooted in the divine plan of creation This bond is lifelong and exclusive. The marriage bond has been established by God . All these are applicable for a marriage which has Consensus ad idem ( which means Identity of minds)In this case pakis marriage is no marriage at all as it s done for a purpose of revenge the ulterior motive itself is narrated to the spouse only after the marriage . Pakis marriage to rgv cannot be considered as marriage at all and shd be declared null and void as rgv has cheated pki for his personal benefit added to it he loves only klpi. Now rgv shd instead of acceptng her as frnd which she may use it for her selfish favour shd end up allties with her once for all, RGV can go aboard for a business tour and stay away from paki for one year then he can come and divorce paki. if he remains there kmla a wicked mother will go to any extent to bring rgv and paki closer which wil not justify the title EMA/ If he poor gets her dreams fullfilled both her aspirations and herlove and pki a cunning dtr to pay the price for her parents evil deeds. pki is no good she was wealthier in her moms house and is more wealtheir in rgvs house but klpi suffered and now becs uf her true love with rgv still suffers. They shd end EMA here or make kmla realise tht she has deprived klpi her plesures and ask paki to leave rgv then she will know the true colours of paki. There was nvr any logic in the srl so they shd end rgv pakis marraige and klpi shd bethe legal wife of rgv. kamla now givng lecture npverty shd have rose to the occassion whn her dtrs lappy was stolen wn her results were manipulated instead of love more than paki kamala is hated by all . Even if it is for a srl nomother wil do like this and no dtr will tolerate such idotic partialmother rather they will step down form their house and get their aspiratins fulfilled. Only if rgv and klpi are united the economic ineqalites of the rich and poor haves and have nots will be wiped off if not the usual richer becmng richer paki bcmg more wealthier and poorer bcmg more poorer (klpi quit her good job in rgvs office). The CVs wre boasting in an interview tht EMA s to eradicate the differences between haves and hve nots so if that is true rgv and klpi shd be together and not paki. in the whole poll not even a single viewer has favoured an idea of pakis marriage be given a chance that clearly depicts that it is hight time for the cvs to biring necessary changes in the story line as pointed out by viewers and fans if not there will be no viwer for u to answer such polls in the near future. If the cvs are arrogant and egoistic not to adhere to the viewers choice the sufferers wil be the channel they may lose their reputation as so mny have unsubscribed zee and all its associates once for all. In addtiton to this the receprocation the fans gets from the EMA cast for expresing their sincere and transparent viewrs and criticisms were advised by the same cast to use the option of changing the channel if this story is not pleasing to the fans.The EMA cast members who ought to be faithful to the channel in which their srl is telecast (for which they work day and night shifts) instead suggested the fans to change channel instead of zee (just becz they could not tolerate the negative feedbacks) and opt forother channels or they not doing negative publiciity for their own srls and the channel. That shws the difference between fans and others. Fans keeps on fighting and also warns Zeetv that they will quit EMA and also give them chances to bring about changes,so tht they can be back with thier favourite shows , and when changing the channel was opted out by the EMA cast fans were shocked as no employee will do such a harm for their employer and such replys made other channels to make hay while the sun shines and are tweeting EMA fans tht they (star plus and life ok) will adhere to the views of fans if it would contribute to an increase in TRPS. and this suggestion of the EMA cast rather than the silence by ZEETV has driven the fans to other channels. Fans pay money to wtch the shows and does not receive money like the cast of EMA. It is paining to write all these here but wt to do we are forced to.

  76. manjusha

    1st of ol jz stop blaming raghav he himself didnt wwant to take revenge like dis even he was going to break dis mariage but his MOM stoped him by threatning him that he will c her dead face its all GAURI mistake she jz want revenge who dis bad but wat about kamla kalpi who saved her always putting their lives at stake she jz remember wat bad pakhis family did but not wat kalpis family did? n i m hapy pakhi is suffering she has always got more love rememberedd dat pen incident in childdhood how she snatched n kamla also gave i hate her from dat day but anyway its jz a serial n d real culprit is only raghavs mum

  77. Nikki

    this show has turned into a crap now….no matter how innocent pakhi is no one likes her and cant bear to see her with raghav…..RAGNA has often chemistry n I tuned into the show because their awesome chemistry…..the revenge track was a flop show I don’t see any revenge going on……they are just showing all nonsense…hating it to the core….

  78. diya

    Yeh bhi koi poochnewali baath hain kya “WE WANT RAGNA” one n onlyy RAGNA…………… yeh story writters cv team channelwale ko kya ho gaya hainn ithni dumb story de rahe hain fans ko yeh sab dramaay 9th se shuru hua aur ab thak katham nahi hua khabhi paakhi se khabi kalpi se shaadi ……. Raghav Singhania ka character ko full zero bana diya cv’s ne kithna powerfull character hainn wo kisika wait nahi kartha hain kisika baath nahi suntha hain jo chayiye usse paakar hi letha hain par ab kya hua full dumbb….. wo paaki ko kuch bhi nahi kehtha hainn kyun raghavv kyun kalpi ke saath aisa kar rahe hooo…….. jo shaadi dil se nahi hotji hain wo shaadi khabhi success nahi hothi hainnwaise tho Raghav sirf Kalpi se pyaar kartha hain aur hamesha kartha rahega… baghvaan ko saakshi maan kar kalpi ko pathni maan liya jiss din kalpi ko chodkar doosri ladki ko dekh liya uss din RS ki jaanchali jaayegi ……….. sab channel trp ke liye kya kya karthe hain lekin zee trp down karne ke liye raghav kalpi ko door kiya aur fans ko bhi…..

  79. rahav and kapli deserved to be together. pakhi being with raghav is an insult to the love ragna share. its like preaching one thing, doing another thing. raghav love kalpi with his heart soul, he needs to stand up and show the selfish mothers, they cannot control life of their children. EMA ONLY RAGNA FOR US!

  80. sangeeta

    ur question itself demonstrate ur mental illness. wht abt revenge if raghav gives chance to his marriage with idiot Pakhi. EMA is the most stupid, illogical and nonsense serial in the world, go to hell. EAST OR WEST RAGNA IS THE BEST. WE WANT RAGHAV AND KALPI

  81. esha143

    1.Kamala is the worst mother in the history of TV serials.
    2.Pakhi is the worst example of a friend/sister and also of an ultra modern, self-respecting girl.she’s just obsessed with the idea of being in love with Raglan,she’s not in love with him in real.
    3.Ragtag Singhania was a character that has been looked up to with awe and love when he entered the show but now it’s been looked down with a deep sense of loathing for the way he’s been made a spineless man….we even doubt if he is a man anymore….the way he is dancing to every one’s tunes instead of making others dance to his tunes…
    4.The worst show with more than the worst messages in the history of TV is EMA….I have never seen any show loosing it’s ground so rapidly like this one….don’t have any apt words to describe the kind of disgusting feelings the current track is evoking in viewers…even though we’re not viewing it,per say!Don’t have that much of patience as we treasure our sanity.



    kabhi bro sis ka rishta bhi opp me kamm kar sakta hai they both r tied as RAKHI so hw cum the be soulmate silly ques chnage ur mind plz yes i knw we r in 21st cent but still have sanskaar plz spare us frm KAMLA MAA KE SANKAAR SE SHOW UR SKIN AND MANOFY UR HUSBAND CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII YUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  83. raghav or kalpi ko ek karo.raghav pakhi koi chance nahi de sakta hai.raghav ne kaha tha ki vo kalpi ke alava kisi or dekhe to uski jaan chali jaya .achchha hai raghav ko mar person bhagvan ke samane jhuth bole or kisi ke sath dhokh kare usko mar na hi chahiye.ya to raghav or kalpi ko ek karo nahi to raghav ko mar dalo.

  84. Shivanie Ramballie

    Hell no, no Ragna no EMA Kalpana and Raghav together, 3rd party should go to hell with her no acting skills she could be a model but not an actor

  85. skf

    Raghav should release Pakhi . Its no point being married to her for one year when he wants to be friends only. How is he making her suffer? Gauri should understand this that her son cant be cruel to Pakhi afterall she cannot be blamed for her parents misdeed.

    If they want to destroy Kapoor there must be more contructive measure where the business should be involved. They need to bring Prem in to be agressive and fight Raghav. Its business to business not playing with the women’s emotions in the series.

    Raghav should put his foot down and tell his mother that he will release Pakhi . Concentrate on revenge mode. But since Raghav had been callous by letting Kalpi slip though his finger, he is not going to get her back easily. Kamla shall have a grudge on Raghav for terminating his marriage with Pakhi and will not give Kalpi. Meanwhile Kalpi will work very hard and make her restaurant business successful and she will tell Raghav , even he is no longer Pakhi’s husband, she will only marry him if her parents gives consent.

    EMA writer please understand Pakhi and Raghav has no chemistry at all. They look terrible together. Believe me we fans are watching and whenever we see Pakhi and Raghav together , we want to vomit!!! I am sorry this is the most decent way of putting it.

    But Pakhi looks good with Sammy.. perhaps you can comeup with something for this two. Pakhi will be heartbroken when Raghav will tell her there is no way he can love her and also reveal to her that he had married Kalpi in the witness of Baba and he had said he will die if he ever see or thinks of another women.
    And Sammy is too handsome and funny guy to just being wasted as Raghav’s collegue to let by.

    Let Pakhi and Sammy get closer and let him woo Pakhi and make her forget Raghav.

    Coming back to Raghav and Kalpi. You can concentrate on the revenge track where Prem will give Raghav biggest challenge where Raghav will struggle to destroy them and Kalpi can be his moral support. Secretly she will help him . And slowly Raghav has to win the trust of Kalpi’s family again.

    • skf

      There is so many ways you can work on the track instead of putting Raghav and Pakhi together . You can see your TRP has dropped. All the veiwers are against it, not many people are commenting on FB pages anymore.

      RagNa is the power of EMA….. the moment Raghav and Pakhi gets separated…your TRP will shoot sky high and you can have another celebration. I can bet you on it.

      If you go with the current track you going to loose it. Better do damage control as soon as possible.

      • skf

        Kamla will be as usual will be the villian of Ragna. who wont let them get together. But lets make Vittal a better person and understand Kalpi ,his princess, feelings that how much she loves Raghav and she cannot forget him. Let vitthal be her strength. Build a beautiful bond between daughter and father.

        Kamla will be angry with Raghav and wow as a revenge that she will not give Kalpi to him as he had broke Pakhi’s heart . Here we will realise Kamla true bias nature and Vitthal and Pakhya will not be happy with this …

    • sangeeta

      he EMA why don’t u people appoint him as ur script writer. very nice thought. I think Pakhi and Pakiya will be better pair. Happy family = Pakhi + Pakiya + Kamala maa

  86. If Raghav give stupid Pahki a chance I quit this show…I can’t see them together Pahki so selfish since childhood.why is Pahki always get everything so easily?

  87. No not a single chance for raghav and pakhi marriage. It’s only raghav and kalpana made for each other. Present trac is horrible to see there was no hopes to get back to ema watching. Thanks to this poll at least with this poll our hopes are high to get back ragna together. So only raghav and kalpana the best couple ever seen on television.

  88. rimsha

    Raghav n kalpi r soulmates …pakhi is nobody agreed she didn’t do anythn wron lik her parents but that does not mean she can get anythn she wants in her life she acts brainless talks abt friendship but herself puts her friend in an awkward position known everythn she is not a true friend to kalpi wat she’ll act as friend to Raghav she is a manipulative ,cheap woman ….both Raghav n kalpi had to bear alot frm their childhood n they deserve each other their love is true n fully committed n dedicated to each other they n only they will b together Pakhi is a modern educated girl but behaves lik a villager infact they also will also will b more brainer than pakhi….marriage is based on love , commitment n truthfulness to each other n cnnot workout by some cheap tricks standin wit ek chutki sindoor doesn’t mean anythn…its only n only n will always be…RAGHAV N KALPI(KALPANA RAGHAV SINGHANIA)…..pests lik gauri,pakhi n kamla shoooo…n stay away u guys cannot will…true love n goodness always wins n will win jst wait n watch…

  89. chaitu

    do you guys now the meaning of revenge..?EMA ppl..? is it revenge on kalpi or on Raghna fans..? and why always wat kamla says that wll only be finalised..? we are not watching for kamla and vittal romance..and dirty pooki…its ok u can show ups and downs in story but with out hurting the fans..and dont have story if Raghna united..? shame..there can be lot of storylines with Raghna..either unite Raghna else end the show..RIP #EMA

  90. Ann


  91. Shamini

    Ok that’s it. If he “SHOULD” give a chance, then he should forget Kalpi once and for all. Just forget her, let her go. Don’t hold on to Kalpi and ur mom’s revenge on the Kapoors by keeping Phaki in that house. Raghav has to make a decision and fast. It’s either love or his mom’s revenge. He’s being to much of a coward right now, he is NOT the Ragahav Singhania we know. If he want’s to keep his promise to his mom on this whole revenge thing then he should be the RAGHAV SINGHANIA that he was before all of this happned.

    The other thing is that, he should be firm with Phaki, not letting her bend and twist things around. He should like sit her down and tell her the whole story, at leat get her on his side for this whole revenege drama.

    Raghav should do something not just keep his mouth shut and just keep looking at Kalpi’s pictures and dreaming and keep saying ” Just one year Kalpi, just one year and then we will be together “. DUDE IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY !!!!!!! U NEED TO MOVE !!!! AND FAST !!!!!!

  92. susheela kulkarni

    It is very pity & saddening and hurting to note that a big TV channel like Zee TV , has accepted ( way back) in August, 2013 to air the story / script of EMA as Serial, a daily soap opera ( only for its Viewers), without knowing whether the story is complete in itself, without knowing the head & tail of the story, the Messages which EMA story is intending to deliver to the Society & to its Public, & thus the handicapped ZEE & EMA , are now seeking Poll opinion of the viewers, in spite of esteemed Viewers 100s / 1000s of postings daily as meaningful n valuable n sensible Comments to the EMA & Raghav & Kalpi FBs Links !! If any of EMA Story Repr. officer had taken pain to read these comments / postings n alpplied one’s common senses, then he & EMA will definetely know the answer that only RAGNA should happen in EMA & only RAGHAV & Kalpi should be United for ever in EMA & that Raghav SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO PAKHI to MAKE HER Regd. Marriage with Raghav a successful one. !! Reasons / with common sense views I will give in the later part , in these comments ;
    Sensible Viewers utilise their precious time, money n energy to watch EMA daily soap, ONLY with the hope of some entertainment to soothe daily chores, of some meaningful messages with sense & morale in these messages !! However , i as completeness finding

  93. nandhini

    Not at all plz don’t make them together.. For sure the serial will get worst…v wan raghav and kalpi together that’s it

  94. javeia

    we want only raghav and kalpi together.pakhi nt desrve any chance.hate pakhi very much.plzzzzzzzzzzz pakhi stay away from ragna.ur presence torture us.v never accept pakh with raghav.

  95. sonal

    No Raghna= No EMA= No Pakhi& Kamla
    Producers should understand this, otherwise EMA will become utter flop

  96. susheela kulkarni

    I Continue from my previous postings/ comments :-
    Story in EMA beautifully buit the love blossoming between Arrogant, Khadoos, disheartful Business Tycoon Raghav & sweet n sofisticated , self respectible intelligent n charming & tallented n good natured, very beautiful Kalpana with natural beauty Kalpi ; & later took disgusting n ridiculous , very stupid creative twist in the name of Revenge by Raghav which in fact is not at all done by him , as Kapoors r happy n Pakhi is very happy to got her crazy i.e. Raghav, Illiterate Kamla is sheltering Criminals / murderes Kapoors !! ; As a result, sufferers r only Ragna n Kalpi & Raghav only as they r presenly forego their love with each other !! ; Afer all for an arrogant Business Tycoon Raghav S. who is a RAYEEZADA, has all wealth n power n command n control n money & people are at his feet !! & Taking Revenge on Kapoors is for him / would have been A GAME OF FINGER TIPS ” But in /after twist EMA Story did nothing for his revenge motto n on the contrary EMA TOOK REVENGE ON RAGHAV & KALPI’S LOVE LIFE ONLY & WHICH IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AS ITS NOT THE THEME – EK MUTTHI AASMA N OF Raghav & Kalpi , of EMA !!
    And EMA in contrary spreading may immoral , ill social messages thru its Characters like Kamla, Pakhi etc. Even EMA Story made MOCKERY of GOD, LOVE, RESPECT, MOTHER FATHER RELATIONSHIPS also; So its Ragna only!!
    Posting made to Director, EMA Follows in my next comments.

  97. susheela kulkarni

    To the Director, EMA ; Dear Sir,
    Reg: 1. Preview on upcoming twist in EMA reg. Kalpana’s possible career as Restaurant Venturer( & that too ) in Singhania Chawl itself is very mean of EMA & is very unprofessional for a capable, talented university topper, Kalpi ; so that, now she vl b always b4 Kamla who vl watchdog Kalpi’s movements !! ?? Y Kalpi has to sacrifice her love, dreams for tge dreams of Kamla ? Y Kamla wants love life of Pakhi ? & Y Kamla don’t allow her own daughter Kalpi to have tge same love life with her Raghav who only loves his love, Kalpi only in his life, & Y Kamla behaves like step mother of her own daughter , Kalpi ? Y kamla is sheltering in her own house, the Chawl of Singhania’s the murderers Sahil & Neetu ? Is that a criminal offence ? Y Kamla is interfering in the Revenge maksad of Raghav Singhania ? Y Kamla is not minding her own business ? Y Kamla is ALWAYS poking her nose in every ones business /matters?? No kamvali bai will do or poke her/ their nose or interfere in others matters like Kamla ?
    Y Kamla isvnot seeing the childhood pain n sufferings of Raghav & his & Kalpi’s present sorrow and grief the both are suffering for their love with each other ? Kamla is the obstacle of all good happenings / for all good deeds in EMA !! Kamla deserve to b taken back seat in EMA or to back home
    Kamla is the hardship in EMA & for Ragna ; pl.remove that stupid character of Kamla from EMA, as Kamla character is spreading illussionised messages & wrong n ill social messages to the society.; EMA has made the MOCKERY of pure love of Ragna, love, respect, relations of father, mother, customs traditions, and even God & Gods Blessings also not left with by EMA !! So, dear EMA Director, pl.twist script creativity to happen Ragna in EMA for ever !! & pl.see to the below comments as solution finder:-
    I would just say here nothing but that , Bappa Blessed Ragna !! & if Bappa’s blessings are going to become false / untrue, then ( in that case) , why not even Guruji’s predictions to / will do wrong ? After all who is Guruji ? He is only a human being !! like us; and he is never and can’t be over and above the ‘God ‘ ‘s wishes ? So, for EMA, Everything is possible & so its for EMA, in its story line to make it possible otherway, i.e. to make true of Bappa’s blessings for Ragna & to untrue Guruji’s all predictions !! because, Guruji’s predictions do not /never have SANCTITY over the God’s Blessings n wishes !!
    So , Dear EMA Creativity pl.twist your scripts creativity to make Ragna happen & to unite Raghav & Kalpi love and Falsify allvthat captions, rumors, predicted story linesvetc and make Raghavb& Kalpi to hold/ have their ek mutthi aasman to its purity of devine love and blessings. !!
    What you all say, my dear friends,
    Nothing is impossible in the world of EMA & where there is a will (EMA so wishes), there is the way/ there is way for Ragna in EMA !!
    Let now Bappa Bless EMA Script Creativity Team . !! Can b Continued …any of my viewer friends , if they wish to add ??
    Like · 1 · Reply · More · Today at 00:51
    Susheela Kulkarni
    2. I have posted the below as Complaint n submitted at the link provided in preview a out next twist in EMA :-
    EMA ‘s this new twist ahead is very upsetting !! Mother’s image is being spoiled by Kamla character !!
    Father’s imageis spoiled by Vitthal’s role , who is nothing but a hen pecked husband of Kamla !! Disgusting thiese are,,EMA, YOU have made hell of the pure n sacred relations of Love, Parents, Mother , Father etc. You have Not even left the God’s image from spoiling !!
    How MEAN of you Alo EMA Directors & Producers n Script n creativity Team !!
    Y EMA’ or all your script writers don’t like the very role of Kalpi ? Or you all don’t like the very Character of Kalpana in EMA Serial ? or what ?
    If you all hate Kalpana’s role or character in ur EMA, then why the hell !! you scripted the very character of Kalpana or Kalpi’s role in your story line ?
    Ok. Let us Take it that, If you want to Promote the actor ( shrina.. or some body, God knows) & if you want to promote her in this Serial , & if you are so CONFIDENT that Actor playing Pakhi is better than Rachana ( Kalpi) , then you should hv given that main lead role of Kalpana to that Shrina, or somebody, acting as Pakhi, so that you can very vell promote that actor, without twisting the story lines ? EMA, now you rchangi g the script for the sake of actor playing Pakhi n to promote her !! & dumping the lead Role of Kalpi, the Heroine of EMA, the lead character, of EMA, for the sake of some body’s promotion? ? This is Ridiculous !!. EMA, you are spoiling the story lines & also spoiling the image of a lead role / Heroine of EMA!! This is unwanted & therefore not acceptable at all !! Ragna & Kalpana & Raghav’s Role should b kept in tact n should not b affected whatever may b the reason & Ragna should happen in EMA & not spoil the image of RAGHAV & KALPI of EMA !!
    Like · 7 · Reply · More · 1 hour ago
    Like · 3 · Reply · More · 14 June at 20:04 Continued to next post…
    Like · 1 · Reply · More · Today at 00:50
    Susheela Kulkarni
    Hai , to all my dear friends of EMA,
    Its the apt time to recall all the Bad & Ill Social Messages to the Society & to the Public at large, which the EMA is intending to spread through its un -wanted n unwarranted stupid twists in its story lines which are totally unconstitutional ;& which are included in the below text of summary of our comments :-

    Aashish ji ka ek interview dekha tha jo unhone ema ke liye pehla interview diya tha uss interview mein aashish ji ne kaha tha ki ye typical saas…bahu wala drama nahi hai … ke saath saath revenge bhi dekhne ko milega aur saath hi isme social message bhi hai……what……social message……kahan hai…….hmmmmmmm yes hai na main batati hoon…….
    Social message no.1……..Poor people ke dreams kabhi bhi poore nahi hote.
    Social message no.2……..Poor people ko rich people se love karne ka koi right nahi hai.
    Social message no.3……..Rich people jo chahte hai woh unhe zaroor milta hai lekin poor
    people ko nahi milta jaise ki iss show mein childhood mein jo pen
    Raghav ne kalpi ko diya woh paakhi ne le liya, kamla ka saara pyaar
    paakhi ko mila kalpi ko nahi, boarding school kalpi ko jaana pada
    paakhi ko nahi aur raghav kisko mila paakhi ko kalpi ko nahi……so
    my point is proved.
    Social message no.4………Murderers ko maaf karke apne ghar mein lekar aajaao thaki baad
    mein woh aapka murder karke aapka ghar lele.Murder karnewalon
    se zyaada cheat karnewale guilty hote hai……wow GREAT SOCIAL
    Social message no.5………..Aaj ke youngsters ko pyaar par wishwas hi nahi hai…..ab iss show
    ko dekhkar unke liye love ka meaning hi badal gaya hoga…..all
    thanks to EMA
    Social message no.6…………Life mein love se zyaada important enemies ki barbadi hain,
    phir chahe isme aap aur aapke loved ones bhi kyun na barbaad ho
    Social message no.7…………Musibat ke samay jinhone humaari help ki……achcha samay aane
    par unhe bhool jaana chahiye …….Jaise gauri ke musibat ke time
    par kamla aur kalpi ne jo unka saath diya woh toh bhool gayi hai
    na……again mera point prove ho gaya.
    Social message no.8………….Lover se kiya hua promise tod sakte par mothers ko diya hua
    promise nahi tod sakte……jaise raghav ne kalpi ko diya hua koi
    bhi promise nahi nibhaya aur aage bhi nahi nabhayega(THANKS
    TO EMA TEAM) par mothers ko diya hua promise nahi tod sakta…
    Wow .
    Social message no.9…………poor girls life se koi hope na rakhe aur kisi bhi rich guy ko love
    na kare.
    Round of applause guy’s for ema team…..they proved we r fools, they know what they want to show us we see……but now it’s our turn to prove that we r not fool…..what say guy’s.
    Den Rana likes this.

    Premlata S. Kambli
    Shushilaji, EMA walone bhagwan ko nahi baksha Ganeshji ke or vithobaji ke bichme ladai karwa rahehe. or hamere hindu vidhi ka majak banate hai, mag bharna or dhona just awful.
    Like · 1 · Reply · 7 hours ago
    Dhanya Nair
    Message no 12-call your own mother by name(like Pakhi calling neethu by her name)and never obey your mother
    Like · Reply · 3 hours ago
    Dhanya Nair
    I wish if we could f/w this to zee.let them know what kind of message they are spreading…
    Like · Reply · 3 hours ago
    Dhanya Nair
    One more you forgot to add…message11- if you want your child to be strong,then throw them in the water and watch them drowning.they will be come isstrong…….lol
    Like · Reply · 3 hours ago
    Den Rana
    Susheelaji we like your comments nice
    Like · Reply · 4 hours ago
    Girija Paramashivaiah
    bribing to fail some good students for selfishmotive?
    Like · Reply · 6 hours ago
    Girija Paramashivaiah
    what kind of social messge?keeping killers at home?bribing doctors to kill some mentally affected woman?
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    Like · Reply · More · 9 June continued to next…. post…

  98. Kamla was never an impartial mother. Some of us have the most wonderful human beings on earth as our mother so please don’t compare Kamla as a impartial mother who loves both her daughters. Kamla only loves Pakhi. Kalpi is only a meal ticket to a better life. She never cared for Kalpi as a baby left unattended on a couch, taken home the wrong kid, given her toys/gifts to another child, did not trust her child about the stolen money. These are but a very few examples, the show had many more such incidents where one would feel like shaking Kamla to good sense. Pakhi onthe other hand cannot be blamed for taking things for granted as this is how she grew up but today she is not a kid. She cannot cry and insist to have what belongs to Kalpi. She knew from the start that Rags only loved Kalpi but she still kept on dreaming that he loved her. Insisting on a lie dosent make it the truth. Given the story line its understandable that Rags wants revenge but he must go back to his love if he plans to have a peaceful life. Kalpi needs to put her food down and be more strong in character. I have literally read all the comments on this question not a single fan want Kalpi and Rags to be seperated or a part. This only shows what good actors both are that they have brought a complete nation of fans at their feet with their performance. For us to love these to characters so much means they were really good performers who were able to catch a place in our hearts with their trade. Now dont dissapoint us by taking the story to a level where people will feel watching dramas is a waste of time as they play with our emotions. Its a good show, excellent casting so please do something to bring back the spark this story had that we all sit around our TV waiting for the show. Zee you can do it…..You did it way back in the past so you can do it now as well. Neetu, Kamla and Gauri are the worst mothers one could wish to have in this world. All three are selfish Leech family creatures sucking on their children’s blood………………………….Vittal is a gone case and Pakiya is a lost cause.

  99. susheela kulkarni

    Hey my dear Friends, & Dear Humairaa Bibiji, when u can imagine (so also may of EMA Viewer friends) like this as ” i can totally see how this current track will lead to raghav getting pakhi pregnant “accidentally” and gauri eventually accepting pakhi… ” etc, then Ycan’t the similar imagination be possible/ be made for the same event between Ragahv&Kalpi ; there are 2 reasons to justify the latter imagination; i.e., 1.Presently, EMA is creating all scenes to make the viewers (after all, for whom EMA is showing its Serial?- its for viewersonly) to believe that now the Ragahv will accept/ forced to accept Pakhi as his wife !!, but in reality (as per EMA Story line twist/creativity!!,) it may not so / it will be different twist again !!, ; (perhaps in Ragna’s favour ?) 2. Always its only Kalpi has got all from / of Raghav, take it any thing, say, as Raghav ‘s Love, Bappa’s Blessings, Ragahv’s Engagement Ring, Rituals before marriage, Ragahv’s Sindur, Vithoba’s Prashad Sindur; etc. so also Y any body can imagine and hope that even in EMA ahaed, its only Raghav & Kalpi will be uniting &then its only Kalpi vl be blessed with Raghav’s Kids? etc. etc. I strongly believe that till now, just like how both Bappa &Vithoba Blessed so far only Ragna, like wise ahaed also, same Bappa &Vithoba blesses only Ragna &will unite Raghav &Kalpi? REMEMBER, both Kalpi &Raghav are praying Bappa, (U all Saw, Raghav praying Bappa with Ghende ka fool in Office ? !! ), So, its only for happening of Ragna in EMA, all the present Creativity ( though stupid, Disgusting !! & idiotic &Ridiculous &un warranted &un-necessary, twists n turns ) story lines running ONLY & ONE & ONLY Ragan for ever in EMA !!- Y not the above imaginary hopeful scenes by the Viewers, When the same Viewers can imagine otherwise about the successful married life of Raghav & Pakhi ( Hus – band -wife/knife !! relationship, kids etc.), to the detriment of Ragna & against Ragna & Ragna fans?? so Anth may Bappa Ragna ka hi Bhala Karega, aur ab tho Bappa ka Vithoba se Dosti bhi Hogaya !!! ( EMA even made the MOCKERY OF Gods Blessings also !! Heay , Raam !! , Kya Din Aaya, EMA may, !! ) .
    Edited · Like · 16 · Reply · More · 9 hours ago

    • tosha

      I think kamala should help Kalpi n raghav to come closer … As if marriage is imp tradition so even kalpi has full rights on her husband raghav .She should explained pookie that her relationship with raghav is of no use as raghav has got married to her for revenge only and infact Pookie n kamala should have biggest misunderstanding between them . We all fans write comments everyday to EMA that we wana see ragna together as hubby n wifey .. Please Pakhi ke liye someonelese . We change the channel when Pakhi scene comes we hate hate hate her

  100. 1 Kamla is not doing any justice towards kalpi. She is playing with kalpis emotions by doing wrong things such as calling rag and pak for dinner . Pakhi ko sindoor dena jabki use Maloom hai raghav ne kalpi ki maang me bappake samne bhari hai . Bar bar kalpiki Baat ko adhura chodke pakike paas bhagna . Hamesha pakhi kya chahati hai iska khayal rakhna aur kalpi ko ignore karna . Etc etc …… She is not a ideal mother
    but bias woman who thinks that she is always right. Intolerable attitude.she is only making kalpi a puppet just because of pakhi. We can’t connect with her thought process or behaviour it sounds all the time selfish. But stupidly dumb character. Khwab me bhi nahi sochenge ki dushman ki beti ko bhi aisy maa mile. Jo apni bewakufiyonki wajahse apni beti ko daav pe Laga rakhi hai.
    2 Raghav marries pakhi only for revenge which is again a hard to digest when he loves kalpi . When Raghav all the time shows concern, caring attitude towards kalpi , changes his lifestyle , changes his habits worry for her it means he loves her so much even kalpi is also same caring loving . There is a maturity ,bonding and beautiful graceful chemistry between them. We can feel their love in their eyes heart to heart connection . To have a happy married life what else is required . If this all things are present in their togetherness they can cross millions of obstacles phir vo kapoors ho ya ……
    3 coming to pakhi sorry to say but she never impressed uswhen she is there on screen literally change the channel. She sounds more of a snatcher who knows only to snatch . Since childhood she never liked raghav , kapoors always mentioned ye mera bada beta hai. It sounded pakhi and raghav are brother and sister . Now they are showing marriage which is ridiculous and raghav told her that he loves kalpi this marriage is revenge …. But why we have to say all this things it seems they want to promote pakhi then our all mehnat will go west.
    There are lots of reasons frankly speaking ragna as a couple rocks pakhi looks better with sammy please change the trac please it’s really horrible present situation has lots of contradiction forget everything and give our ragna back rest you take the pain to understand why trp has gone down so much. And the votes also proves that RAGNA is better than the best couple than Rakhi

  101. Nebu

    Nothing left in this crap show .They ruined everything in the name of Twist.END EMA.Show lost its charm.And kill Kamal and her poooooo

  102. You guys must be kidding asking this question
    After all the yelling pest Pooki got from Raghav, She is again asking shamelessly to go for lunch or movie with him. She is even pretending to have sprained her hand to get a ride. In real life even a dumb person would realize. Writers how dumb you have made her. May be she topped the university with her moms bribing. The writers hae screwed up the story line so much. They made Gauri and Raghav meeting working out the difference and her getting memories all in one episode. No wonder Raghav made the biggest mistake and married Pest Poo instead of the love of his life. Didn’t have time time to think of the repercussion like the writers who are writing the storyline like chicken without a head.
    Vittal says he yell and beat Kalpi because she is their daughter. My foot. They need to let her fly. Instead he needs to yell and slap kamala because she is wife who has gone whacky!!!!:-)
    What is confusing is how is Grumpy Gouri going to take revenge, The Kapoors care a damn about their daughter so why is she planning to use the pest Poo. As for Pest Poo may be she can make het do all the house chores and let go of all the servent’s so that she does not have time to wrap her fake sprain or wink at Daddy. She might come to her senses and realize the love between RAGNAA and she may not have any chance with Raghav and the next best is Sammy and she can try her tactics on him. That might work as he likes her. If she keeps bugging Raghav might ask Sammy to handle her and keep her busy as he did at the party and that might turn to something more between the pest and Sammy.
    Or another option is all the viewers take a break from EMA so that EMA team can complete the tasks below and give a fresh start to the storyline
    • Mr. Toney get a better haircut
    • Rolly Polly (Pawandeep Kwathra) and kamala can lose some weight & Kalmala CANNOT wear another transparent sari until she gets a waist line, now it looks like a sari wrapped around a drum
    • Rolly Polly (PD) and Gautham (writers) and cunning Kamlaa get admitted to mental institution. Hopefully Kamala will learn to says “Kyal Karna na” and “Vittal” without sounding constipated.
    • Pesty poo can get some therapy to speak and act
    • Ashish, Rachana, Sammy & Vittal can go come on vacation or find another job when their standing is still high
    • Grumpy Gouri can go back for treatment and lose her memory little bit so that she gets her nice self who helped Kalpi and Kalpi thought she was so wise personality back and can be less mean to the servants.

  103. Vidya

    The whole essence of the story is lost. The story is about poor dreaming big and striving to make big. The story got off track with Ragna’s love. Gauri’s revenge makes no sense because neither Pakhi nor the Kapoors are suffering. Still Neetu can wear expensive sarees.It is total rubbish. Let Kapli learn to make her own decisions and make big in career. Let Gauri realise revenge will not bring her husband back nor the years she lost but inturn it is hurtin her son. if she really loves her son then she should stop all this. True revenge will be taking it through business. No one is suffering except Raghav and Kalp. Wrters do something like Kalpi making big in business world and wining some great awards, she shoul leave her home and go out and fly, away from her so called mother (never seen such a mother). And finally Raghav and Kalp should stand against the parents and lve their live

  104. hi…plsssss …I really dont like this pakpak ..dont even thing to give place of kalpi…pls EMA serial Ko etne nonsense math banaiye ….raghav & kalpi is best jodi …they look just perfect …coz of pakpak serial bohoti low vote paya hai time to bring ragna back. after that EMA ill rocks …pls kick this blo*dy pakpak out of ragna life

  105. susheela kulkarni

    Reg. My opinion / Comments on the type of Raghav , Pakhi Relationship :- ,
    1. As per EMA Story lines so far , its only Pakhi is crazy about Raghav & pakhi is dreaming to hv him for her life/ & though she openly told Raghav that ” she is crazy about him & she wants to hv/ live with him for ever in her life, ” , Pakhi is quite aware that Raghav doesn’t love her ; & now on knowing that Raghav loves only his Kalpi love, & she having known the fact that Raghav married Pakhi only to take revenge with the Kapoors !!, Raghav should not give a chance to Pakhi for his Regd.marriage vth her ;
    2. Moreover, Pakhi was like friend to Raghav both earlier as well as now, n when the fact is Raghav & Kalpi love each other , no question of pakhi be given a chance to her Regd. marriage vth Raghav !!;
    4. Even 1 may take it that Pakhi loves Raghav ( but on watching the EMA story lines, though it does not appear so at all n looks only like her CRAZYNESS TO POSSESS RAGHAV TILL HER LIFE !! ) , it will be only one sided, as Raghav loves o ly Kalpi his love and that both Raghav & Kalpi love each other very deeply n till their life!; these facts EMA can NEVER Erase / take away from its story lines & therefore can not make it wrong or an un-happening event !! Therefore Only Ragna should be united & married ( though already married thru Sindhur b4 Bappa & vth His blessings !!) ;
    4. Love between Raghav & Kalpi is very deep, Pure, True, Sacred [ accepted n blessed by Bappa & later Vithoba ( as Kalpi wore his prashad Sindhur) ,] , un selfish love, sacrificing , & in totto n & un-shattered n complete in all respects ; & so Ragna deserves to be united for ever in EMA !!
    5. LET Revenge take its own time in EMA Story life, Ragna, which is LIFE LINE OF EMA & OF ITS VIEWERS N RAGNA FANS !! SHOULD HAPPEN @ 100% & to its Blissful extreme by Union of Raghav & Kalpi n let Bappa blessed Ragna hold their own share of Aasman in their / its Mutthis in EMA & for ever till end of Ragna life !!

  106. Dont end the show but make it more beautiful ,interesting and worth to watch like till 9th may it was . You have talented actors with you like Ashish,Rachana,Vitthal,Sammy, Neetu . If really cv takes the interest this seriel will make records . But only with ragna because itne seriels dekhe itne couples dekhe lekin ashish and rachana together creats the magic which we have seen only with shahrukh kajol ,amitabh rekha . Without separating them you can really do wonders 7imp things to bring wonder
    1 Raghav pakhi divorce , only kalpana sammy and vitthal knows about it
    2 let mrs sammy ie pakhi stay in raghavs house for gouris satisfaction
    3 raghav through business strategy take the revenge on kapoors and get them arrested
    4 let kalpi work in the raghavs office vlet raghav b busy in taking revenge and kalpi helps raghav to take care of singhania empire she will make her own identity like nita ambani
    5 pakya vithhal and sammy they will give all the support to raghav and kalpi . vitthal will b a great support to kalpi
    6 one side klapi and vitthal other side kamla pakhi Gouri and the differences starts .
    7 the real marriage day of kalpi and raghav n we get our ragna happily and then the new twist of a successful business tycoon and his wife the story can continue

  107. Sammy

    Please no Raghav and Pakhi!!!! She is evil! And always grinning off those bug teeth because she always gets everything she wants. Listen to your viewers. We’re telling you that we can’t stand watch dumbo Pakhi with Raghav. If u keep pushing them in our faces we’re going to stop watching. Why did you create such an evil mother like Kamla? Now u have her spinning lies to justify the suffering she’s putting our beloved Kalpi thru. If Raghav has anymore romantic moments with Pakhi he can just go to hell! He doesn’t deserve Kalpi. He promised her he would never look at another woman yet he appears to be encouraging stupid Pakhi and lives in la la land. I hate her and wouldn’t mind if u found a way to kill her character. She’s useless and unnecessary. She can’t even act for goodness sake! We only want Raghav and Kalpi.

  108. plz is gatia pok ko raghav we canot see with raghav is charoil pok ko mar do we hate this girl is ko dakh kkar nafrat hote hai is ke koi self respect nahin

  109. Don’t like pooki Bcoz she is between raghna , I hate her long alligator face
    Look like horse
    Even as actrss I don’t like her her nail is so chiiiiiii her hand like man hand and when she is talking I just can’t stand 2 pookie

  110. farhanajhoty

    raghav ko pakhi k sath sath sadi ko koi chance nehi dena chahiye.agar pakhi ko chance dena chahiye tha toh raghav kalpi ka mang q vara?raghav kalpi ko 1year wait karne ko kaha.1years k bad kalpi ka kya hoga ?phirse dhoka nd rona hoga kalpi story pakhi ka nehi story sirf raghav nd kalpi ka hai .pakhi bachpanse le kar aj tak kalpi ka sab kuch chinte aya hai.pakhi k karan kalpi ko bachpanse bohot suffer karna padi.kalpi ko kavi us k ma k pyar nehi mila coz pakhi ko kamla sab pyar diya.raghav kalpi ko sapna dekhaya .kalpi sadi k liye ha kaha.phir raghav kalpi ko akela chor diya.sadi nehi kiya kalpi ko.sadi pakhi ko pakhi hamesha kalpi ka sab kuch chinte aya hai.raghav kalpi ka pyar v kalpi ko nehi mila q?kalpi ko khush rehne ka right nehi kya?hum sirf kalpi ka khushiya chate hai nd ragna ko ek hona dekhna chate hai.

  111. priya

    ema show ma jo galat dekha raha hai
    1.holi ka din kamla kaha holi ka pehla rang jiban sathi lagate hai nd holi ka rang khusiya la ata hai.raghav nd kalpana pehle rang lagaya holi ka.kya hua pehle rang laga k?raghav nd pakhi ka sadi galat tha.raghav nd kalpi ka sadi hona chahiye tha.
    2.engagement tutne k bad kamla mandir gaya kalpi nd pakhi ka tasbir lake. raghav k sath kis ka sadi karayegi ye janne k liye .mandir ma kalpi k pic k upar flower gira.kya hua?pakhi k sath raghav k sadi.raghav nd kalpi k sadi hona chahiya tha q ki kalpi k pic k upar flower gira tha jo nehi hua.phirse galat.
    3.pakhi se sadi karne k bad raghav kalpi ka mang vara jo kamla panise dho di .ye v galat tha.phir kamla vithoba k pas jane ko chaha sirf is liye kalpi nd pakhi ma kis ko raghav milna chahiye ye janne k liye?q ki kamla confused tha.pakhi ka prasad liya bt kalpi ka prasad nehi liya.agar sach janna tha toh dono prasad lana chahiya tha.jab vithoba k pas gaya tab uska koi ques nehi tha.ulta pray ek tarfa karne lagi pakhi nd raghav mil jaye.nd kalpi jiban ma age bade nd kuch kar k dikhaye nd success ho life ma.jab flower gira vo soch liya uska ans mil gaya .ye galat tha.q ki uska ques ma confused tha.ans kaise sahi milegi?galat.
    4.jab kalpi pehle vithoba k sindur lagaya toh pakhi ko q vithoba k sindur mila?galat.
    5.revenge kavi aisa hota hai?kavi nehi dekha aisa revenge.pakhi kushise reh raha hai.raghav k sath friendship ho gayi.birth day cake cut kiya raghav k sath.raghav wish kiya pakhi ko.just sadi k din pakhise rude ho k bate kiya sirf badla lene k liye sadi kiya is liye ye keh k.phir kavi pakhise gussa ho k bat nehi kiya.galat.
    6.revenge pyarse jaida important nehi hai.kamla raghav nd gouri k liye kitna kuch kia bt sab vul gaye gouri nd raghav.kamla agar help nehi karti toh raghav kavi rich nehi hoti nd gouri jinda nehi rehti.q gouri ragna ko accept nehi kar raha hai.koi ma aisa nehi hota hai.raghav nd kalpi ka pyar q gouri samaj nehi raha hai.ragna Suffer kar raha hai.
    7.kalpi jab pani ma dub raha tha kamla use nehi bachaya q kalpi ko strong banane k liye .pakhi ko bachaya tha.agar pani ma kalpi dub jati toh jinda nehi rehti.kamla ma logic wrong.kalpi hurt hua tha.
    8.versity topper hone k bad v use fail kara gaya.pakhi first hua.kamla use trust nehi kiya galat.
    9.koi ma apni bachchise jaida aur kisi k bachche ko itna pyar kaise kar sakta hai?kamla nd pakhi ka rista ma beti type ka hai.pakhi ko dekh k sab vul jate hai .even us k ek beti v hai vo v vul jate hai ye v galat.kalpi ko kaise ignore kar sakte hai?kya kalpi ko janam diya sirf is liye apne sapne puri karne k liye?aur kalpi ka sapna ka kya?us koi sapna nehi reh sakte?kya bade memsaheb banne ka matlab jiban ma sab kuch secrifice kar do.even pyar v.sadi k bad v toh success ho sakta hai kuch kar k.galat.sapna dekha kalpi k liye nd payar diya poki ko .galat.koi children kavi v ma bap se pyar nehi kar paye is k bajaise.pyar k bina jiban hota hai kya?
    10.raghav kalpi ka mang vardi nd 1year wait karne ko 1 year ma agar pakhi k sath pyar ho gaya toh kalpi ka kya hoga?phirse dhoka .
    avi ema bohot bore kar raha hai.humsab ragna k liye ema dekhte hai.without ragna no ema.ragna ka act dekh k hume khusiya milti thi.kisi ko khusiya nehi de sakte ho toh dukh ki karan mat bano.ema k avi jo trac chal raha hai bohot torture kar raha hai.koi kush nehi hai.jab ragna nehi milega toh q ragna ka lovestory dekhaya?hum kalpi ko khus dekhna chate hai.use uska pyar milna chiye.plz pakhi k sath raghav k sadi fake marriage show karo.nd kalpi raghav k 1st wife bana do.nehi toh koi ema k fans khush nehi hoge.agar ragna nehi mile toh ap ema k fans ko kho dege.humsab simple kahani pasand karte hai.koi critical nd confused story mat fans ko hurt kare nd gussa date hai aise story mat likkho.we just want ragna.agar ragna nehi mila toh pakhi nd raghav ko v nehi milna chahiye.ema v nehi chal na chahiye.

  112. bharani

    EMA writers and directors creative team there are all brain less people , kamala character is shame less , selfish ,heart less,i have no words to gays are making mahan in EMA . if you think she mother ,you guys have this type of mother in your house . you don’t now how to show mother character . and love, affection,revenge . IF YOU DON’T NOW CHANGE THE NAME OF THE SHOW


  113. neha

    No never….raghav should not give chance to this marriage…….we just want ragna….if cvs want to unite ra…khi….than go to helll……we startes watching this show coz of ragna…and now they want to give us that rakhi…we never want this…better shut this show……

  114. disfusted soul

    dude how cum m when did kamla treat both of them equally.
    N HER DAUGHTERS how cum kalpi is kamla maaz daughter when she is always muttering paki pooki pakpak
    n who d hell is such bakwas mon in real life lyk dat kamla neetu n gauri
    seriously y is neetu jst watching the tamasa n not killing kamla when she is asleep uff bakwas serial

  115. sham

    On 19th June Episode “Raghav says kamla maa would have been hurt if didn’t come”. Now Kamala ask one baby from Raghav for Paki and he will give and he will tell Kalpi ” kamla maa would have been hurt if didn’t “.

    Feel like omitting thinking about Paki with Raghav

  116. Afsana

    What a shameful day 4 ragna fan.its clear nd decided dat ema viewer want dere any fan page of rakhi!u can never find it even in pd s dream.dere r lot of page ön ragna.every poll states ragna as couple why dnt they entry da name of pakhi.bcoz dey ve 2 arrange unlike option 4 her.which is clear 4 every1 ema has doubt on it.z is promoting pakhi as positive charecter bt ragna fan regard her whts da benefit.dey build up a hatred 4 her unneseserily in our mind.i would never watch a serial in which shirin is a main lead.da storyline frm da bigining hinting 4 ragna.sudnly whts hapn dat dey have 2 chng dere dicsn.da ema show run bcoz of ragna chemistry.nd i thght twist helps 2 gain in ema walo ne to trp ka matlab hi badal di.aisa twist dia ki trp gir gai.tabhi un logo ka hosh nahi aya.ab ka khak aye ga.i thnk ragna fans r da only fans who r so much devoted.ema r loosing us bcoz of dere foolishnes.dis show can run with gd trp more 1 year if dey listn 2 da fan.we fan give pititiön 4 ragna,stop watchng in tv r ragna,write in dfrnt forum,complain 2 z,requesting in twt nd so da end of da day its just a serial.who does so much 4 a jodi.after so much dey r asking whom we want 2 see.what a crap

  117. Thilakavathy Janardhan

    I hve read in sme articles and hv heard from Income Tax consultants tht to reduce d tax amount the business magnets deliberately invest their funds in an unprofitable venture (they know fully it will yield zero profits)so tht they can show a loss in their accounts statement is it for this this srl EMA s telecast if not then no investor will tolerate his ventures yileidng zero return and tht too after it is pointed out by Auditors (Auditors we fans) that it is a not a right move yet if they are turning a deaf ear in rectifyng theiir concept makes us arrive at such conclusions no one will bet on a lame horse. A vast business empire like Zee corporate wn are multiplying their wings thereby widening their business contacts will nver do business free of cost. Then why EMA is allowed to sink knowingly. Certain questions remains unanswered.

    Kmla cant thrust her dreams on her dtrs. A recent survey conducted said that some studious students did not fair well in their Academics and also intheir official career and some had committed sucide despite holding a good positon. It was found tht those student though secured good marks had to forego their dreams for want of their parents compulsion and had to chose a career very much against their wills and in office unable to arrieve at a balance intheir career which never was their ambition had to commit sucide and so pshyciatrits started advsng parents not to insist or force their children to pursue the dreams of the parents instead allow their wards to chose a one of their choice. If if is done then it is a crime. Is the cvs not aware of all these. Pls open ur eyes and ears observe wt is hapng around u. Sitting in an ac room one cannot write the plot for a poor chawl girl as it will be far from reality that pain shd have been undergone nly then it wuld be real. Pls allow klpi to decide her life of her own she is not a kid and stop riding onher back , u need not obey ur husband kamla but if he agrees for four of ur wishes u agree for atleast two of his. Every time wn vital tries to say something kamla influnces him by attracting him physically .( we know she is his wife and here vital is shwn as a person who is more grabbed by kmlas phsical beauty than her wisdom) If she is confident she can convice vital verbally but she often touches his cheeks leans on him wn ever she wants a proposal to be approved by him is it not a cheap behaviour , will not set a bad example for youngsters wtching this show. Are women commodiites r they factors for creating lust rather than buuld a strong empire out of love. Sry this is my opinion after wchng so many episodes. The same thing Neetu does whn she wants sahil to give concurrent for any of her evil plans wt s the difference between these two except that kmla is poor and neetu is rch and the same pki s following to get rgv trapped in her illusionary love but klpi fights never uses tactics to get rgv yield to her love had she done that she could hve done it when they had gone to alibaugh. That makes the difference between klpi and paki and that makes all the difference. Pli shd be cut to her size and nver shd ebe givn a chnce to snatch klpis orignal right and love make it simple.

  118. raghav pr sirph kalpi ka adhikar hai.raghav ne bhagvan ke samna kalpi se shaadi kihai or use vachan bhi diya hai.raghav or pakhi ki shaadi jhuthi hai .india ke kisi court me ek din me shaadi nahi hoti hai.

  119. Afsana

    Marriage is not a piece of paper only.rag loves kalpi nd marry also.den why would pak pak get a chance.she should only get a divorce

  120. bhavya

    pakhi is vary selfish girl no acting skills ,no expression and kamala is worst mother ever only ragna otherwise better close your show

  121. Iren Pereira

    We only want RagNa dat all.Cvs know it bu dey r hurting fans.We request them so much but its useless attempt!First of all we hate pakhi coz she takes away all what is kalpi.If cvs r on rakhi track n continuing it plz its better to end EMA.Your’ll(cvs,channel) don’t listen so we can’t control our anger.So better understand dat we will NEVER ACCEPT RAKHI.only RagNa rocksssss………Ragna BestJodi for us……

  122. fari

    Kamala loves pakhi more then kalpi…from childhood to there adult hood kamla only taught of pakhi well beighn…as for kalpi kamla always wanted her to full fill her dream of what she cudent become In her life….its unfair to kalpi that what evervshe wanted in her life get taken away n give it to pakhi…kalpi love n soulmate is raghva…please for once in kalpi life give her what she loves that is raghav as she has sacrificed everything that she ever loved for pakhi. Sake……plz unite kalpi n raghav they are meant to be together. .n let pakhi fine sumone dat wi her for who she is..kamla now realise she gave birth to kalpi n pakhi she only grew her up….she must now see to her real child s happiness n not the one she grew up….

  123. alliyah

    u guys need to make this show realiyt and not crap kamla dont like kalpi so she should jus let kalpi do what she wants and ley she stupi paakhi and raghav shold unite with kapli if not then end this show cause it stupid and kamla is a b*t*h of a mother

  124. Mokshda

    We have been witness to the preference of Raghav for Kalpana since childhood, his aggressiveness arrogance towards her when he came back for reasons unknown to us but he has fallen irreversibly in love in all intimacy, except for Sammy who was in the loop. And now putting forward the idea that Raghav could give his paper marriage a chance is like giving a death sentence to Kalpana converted to a life imprisonment. This is inhuman, Raghav cannot jeopardize his love life to please Kamla, Gauri, Pakhi and Neetu, Kalpana left on the side road like the genda ke phonology Raghav considered so cheap. what is happening people, in all logical situation, why was Kalpana and Raghav given large shares falling in love scenes and temple sindoor scene if Pakhi had to be the wife in the show. EMA has so far fully HUMILIATED Kalpana since May 9 to the extreme beyond tolerance limit so whatever EMA can do will never make up for the hurt and pain inflicted on the loyal viewers as there seem to be no stop to promoting all the odds.

  125. susheela kulkarni

    Dear Priyaji, dear TseringvDorjee, ji, EMA jo nahi honewala hai, o sambhav hoga karke viewers ko dikhatha hai , lekin o aage in reality may nahi hoga !! Yahi EMA Cr. Team ka creativity hai. !!. Isiliye Rakhi etc vaisa nahi hoga n jo b hoga sare Ragna ka favor may hoga, jaisa abthak hoke aaraha hai.
    1 more thing,,hv u all noticed ?,
    Kithna farak hai Pakhi may aur Kalpi may !!
    Jo Pakhi jut mut hath ko moch aaneka natak karne wali !! Aur,
    Jo apna Kalpi, hath may garam coffee girneke bad bhi, Raghav ka samne chup hai !!
    Kya EMA Creativity ko Heera aur Koila ka farak samaj aaraha hai ? Tho, EMA ko Raghav & Kalpi ko milaana hi hoga !! Bappa n Vithoba bless Ragna.!!

  126. Afsana

    To save shirin önly 1 way.2 keep her away frm rag nd ragna.give her a new pair.only den we could tolerate her.we cant imagine anythng xcept dsnt matr 2 us how good,beautiful,stylish,logical da thng is.we r here 4 only our ragna

  127. Sam

    my plan was to jus read the comments and like….simply becuz im thinkin the same everyone here have answered but what is confusin me is who d [email protected]* will be dislikin these comments. …a pakhi fan? or is it a kamla fan? cuz honestly even a sane, sensitive carin human bein can see injustice bein done here by both kamla and pakhi…..I had nothing against pakhi at the beginner even doh here character was a bit negative from childhood….but what real woman will stay wit a man knowin he luv her “sister” and her “sister” luvs him….she always pushin when it comes to bein kamla daughter. I ll never forget is when kalpi brought raghav to save the chawl and she was kneelin waitin for kamla to hug her and pahki as always run infront and hugged kamla….kalpi was in tears so was I anyone wit a heart cud ve felt that moment bein taken away from her as many other times ….her bday…her college grades amongst others…now her man…come on cvs if u want to promote or redeem pakhi give a positive role let her help get raghav and kalpi back together as a good friend will do (as she claims she is) or a daughter of kamla (the role she like to play) will do for her sister…so those who dislikin the comments made go and watch some re-run and educate urself on who pakhi really is compare to kalpi and see is only her looks goin for her at the moment nothing else cuz she is really a kapoor to heart ruthless and heartless human bein jus playin innocent jus like neetu….ema I wont watch u even if u pay me too wit the crap ur airin now….I will still have some little hope for ragna but thats slowin vanishin as my luv for the show has…I ll jus stick to written updates sometimes

    • Dee

      Oh it’s quite obvious who the person who’s disliking our comments is.
      BTW this is exactly what I was saying for some time, if they really wanna promote Pakhi they should show her as being really positive (not the manipulative innocence that she fooling everyone with now)
      She can work towards getting Raghav & Kalpi together & thus really show her goodness. She should also convince Kamala to help get Kalpi her love & happiness back cause Kamala will only listen to her Pakhi baby as she’s all that matters to Kamala.
      They changed the track to show revenge, where’s the revenge.
      I was so hooked on to EMA & Ragna, but have totally lost it after seeing the crap they are dishing out now.
      I doubt EMA can be redeemed now, it has fallen to it’s very depths

  128. Dee

    Please get your facts right, Kamala is not concerned about both her daughters & never loved both of them equally. All she wants is Pakhi to be happy & she wants Kalpi to be successful only to fulfill her selfish ambition.
    Pakhi is not as innocent as she’s portrayed, she delusional it’s true but is she blind too, there’s no way she was totally unaware or the Raghav & Kalpi equation & it’s obvious she stuck to Raghav even after she knew why he married her not out of the goodness of her heart but to fulfill her obsession & her zidd to get Raghav, cause that’s her nature, she will get what she wants by any means.
    Look at how she’s manipulating Raghav now, that prove how cunning & manipulative she is.
    And this is the Kamala sanskar she’s talking about, this is what she learnt from Kamala, be selfish, cunning & manipulative till you get what you what all the time portraying how sweet & innocent you are.
    The show is totally ruined, with them showing mothers in such a bad light & men who are spineless, where even Gods should be changed if one God doesn’t give you the answer that suits you & how can they pit two Gods against each other, really pitiful

  129. Nirmala

    Raghav and kalpi are made for each other!!!!! Throw poo out EMA with kamala. And end EMA!!!!!

  130. dazed

    Why are you even asking this question when Raghav has said he will die if he even see or think of another woman . Remember he said this in the temple in the witness of god when he put sindoor on Kalpi.

  131. Lalitha

    I am happy that so many fans are for Ragna. Pakhi should be out of the show.Hate watching her with Raghav. It looks like Raghav will fall for Pakhi. Can’t he keep a distance.?After all it is a story not real but I don’t want to see him with pakhi. He has to be with Kalpana only. If the show gets on like this Raghav Singania the handsome, romantic charming Hero is going to loose his fame. He will become a big ZERO.better come back to Kalpi. Tha director should start changing the story line. Other wise he will loose his money. May behe deserves it for separating the lovely romantic couple the GREAT RAGNA.

  132. Me

    No one blames pakhi but she cannot be wid raghav. Plz end this love triangle n let poor kalpi live happy wid raghav

  133. if you want trp den you should together for marraige.he can give divorce to pakhi bcs there is no love.only one side love.ready raghav put sindoor to kalpi.according to religious marraige putting sindoor is enough

  134. jo

    really heart broken to c d seriel after raghav married pakhi….the seriel was all about a poor girl getting her dreams filled.. and a boy getting his life back….. this seril was an inspiration for many of them.. but with this stupid twist they have killed the sweetness of seriel….. plz get raghav back on track.. y spoil his character….. plz get back his style to him………… where is prem n sahil kapoor

  135. sneh

    I am so surprise that you guys are asking for this POLL
    if you had any commonsence you can figure out very easily
    by reading our comments since MAY 9
    EMA Story was so open concept Like a classical cindrella
    On 9 may you guy made a huge mistake
    Raghav —-from episode 100-150 i:e till 9 may was prince charming who fell in love with Kalpana a innocent hard working girl with human values….He chaned to VILLAN to himsel , his love become pathetic, week The day of marriage after Huldi ceremony Made his Bride Kalpi to wait in Mandap & married instantly Pakhi
    PAKHI who is spoiled brat Lier.snacher & UGLY
    HORSE face,aligator teeth Looks more like HIJARA
    Raghav does not love her He made this very clear But Pakhi has no SHAME her self infected illusion is spoiling every thing which is so unique & pure between Raghav & Kalpana Kalpana has a grace a beautifull smile & great thinking.It was Raghav who followed her & made her fall in love with him Slowly day after day Trying his Best
    So their love is mutual & got stronger in course of time.
    Tahnkless Gouri is Sick She cares so much about her Past & dead husband that she completely forgot about Her Grown
    Son Raghav’s need & future What kind of Mother is she?
    Kalpana is possesed by Pakhi she is BULLY to her own daughter kaplana. husband vithal & chowl people giving lectures,, She is even cheating GOD
    Neetu is criminal greedy who does not care about her own daughter,husband or son
    addi in old age is supporting lies of Pakhi instead of making her face the Truth she is happy that Pakhi is tricking raghav that her hand got hurt & goes with so that he can drop her to her friend’s place then on the way she is suggesting Lunch & movie HOW low & cheap her thinking is…Disgusting
    Whole serial is messed up By PDK
    What a wasre of talented actors Ashish Chowdry & Rachna parulkar, Their JODI was Classical Like NUTAN & RAJKUMAR
    Can both of them are able to quite EMA As Sript changed to changed horribly to promote Sharin Sing OR they are slaves of PDK as Signed contract Is their any way out for them.
    RAGHAV & KALPANA are Solement & whole EMA ….other wise there is no humanity no EMA

  136. Betty Williams

    It is sad to see kalpi always in pain,for every comment i have read all are asking for this pain to be taken away why then shld the writer be holding on to pahki staying with raghav?the love is not there and it shld not be forced even the office is not getting the best of raghav,the idea of revenge is affecting only kalpi in every sence i dont support raghav giving a chance to pahki nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pls

  137. vashtie motilal

    pokie if u love raghav let him go to kalpi don’t hold on him he do not love u……

  138. Lalitha

    Hi guys, The way the serial started was awesome but it is going down the drain. Show the fans some romantic scenes of The Great Ragna, and change the story line please. I want to see Raghav and Kalpanas happy smiling face. Their Romantic scenes were too short lived. I want to see them happy again with lot of fun and romance.,Ragnas chemistry is great. Make use of it and give the fans lot of satisfaction of seeing them close. No Ragna No EMA.

  139. dd

    raghave and kalpi made of each other and they should live life with pride and together with full of love

  140. aisha

    kalpi should start her business and a new boy should come in her life to make jealous to raghav so that son he can give divorce to pakhi and marry kalpi

  141. Pakhi doesnt hold raghave back she prove her self that she cannot live with some one who love some one else and ready to diforce him so he can be unite whom he love but he is holding pakhi for his selfish motiv and what makes me sick is that kalpi wants raghave to destroy pakhi and come back to her what kind of woman is she

  142. Pakhi should be given a chance by ragh make kalpi succeseful business woman as she use to dream and forgett raghav completly so the meaning of the show can be saved

  143. Crystal Singh

    I know that Raghav did wrong to marry Pakhi seeking revenge, but we need to understand that up to that moment when he saw his mother, he thought she abandoned him as a child, he was on his way to get married. Only at that time he learnt the truth about his father’s death and being left alone as an orphan all these years, the hardships his mum went through all because of the Kapoors.He was an innocent child — Did Neetu and Sahil give him a thought? Being in his position at that time some of us might have done worse to Pakhi.At least he allowed her to live.Having said that we all know how much he loves Kalpi,and even she understands his reason and still loves him…. So who Kamla.She needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  144. mf

    hum sirf raghav and kalpi ko ek hona dekhna chate hai.raghav and pakhi k sadi fake marriage dekha do.
    agar socity ma kuch good message dena chati ho toh dekha do -“chowl ma rehne wali padi likkhi ladki ka sadi rich ladka k sath hote hai and happy married life hota hai .dekhau chowl ma rehne wali ladki ka koi rich ladke ka dusri biwi /2nd wife nehi hote hai.and dekhau chowl ma rehne wali ladki khud selfdependent ho sakta hai and rich ban sakta hai.”
    ye socity ma change la ayega.

  145. mf

    kalpi bachpanse pyar k liye tarsa hai avi uska pyar lota pyar kavi use mila nehi.bachpanse la kar aj tak us k hisse ka khushi pakhi ko mila hai .kya ek khushi kalpi deserve nehi karti?kalpi humesha secrifice karte aya hai aur secrifice nehi karau use.raghav ko kalpi ko de do.we want ragna.

  146. joty

    raghav ko pakhi k sadi ko koi ek chance nehi dena chahiye.kamla kalpi k sath justified nehi kar raha hai.raghav and kalpi ka mil hona dekhna chate hai.pakhi k liye aur kisi ko la au jo pakhi ko sachcha pyar karta hai.raghav and kalpana ek dusre k liye bani hai.raghav and raghav k ma gouri k liye kamla bohot kuch kiya hai.raghav and kalpi ka pyar sachcha hai.raghav kalpi k mang sindur lagaya tha.raghav agar pakhi ko ek chance diya toh kalpi k sath justified nehi hoga.we want ragna.pakhi ko raghav and kalpi k lifese dur kardo jaldi.holi ka pehla rang v ragna lagaya tha .holi ka rang khusio ka hota hai.ragna ko alag mat karo.ema hmara fevourite serial kavi humara chere par smile la ata tha.ragna ka act bohot pasandh hai.ema ka fans ko hurt mat karo.

  147. sneh

    Why Raghav is giving so much lift to PAKHI, Where is GOURI to keep them separate,Pakhi has no shame she wants to show off in PARTY HER HUSBAND RAGHAV, if she is honest she knows Her HUSBAND LOVES KALPANA for long time & has no feelings for Pakhi .
    Pl. raghav move to your own apartment stay away from pakhi
    Raghav & Kalpana belongs together which NO body should stop,

    • charu

      pakhi is an innocent girl… as a child she was shown as a character which most children posses… what they see with others they want that. this does not mean she is bad or she is shameless n all…. sh always liked raghav since her childhood and never realized he had no feelings for her.she doesn’t realize it because of her ignorance towards others. with kalpi she has always been nice only because she is kamla’s daughter. she simply loves kalpi for who she is. kalpi is the one who always feels suppressed n not loved n all. i think the problem is very much with kalpi she should be able to make raghav realize that he making her wait for a year for his revenge is spoiling paki’s life any way…just for his stupid mother’s stupid satisfaction… how is that justified now? why should pakhi pay for the sins her parents did? pakhi said sorry to kalpi for not knowing that raghav loved kalpi!! why cant kalpi move on for pakhi’s sake? why can she not love pakhi? why should she feel not loved by her mother because of pakhi when she knows that her mother loves he more than anybody??

      • sangeeta

        Dear Charu, you are right no one should be pay for his / her parents sin so the same with Pakhi also. But when it is very clear to Pakhi that Raghav and Kalpi love each other and her marriage with raghav is nothing but a revenge, being a dignified woman for her self respect, she herself should give divorce to Raghav. But what she is doing, using nonsense trick to be close to Raghav. In her friends party why she was holding Raghav’s hand and introducing friends as her husband, just to make kalpi feel jealous and hurt. If she is true sister of Kalpi and truly love raghav, she should without second thought immediately give divorce to Raghav. From today’s episode it is very clear that she is the most selfish woman on this earth.

      • Hi CHARU If you really think PAKHI IS INNOCENT…….Let us have a honest open discussion to disagree with YOU
        (1) why pakhi listen to Dr who adviced her that it would be good if KALPI can come,
        YOUR Innocent Pakhi did not asked Kalpi to stay with Raghav,
        (2)she takes a lift from Raghav to go to her friend place, When they were in car , she change her mind & wants to go for Lunch or Movie VERY CHEAP TRICK…..
        (3) she pretends that her hand is hurt so that she can go in his car..LIER…..CHEAP TRICK
        (4) During Raghav’s accident She did not have time to prey GOD for his health….But changing her sarees & decorat ing room to charm RAGHAV….Cheap trick…..
        (5) Pakhi insists raghav to go to Party as Friend, once she is there HIM as her HUSBAND in front of Kalpi…….VERY CRUEL,,,,,
        (6) when kalpi called she swiched phone off….WHY….
        (7) She was told by Raghav openly Kalpi is HIS LOVE & LIFE so why she is snaching him…
        THE LIST CAN GO ON & ON….
        Charu have a nice DAY

  148. Sneh

    Pl. deleat Pakhi’s role from EMA.
    during Raghav’s hospital stay she NEVER prayed to GOD for his recovery Instead she was changing her expensive SAREES & JEWELLARY 3-4 times, She was decorating his room, But did not light single DIVA in front of GOD that show she is materialistic most selfish girl.
    Even Doctors adviced Pakhi that “its better if Kalpi can be with RAGHAV as He is continously asking for KALPI. but MEAN PAKHI IGNORED IT
    When kalpi called she did not give Phone to Raghv BECAUSE she is cunning & trying to keep KALPI OUT disregarding Raghav’s wishes
    HE asked Pakhi to call KALPI & As He wishes to Speak with her.
    SO NOW TRUE PAKHI SHOWS UP AS NEETU’s DAUGHTER INTERESTED IN sarees, jewellary, Decoration , Lieing, manuipiating, selfish who has no selfrespect & vazood…
    Kamla is good in taking care of Pakhi only SHE is helping Criminals & selfish Pakhi.
    Kamla has dream for her daughter,BUT her son Who is ignored by her all the time HER husband has to be his PUPPET
    ONLY KALPANA IS has value for Humanity, her parents, Her love for RAGHAV IS PRISELESS SHE Deserves RAGHAV
    PAKHI does not deserve any place in RAGHAV’S LIFE
    PL. SAMMY SIR come back & be a GURU & mediator to tell PAKHI to BACK OFF…

  149. susheela kulkarni

    Dear EMA Team ?
    Do you really bothered about What your & RaghNa Fans wants ?
    What is the script you are writing about ? Don’t you have your plans for what would be the next twist & turn in your story ?
    What your creativity team is doing ? What for they are being paid ?
    What for the EMA like daily sops are aired in tv channels ?
    Is it not that the Entertainment is the sole motto of daily sops that are aired in channels ?
    Is it not that viewers’satisfaction is the only aim of EMA serial ? Don’t you know that EMA Viewers whole time ever demand is only one i.e. RaghNa for ever & union of Raghav & Kalpi for ever ?
    When u hv twisted the story from Raghav’s marriage with Kalpi to Raghav’s Revenge purpose, don’t u feel that u r responsible to target Kapoors to lead ahead that Revenge aim of Raghav ? Rather your present story of falling on Pakhi & her attitudes ?
    R u not morally responsible to twist tge story lines to change script for Characters of Kamla, Pakhi ensure to alter those ill &;wrong social messages that those roles are trying to deliver & impact on the society ?
    Dear EMA & your Creativity Team,
    If you really have positive answers for the above, then V r definetely sure that you will take all n every twist to fulfill them and to lead to RaghNa and to do Raghav’s Revenge,;Business and to unite Raghav & Kalpi soon !!
    All the best wishes to you EMA for your next positive twists to lead & to make RaghNa happen for ever. !!
    Edited · Like · 5 · More · 3 hours ago

  150. susheela kulkarni

    Dear my all friends & our & Bappa’s RaghNa fans ;
    Its high time now to BOYCOTT Watching EMA’s daily episodes & let it go to hell. & To Boycott all posts on Likes & on Comments. V should just keep quite for some time till EMA comes up with some positive twists to RaghNa, EMA has disregarded the Comments & disrespected the requests of its esteemed & valuable Viewers, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF PROMOTING ONE ACTOR, PLAYING A NEGATIVE ROLE ? !! ; & ON THE TOP OF IT EMA is trying to deliver ill & wrong social messages & against the strong belief of true love & respect , of Divine , God,, Divine & pure n true love, respect for the elders, relatives, customs, traditions etc.; & is now EMA is planning to lead its story lines to the detriment of all these strong believes and are playing with the sentiments & emotions of its viewers and the mass public !!, just for the simple cause of / just for the sake of promoting one person / actor !! This is totally ridiculous & STUPIDITY OF EMA TEAM !! THEREFORE EMA DESERVES TO BE BOYCOTTED IN TOTTO.
    Now ;
    Dear friends, I would also like to state here that FOR PROMOTION OF ONE UNLIKED Charactor Actor, EMA is now trying to TWIST its script creativity in such a manner that ” so far what ever that Pakhi was dreaming EMA may trying to make it into Real in story ; & what ever was happened Real with RaghNa or Kalpi & Raghav in EMA, they are twisting / shifting it to be the dreams ( of RaghNa , Raghav & Kalpi !! ?? ) / or which have happened so far vth RaghNa are only dreams ? !! If this is the UNIQUENESS of EMA or if this is the SO CALLED CREATIVITY of EMA , then no body wants it at all or Neither the Viewers wants to watch it at all & The EMA fans & RaghNa lovers will NEVER like to watch it ever in the life of EMA !! So EMA , you may / can go off air now as nobody will be watching you now onwards ; !!
    Pyare Dostho, Issiliye, :-
    Aur hame agar aage positiv RaghNa keliye twist na dikhaye tho hame EMA ko BOYCOT karna hoga; Aur hum sab na koi likes or na koi comments EMA ko bheje. Yane No Likes or No Comments to EMA till Positive twists for RaghNa !! Also Pl.stop watching EMA when it’s aired daily in Zee tv channel till we see positive twist for the union of Raghav & Kalpi. ok.
    Rakhi Khare and 6 others like this.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.