Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansa leads the whole bataliyan towards Kailash..
Mahadev is with Bihilini and tells her that he’d for one time go to Kailash of she wants her answers…she asks if he changes his mind after meeting his family. Mahadev says there is certainty in uncertainty.. she retorts saying that she doesn’t seek uncertainty principles but answers.

He has to giver her answers if he wishes to leave…he tells why so many limitations that too without any doors..its of not a normal Bihilini..she says she is not normal Bihilinias its a male dominated world..she is protecting the dignity of woman..Mahadev inquires why is there difference in gender…why is there fear n doubt in prakrity…
she says if she is afraid or him..? that he is escaping not answering any of her quests..

The human army march towards Kailash, Nandi informs this to Ganesh and Kartikeya..they decide to stop her..the Ganesh says he’d face Mansa to save the dignity of Kailash n for Vasuk’s sisters n also she is gonna be teh reason for Naglok’s betterment..Nandi tells that Mansa would not listen to them as she doesn’t even listen to Parvati ma n Mahadev. Ganesh decides to talk it thorugh.
Vishnuji says that where there is Mansa’s pessimism n negativity there is Ganesh’s positivity..Naradji tells taht talks have always tried to make peace…he says its a good start.

Ganhes goes to her…she says she wants to talk to Mahadev..Ganesh asks the reason..she says that she wants the divided between god n devotee to fall and know the reason if they are being prayed ..these humans too should be..either all are gods or all are humans

Ganesh says what she says that is her thoughts- her perception and he wishe sto knwo what all of them wish to know..why did they all come there..they say they second to Mansa’s thought.
Ganesh tells they have been praying for years…they never doubted gods then n now on Mansa’s say they change their mind and now decided to challenge Mahadev..just cause all ur wishes never fulfill…that’s why they doubt god?

Mhadev tells every relation’s base is faith..n i she thinks he never comes back…whats the use of so much of prays n it not attachment or delusion?
Parvati ma thinks that Mahadev would surely tell her when reaching back to Kailash that a random woman proposed him for marriage.
She needs to test he has to be given a chance to go as of now. SHe challanges if she lets him go..will he marry her when he returns..Mahadev plays along n says YES!
He promises her, that he’d marry her..she is shocked.
she reminds herself of the moments spent with Mahadev (her parvati form- Pooja’s clips) she says fine with tears in her eyes…

Mansa says Ganesh that he is misleading her..Ganesh tells they are already mislead..and need to be brought to the right path.
Mansa retors rudely that he can’t usel his smart talk n mislead her people..what qualification did he had to become Pratham pujy? just that he was Mahadev n Parvatidevi’s son?

Nandi disciplines her to behave..
Ganesh asks him to calm down.
And tells Mansa taht she said to everyone that one her dad’s call Mahadev never came..but that’s not the truth she was between Mahadev n Halahal..and every devote has a personal relation with their deity…she can only say her case..but not others..she says that Mahadev didn’t come to protect him..but did she say to them that her father’s death was of her cause..her energies..doesn’t she remember how he begged her to calm down and on not seeing that he absorbed her dangerous energies to himself and succumbed to death. Mansa recalls those incidences…

she knws that truth…and she came to dad to become poojney..her wish to get blessed and to become a diety…when she was against divinity then how on irst place can she oppose…wasn’t it revolt?
And when Mahadev didn”t permit her she went against him and gathered them all. She for her personal greed, is she misusing the belief of those people…he asks everyone…if even after knwoing the truth they wish to second Mansa.
Vishnu dev meets a stressed Mahadev..he tells that they both know abt the consequences of Mansa n Ganesh’s talks..doesn’t he think to intervene..
Mahadev tells that he gives Mansa one last chance to chose her options..n wont meddle in the nature’s doings.
Vishnuji asks what if she choses the wrong path..Mahadev replies that, then she needs to bear the consequences.
One of the follower of Mansa agrees to Ganesh n realizes his fault…the man who killed her dad seconds to Ganesh too..they are upset on hearing Mansa’s words..when she can’t honour Mahadev then she can never honour any of them.
Mansa tries to convince them taht Ganesh is misleading them..they retort..that she is misleading them using her powers just cause of fear..

Mansa gtes angered..Ganesh tells that she has lost a lot cause of this anger..there is still time for her to change.

Mansa shouts at Ganesh..then Devi Parvati stops her…and reminds her that the last time they warned her to control herself..she never listened..she crossed her limit..thye should have punished her prior itself.
Mansa turns Paravti’ ma’s words against her saying taht the gods are showing their power to supress things- the quest the seek…this is what happens..this is what happened the other day…
Ganesh calls his dad in his mind.
they did the same with her.
Mansa says that she thought at leats at Kailash they’d find justice..which -now has the least bit of it.

Mahadev arrives there.

Mahadev asks what Mansa wants..she tells taht he has to answer everyone..and now he has to get the answer as its come on his being Mahadev itself.
Mansa seems to get the powers..she turns into a kinda dragon..
Mahadev challanges Mansa that if she is able to make one devote of his as her..she’d know.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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