Should Raghav give a chance to Pakhi and his marriage?

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Kamla has been always concerned about both her daughters, and did not divide her love. Her daughters too love her a lot and believe in walking the path Kamla is showing them. The earlier track in the show showed Raghav putting sindoor in Kalpi’s Maang and thus getting married that way. Kamla does not accept this and wants Kalpi to move on in life by forgetting Raghav, as the truth is he is Pakhi’s husband. It does not matter why Raghav married her, for revenge and blah blah, but now he has ruined his love and Kalpi’s life by his own hands, he could have taken revenge by any other decent way too, why did he marry Pakhi to make her stuck with him for one year. Then he is also asking Kalpi for wait for one year, to get his love and right on him. If Raghav realizes his mistake for hurting Pakhi, he should go ahead to give her a chance, and if it’s not possible by his heart, then he should free her for her good future with someone else.

Raghav was at fault before, and now Kamla, as she is after Kalpi asking her to end all love ties with Raghav. Kamla wants Kalpi to start her hotel business and make her good career. She wants Pakhi to be happy in her marriage. Everyone is taking poor Kalpi’s life for granted, and mending her as they wish to. Even Kamla is not able to understands her daughter’s emotions for Raghav, she can just forecast her future, which she senses that it won’t be good with Raghav. She wants Kalpi to understand that it’s of no use to wait for Raghav. Maybe Kamla does not have any believe on love, as she values the relation of marriage more.

Now, Kalpi is working hard to fulfill her parents’ dreams. While Raghav offered to join him in his office, confessing his feelings to her, Kalpi has decided to go ahead with the hotel idea. Kamla wants Raghav to settle down with Pakhi, and wants him to forget Kalpi. She wants to do something to bring them closer. She invites the couple for dinner. Pakhi and Raghav come for dinner at home, and we get to see Raghav and Kalpi’s moments instead, as the fate will always favor the true lovers. Kamla has to understand that Pakhi can never take Kalpi’s place in Raghav’s heart. Pakhi has told Raghav that she is ready to give him divorce, but he stopped her asking her to stay being his friend. Pakhi is glad and thinks this friendship can turn into love too, if she works on her marriage, and maybe one day Raghav can love her back.

Even Pakhi is true on her side, she can’t be blamed or taken revenge for her dad’s doings. Why is Raghav being so unfair to her? If he is not happy with her, he can just give her divorce and move on with Kalpi, but he wants to tie Pakhi for one year just for his mum Gauri’s satisfaction. Gauri still has hatred for Pakhi and she does nto want to see Pakhi coming closer to Raghav, and going out with him. Raghav needs to make his decisions clear now, as he has already spoiled three lives. We wish to see this sort out soon, let’s see what can Kamla do for Pakhi, can she make Raghav fall in love with Pakhi? Is Kamla doing right by bringing them closer? Should Raghav give a chance to Pakhi and his marriage? Is Kamla justified for her own daughter Kalpi? What do you think? Give us your opinion and comment your reasoning.

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  1. my plan was to jus read the comments and like….simply becuz im thinkin the same everyone here have answered but what is confusin me is who d [email protected]€* will be dislikin these comments. …a pakhi fan? or is it a kamla fan? cuz honestly even a sane, sensitive carin human bein can see injustice bein done here by both kamla and pakhi…..I had nothing against pakhi at the beginner even doh here character was a bit negative from childhood….but what real woman will stay wit a man knowin he luv her “sister” and her “sister” luvs him….she always pushin when it comes to bein kamla daughter. I ll never forget is when kalpi brought raghav to save the chawl and she was kneelin waitin for kamla to hug her and pahki as always run infront and hugged kamla….kalpi was in tears so was I anyone wit a heart cud ve felt that moment bein taken away from her as many other times ….her bday…her college grades amongst others…now her man…come on cvs if u want to promote or redeem pakhi give a positive role let her help get raghav and kalpi back together as a good friend will do (as she claims she is) or a daughter of kamla (the role she like to play) will do for her sister…so those who dislikin the comments made go and watch some re-run and educate urself on who pakhi really is compare to kalpi and see is only her looks goin for her at the moment nothing else cuz she is really a kapoor to heart ruthless and heartless human bein jus playin innocent jus like neetu….ema I wont watch u even if u pay me too wit the crap ur airin now….I will still have some little hope for ragna but thats slowin vanishin as my luv for the show has…I ll jus stick to written updates sometimes

    1. Oh it’s quite obvious who the person who’s disliking our comments is.
      BTW this is exactly what I was saying for some time, if they really wanna promote Pakhi they should show her as being really positive (not the manipulative innocence that she fooling everyone with now)
      She can work towards getting Raghav & Kalpi together & thus really show her goodness. She should also convince Kamala to help get Kalpi her love & happiness back cause Kamala will only listen to her Pakhi baby as she’s all that matters to Kamala.
      They changed the track to show revenge, where’s the revenge.
      I was so hooked on to EMA & Ragna, but have totally lost it after seeing the crap they are dishing out now.
      I doubt EMA can be redeemed now, it has fallen to it’s very depths

  2. Please get your facts right, Kamala is not concerned about both her daughters & never loved both of them equally. All she wants is Pakhi to be happy & she wants Kalpi to be successful only to fulfill her selfish ambition.
    Pakhi is not as innocent as she’s portrayed, she delusional it’s true but is she blind too, there’s no way she was totally unaware or the Raghav & Kalpi equation & it’s obvious she stuck to Raghav even after she knew why he married her not out of the goodness of her heart but to fulfill her obsession & her zidd to get Raghav, cause that’s her nature, she will get what she wants by any means.
    Look at how she’s manipulating Raghav now, that prove how cunning & manipulative she is.
    And this is the Kamala sanskar she’s talking about, this is what she learnt from Kamala, be selfish, cunning & manipulative till you get what you what all the time portraying how sweet & innocent you are.
    The show is totally ruined, with them showing mothers in such a bad light & men who are spineless, where even Gods should be changed if one God doesn’t give you the answer that suits you & how can they pit two Gods against each other, really pitiful

  3. Raghav and kalpi are made for each other!!!!! Throw poo out EMA with kamala. And end EMA!!!!!

  4. Why are you even asking this question when Raghav has said he will die if he even see or think of another woman . Remember he said this in the temple in the witness of god when he put sindoor on Kalpi.

  5. I am happy that so many fans are for Ragna. Pakhi should be out of the show.Hate watching her with Raghav. It looks like Raghav will fall for Pakhi. Can’t he keep a distance.?After all it is a story not real but I don’t want to see him with pakhi. He has to be with Kalpana only. If the show gets on like this Raghav Singania the handsome, romantic charming Hero is going to loose his fame. He will become a big ZERO.better come back to Kalpi. Tha director should start changing the story line. Other wise he will loose his money. May behe deserves it for separating the lovely romantic couple the GREAT RAGNA.

  6. No one blames pakhi but she cannot be wid raghav. Plz end this love triangle n let poor kalpi live happy wid raghav

  7. if you want trp den you should together for marraige.he can give divorce to pakhi bcs there is no love.only one side love.ready raghav put sindoor to kalpi.according to religious marraige putting sindoor is enough

  8. really heart broken to c d seriel after raghav married pakhi….the seriel was all about a poor girl getting her dreams filled.. and a boy getting his life back….. this seril was an inspiration for many of them.. but with this stupid twist they have killed the sweetness of seriel….. plz get raghav back on track.. y spoil his character….. plz get back his style to him………… where is prem n sahil kapoor

  9. i want to c RAGHAV SINGHANIYA in his full style which he had before (episode 100 to 150)

    I am so surprise that you guys are asking for this POLL
    if you had any commonsence you can figure out very easily
    by reading our comments since MAY 9
    EMA Story was so open concept Like a classical cindrella
    On 9 may you guy made a huge mistake
    Raghav —-from episode 100-150 i:e till 9 may was prince charming who fell in love with Kalpana a innocent hard working girl with human values….He chaned to VILLAN to himsel , his love become pathetic, week The day of marriage after Huldi ceremony Made his Bride Kalpi to wait in Mandap & married instantly Pakhi
    PAKHI who is spoiled brat Lier.snacher & UGLY
    HORSE face,aligator teeth Looks more like HIJARA
    Raghav does not love her He made this very clear But Pakhi has no SHAME her self infected illusion is spoiling every thing which is so unique & pure between Raghav & Kalpana Kalpana has a grace a beautifull smile & great thinking.It was Raghav who followed her & made her fall in love with him Slowly day after day Trying his Best
    So their love is mutual & got stronger in course of time.
    Tahnkless Gouri is Sick She cares so much about her Past & dead husband that she completely forgot about Her Grown
    Son Raghav’s need & future What kind of Mother is she?
    Kalpana is possesed by Pakhi she is BULLY to her own daughter kaplana. husband vithal & chowl people giving lectures,, She is even cheating GOD
    Neetu is criminal greedy who does not care about her own daughter,husband or son
    addi in old age is supporting lies of Pakhi instead of making her face the Truth she is happy that Pakhi is tricking raghav that her hand got hurt & goes with so that he can drop her to her friend’s place then on the way she is suggesting Lunch & movie HOW low & cheap her thinking is…Disgusting
    Whole serial is messed up By PDK
    What a wasre of talented actors Ashish Chowdry & Rachna parulkar, Their JODI was Classical Like NUTAN & RAJKUMAR
    Can both of them are able to quite EMA As Sript changed to changed horribly to promote Sharin Sing OR they are slaves of PDK as Signed contract Is their any way out for them.
    RAGHAV & KALPANA are Solement & whole EMA ….other wise there is no humanity no EMA

  11. Betty Williams

    It is sad to see kalpi always in pain,for every comment i have read all are asking for this pain to be taken away why then shld the writer be holding on to pahki staying with raghav?the love is not there and it shld not be forced even the office is not getting the best of raghav,the idea of revenge is affecting only kalpi in every sence i dont support raghav giving a chance to pahki nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pls

  12. vashtie motilal

    pokie if u love raghav let him go to kalpi don’t hold on him he do not love u……

  13. Hi guys, The way the serial started was awesome but it is going down the drain. Show the fans some romantic scenes of The Great Ragna, and change the story line please. I want to see Raghav and Kalpanas happy smiling face. Their Romantic scenes were too short lived. I want to see them happy again with lot of fun and romance.,Ragnas chemistry is great. Make use of it and give the fans lot of satisfaction of seeing them close. No Ragna No EMA.

  14. raghave and kalpi made of each other and they should live life with pride and together with full of love

  15. kalpi should start her business and a new boy should come in her life to make jealous to raghav so that son he can give divorce to pakhi and marry kalpi

  16. Pakhi doesnt hold raghave back she prove her self that she cannot live with some one who love some one else and ready to diforce him so he can be unite whom he love but he is holding pakhi for his selfish motiv and what makes me sick is that kalpi wants raghave to destroy pakhi and come back to her what kind of woman is she

  17. Pakhi should be given a chance by ragh make kalpi succeseful business woman as she use to dream and forgett raghav completly so the meaning of the show can be saved

  18. Crystal Singh

    I know that Raghav did wrong to marry Pakhi seeking revenge, but we need to understand that up to that moment when he saw his mother, he thought she abandoned him as a child, he was on his way to get married. Only at that time he learnt the truth about his father’s death and being left alone as an orphan all these years, the hardships his mum went through all because of the Kapoors.He was an innocent child — Did Neetu and Sahil give him a thought? Being in his position at that time some of us might have done worse to Pakhi.At least he allowed her to live.Having said that we all know how much he loves Kalpi,and even she understands his reason and still loves him…. So who Kamla.She needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  19. raghav should not give a chance to pakhi.we just want ragna.plz don’t separate ragna.

  20. hum sirf raghav and kalpi ko ek hona dekhna chate hai.raghav and pakhi k sadi fake marriage dekha do.
    agar socity ma kuch good message dena chati ho toh dekha do -“chowl ma rehne wali padi likkhi ladki ka sadi rich ladka k sath hote hai and happy married life hota hai .dekhau chowl ma rehne wali ladki ka koi rich ladke ka dusri biwi /2nd wife nehi hote hai.and dekhau chowl ma rehne wali ladki khud selfdependent ho sakta hai and rich ban sakta hai.”
    ye socity ma change la ayega.

  21. kalpi bachpanse pyar k liye tarsa hai avi uska pyar lota pyar kavi use mila nehi.bachpanse la kar aj tak us k hisse ka khushi pakhi ko mila hai .kya ek khushi kalpi deserve nehi karti?kalpi humesha secrifice karte aya hai aur secrifice nehi karau use.raghav ko kalpi ko de do.we want ragna.

  22. raghav ko pakhi k sadi ko koi ek chance nehi dena chahiye.kamla kalpi k sath justified nehi kar raha hai.raghav and kalpi ka mil hona dekhna chate hai.pakhi k liye aur kisi ko la au jo pakhi ko sachcha pyar karta hai.raghav and kalpana ek dusre k liye bani hai.raghav and raghav k ma gouri k liye kamla bohot kuch kiya hai.raghav and kalpi ka pyar sachcha hai.raghav kalpi k mang sindur lagaya tha.raghav agar pakhi ko ek chance diya toh kalpi k sath justified nehi hoga.we want ragna.pakhi ko raghav and kalpi k lifese dur kardo jaldi.holi ka pehla rang v ragna lagaya tha .holi ka rang khusio ka hota hai.ragna ko alag mat karo.ema hmara fevourite serial kavi humara chere par smile la ata tha.ragna ka act bohot pasandh hai.ema ka fans ko hurt mat karo.

  23. Why Raghav is giving so much lift to PAKHI, Where is GOURI to keep them separate,Pakhi has no shame she wants to show off in PARTY HER HUSBAND RAGHAV, if she is honest she knows Her HUSBAND LOVES KALPANA for long time & has no feelings for Pakhi .
    Pl. raghav move to your own apartment stay away from pakhi
    Raghav & Kalpana belongs together which NO body should stop,

    1. pakhi is an innocent girl… as a child she was shown as a character which most children posses… what they see with others they want that. this does not mean she is bad or she is shameless n all…. sh always liked raghav since her childhood and never realized he had no feelings for her.she doesn’t realize it because of her ignorance towards others. with kalpi she has always been nice only because she is kamla’s daughter. she simply loves kalpi for who she is. kalpi is the one who always feels suppressed n not loved n all. i think the problem is very much with kalpi she should be able to make raghav realize that he making her wait for a year for his revenge is spoiling paki’s life any way…just for his stupid mother’s stupid satisfaction… how is that justified now? why should pakhi pay for the sins her parents did? pakhi said sorry to kalpi for not knowing that raghav loved kalpi!! why cant kalpi move on for pakhi’s sake? why can she not love pakhi? why should she feel not loved by her mother because of pakhi when she knows that her mother loves he more than anybody??

      1. Dear Charu, you are right no one should be pay for his / her parents sin so the same with Pakhi also. But when it is very clear to Pakhi that Raghav and Kalpi love each other and her marriage with raghav is nothing but a revenge, being a dignified woman for her self respect, she herself should give divorce to Raghav. But what she is doing, using nonsense trick to be close to Raghav. In her friends party why she was holding Raghav’s hand and introducing friends as her husband, just to make kalpi feel jealous and hurt. If she is true sister of Kalpi and truly love raghav, she should without second thought immediately give divorce to Raghav. From today’s episode it is very clear that she is the most selfish woman on this earth.

      2. Hi CHARU If you really think PAKHI IS INNOCENT…….Let us have a honest open discussion to disagree with YOU
        (1) why pakhi listen to Dr who adviced her that it would be good if KALPI can come,
        YOUR Innocent Pakhi did not asked Kalpi to stay with Raghav,
        (2)she takes a lift from Raghav to go to her friend place, When they were in car , she change her mind & wants to go for Lunch or Movie VERY CHEAP TRICK…..
        (3) she pretends that her hand is hurt so that she can go in his car..LIER…..CHEAP TRICK
        (4) During Raghav’s accident She did not have time to prey GOD for his health….But changing her sarees & decorat ing room to charm RAGHAV….Cheap trick…..
        (5) Pakhi insists raghav to go to Party as Friend, once she is there HIM as her HUSBAND in front of Kalpi…….VERY CRUEL,,,,,
        (6) when kalpi called she swiched phone off….WHY….
        (7) She was told by Raghav openly Kalpi is HIS LOVE & LIFE so why she is snaching him…
        THE LIST CAN GO ON & ON….
        Charu have a nice DAY

  24. Pl. deleat Pakhi’s role from EMA.
    during Raghav’s hospital stay she NEVER prayed to GOD for his recovery Instead she was changing her expensive SAREES & JEWELLARY 3-4 times, She was decorating his room, But did not light single DIVA in front of GOD that show she is materialistic most selfish girl.
    Even Doctors adviced Pakhi that “its better if Kalpi can be with RAGHAV as He is continously asking for KALPI. but MEAN PAKHI IGNORED IT
    When kalpi called she did not give Phone to Raghv BECAUSE she is cunning & trying to keep KALPI OUT disregarding Raghav’s wishes
    HE asked Pakhi to call KALPI & As He wishes to Speak with her.
    SO NOW TRUE PAKHI SHOWS UP AS NEETU’s DAUGHTER INTERESTED IN sarees, jewellary, Decoration , Lieing, manuipiating, selfish who has no selfrespect & vazood…
    Kamla is good in taking care of Pakhi only SHE is helping Criminals & selfish Pakhi.
    Kamla has dream for her daughter,BUT her son Who is ignored by her all the time HER husband has to be his PUPPET
    ONLY KALPANA IS has value for Humanity, her parents, Her love for RAGHAV IS PRISELESS SHE Deserves RAGHAV
    PAKHI does not deserve any place in RAGHAV’S LIFE
    PL. SAMMY SIR come back & be a GURU & mediator to tell PAKHI to BACK OFF…

  25. susheela kulkarni

    Dear EMA Team ?
    Do you really bothered about What your & RaghNa Fans wants ?
    What is the script you are writing about ? Don’t you have your plans for what would be the next twist & turn in your story ?
    What your creativity team is doing ? What for they are being paid ?
    What for the EMA like daily sops are aired in tv channels ?
    Is it not that the Entertainment is the sole motto of daily sops that are aired in channels ?
    Is it not that viewers’satisfaction is the only aim of EMA serial ? Don’t you know that EMA Viewers whole time ever demand is only one i.e. RaghNa for ever & union of Raghav & Kalpi for ever ?
    When u hv twisted the story from Raghav’s marriage with Kalpi to Raghav’s Revenge purpose, don’t u feel that u r responsible to target Kapoors to lead ahead that Revenge aim of Raghav ? Rather your present story of falling on Pakhi & her attitudes ?
    R u not morally responsible to twist tge story lines to change script for Characters of Kamla, Pakhi ensure to alter those ill &;wrong social messages that those roles are trying to deliver & impact on the society ?
    Dear EMA & your Creativity Team,
    If you really have positive answers for the above, then V r definetely sure that you will take all n every twist to fulfill them and to lead to RaghNa and to do Raghav’s Revenge,;Business and to unite Raghav & Kalpi soon !!
    All the best wishes to you EMA for your next positive twists to lead & to make RaghNa happen for ever. !!
    Edited · Like · 5 · More · 3 hours ago

  26. susheela kulkarni

    Dear my all friends & our & Bappa’s RaghNa fans ;
    Its high time now to BOYCOTT Watching EMA’s daily episodes & let it go to hell. & To Boycott all posts on Likes & on Comments. V should just keep quite for some time till EMA comes up with some positive twists to RaghNa, EMA has disregarded the Comments & disrespected the requests of its esteemed & valuable Viewers, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF PROMOTING ONE ACTOR, PLAYING A NEGATIVE ROLE ? !! ; & ON THE TOP OF IT EMA is trying to deliver ill & wrong social messages & against the strong belief of true love & respect , of Divine , God,, Divine & pure n true love, respect for the elders, relatives, customs, traditions etc.; & is now EMA is planning to lead its story lines to the detriment of all these strong believes and are playing with the sentiments & emotions of its viewers and the mass public !!, just for the simple cause of / just for the sake of promoting one person / actor !! This is totally ridiculous & STUPIDITY OF EMA TEAM !! THEREFORE EMA DESERVES TO BE BOYCOTTED IN TOTTO.
    Now ;
    Dear friends, I would also like to state here that FOR PROMOTION OF ONE UNLIKED Charactor Actor, EMA is now trying to TWIST its script creativity in such a manner that ” so far what ever that Pakhi was dreaming EMA may trying to make it into Real in story ; & what ever was happened Real with RaghNa or Kalpi & Raghav in EMA, they are twisting / shifting it to be the dreams ( of RaghNa , Raghav & Kalpi !! ?? ) / or which have happened so far vth RaghNa are only dreams ? !! If this is the UNIQUENESS of EMA or if this is the SO CALLED CREATIVITY of EMA , then no body wants it at all or Neither the Viewers wants to watch it at all & The EMA fans & RaghNa lovers will NEVER like to watch it ever in the life of EMA !! So EMA , you may / can go off air now as nobody will be watching you now onwards ; !!
    Pyare Dostho, Issiliye, :-
    Aur hame agar aage positiv RaghNa keliye twist na dikhaye tho hame EMA ko BOYCOT karna hoga; Aur hum sab na koi likes or na koi comments EMA ko bheje. Yane No Likes or No Comments to EMA till Positive twists for RaghNa !! Also Pl.stop watching EMA when it’s aired daily in Zee tv channel till we see positive twist for the union of Raghav & Kalpi. ok.
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