Qubool Hai 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 27th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Haider comes disturbed to his room, and when he switches the lights on, and they dont go, he is confused. He starts checking the wires, and finds that someone has cut the connection. He undrstands that humaira is behind this. He goes to lie down on the bed, but is disturbed by mosquitoes, and gets angry and decides to teach humaira a lesson. As humaira is sleeping in her room, haider comes in and sleeps beside her. ass he is aware of someone in her bed, she gest worried and is shocked as she turns around to find haider in her bed. Humaira asks whats this nonsense. Haider says that he just did what she did to him. Humaira takes the sheets off haider sleeping on her bed, and asks her to leave. Haider amusingly tells her that he wont

leave. she says that she would do whatever it takes, even if shouting, to get him thrown out of this room and the house too. Haider corners her and asks her to try whatever she wants to, but he wont leave either the room, or the house. She starts shouting, and he corners her into a tight intimate embrace, causing a big level of physical intimacy amongst them, to silence humaira, while kissing her on the nape. she finally jerks him away.

The next morning, zoya is dressed and comes out to find razia’s suitcases packed with her. zoya says that she just asked her to leave the room, not the house, but its okay that they shouldnt stay in someone else’s house, for lone, as they are very respectable. razia says that its zoya’s stuff and not hers. Zoya asks how could she even think tbhat zoya would leave her own house. razia says that she’s been playing games like this, ever since her age. Zoya is tensed. Razia shows her the empty papers, that zoya had tried to befool her with. zoya is shocked that razia got to know her truth. Razia confronts her that she wouldnt be able to fool her and get her and her husband out of this house. Mamu comes in saying that they can get rashid’s signed papers, or else they would all have to go to jail. as mamu and razia eye her, zoya is tensed. Mamu says that they know that zoya is lying. Dilshad comes in saying that then they knopw that rashid made this papers before the accident. razia says that they agree, but where are the papers, as they dont have any proof. dilshad and zoya are silenced. Razia calls the servant for theit stuff to be thrown out of the house. They are shocked. haider comes in calmly calling zoya, to say that on her instructions, he got the papers checked from the lawyers, and they are corect. Zoya is boggled. haider tries to give her a hint, but she finally, after much effort gets that he’s also trying to con them along with zoya, to help her. Zoya finally gets it, while razia and mamu are boggled. Dilshad gets the plan too. But before zoya can see the papers, mamu snatches the papers, and begins to check them. Dilshad nudges zoya to do something. Zoya reprimands him that he wont let anyone see the papers. zoya begins to take the papers, but haider asks her to let mamu have his way, and get it checked by their lawyer. mamu agrees. dilshad and zoya are tensed that their plan might fail due to this. razioa and mamu begin to leave. Zoya asks razia to unpack the stuff, by that same servant who she instructed to throw the stuff out of the house. razia complies and calls the servant. He complies.

Zoya asks haider how does he know. haider says that he keeps his eyes and ears open. dilshad asks about the papers. haider says that they are fake. Dilshad says that they would get caught soon. haider says that this paper would buy them time for 2 days, to find the new papers, and when razia confronts them with the fake papers, they can show them the real ones. Zoya asks haider why’s he doing this. hqaider says that he called her CHUTKI and hgence has to do this for her. haider leaves. dilshad is relieved. Zoya reminds her about the deadline and that they should get to finding the papers. Dilshad says that she hoeps that asad finds some clue in delhi. zoya assures her that they would.

Scene 2:
Location: haseena’s residence
While farhan is dressing up and leaving for work, nikhat is tensed, and tries to start a conversation with him, by giving him the purse. he resignedly takes it. Nikhat tries to offer him tea, but he asks her to leave him alone, when she tries to talk with him. Farhan says that he never expected this from her, as he thought of her as a friend but maybe he expected more. Farhan says that sameera still affects her, and she turned her into a joke. Farhan says that he’s very upset and needs some time and space. Nikhat is distraught. nazma hears this from a distance and is tensed. nazma comes in asking nikhat if they have any tensions. Nikhat says that noone is believing her, and she also wouldnt have if she hadnt seen it. nazma says that this is beyond belief, and her hallucinations have to stop, or else they would be more distanced with each passing day. nikhat is tensed. Nazma tries to cheer her up with an offer of tea. She takes her out of the room.

Behind the painting, while haseena is feeding a inebriated and drugged sameera, frustrated that if it wasnt her helplessness, she wouldnt have kept her alive till, now and hopes that she had died by then. She is very tensed and worried that her gig might be up. As nikhat and nazma come to the drawing room, nazma is surprised, when nikhat starts moving towards the ominous looking painting, that leads to sameera’s room. She fixes the sofa thats silghtly bend, and is later surprised when she finds a lady’s handkerchief at the foot of the building. Before she can go further, nazma calls for tea, and she leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira surprises haider at the dining table, by getting food for him, and caring for him. She asks why does he look surprised. haider is boggled as to whats begotten her. He wonders if she has poisoned the food. humaira tastes it herself, and asks him to be relieved. haider asks who this change. Humaira asks him not to think so much, as she has made lots and with love too. Humaira asks zoya to sit while she gets food for her too. Zoya gets into her poetry mood at that:

Kya kahu main apko, shaitan ya shaitan ki khala…
I thought ki tum baniyan nahi badalte, par tumne humaira ko badal dala….
zoya too is surprised to see this. Zoya asks what did he do. haider says and shocks zoya by saying that he just kissed her. But then he makes up for it, saying that he doesnt know what he did, as he didnt do anything. he distracts her into eating. meanwhile, humaira sees them from a distance in a rage, thinking that she would teach him such a lesson that he would forever remember. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: nazma and nikhat are discussing haseena’s increased appetite, but nikhat stops suddenly. nikhat again eyes the ominous painting, and finds that its bent. as she goes onto get it right, haseena is shocked that she might see the door behind, and runs before nikhat finds out the truth. oblivious to this, nikhat gets to setting the painting right.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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