Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani declaring that she is going to her real home, to be with her real family. Lata is teary eyed. Bella says, fights do happen in every family and tries to stop her. She apologizes to her on Raghu’s behalf. Raghu stands silently. Nishi stops Shivani and asks her not to leave them. She apologizes and asks Shivani to punish her. Shivani tells Nishi not to say sorry and says this time I can’t agree with you saying. I can’t stop this time. I have to go and says sorry. She proceeds outside. Lata, Baburaam and Bella run after her and tries to stop her, but she leaves. Raghu comes outside and sees her going. He is hurt himself. Lata asks, are you happy to hurt her. She left now. Lata scolds him and says, you betrayed Maliksaa and embrassed

him. You have promised Maliksaa naa. Your father tag her as hen laying the golden eggs. And you blamed her brother for Nishi’s kidnap. Why babyji should suffer all the way. She says I am ashamed today because of your doing. Babyji told me as step mom but you disrespected a women and proved me as a step mom. You didn’t value my values and upbringing. Raghu is hurt and sad.

Mahima, Jazz and Aunty are talking and Mahima says, we tried to misguide her but She didn’t understand. Aunty says, she will understand one day. Aunty signs Mahima to see Shivani who is coming with her baggage. Mahima, Aunty and Jazz are shocked. Mahima asks, how come you are here? Are you fine? Shivani says, I am not fine and nothing is fine. I couldn’t realise their intention but now I understood everything. I couldn’t tolerate them anymore so I came back leaving that house forever. Jazz asks, what happened? Shivani says, Raghu crossed all the limits. Jazz angrily asks, what he has done? Shivani says he raised his hand on me. Jazz says, I won’t leave him. Aunty asks Jazz to be calm and says we shouldn’t react now. She says, my blood is boiling but we should be calm. Shivani says, I won’t return to that house again. Mahima reminds her about the will clause. Shivani says, you are concerned about the will. Is that will is more than my ego and self respect. He raised his hand on me, Shivani Rana. How can he do that? Aunty says, you shouldn’t go there. Money is not important than you. I am just worried about you and asks her to take rest.

Aunty scolds Mahima and says we will send Shivani for sure but not now. Raghu recalls the promise he made to Daaju that he will take care of Shivani until he is alive. Raghu asks, how can I raise my hand on babyji and asks Maliksaa, how I shall punish myself?

Shivani is sitting in her room and looks at the wind chime. She thinks of the stars in her room and then hears Raghu’s voice. She asks, how can you raise your hand on me? I saw your true face long before. but your face has become villianous. You will get punish for your sins. Raghu recalls his mother’s words and breaks the glass with his hand. His hand gets wounded and blood oozes out. Bella is shocked. Panna tai comes and asks Shivani? Is everything alright? Shivani hugs her and cries. Panna tai says, I am with you, nothing will happen to you. Bella asks, what is this madness? What is the way to punish yourself. You didn’t do the right thing by raising your hand on her. But I am sure, you are repenting for the act. She says, you are not at fault alone. Babyji’s family is misleading her. Raghu says, I know everything. I did a mistake and don’t know how to correct it. Lata comes and asks him to apologize to Shivani. When she will forgive you then you can forgive yourself. Raghu looks on tensed.


Shivani opens the window and sees Raghu coming on his bike. She is angered to see his face.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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